Resourceful Exorcist, The

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The shrouded figure approached walked down the long, cracked sidewalk, stepping over the exposed old oak roots. St. Ignuitius's was just up ahead. the shrouded figure stopped under one of the suburban street lights, passed by a thick mist.

Shortly after, it was knocking at the door. Commotion could be heard from inside. After a short wait, the door creaked open.

"Are you the one we called?" asked an old nun. The shrouded figure pulled off the hood to reveal the short blonde hair of a girl wearing a preacher's collar.

"Yes Ma'am." said the exorcist. "My name's Reilly Stevenson." she said offering a hand to shake. The nun was taken back.

"Listen... it's bad enough we can't get a Catholic priest to ordain an exorcism, but we sent for a Reverend Michaels." she argued, shutting the door behind her. Reilly looked around to see she wasn't the only nun there. Another two flanked her as she took of her coat.

"Reverend Michaels had a heart attack this morning. I'm his protege. I've accompanied him on three exorcisms. I know what I'm doing." said Reilly with great seriousness. The nun sighed & slowly accepted.

"I'm Sister Grace. And this is Sister Bethany & Sister Margret. We only called you out of the severity of this matter. Not a word to anyone about doing this. If word got out.." started Sister Grace.

"So where's the problem?" asked Reilly.

"Upstairs." said Sister Margret, a redhead about Reilly's age, if not a little younger. "You see, it all started yesterday... with our field trip to the city." She started to lead Reilly up the stairs. The other two nuns followed. "One of our students, Karyn, strayed from the group. We don't know what happened but after we got back, she said she had a tummyache & went straight to bed. We didn't think of it as much until this morning. She said her clothes felt tight & that she was really gassy. We took her to the doctor's where she got a clean bill of health. Her weight, blood work, everything was normal. But once we entered the school again, she started to..."

"What?" asked Reilly. "Grow?" The nun turned & nodded.

"She looked like she was swelling up like a balloon." said Sister Bethany. She was in her late forties, a shade younger than Sister Grace, but rather balloonish herself in a hefty sort of way.

"We brought her to her bed & left her there with some of the other girls. But she kept growing bigger & bigger. She is still able to speak, well last time i checked. But she has no control over what's happening to her body. It has to be the work of Satan himself." Sister Margret was on the verge of tears.

"No. Not really." said Reilly. The nun looked back for an explanation but only got silence. They reached the top of the stairs to see all the girls standing outside of a door & peering in.

"Veronica!" shouted Sister Grace. "Didn't I tell you to stay by Karyn's side?"

"I'm sorry, Sister but... she started to... grow again & I thought she might burst." Sister Grace peered into the girls' room past the fearful black-haired teenager with the lithe body & ample schoolgirl breasts.

"That's nonsense. You mustn't talk about your classmate in such a way. Especially at a time like... Oh In Sweet Jesus's name!" She hollered. Reilly pushed in thru the crowd of girls in their nightgowns to the door past the paralyzed nun. She walked into the room, the three nuns reluctantly following behind her. The girls shut the door, acting as though the hallway would act as the perfect bomb shelter should the girl 'go off'.

Reilly surveyed the dark room, light from the street lights below gave a dim view of the surroundings. There were two rows of beds on either side, like a typical boarding school set up. But on one of the beds laid a girl. Or at least she probably was a girl. She was so swollen & full of air, it was hard to tell. A blanket covered only the top half of her incredibly swollen body without wrinkling. She must've heard them enter the room because her hands & feet jiggled in anticipation, her body swollen out to her wrists & ankles.

"Who.......?" she moaned softly. Reilly grit her teeth at little as the girl's face, with monstrously puffed out cheeks came into clearer view. This was the worst case she'd ever seen. But she wasn't going to tell the tearful blue eyes peering out over swollen cheeks. She looked over at a nightstand to see a picture of the girl with a dog. This one was skinny as a rail, if not skinnier, with blonde hair & big blue eyes. Those two things were the only give away that this was the same girl.

