Pump Me

Pump Me
by @Inflate123 /

“Pump me,” she says. It is not a request.

I enter the room apprehensively, closing the door behind me with a soft click. Her dress — flawlessly polished, clinging to every curve — reflects what little light the darkness allows in its domain. She sits, then reclines on the bed, itself clad in sheets of material that match her outfit. She hikes her skirt hem up to her hips, not an invitation so much as an instruction: “Pump me.”

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Maiden, The

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Sexual Content:
Once upon an eve at sundown, my love got a thorough rundown
Of the things she could expect while we our new toy would explore.
As we looked down on the beach and waves that seemed almost in reach
She donned her slim bikini - size too small - which seemed like quite a chore.
“Dear God!” I said.  “Your bust is huge!  Supporting those must be a chore.”
Quoth the maiden, “Get the door.”
Her cleavage was kept safely hidden while we had to the lobby ridden
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