Frog Face

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I was new to the class and although I was feeling awfully nervous and unsure, it was a wonderful day for me the moment I entered the classroom, for I saw one of the most beautiful girls in the whole world. She had dark blonde hair and green eyes and lips like Angelina Jolie. I spotted her the minute I entered and I caught her attention right away too.

Several other girls were standing around her and I immediately realized that they were making fun of her. What seemed most unfair was that they kept calling this beautiful girl “frog face”. Even though I knew this might make me unpopular with most of the class, I decided to help “frog face” out.

I told them to leave her alone and that she looked better than all of them together. They were confused as to who I was, so they didn’t respond right away. Then the first of them started laughing and chanting “he loves frog face”, but another girl came over and told them to get lost and apparently, they respected her, for they left the three of us to ourselves.

“Hey, thanks… I was hoping they’d have forgotten over summer, but apparently not. What’s your name?” – “Jamie. I’m in your class now…” The other girl spoke up: “That was cool of you to help Elizabeth. Those jerks just don’t know that it stopped being funny like years ago…”

Suddenly, the bell rang and it was time for our first lesson. Over the course of the day, I spent the lessons thinking about Elizabeth and the situation with the others making fun of her; during the breaks, I hung out with her and her friend, who I learned was called Victoria. I thought about why they liked to call her “frog face” and I had to admit that she did slightly resemble a frog because of the ways her eyes bulged out just a bit and because of the shape of her head. But still, if she looked like a frog, then she looked like a beautiful one. I knew I was in love.


A few weeks later, I no longer felt awkward in the class; the others had started accepting me quite soon and none of the girls was upset about me having stood up for Elizabeth. I still hung out with her and Victoria most of the time, but I also started getting to know some of the other people in the class better.

One girl I had a chance to talk to particularly frequent because we lived nearby and often walked home together. Her name was Michelle and she wasn’t unattractive either, to say the least. I don’t want you getting the wrong impression about me, though – I’d say Elizabeth was the girl I was most interested in… but you can’t help noticing other girls, can you?

The funny thing is, it was Michelle who would bring Elizabeth and me closer together. It all started on our way home from school one afternoon. Out of routine, Michelle referred to Elizabeth as “frog face” again. I asked her why she kept calling her that. “Oh right, you actually came to her defense on your first day… I know, it’s not fair… but we never meant any harm. I mean, if she hadn’t done that thing with her cheeks, we would never have thought of it.” I was confused. “What do you mean? What about her cheeks? I thought you were just saying it because she kinda looks like a frog…”

Michelle laughed. “See… you think she looks like a frog too! But anyway… no one told you? Oh… this is a classic story… can’t believe you haven’t heard about it! We were decorating the classroom once and a couple of us were busy blowing up some balloons. It wasn’t easy… you know what it’s like with some balloons… you just can’t start blowing them up. Well, Elizabeth was having some real problems as well. Suddenly, one of us – I forget who – points at her face and calls out something like ‘Elizabeth’s got a frog face!’ and that was all it took…”

I didn’t fully understand. “You mean just because she had puffy cheeks or something, you…” Michelle interrupted me: “No, no, no… we’re not just talking puffy cheeks – her cheeks were inflated! It looked like her face was half-inflated – just like with some frogs… I swear, you should have seen her! Priceless. Anyway, she never was able to shake off that moniker.” Michelle laughed and I laughed along a little bit, but my mind was somewhere far off. I was busy trying to figure out a way to see what Michelle had described.


I managed to walk home along with Elizabeth the next week. Victoria hadn’t been at school and I arranged with Elizabeth to study Math together. As we were walking towards her house, I started talking about how we’d first gotten to know each other. My mouth was completely dry, I was so excited.

Elizabeth was laughing. “Guess I do look like a frog…” – “No, frogs aren’t that good-looking.” – “Thanks.” We both laughed and I think I detected a touch of red in Elizabeth’s face as well, not only in mine. – “…and I really like your cheeks.” She fell silent. I had screwed up.

We arrived at her house in silence and I was actually disappointed when I realized that we were gonna be alone at her house because her mother was out. I had hoped for a nice little chat with her Mom that would have helped forget the embarrassing situation from before. Instead, we sat in her room on the floor with the Math book lying open in front of us and basically, we did the homework separately.