"She's gotten a lot worse..." Sister Bethany whispered, stating the obvious. You could tell she was trying to keep Karyn from hearing her but the girl was only possessed, not deaf.

"Help....... me?" asked the girl with a coo. There was the high pitched hiss, like the noise of air being sucked thru a straw. Her eyes grew heavier with fear. "No... No..." she said, kicking her feet & flapping her hands. She could only lie there helplessly as her body grew larger.

"Well aren't you going to exorcise?" asked Sister Margret, tears dripping out of her eyes. Reilly looked back at the girl, getting larger by the second.

"Oh... no......... burst.... burst!" she groaned.

"By the power of our savior, Christ the Almighty..." she started, holding up a cross. The growing slowed to a halt & the girls hands & feet drooped. Reilly could see reilef beset the girl's squinting eyes. Then it started happening again, & faster, with more pressure. She made a yelping noise as she got rounder. She was starting to look to be about the size of a compact car. Reilly growled & placed the metal cross she carried up against the girl's swollen side. Her tender belly rocked a little, feeling the cold metal cross against her skin. But the growing stopped & suddenly a mist steamed up over the girl. A bestial growl echoed out of the girl with the steam & both the mist & echo dissipated into thin air.

"Is it gone?" asked Sister Grace, taking cover from Karyn's swollen-to-almost-bursting body.

"For now." said Reilly. "But the demon isn't banished completely. We've got to keep our wits about us. What we have here is an elemental demon. One akinned to the air. It enters the body of its victim, usually young females, & alters the victim in certain ways. Air demons prefer to do this to their victims, swelling them up like this. It passed on, but it's probably looking for another victim righ now." Karyn flapped her hands & feet demonstratively, her body so large she could hardly do much else.

"So it left her body?" asked Sister Margret. "But will she stay like this?" Karyn's body bobbed, trying to hear Reilly's body over her own heartbeat.

"Not permanently." She said, & turned to the inflated schoolgirl. "Give it a few days & you'll deflate again to your normal size, although you might retain a little bit here & there ." The girl wasn't happy about the response she got.

"But why?" asked Sister Grace. "Why fill them with air?"

"Do they fill their victims till they burst?" asked Sister Bethany.

"They prefer to just humiliate the victim. They feed off that & the fear. If a girl thinks she'll pop, she'll get frightened. But sometimes... their victims don't scare to easy & the demons try to compensate by making them larger... until..." said Reilly with a half sneer. She turned back to Karyn, taking deep exhales, trying to get the air out of her faster. "So what happened to you in the city, hon?" She reluctantly started to moan her story.

"Vendors... man there... had pretty... neck...lace." strained the swollen schoolgirl forcefully trying to speak. Reilly saw her left hand pointing between rubs of her tender sides. She saw a golden locket near the picture of her minus the air. "Felt....... funny... when...... I.... bought.... it!"

"What is it?" asked Sister Margret. "A satanist's medallion?"

"It's a necklace. Probably held the demon." She looked up at Margret. "You see, sometimes, a trained exorcist can imprison the demon into something if they can't banish it. This demon is pretty powerful. An exorcist probably sent it into the locket. When she opened it to inspect it... Blammo!" Sister Margret nodded. Reilly turned back to Karyn, blowing air again. "All you're going to do by doing that is run out of breath!" smiled Reilly. "Now you've been a trooper this whole time... but you just need to be patient, okay?" The girl looked as though she was trying to nod, but with her middle being swollen up past the edge of her chin, it wasn't feasible for her to. Reilly smiled.

"Don't let... it... fill...... others....!" she moaned softly. Reilly gave a thumbs up as she started away.

"So we just leave her here like that?" asked Sister Margret.

"Sisters Grace & Bethany can take care of her. She'll be fine as long as the demon doesn't reenter her." She walked thru the door back to the fluorescent hallway, blinking her eyes to adjust.

"Well where are you going? You said it's still on the loose!"

"And it is... What I'm looking for is a library, some place where I can find medieval literature. We might find out more about this demon." She held onto the locket.

