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Conrad stepped up from the ladder onto the roof. It was a warm, moonless summer night, and he thought that a little stargazing would make a perfect ending for the romantic night he'd planned with his girlfriend, Sarah. He reached down and helped her climb up into the refreshing night air.

She was a bit hesitant. It wasn't that she was cold, but Conrad had insisted she go barefoot the entire evening. And that wasn't even the strangest of his requests. At the start of the evening, he'd handed her a box and told her to go get dressed. Inside the box, she found a bodysuit made of a rather strange cloth, something like cross between latex and spandex. It was a very bright, luminous white, and shimmered in her hands as she removed it from the packing tissue. It covered her from wrist to ankle, and he had told her to wear it and nothing else. A modest request under the circumstances.

For you see, this was to be their night of reconciliation. Conrad had found out about her infidelity, and she'd do just about anything to soothe him at this point. Conrad was incredibly wealthy, as his mansion would attest. High in the hills, several miles from the nearest house, it was his little remote paradise. He'd provided her with everything her heart desired, but just didn't seem to understand that there were some men whom she simply found more attractive. Oh well, one night of passion and he'd forget all about it. She was quite confident in her abilities in that area.

There was a "pop!" behind her as she stared up at the stars in the cloudless sky. "Have a drink, dear," he cooed as he offered her a glass of bubbly. He had poured her a glass of champagne, but none for himself. Aha, he's trying to get me drunk. Fair enough, she thought as she took as sip. It was very good, the bubbles tingling as it went down her throat. She finished the glass, and he poured her another. The night was so dark, she wouldn't be able to see at all but her suit seemed to be radiating a soft white glow.

"A beautiful night, isn't it?" Conrad said. He sighed. "If only the moon were out to light the sky, it would be perfect."

The champagne was giving her a light, giddy feeling. She put her arms around him. "Oh, I think we'll manage alright." She started rubbing her firm, lovely body against his, but he seemed distracted.

"You know, Sarah, my money has always been a blessing to me. I have just about everything a man could want. My father told me that when I inherited the family fortune, I could have anything in the world." He chuckled softly. "Anything, it seems, except you." He refilled her glass.

She didn't know what kind of champagne it was, but it was very nice. It filled her belly with very warm, pleasurable sensation. And that last glass was still bubbling away inside her. Almost unconsciously, she closed her eyes and started rubbing the white fabric covering her stomach.


"Enjoying yourself?" Conrad asked, as strange edge to his voice.

"Yes, very much," she moaned, not even noticing. "What vintage is that?"

"Oh, a very special one," he murmured. "Quite expensive, but well worth the price."

Sarah's eyes snapped open as she realized the bubbling hadn't stopped. In fact, it was growing louder. She looked at Conrad's grinning face as she felt her belly begin to bulge outward. "What's happening to me?" she gasped. In a few moments, she looked like she'd swallowed a basketball.

"I just wanted this evening to be perfect," he said, still grinning.

Sarah was speechless as her body continued to swell. Her stomach grew bigger and bigger, the swelling gradually spreading out to her arms and down through her legs. Her plumped up arms rose up, sticking straight out from her sides, then lifting slightly upward. Her expanding thighs pushed her legs apart slowly. The warm feeling spread out along with the inflation, filling her with a slightly euphoric feeling that caused her to only be distantly aware of what was happening.

"What's going on?!" Her chest inflated as well, stretching her breasts across its widening girth until they were barely discernible as two slight bulges on the massive expanse of her torso. And still she swelled, her body steadily overwhelming her limbs until just her hands and feet were visible. She lost any semblance of her former svelteness, having been transformed into a giant white orb. And now her flesh was beginning to bulge up around her head. A blissful smile spread across her lips as the sensation of pleasure grew along with the pressure that was so forcefully distending her.

Conrad gingerly ran his hand across the taut surface of her skin. The champagne was doing its work well, still bubbling away, stretching her out further, pulling her skin tighter. "I thought I had everything a man could hope for. But then I found out I didn't really have you."

Sarah moaned softly. "Why are you doing this?" She was still expanding, though she could feel her body reaching its limits.

"Well, I realized I could never have you, so I thought I'd at least have one perfect night of stargazing."

"What do you mean?" she purred. It was becoming more difficult to talk as her cheeks puffed up, her delicate face becoming full and round. Even her lips became plumper, reaching a luscious fullness. The tension felt so good, she didn't even notice that she was lifting up off of the ground.

"Don't you see?" He brought her face down to his and kissed her deliciously plump lips one last time. "You're my moon."

"What?" But she was already rising up from the roof. Sarah lazily gazed down at the receding ground as she drifted up higher and higher. She was still bubbling, still filling, growing larger, tighter. As the air pressure dropped around her, she could feel the gas inside her distend her already enormous body even further. But whatever it was that Conrad had put in that champagne tossed her concerns to a far off land. Then she heard a sound, something like the straining of stretching rubber. At first she could barely hear it over the breeze blowing across her ballooned body, but it steadily grew louder as she floated up higher, swelling up even bigger.

She thought that the miraculous white of her bodysuit was finally going to give, freeing her to blow up even further. And in her euphoria, it wasn't until the moment before a massive boom shook the night sky that Sarah realized the sound was coming from her...

Author's Note: 

This was the my first story where a character burst. It was quite a controversial move at the time, but a decade later people had characters popping left and right. Funny how the community changes over the years.

Champagne Moon was a longtime proponent of popping, and she had a role in inspiring this story. Our conversations often focused on the improbability if the scenario that had become the standard for expansion fiction of the time. Through some means, be it magical, chemical, mechanical or other, a character gets inflated to an impossible size. Some stories made a passing reference to the risk of popping, but it was rarely presented as real danger.

It just seemed rather odd that, once you accept that huge inflations are possible, that it wouldn't also be possible for someone to go too far burst. It seemed about time to explore that aspect, and this was my first attempt.

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Such a good story. I wanna be

Such a good story. I wanna be Sarah!


The image in my avatar is not owned by me; I'm just borrowing it for aesthetic purposes!

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Thank you. Since it was my

Thank you.

Since it was my first popping story I wasn't all that confident in how it turned out at the time. But it seems to have attracted a bit of a fan base.

Following in Sarah's footsteps might be tricky, though. You'd have to track down the winery that produced the champagne, and I hear they're pretty secretive about who the deal with :).