Suddenly, a big, wet tear dropped down onto the open page of the book. I put my arm around Elizabeth and asked her what was the matter. She didn’t answer me right away, but then she finally wiped away the tears and looked at me. “Do you really think I’m attractive… I’ve been told that I look like a frog forever, over and over again…” – “No, I really think you’re…” She kept talking, though. “It happened every time I thought I’d found new friends in a new school. I’d forget about it, sometimes, but then that thing with my cheeks happens… and you know, it doesn’t go away right away… God, it’s so embarrassing!” I didn’t know what to say, so I began padding her back to soothe her.

“The only two people who haven’t made fun of me so far are you and Victoria. Victoria’s never said a word about it… and I appreciate that. But now you come along and I know that you’ll turn on me the moment you see my inflated cheeks… I know it will happen one day… it’s inevitable.”

“I’ll never turn on you… I don’t even know what you mean…” I began stroking her head gently. She stopped crying. “You’ll laugh at me… you’ll try not to, but you’ll laugh. I know it. In your mind, this image will be too strong… whenever you’ll look at me, you’ll see me with my inflated cheeks… in your mind, I’ll be ‘frog face’ too then, you’ll be no different from the rest…” The crying had begun again, but I spoke to her in a quiet, calming voice: “Test me, right now.”

“What?” – “Blow up your cheeks… you can see how I react. If I laugh, I will leave and I won’t bother you again… but trust me, I will stay.” Elizabeth didn’t agree immediately, but then she whispered: “I really like you… please don’t laugh…” and with that, she took a deep breath, closed her mouth and blew up her cheeks.

I didn’t laugh. I just grew stiff. I practically threw myself at Elizabeth and kissed her while I kept touching her inflated cheeks. She was even more beautiful now. Elizabeth was confused, but happy and we kissed passionately.

I began to take her close off and strip down myself as well. I laid down on top of her and pressed my lips against hers, but then as our mouths opened, I exhaled into her again. Her cheeks swelled up even bigger. “Oh…,” Elizabeth moaned, “I’ve never gotten this big before… I must look ridiculous.” She may have looked ridiculous to a lot of people – it looked like she had stuck two inflated balloons in her mouth – but to me, this was heaven. “It’s too much… it kinda hurts… you gotta try and push the air out of me again…” – “Are you sure it’ll work?” – “I’ve never really tried… I’ve always had to wait till the air leaves by itself… but this time, I really need to lose the air again…”

I pressed her cheeks together and I felt them decrease between my hands. At the same time, though, I could see her breasts blowing up! “Oh my God… what’s happening to me,” Elizabeth cried. My hormones took over. I blew into her mouth again and pressed the air out of her cheeks again and again so that her boobs would get bigger. Elizabeth was somehow helpless. She only managed to mutter a few words between my breaths: “Stop blowing me up! I’m not your blow-up doll! I’m not a balloon! What’s happening to me?”

Suddenly, I felt someone grab me from behind and knock me to the floor. It was Victoria. She kicked me in the stomach and it really hurt. My erection even went back a bit. Still, all I had to do was look over towards Elizabeth who was lying on her bed with two massive beach balls sticking from her body. Victoria’s vicious kick reminded me of the seriousness of the situation. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

I couldn’t really breathe, much less answer. Victoria was awfully strong for a girl. I felt her hold me up in a full nelson. I was too exhausted to fight back and I wouldn’t have hit her anyway. But those things weren’t going through my mind at all… I was actually enjoying this just a little bit, I had to admit.

Elizabeth had gotten up and walked over to me angrily with her huge boobs bouncing up and down like basket balls. I expected a kick where it hurts the most, or at least a slap, but she grabbed my head with both hands and pressed her mouth against mine again. Then she started blowing.

Now I tried to break free. I felt the air rushing into me and it wasn’t too pleasant. But Victoria and Elizabeth were too strong. It was no use. I was being blown up like a balloon by the two girls and I really mean like a balloon. I didn’t grow any breasts, or suddenly get an inflated dick… I became a round, rubber ball. Soon, Victoria let go of me. She didn’t need to hold me anymore and a bit later, she wouldn’t have been able to anyway, for I was losing my arms inside me huge inflating body.

