After a Wild Night

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“And over the loop and back again and… there!” Emily smiled with pride at her handiwork, tugging at the silk string she just tied to Tanya’s golden belly-button ring.

“You’re sure that’s secure?” Tanya asked hesitantly.  She couldn’t see what her friend was doing.  She couldn’t see over the curve of her beach-ball sized boobs at all, for that matter.  She’d spent the last day bobbing against a hastily erected tarp-tent Emily erected outside her apartment, pondering her new condition.

Tanya could wiggle her arms and legs, but her limbs were all but useless; pushed to the sides of her body by the proud orbs of her boobs, ass, and belly.  She couldn’t even touch her hands together over her bust anymore.  The most she’d been able to do was drum her fingers against the taut, slightly translucent skin of her hollow boobs, shuddering at the reverberations.

Eighteen hours of helplessness had done much to emphasize just how different Tanya’s life would be.  She could barely move, and she was afraid of wriggling too much and escaping the awning, floating off to kiss the sky and pop into a shower of inert confetti like her friends had last night.  She was acutely aware of how obscene she looked, and knew that even if she could find clothing that would fit her, she’d need someone else to put it on.  But most shocking of all had been the realization that she’d never touch her cute pussy ever again.  She’d need someone to rig a system of mirrors just to see her womanhood, but touching it with her fingers was most definitely, and forever, beyond her grasp.

“You’ll be fine!” Emily chirped, giving the string a quick tug.  Tanya blushed as she felt herself pulled down, the pressure of her bellybutton pulling delightfully against the lift of her buoyant body.  She could feel drops of excitement gather along her forever-distant womanhood, and blushed as she was let out from under the tarp.

“C’mon, let’s go for a walk.  The park’s lovely this time of year, and you seem awfully down for a balloon.”  Emily began moving, all but skipping down the sidewalk like an excited schoolgirl with a new balloon… albeit an obscene, wriggling, nude balloon.

“It’s just… everything is so different now… I never really expected this… I mean, if I were going to deflate, I’d be back to normal by now, wouldn’t I?  I’ll probably be like this forever!”

“Yup!” Emily chirped happily, three feet below Tanya’s tethered navel.  “Those pills last night were some heavy-duty stuff.  Really expensive too.  I bet the girl who brought them popped herself so she wouldn’t have to deal with the finance plan.”

Tanya shuddered, though whether from dread or excitement she couldn’t tell.  Images of last night’s rave rushed through her mind.  The woman in a latex catsuit handing out pink pills… the girls whose boobs, buts, and bellies began to swell… the giddy laughing and rubbing as her friends ballooned into sensual, ridiculous proportions… the glee as they began to float above the dance floor… the sheer erotic thrill of becoming floating spherical objects of womanly delight… and the look of blissful exultation on Susan’s face as she popped, her rapturous cry lasting longer than she did, showering the dance floor with the confetti of her rubbery form.  One by one all the girls and guys who took the inflation pills popped…

But Tanya didn’t.  Maybe she didn’t take enough pills, or maybe she was just naturally resilient, but she spent the rest of the night bobbing against the ceiling, wriggling helplessly as people danced below her.

“What’s wrong, I thought you liked inflation?  Isn’t being a balloon a dream of yours?”  The pair had arrived at the local park, a pleasant green vista with some rolling hills and lovely trees.  It was full of people going about their business, but Tanya was keenly aware of how many stopped to goggle at her very generous, very exposed form.

“Well… I always liked the idea… but I never thought I’d actually do it!  And I never thought I’d end up like this!  I can barely move now!  It… well, it does feel good, but what can I do as a balloon?  Just float around all day?” Tanya sighed; she never liked working much, but she already missed simply doing things.  How tedious could her life be if she was just anchored under an awning day in and day out?

“Actually, I’ve been thinking about a couple things you could do for employment.  Susan had a tech-support job at Industritech, so we now for a fact they’re hiring now.  They’d give you a headset, anchor you to a cubicle, and you’d earn a living talking to people over the phone.”

Tanya winced, recalling Suzie blowing up above the rave, throwing up the horns with her tiny looking hands , an exultant expression on her youthful face.  She remembered Susan popping with more than a twinge of envy; things were certainly simpler for her.

“Or… if that’s not your thing, you could always rent yourself out to advertisers.”


“Well… you sell yourself by the hour to businesses, they hang banners on you and then tie you down by intersections.  You do get a lot of stares as an inflated balloon woman.  You could stand to make some money from all those eyeballs.”

“That… could be fun…” Tanya mused as Emily took a seat, tying Tanya’s string to a bench by a copse of trees.

A sudden breeze sent Tanya bobbling in the air.  She felt something brush against the tight dome of her belly.  “Eep!” she squealed, startled by a surge of sensation and fear

“Oops, here…” Emily quickly pulled down on the string, drawing Tanya down and away from the branches that had almost popped her.  Still flushed with excitement, Tanya’s eyes darted around, trying to see what else could turn her into a sprinkling of girl-confetti.  Was that boy over the hill hiding a slingshot in his pocket?  Was that songbird with the pointy beak eyeing her?

“This… this is awful… now I have to worry about everything popping me!  A stick, a bird, a pebble… what do you do when almost everything can… can make you stop being a person?”

They were both quiet for a minute, close together on and above the bench.  Finally, Emily spoke, “Well… someday you’re going to pop.  That’s the long and short of it, I’m afraid.  Could be years from now, could be tomorrow, but… things don’t have end there…” Emily opened her purse and coyly pulled out a rubber phallus, about twelve inches long.   Tanya’s eyes lit up as she viewed the toy… it was magnificent, almost alive with some sort of sexual energy… and oddly familiar.

“I picked up as many pieces as I could find, and had a friend do a little work on them.  Say hello to Susan, and some good bits of a few of the other girls.  She’s still in there, although she’s not as mobile as you… but I think she’ll enjoy her new life in our sock-drawer.  And I promise, when you pop, I’ll add you to her… I promise you’ll see lots of use!”

A guilty smile crept onto Tanya’s face as she imagined the possibilities.  For the first time, her new life seemed more fun than scary.  After all, with Emily’s artful hands, what was the worst that could happen?

It might even be fun.

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