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There was once this beautiful girl long ago named Daphne. Daphne lived in a small village in the Mediterranean. The storytellers would always come & tell the villagers stories of the gods. One that caught Daphne's attention was about the Nectar of Minoa. It was a wine owned by the god Dionysus. It was said that this wine had the power to keep his mortal entourage immortally youthful.

Now Daphne, was rather vain. You could say she had good right to be, 5'7, trim, skin holding a light tint of olive. She was the most beautiful girl in the area. And she wanted to keep it that way. She knew that the wine only came from one plant in the entire world, the Grapevine of Minoa. Minoa was a small island, just on the horizon from the seashore. She was in such good shape she could swim there in a few hours. Her only problem were the nymphs & satyrs that swarmed the island. If she was caught, she'd be punished by Dionysus himself! And since godly punishment wasn't such a great thing, she decided she'd have to use stealth.

One night, the moon was bright in the sky above, though only a crescent. Daphne, in her real Nike (get it?) toga halter & pants went down to the beachfront & reviewed her plan. Swim over, find the plant, take just a few grapes & get the Hades out of there! She looked at the island to see a trail of smoke rising from it. They must have been celebrating, like always. She hoped that they would be drunk enough not to notice her. She dove into the ocean & began to swim towards the mystical island of Minoa.

After a good hour & a half, Daphne reached it. She was exhausted. It must have been midnight. She was cold because of the evening sea breeze & the whole world could see it as the wet toga halter she was wearing stuck tightly to her chest. Then she realized that the journey back might not be as easy as she thought, being as cold & tired as she was. She didn't know how she'd get back if she had to make a quick getaway. She wasn't worried about that now, she saw the vine on top of a rocky cliff to her left. She climbed the adjacent hill & hoped that they'd still be partying. She walked up the side of the hill towards the edge of the rocky cliff. Below, the ocean waves beat against it, rocking it the slightest bit. She walked over to the vine, wrapped around a spear in the ground. She couldn't believe it! She'd made it all this way! Immortal beauty, here she came! She took one of the grapes off. It was an iridescent dark magenta. She popped it in her mouth, & sucked on it for a second. The juices trinkled out onto her tongue, filling her mouth with ecstacy. It was the greatest thing she'd ever tasted. She bit into it, the juice exploding in her mouth. It made a loud squish in her mouth. She never knew a grape to make a noise. She then noticed that the sounds of the party had paused. Then the ground shook like a stampede was coming straight at her. She was found out! She quickly swallowed the grape & threw some others into a burlap pouch she was carrying. Suddenly some centaurs & nymphs spotted her. & ambushed her on the cliff. 'Dammit!' shouted Daphne as they all closed in on her. Suddenly there was a purple flash! In front of her, stood the wine god, Dionysus! She gasped as the god carried a half-drunken smirk on his face. Daphne, feeling like a trapped animal backed towards the cliff face. 'I wouldn't.' suggested the god, still smirking. Daphne didn't care though, with a hop, she was off the cliff, heading towards the waves below.

With a quick snap, something had her! She was being held, a good thirty feet above the water. Looking up she saw the vine actually wrapped around her arm, holding onto her. She tried to struggle free but when she did, the vine wrapped tighter. It slowly pulled her back up to the cliff & in front of the wine god.

'Not a smart move,' he smirked again.

'I would've made it!' said the irritated Daphne, showing no fear, on the outside at least.

'I was talking about eating that grape.' Laughed the god, swirling a finger at her. 'Those things have an adverse affect on mortals like you! They're only for my friends here, the nymphs & the like!

'What does it do to humans?' asked Daphne, suddenly feeling something come over her. Her body seemed to shake a little in the bright moonlight. It sort of looked like she was blushing a bit, her cheeks taking on a red tone. But as it intensified, everyone could see that it was a red purple instead. Suddenly vines from the plant came out of the ground, restraining her. They lifted her a good four feet off the ground as she shook unnaturally. 'What's… What's happening to me?'

'You can't tell?' asked Dionysus laughing. 'Well I'll let you find out for yourself! You know, not ruin the surprise!'

Daphne looked down at her reddish purple body just as her belly pushed forward with a massive surge of fluid. She was bloating up! It all made sense to her now! The tint to her skin, the inflating! Dionysus's plant was making her fill up with the Nectar of Minoa! She screamed as her belly pushed up around the waistband in her toga. Then with a loud, pop, her band snapped off of her. What raged forward was a belly of that of a mortal woman, full term with twins! She was inflating faster & faster. Now the wine was getting to other places in her body. Her breasts were becoming as round as her head & continued to grow, snapping off her white halter with a crack. The male centaurs laughed as Dionysus smirk became a smile. Her hips & thighs billowed outwards as her arms & hands seemed to get puffier. She tried to scream but puffy cheeks got in the way. She heard a snap & looked down to see the shreds of her pants slide off her cone shaped legs. Her growing started to slow a bit, just as she was becoming spherical.

'Renae! Troia!' Dionysus laughed to two of his nymphs. 'You better start squeezing that wine out of her, or else we're going to have a major mess on our hands!' His nymphs laughed as they approached the poor bloated mass Daphne had became. They threw their arms around her & began to squeeze, tightly. The wine oozed out of every orifice of her swollen body. She let out loud grunts as Dionysus put a funnel in a 3 foot tall wine bottle under Daphne. He motioned for his minions to follow him & continue the festivities.

'Bas…tar……d!" moaned Daphne as she watched them walk away. The nymphs gave a powerful push, making her let out a monstrous grunt. As the last of the wine dripped out of her, she felt another funny feeling come over her. As the music started up again in the woods, Daphne began filling up with more of the wine again. She screamed.


And it's been that way ever since. Filling up with the Nectar of Minoa, Daphne remained youthful, at the price of her figure. Everyday, about five times a day, she'd inflate with the wine. One of Dionysus's cronies would squeeze it all out of her before she'd burst, collect it in a large bottle, & give it to the wine god himself. The funny thing was that every time Daphne bloated up, she could hold more & more. In three months time, she was producing about twenty bottles a day! Dionysus was pleased by this. He laughed, 'Why didn't I think of this before? Instead of one lousy plant that only produces grapes every few millenia, I could have a whole winery of these mortals ripening up!' He laughed & poked Daphne in her round taut belly as she started to rapidly inflate with the second brew of the day. She sighed, seeing herself spending the rest of eternity as a grape!

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