"We have old books downstairs." said Sister Margret. Seeing the exorcist leave the room, the girls hesitantly started to make their way into the room again.

"It's gone girls & after a few days, Karyn will be back to her normal size.!" said Sister Grace. "Now get your sleep." she commanded. Everyone was too busy staring at Karyn, keeping their distance because of her body's tension.

"Is she fat? What made her so big?" one of the girls asked.

"Why don't you poke her & find out, dared one of the others. Veronica just sighed, hoping they all could just get some peace now.

"Is this what you need?" asked Sister Margret. She opened the basement door to a vault like room. Inside, nothing but books. "It's a sort of depository i guess but there's old books & bibles & stuff in here too." Reilly looked around. That weird twingey smell of wet, mildewed paper struck her noise.

"Great! Let's start looking! Gather all the oldest books first!" said Reilly, already peering thru a stack of dusty, cobweb ridden books.

Upstairs, as the nuns left the room, Veronica slowly got onto her bed. She peered over at the large, round silhouette of what Karyn had ballooned into. She couldn't believe that the swollen mass was once one of her bestfriends. She felt horrible about not being by her side to help comfort her but the girl looked ready to burst! That's when she heard a cackle. It was a loud echo. It seemed as though she was the only one that heard it. She jumped out of her bed & looked around. That's when she heard the laughter again & it sounded to be outside, at street level. She looked but nothing was there. Shrugging, she lowered into bed again. She pulled her nightgown off & laid on her comforter, relaxing in the cool drafty breeze. She sighed as she snuggled in & tried to get comfortable. She saw Karyn's giant swollen form bob a little. She rolled over, not trying to think about all that had happened. She snuggled again & laid there as the cold draft breezed over her body. She sighed one more time & shut her eyes to go to sleep. That's when she felt a little funny. She couldn't describe it any better than a cool fullness deep inside her. She sighed & put it off as nothing. Just then, she felt her skin starting to press against her nightie &panties' straps. Wait! A fullness? She doubletaked but it was too late. "Here it is..." said Margret. A picture of the locket adorned the old, yellowed page of the archaic book. "I can't believe that it's in here."

"You'd be surprised." said Reilly, running over from her stack of books to see what Sister Margret had found. The library was old, dusty, & dimly lit, creepy in its own right, despite the fact that there was an air demon on the loose. "So what does it say?"

"Remoth's Locket. Used by Bishop Jean Michel Bordeaux to imprison the powerful air demon Ganone after the latter took an entire French countryside under siege in 1464. It says here that by the time he was done, every young woman in about 8 villages had been filled with air until almost bursting."

"And my guess is that after what, 537 years, the bastard's probably royally pissed off." Smirked Reilly. Margret was appalled that anybody of the cloth could speak like Reilly did. "He's not the first air demon I've seen though."

"Were you successful?" asked Margret.

"Well it was Reverend Michaels that performed it. And I guess you could call it successful."

"Wait!" said Margret. "Guess?"

"We were able to lock the demon into a music box, but the victim... wel... I don't want to talk about..."


The two jetted up the stairs, Sister Margret concentrating on not tripping over her long dress.

"It came from the first girls' room" said Bethany, joining them in the grand hall as they ran up the stairs. Reilly burst into the room, all the girls were huddled in the corner, except for Karyn of course, too big to move even the slightest. And Veronica, writhing on her bed & clenching at her middle, looking the tiniest bit puffy.

"Help... something... inside of me!" she whelped. Reilly & the nuns slowly approached, Reilly reached for her crucifix.

"Just stay calm!" said Reilly.

"But you said that if the victim doesn't react, the demon makes them bigger until they explode!" screamed Sister Bethany. Veronica only screamed louder as her swollen sides began to pull at the seams of her nightgown. Reilly grit her teeth.

"But the more they do scream, the demon gets stronger!"