Elizabeth had powerful lungs after all – although I did notice her cheeks were slightly puffed up again. “Frog face is inflating me,” was all I could think of again and again. When only my head was left, she stopped and looked at me for a few moments, not saying a word. I felt too inflated to speak. But in my mind, I kept thinking: “Play with me, play with me, play with me…”

“You did turn on me… of course not like I expected… but you are no better than the rest.” She gave me a quick slap that sent me bouncing away and against the wall. I noticed that Victoria was gone, but I didn’t bother to think about why she’d left. Being tossed around like a balloon was getting me all excited again.

“I did it because I love you.” Elizabeth hadn’t expected that response, I could tell. She thought about it for a moment, but then she mocked me: “I did it because I love you… puh-lease… I just blew you up like a balloon because of how much you ‘loved’ me.” She picked me up and bounced me on the floor several times, before rolling me over a bit. Then Elizabeth climbed onto me; she lay on top of me and looked directly into my eyes. “You wanted to humiliate me again… but now it’s time for me to humiliate someone.” It felt so good to feel her body pressed onto mine; it was so sexy to be stretched to the sides by her body. I felt her breasts on my inflated skin and even though they were back to normal size, it was turning me on a whole lot.

Suddenly, I heard voices from downstairs and Elizabeth got off me again. The door opened and in came Victoria and Michelle, who burst into laughter immediately. “What’s this? A balloon-boy?” Elizabeth laughed. “Yes, this is balloon-boy.” She picked me up and tossed me to Michelle, who caught me with ease. Victoria began taking pictures as the two girls tossed me back and forth. Soon, everyone at school would be making fun of me… I was feeling pretty humiliated already… but I decided to enjoy being played with like a balloon as long as it lasted.


The next day, I had deflated back to normal and managed to block out everything on my way to school. But the minute I arrived, everybody looked at me, pointed and laughed. “Balloon boy, balloon boy” half the class was chanting and I could see most kids looking at the pictures of me as a balloon-toy. The situation wasn’t sexy at all anymore. I wanted to find some bizarre pleasure in being called a balloon boy in public, but it wasn’t possible. It felt as if I was shrinking and everyone around me was laughing and calling me “balloon boy”. Elizabeth, Victoria and Michelle, who had spread the story around most effectively, were laughing so loudly and I hated to admit that they looked beautiful. I was so embarrassed and the feeling of shrinking returned.

Suddenly, I realized that I was indeed shrinking down to balloon-size. I could see Elizabeth, who looked huge, walk up to me and pick me up. No one was calling her “frog face” anymore… they were just chanting: “Blow him up, Elizabeth! Blow him up, Elizabeth!” Elizabeth smiled. I was up close to the lips I had always desired and felt them hold my small rubbery body tight softly. Her cheeks blew up before my body inflated and it looked beautiful – I could hear the class cheer; they weren’t mocking her, they were thrilled by her unique ability and cheered for Elizabeth to inflate me.

My body ballooned out and I was face to face with beautiful Elizabeth. She winked at me as she took me from her mouth and tied a knot in my lips. The class cheered loudly and I felt helpless and embarrassed.

The bell rang and the lesson started. The teachers didn’t give much thought to why Elizabeth was carrying a balloon around that day and they didn’t seem to care too much about my absence. After school, I felt Elizabeth untie the knot and somehow turn me back to normal. I thanked her for turning me back, hoping she’d forgive me; I didn’t feel I was in the position to be angry at her for humiliating me. “I’m sorry, Elizabeth… but, hey, isn’t it great that the class doesn’t care about you being a kind of ‘frog face’?” Elizabeth laughed and I leaned forward to kiss her, which she allowed.

Then she moved close to my ear and whispered: “And you know what will keep them from laughing at me…? You will, balloon boy!” She puffed up her cheeks a bit, blew me a kiss and walked away and I knew that it wasn’t the last time that I’d get blown up and humiliated in front of everyone by that beautiful “frog face”.

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luk99's picture
Amazing until the twist

I LOVED it up until the part where she turns on him and humiliates him. I was in a deep fantasy of this happening to me, seeing the beauty in a girl puffing her cheeks when others don't until they started fighting. Other than that, it's legit. (The ending sentences were nice as well).