One Mile Circle, The

She could already feel the difference. Before, the car had been a separate entity, something she drove, under her command. Now they were together, one thing. She was three-quarters machine and one-quarter woman.  Before she was sleek, with a runner’s body and suggestive curves. Now she was downright aerodynamic, with a three-liter engine giving her the kick she needed to really move.

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Meddle Not

As Dame Francesca’s host drew near
each wearing plates of steel,
the wizard in his feignéd fear
did turn upon his heel.

“You cannot run, you simpering knave,”
the dame called out to him,
“for I have twenty horsemen brave
awaiting, at my whim.”

“You cannot flee, this shall end here,
you’ll answer for your sin,
and for not yet another year
you’ll terrorize my kin!”

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