"Help me... plea-" The girl's cries were cut off with a squeak by the bulging of her cheeks like she was concealing balloons in each one. In a smooth motion, the inflation continued down towards her middle & with one large pop, the girl was half the size of the fully-inflated Karyn. Her arms & legs, all the shape of soft cones were thrown out, the pressure stretching her into a spread eagle position. Margret gasped. She glanced over at Karyn, kicking & wailing. She couldn't get away, so filled with air. She could barely watch Veronica swell out of the corner of her eye.

"Do something! Help her!" cried Bethany.Other girls from other rooms came running. Reilly glanced down at Veronica, her panties & nightie pulled tight against her bulging flesh. She began to pray again. Veronica only screamed, the pressure becoming more intense. She was filling up & faster than Karyn ever had. She was growing rounder & her panties couldn't take much more. Reilly kept praying but nothing seemed to work. The girl's screams & coos & moans only made the demon stronger inside of her. With a pop, they flung off of her & drooped over one of the hanging fluorescent lamps. The girl flapped her arms in embarrassment, looking as though she was trying to cover herself, which was impossible now, seeing how her arms were swollen up to her elbow in firm, round cones.

"Help..." pleaded the swelling Veronica. Reilly prayed but the demon was growing too strong for prayer alone. Veronica rounded out. Her cheeks were so puffy it became hard for her to open her mouth. Her nightie burst off next, the swollen cheeks taking on a reddish blush color. Reilly got impatient. She took the crucifix & planted it firmly on Veronica's side, just as she had to Karyn. With a screech, the demon left in a mist, leaving Veronica just a hair smaller than Karyn. The two girls bobbed there hands & feet as the mist dissipated into the darkness. The demon was on the loose again.

"Why aren't you banishing it?!" screamed Sister Bethany. Reilly pushed by her without answering.

"It's getting too strong, too fast. I'll have to imprison it back into the necklace or something!" said the distraught exorcist. Sister Margret delicately brushed the girl's jet black bangs over her ears, lord knowing the girl could no longer reach them herself.

"Don't worry!" said Margret. "You're not going to pop! You're going to be fine!" Veronica still cried. And she cried louder when the echo of laughter shook the room like an Earthquake.

"Shit!" screamed Reilly, Veronica's panties slipping off the light onto her head. The same hanging lights sparked, temporarily lighting the room & suddenly, a mist-like figure swooped from the ceiling, heading straight for the crowded flock of schoolgirls in pajamas. They all screamed. Some were able to jump out of the way, others were frozen by fear & the demon passed thru them like a cool breeze. A breeze that made whatever it touched puff the slightest bit. Girls clenched at their breasts & hips, feeling them get wider & rounder. Reilly chased the demon as it swooped thru the wall & out into the hallway. Girls ran everywhere, trying to escape it. Their panic made it look like the cast of a Godzilla movie, some of them with swollen bellies & breasts & others with swollen hips, thighs & ass, making them trip & spill across the hallway. Reilly continued her pursuit as the demon cut thru the walls. She skidded on her heels around a corner. It was one of those hallways that intersected with other hallways down the stretch. But Reilly knew that the demon could jump out around one of those corners & possess her.

"Help... Help me please!" screamed a girl with short brown hair. She crawled out from around the first corner, her face drenched with tears. Reilly approached.

"What's the matt... whoa..." Reilly looked down to see the girl's ass swollen , her panties so tight, they were giving her an atomic wedgie defcon 2. The demon had left her, but left her ass massive, each cheek about twice the size of your average volleyball. There was another scream up the hallway. "Just take it easy!" said Reilly, jumping over the massively assed girl.

"Please come back.. Don't leave me here... not like... this...." said the girl, crawling along the ground, her ass cheeks bobbled & jiggled, rubbing against the two walls of the adjacent hallway. She could only whine. "...Oh!"

"Halt, demon!" she said, waving her cross. She ran down another corner & heard heavy breathing. The dead ended hallway lead to a door. She tested it, thinking the scream came from inside. "Open up!" she poinded.

