Simple Complication, A

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A Simple Complication

by ~captainstupids

A Simple Complication, by Captain Stupids

Warning: This story is of a graphic and sexual nature.  Individuals offended by either of these should not continue onwards.


A late Friday afternoon, pleasantly cool and tolerably bright.  The sun had just begun its final descent into its evening resting place.

Enter the Zoey.

Zoe was a 'fluffy' 90-something kilogram girl with a frustratingly short demeanor that just topped 154 cm.  A smallish pair of glasses donned the brim of her nose, complementing her blonde hair and 'adowabwy' chubby cheeks.  She wandered about with a forcefully casual demeanor, hoping to hide the appearance that anything was astray.  "Dere she was justa' checkin' da' kitchen'.  Singin' do-wa-diiddy didy dum didy doo."  She drew the blinds in the kitchen.  Then the bedroom.  "Anybody home?  Yo?"  She wandered over to her friend April's room.  "Ay-peee? Are you hungry?" in her most singsong voice possible.  "I wanna' get hot wings."  No response.  "Delicious hot wings.  Do not deny it.  You want some, too."  Still no response.  She was alone.

"Oh hells yeah, son."

Zoey darted back to the main room and locked the door, lest unpleasant company arrive and interrupt her fun time.  

Satisfied that the world was in order, she bounced back to her room, took off her work attire, and replaced it with stretchy cotton sweat pants and an XXXL t-shirt.  The clothes were several sizes too big for her, but were exceptionally cozy.  They were also her favorite clothes in which to fingerbate.  "Hehe.  Fingerbate."  She grabbed her vibrator and marched gleefully back to the washroom, pausing for a moment to look at herself in the mirror.  She picked up the front of her shirt and sighed at her pudge.  She fiddled, bouncing it up and down a bit.  Leaning forward, she smooshed her breasts together.  They were tolerably large, a C-cup.  Not big enough to be slutty or to kill her back, but big enough to know that her children would never go hungry.  On the plus side (har), when they sat atop her belly they looked absolutely huge.  Back to belly attention.  For a moment, she thought about how cool it would be if she could shape-shift.  Never worrying about being fat again.  Possibly turning into a dude to see what it was like.  

Time to stop wasting fun-time.  She wandered into the bathroom and stepped into the shower.  She unscrewed the shower head and paused for a moment, contemplating which hole to enter.  Mouth?  Bum?  Face-hole?  A-hole?  Today was a good day to be devious.  She squatted down and spread her ample butt cheeks.  The shower line was mercifully smooth as it entered her colon.  Her face flushed and she bit her lip.  "Naughty girl you can haz butthoze."  She snorted at the stupidity of her dirty talk.  She was far from a professional pillow-talker.  The thoughts of silliness dissipated quickly as she pushed the hose deeper.  Content that it wasn't going to fall out, and incapable of resisting the urge any more, she turned on her vibrator.  She didn't turn on the water yet, opting to build the tension higher.  She stroked her lips from the outside of her pants.  Cooed.  Pulled lightly on the top of her vulva.  Took a deep breath and rolled her plump hips in tiny circles.  She took the vibrator and stroked the outside of her pants until she couldn't stand it.  She pulled her belt away, put her vibrator hand down her pants, and eased her plastic pal into her nethers.  Her other hand assisted in opening her lips and delivering moisture to the device.  Deeper and deeper she shoved until an electric warmth flowed over her and made her legs tremble.  Her eyes rolled back and she jiggled her hips a bit, counting to one in her head.

