Reunion, The

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Jamie sighed. It was nearly eight o’clock, and she had begun to regret having accepted Bob’s invitation to meet for dinner. She hadn’t seen him for quite a while, and remembered him as being rather dull. In fact, the only memorable event she recalled with any clarity was the “molotov cocktail” she’d given him. Bored to tears on their first (and only) date, she’d fed him salted peanuts, potato chips and pretzels. Then, she had offered an outrageously thirsty Bob a huge pitcher of a bland concoction consisting of water and the contents of a large box of baking soda. After gagging it down, she’d poured him a tall glass of vinegar, which he quaffed in an instant.

The results were hilarious! Bob’s face screwed strangely, then his eyes bulged as the acidic vinegar mixed with the basic baking soda solution. The sudden release of gas in his stomach was dramatic. His newly-formed belly exploded from his shirt, sending buttons flying across the room. As she laughed hysterically, her rapidly-expanding escort tried to hold the ballooning protuberance in both hands, with little success. Just as it appeared that he would burst, he shook violently, then released the most impressive belch she’d ever heard. By that time, tears were streaming down her face. Humiliated, Bob had left in a huff. So much for THAT date!

Jamie pulled a white wool sweater over her head, pondering whether or not to tuck it into her slacks. She decided upon the casual look, and simply let it hang loosely over the drawstring waistband. Glancing once more in the mirror, she adjusted her makeup, and halfheartedly patted at her hair. It was only Bob; no sense in fussing about appearance. At that moment, the doorbell rang. Wonderful, she thought. I hope that this evening turns out better than our last one together! She took her time walking to the door. Sighing again, she opened it. Her jaw nearly hit the floor. There, framed in the doorway, stood a Greek god.

“Bob?” she asked incredulously, as the titan smiled at her with perfect teeth.

“Yes, it’s me! How’ve you been, Jamie? It’s been a long time!” He brought a fragrant bouquet of roses from behind his back, handing it to her with a grin.

“Ah....ah...” Jamie stammered, “thanks! I mean, you look great! I mean --”

Bob laughed, enjoying her flustered reaction. “Surprised, huh? I’ve been working at improving my image, ever since our last date!”

Jamie cast her gaze downward, embarrassed. “Oh, you remembered that,” she mumbled. “I’m sorry about what I did, really...”

Bob stepped forward and hugged her. “No need to apologize,” he smiled. “I thought about it for a while, then saw the humor in it.”

Jamie looked up at him. “I promise, this evening won’t end like that.”

“I know it won’t. I’ve got something else for you.”

Jamie’s eyes brightened. “You do? Really?”

“Yes, but not now...let’s wait just a bit.”

A weight seemed to have been lifted from Jamie’s shoulders. Talk about luck! She led the young Adonis into the living room. She reached for the stereo, raising the volume of the station to which she’d been listening. Seeing his expression, she shrugged. “Don’t worry about the neighbors...a bomb could go off in here, and the sound wouldn’t carry.” That seemed to put his mind at ease. “Would you like a drink?”

“That’d be great! Got anything with carbonation?”

“What? Like champagne?”

“Nah...any soda would be fine.”

“Sure! Be back in a moment,” she replied, heading for the kitchen. As she left the room, Bob reached into his shirt pocket. Grinning, he rolled the small pellet between his fingers. When Jamie re-entered, he quickly palmed the pill, patting the cushions next to him on the sofa. His hostess smiled coyly, poured two glasses of cola, then took her place at his side. “So! What have you been up to for all this time?” she inquired, sipping her softdrink.

“Well...I became a chemist. But, I’m so boring...let’s talk about you. any snacks?” Jamie shrugged, left, then returned with a bowl of salted peanuts. Bob took a handful, ate one, then fed one to her. “I love these! Don’t you?” As they chatted, Jamie realized that she was getting very thirsty. She gulped down the remainder of her drink, ignoring the carbonation. She poured another glass. “Have some more peanuts,” offered Bob.

After finishing five glasses of soda, Jamie began to feel slightly bloated. She held her hand lightly to her stomach, and was surprised to find a small belly forming. She could still feel the gas being released inside of her. Bob noticed, too; he raised her sweater just enough to reveal the rounded pinkness beneath, then rested a warm hand on it. He could feel the bubbles bursting below the surface. “Time for your second surprise,” he smiled. Gently, he released the drawstring at her waist, then moved the material down, until her perfect, inviting navel was exposed. He took the pellet he had palmed, placed it inside her well-shaped bellybutton, covered it with his index finger, then pushed.

The pressure in her navel sent shivers of delight through Jamie. Her girth rose to meet the digit, puffing slightly as it engulfed Bob’s finger. A gurgling noise emanated from deep within her stomach, shortly followed by another, and yet another. In a moment, the noise was accompanied by a subtle hissing. Jamie shuddered deliciously, closed her eyes, and sat back. “Mmmmmm....what is this? I feel....wonnnnnderful,” she elongated the word, grinning like a Cheshire cat. She rubbed her bulging stomach, reveling in its cool, smooth roundness.

Even though Bob had removed his finger, the growth hadn’t stopped. If anything, it was increasing. Jamie moaned slightly as her belly thrust upward and outward, gurgling and hissing as it swelled. The filling had reached her bosom, which had twitched once before joining suit. The ballooning spread to her arms, and they began to stand out from her rapidly-inflating chest. “Bob...this is incredible...oh!” Her distended belly began to stretch into her thighs. In moments, almost all remnants of her body definition had disappeared. The pressure was immense. And still it didn’t stop.

Bob was laughing, patting her bloat with one hand while repeatedly worrying a small spot just below her navel until it reddened from the irritation. “Like it? I developed it just for you. The pellet reacts with any gas inside you, systematically doubling the volume every couple of minutes. The more bloated you are, the quicker you’ll grow.”

Jamie was in ecstasy. “Mmmmm....thanks for creating something just for me...mmmmmm...oh, I could go on like this forever!!” She sighed happily as she chewed and swallowed the peanuts Bob had been feeding her.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” Bob gently rested his hands on the sides of Jamie’s enormous bulk. The carnation dirigible had loomed vast, overtaking the couch, stretching across the modest room. Her skin had grown taut and quite warm, and had begun to show signs of stress. Bob watched as a tiny bubble appeared on her magnificent belly, almost like a small blister, in the inflamed area just below her distorted navel. Jamie shifted slightly. The gurgling subsided, and the accompanying hiss began to wane. He fed her another peanut. “You must be terribly thirsty, after all that salt,” Bob remarked, increasing the volume of the stereo. He poured a tall glass of soft drink for her, then held it to her lips. Jamie took a small sip. The gurgling resumed. The hissing returned, louder than before. The tortured bubble widened, and her belly shuddered ominously. Bob smiled. “That’s it,” he cooed, reassuringly, as she gulped deeply. “Have some more soda.”

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