"Is... someone down... there...?" asked a gasping voice. She looked up behind her to see a girl, her massive breasts stuck between the walls, both larger than the last girl's ass cheeks. Reilly had to back up completely against the door to see over the massive mams & catch a glimpse of the girl's face. "I ran.... I felt it... touch me..It made me float....then my breasts started to blow up like balloons... I'm stuck... And it's... oh god... I feel it in me again! Oh! Oooooh! Feeling... so full..." Reilly watched as the rest of the girl's body began to catch up with her tits. Hips, thighs... everything started to inflate & the girl started to gain a belly as her midsection pushed out & made her grow larger. Reilly fiddled with the door but it was locked. The girl swelled larger & rounder. Her sides squeaked like a rubber balloon as they pressed against the walls. Because of being squeezed, the air inside of her grew in a displaced fashion, her belly pushing downwards. The demon was using this girl to trap Reilly. "So... full..." winced the gigantic schoolgirl as she grew large, her face falling out of Reilly's view.Reilly had to make her move or she was going to be trapped. "Help! Help!'.Reilly rolled under the girl's dropping belly & dodged the flapping cone like appendages that had once been her legs..The girl stopped growing. Reilly sensed the demon leaving her & looking for another victim. She thought it was toying with her, not swelling her up like one of them because it was playing a game with her. Reilly ran back trying to intercept it before reaching the girls back in the first hallway. She ran & forgot about the girl with the swollen ass. Reilly saw the mist hit her & watched as her ass began to swell & block the way thru. Reilly jumped over, landing in a somersault on the other side of the squealing girl with the beyond-massive ass. She laid there for a second, trying to catch her breath. That's when she saw a mist build up in front of her face. The features of a bestial human head started to form.

"Ganone I presume?" The laughter echoed with a rumble & the fog wisped down the hallway. She jumped to her feet & followed after it. There was another scream as an inflating black girl flailed her arms as her belly grew bigger. She stumbled down into an adjacent corridor & Reilly jumped to help the poor girl.

"Weaken, damn you!" she said, pressing the cross against the girl's belly. The mist spiraled away thru the wall & the girl wailed as Reilly chased after the mist.

Further down a hallway, a short, latina girl hid in a broom closet, figuring it'd be the safest place for her..She took a deep breath as suddenly, the door began to steam. But it wasn't steam. She'd seen that very same vapor leave the two swollen girls; that was the demon . She was cornered. All she could do now was scream.

"That was Angel!" said Sister Margret, catching up with Reilly as she reached the main hallway again. "Sounded like it was from the closet!" Reilly ran & opened the door. She narrowly dodged the cleaning equipment & shelving units being pushed out at her. She looked up to see the puffy cheeks of the hispanic girl begging for her help. The demon Ganone had made her swell up so large, she was actually taking up the whole broom closet! And she kept growing, her body starting to crack the door frame around her. Reilly pounded the cross into the girl's bloated girth lower in the door frame. The demon hazed away & Reilly tried to comfort the massively swollen girl, her head pressing out of the closet & her inflated flesh bulging around the doorway.

"Um!" stuttered Margret. "Reilly?" Reilly turned to see the mist spiraling around the redheaded nun.

"Just take it easy, Margret!" warned Reilly. Just then, the mist flew into her at the navel, knocking her a step back, & making her vail fall to the floor.

"Oh... It's starting to... Oh... I feel so full!" she winced, rubbing her middle. She was puffing up but it wasn't easy to make out under her black robe. "Get rid of it while it's busy... inflating me... quick!" screamed the ballooning nun, her belly bulging out to look like she was going to give birth. Her hands rubbed at her swelling growth, trying to soothe the soreness from all of the swelling. Reilly started praying.

"Oh father who art in Heaven..."

"In the name of the father... the son..." both began to pray at the same time. "It's working!" screamed Margret. Catching her off guard that split second, the beast pushed more air into her. Margret shrieked in fear, she had to! Reilly continued to stay focused & pray, but Margret's squealing made it more powerful. Reilly was running out of options. That was why she did what she did.

As Margret swelled & rolled on the lower half of her belly, Reilly threw the locket around her neck.