"Let the games begin."  She turned the handle on the shower to something body-temperature and pulled the shower lock.  There was a brief spurt of pressure in her gut as the air trapped in the lines flowed into her.  It was followed by a gentle warmth and pressure.  She placed one hand against the shower wall to steady herself.  With the other, she touched lightly the side of her neck, running her hand down over her nipples.  Her fingertips drifted lightly across her chest, one bosom to the next, then down across her filling belly to her soaked crotch.  Up again to her belly.  She made gentle circles as it filled and grew.  It was a slow process after the wave of adrenaline wore off.  She turned the shower up higher.  Her breathing got shallower as her stomach pushed out.  She pulled her sweatpants up and let her gut fill out the crotch of the pants.  Bigger still she grew, going from pudgy to pregnant in only a few minutes.  Her stomach was huge and breathtakingly erotic.  She took her hand off the wall and rubbed both sides of her inflating midriff.  She crossed her arms under her breasts.  She switched poses frequently, not wanting to tire any particular configuration.  She kept one hand under her breasts and used the other to massage large circles on her ballooning abdomen.  

"Still too slow."  She gave the shower handle a quick jolt, pushing it to all-out.  Her turgid belly surged forward, filling outwards and bloating her sides.  Just before her gut became too huge to circumnavigate, she reached laboriously around the side and set her vibrator to full power.  Her hips and thighs thickened, filling and sealing the plastic toy inside of her.  Her form went from fluffy to pear-shaped in no time.  Her expanding butt pulled the back of her pants tight.  Still she continued to grow, fill, expand.

Then she heard the sound of a door closing.  Snapping back from her hormone-induced delirium, her gaze fixated on the bathroom door which, carelessly, she had left open.  A 'hello' echoed from the front room.  April was back.  "ohfuk"  Zoey lifted a foot, or tried to.  The immensity of her figure did a good deal to impede movement.

Slowly, agonizingly slowly, she exerted herself, lifting her elephantine leg up onto the side of the tub.  One foot up, aaand over.  She was straddling the side of the tub, her snatch bloated so tremendously that it extended an extra 10cm in every direction.  She leaned forward, sweating profusely.  She lifted the other leg and succeeded in escaping the tub.  Footsteps in the hallway.  She waddled.  Tile after distant tile.  Bloating heavier by the second.  Centimeter after eternal centimeter.  Her chest had started to fill, too.  Her breasts adding to the sway.  Closer.  The footsteps grew louder.  Closer.  Her pants were growing tight.  She gripped the door and drew it shut just in time.  

April knocked.  "Zoey?  Are you in there?  I wanna' get hot wings."

"Damn strait!  I knocked on your door earlier but you were all, 'hurr durr I am April and I am not home'."

"Imma relax a bit first.  Hot wings in, say, 45 minutes?"  April set her head against the door.

"Yus plz. :3"

"Okie dokie.  Laters."

Zoey relaxed.  A close call, but it didn't matter because hotwings.  She leaned forward against the door and paused.  Her relaxation break came to an abrupt halt when she felt her body touching both the left and right side of the washroom in tandem.  Her eyes shot open and her gaze locked on the shower.  It was still full on.  

Zoey attempted to turn around and failed completely.  In fact, moving at all had become something of an issue.  She was pinned, stuck by a dividing wall between the sink and the door.  Her calves inflated and merged with her ankles.  Her belly touched the ground and billowed forward, lifting her swollen breasts.  She reached back with her swelling arm and tried to pull the evil demonic tentacle showerhead from her butt, but found her keister had swelled up too much to do so.  Her body strained against her oversized clothes.  Her breasts formed huge mountains in the stretchy cotton.  She struggled for freedom and, admitting defeat, resigned herself to an orgasm before her explosive undoing.  She thrust her overstretched hips back and forth, rubbing her snatch against the ready-to-burst fabric of her sweatpants.  Her vibrator hummed away somewhere deep inside her body.  Her arms thickened.  She jiggled faster.  Her thoughts turning from the morbid to the erotic.  "Bigger.  Fatter.  Huge.  I want to be huge."  Her mound thickened.  She continued to stretch, grow, ripen like a fruit.  Her slender fingers bloated into sausages.  Her chubby cheeks puffed outwards.  Her nipples filled.  Her entire body throbbed as she thrust hopelessly.  She shuddered one last time, grunting in ecstasy as her skin gave way.  She grew gravid beyond her physical limits and burst like a water balloon.

Author's Note: 

Someone submitted one of my other stories, so I figured I'd dump them all there before anyone else does.  :P


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