Frog Face

I was new to the class and although I was feeling awfully nervous and unsure, it was a wonderful day for me the moment I entered the classroom, for I saw one of the most beautiful girls in the whole world. She had dark blonde hair and green eyes and lips like Angelina Jolie. I spotted her the minute I entered and I caught her attention right away too.

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Cameron's New Attitude

Cameron had started to feel desperate. She was still the only girl in her class with no boyfriend and even though none of her classmates were heartless enough to tease her about it, she knew that they all saw Cameron as a loser. It wasn’t that Cameron wasn’t attractive or that she had never been asked out by a boy, but everyone she had gone out on a date with had turned out to be a real jerk. They all told her how much they loved her curly dark hair, her full lips and of course her big breasts, but she could tell that that was all they were interested in: her looks.

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A Balloon Party with friends leads to discovery which finally makes the party fun, for everyone.

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