"Hey... stupid demon pussie piece of shit! I fingerbanged yout mother!" she said, trying to get the beast's attention. Margret spun around uncontrollably, her body rounding out to her wrists as she bacame as wide as she was tall. "Sad little hellspawn... all you can do is make girls puffy. Weak little pussyshit!" screamed Reilly. Margret looked appalled but her fac expressed the surprise of the growth stopping & the demon leaving her. The mist swirled around inside her & out her mouth, the most unpleasant thing she'd ever experienced, ever. "Aw... come on... I know you wanna taste me!" Margret winced out of Reilly's words alone. She watched as the Demon Ganone swirled into Reilly's body. Margret could only watch, swollen on top of her own belly to the point of sheer immobilization. She started to feel her body come under a tingling pressure. She winced & started to grow. Only a little at first but it started to gain momentum, like the initial breath into a balloon she thought. She began to pray again & focus on vanquishing the demon. The growth picked up. She felt herself get rounder & larger, the cloth of her clothes getting pulled tighter with each passing second. She focused though. As all the schoolgirls & nuns still able to move crowded around her, she continued to chant her prayers, her hands around the both the locket & the crucifix at the same time. But as her body grew, it became harder & harder for her to keep her hands clasped in prayer. Her melon-sized breasts squeezed themselves larger between her wrists. With loud pops, the buttons of her pants & blouse started to burst off of her in sequential order. But her thoughts were fixated on finishing the prayer. That's when she started to feel the demon get weaker. It wasn't leaving her like she'd hoped, trying to, banish it completely but it definitely started to loose some of its power to her prayers. As the last button shot off her, the growth stopped & she let out a sigh. "It's over!" she smiled.

"Everything should be okay now!" smiled Reilly to Sister Grace. Everyone who was still capable of moving was there to see her off. Poor Margret & some of the other girls had to be rolled to their beds & they were going to be there a few days, at least until the air started to leave their bodies. She opened the door. After such a brutal night, the birds chirped perkier than usual. "You know who to call though if anything else goes wrong, right?"

"Yes & thank you again, Reilly. God Bless."

"You too!" smiled Reilly, turning to walk out the door. She took a deep breath & pushed herself into the doorway. "Hrrrrmgggh.... Hrngh!" she grunted.

"Are you going to be okay... like that?" asked Sister Bethany with an hidden smirk.

"I'll be fine." smiled Reilly, grunting again as she tried to press herself thru the threshold. After capturing Ganone inside of her, she realized that she'd never be able to deflate herself again as long as the demon was trapped inside her. She'd have to contend with her new, rounder shape for quite sometime. Since all her other clothes were in tatters, the nuns lent her one of their robes & she wore it like a tight muumuu. With an audible pop, Reilly finally squeezed her swollen self out of the doorway & hesitantly lowered herself down the stairs in front of the school. She felt like a blimp, her body rounded out to her ankles & elbows. but at least the demon wouldn't be victimizing anybody else for a while. The schoolgirls & two mobile nuns all waved to her. As she took a few waddling steps towards the bus stop, her bulging arms waving to keep balance. Her thighs would rub as she shuffled along, making the rubber balloon squeaks she'd expect them to make. She thought about it. Being so full of air wasn't so bad. She could get used to it & could possibly find herself enjoying it. Sure, she was bigger, slower, & one hell of a lot less agile, but she could have some serious fun like this. She just had to be creative.

Her next stop would be the hospital to see Reverend Michaels. He'd be shocked to see her like this & probably have another heart attack, but on that same note, applaud her for her resourcefulness. She panted as she reached the bus stop & rubbed her massive sides as best she could reach. She noticed the other people waiting there staring at her. She thought she could feel two teenaged girls poking at her backside. She waddled in place to turn & face them. They both looked scared of her, afraid that she'd yell at them. She smirked at them & turned again. That's when the two girls started to feel a strange sort of pressure deep inside of them. Reilly just hoped she'd fit on the bus okay.

And sighed over a good night's work.

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