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Roy and Cindy were on a tour of their local candy factory. It was part of a contest held at their high school. The candy factory owner, Dr. Barry, had wanted to boost sales locally and he could think of no better way than to get his name in the local news by inviting twenty kids from the local high school (Barry was very devoted to all things local) to come and visit the factory and sample some of his latest and as yet not released candies. It just so happened that both Roy and Cindy won. The funny thing about this was they were currently dating and had both won by sheer chance. (Unless you listen to Monica, the head cheerleader who insists they somehow rigged it, but then she always had been jealous she couldn't have Roy). Both school goers were thrilled because they were nearing the end of their senior year and they saw this as a great way to end the year and their high school adventure. And if you don't accept that, hell, it was still a free day off school.

The tour was nearing its end and Barry wanted to go out with a bang. He had decided that the last room he would lead the entourage through would be his invention room. He figured, what more interesting place could there be in the factory than the room where all his famous candies were born. The kids would even get to see some things that he was still currently working on perfecting for the public. You see, Barry hadn't fallen into the trap of modern day dullness. The only difference he could see between all the candy bars made were some had nuts and caramel, and some just had nuts. Now this may be particularly exciting for some, especially if you love caramel, but not for Barry. He wanted to make revolutionary candies. Candies that would make people see all other candy boring in comparison to his own. Therefore, many of his inventions were highly irregular, even dangerous, and should never be toyed with without his express permission. At least that was what Roy was listening to Barry drone on about as they wandered through the invention room. As far as Roy could tell, it was nothing special. Just large metal contraptions that probably did something boring.

He looked over and noticed Cindy not listening. In fact, he liked to notice her a lot, considering she was a beautiful woman with sandy blonde hair and a curvy figure. He wasn't looking as much lately though. She used to be fairly plump with a large butt and boobs, but unfortunately, she had lately been on a diet craze and lost all her extra weight. Most of his friends thought it was a change for the better, but Roy had liked her larger. This day she was wearing a slightly loose pair of soft blue jeans with a sky blue belt, and a light blue button up blouse over a white tank top.

Hey Cindy," he whispered, "maybe you should be listening to Barry's warnings."

"O please, I'm sure it's nothing," she whispered back as she smacked on her gum.

That was another thing that had changed. Ever since she started losing weight, all Cindy did was chew gum. She was obsessed. 'The chewing takes my mind off eating' Cindy would say every time he brought up how annoying the constant gum chewing was. Roy looked back to Barry, annoyed with his girlfriend and her stubborn attitude. He was just trying to make sure she didn't cause trouble. Despite his efforts, she usually did.

They had just arrived at a large new machine.

"This is our most wonderful invention yet," said the factory owner Dr. Barry to the fidgety group. "Someone press the button to start it up." No one made a motion to move. "Alas, I'll do it myself," and with that Barry eagerly pressed a large red button. The machine instantly whirled into motion creating what everyone expected to be a candy marvel. There were buzzes, beeps, and rotating mechanical wonders.

Roy nudged Cindy, "This might be interesting huh?"
"Eh, probably just another Candy I can't eat because it'll cause me to balloon up." Mr. Barry reached into a landing chute and pulled out what appeared to be a small blue blob.

"Does anyone know what this is," Barry questioned.

Her interests suddenly perked, Cindy Spoke up. "It looks like gum," she declared.

"Wrong," he said with a wry smile, "it's the most fantastic gum soon to be known to man."

"What's so fantastic about it," Cindy questioned with her curiosity growing by the moment.

"Why it's a three course meal. Soup, a main course, and dessert. When this is perfected, we will produce a whole line of meals that people will be able to enjoy just by chewing on a stick of gum."

Many of the gathered students, many in high level classes such as gym and sewing, started to question Mr. Barry's sanity. However, while he was turned to them defending himself and his self-proclaimed gum, Cindy quickly seized the opportunity to snatch the gum from Barry's extended hand.

"Sounds like the perfect thing for me," Cindy declared wanting to be the first the try this wondrous new invention. 'Also,' she thought to herself, 'I can eat an entire simulated meal with none of the calories.' The future diet possibilities were amazing to contemplate. Before she could savor her new found prize, Barry immediately shouted out a warning.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, I really wouldn't. That gum hasn't been fully perfected."

Cindy could only smile as she swallowed her old gum (which she was conveniently prone to do) and stuck the blob in her mouth. "Then I'll perfect it for you."

"No, you don't understand," Barry tried to impose, "that gum has some severe side effects that still need to be worked out."

Cindy was too wrapped up in her excitement to even listen or care now though. Barry sighed, and decided that he had tried to warn her and she would be getting her just desserts now. Quite literally.

As Cindy started to chew Roy tried to stop her also, but Cindy just pulled away and told him she could do what she wanted.

"This gum is marvelous. It tastes just like chicken noodle soup. O my, now it's changing. Fried chicken and peas! It tastes as though I'm eating the real thing." As the others watched Cindy with curiosity Roy could only wonder about the side effects Barry had tried to caution her about.

"Here comes dessert. Blueberry pie!! My absolute favorite!! And this has to be the best blueberry pie I have ever had times ten." Cindy was practically moaning with pleasure now.

Then something funny started to happen. Cindy's fingers started turning a faint blue color and the blue started spreading up her arms.

"What is happening to her Barry," Roy asked worried.
Barry casually answered, "I told her not the have the gum, now she's in for a big surprise. Don't worry though, it won't be that severe."
When Roy looked back the blue color had spread all through Cindy's skin and she was starting to notice that something was wrong. She was just getting over seeing her faintly blue skin when Roy noticed something himself. Her small breasts seemed a little larger. He looked closer and realized that they were still growing. Cindy seemed to realize this about the same time and cried out.

"O my god, what's happening to my boobs. They feel so funny."

"They're growing," Roy said, starting to enjoy the side effects. Cindy could feel the pressure in her breasts increasing and there was a large tingling feeling. Her bra started to tighten and she could feel her boobs starting to push into her bra more and more. Her shirt also started tightening.

"What have you done to me Barry?"

"Don't worry," Barry assured, "this always happens at the dessert. All you have to do is spit out the gum and this will stop."

"I can't spit out the gum," Cindy said frantically noticing the buttons on the top part of her shirt begin to strain.
Barry sighed, "Well, I think you probably should consider it. You don't want this to go any further."

"I can't spit it out because I swallowed it. I thought the flavor was about up and I always swallow my gum when I'm done with it."

Barry looked horrified. "How could you swallow the gum!! I can't believe you did that. This is not good, not good at all."

By this time Cindy's breasts were in the range of DD. The top button on her blue blouse finally couldn't hold any longer and popped off with a clang.
"Well, this isn't that bad. All your side effects seem to do is give me larger breasts. I've always wanted to be fuller up top. I just hope this blue tint to my skin fades."

"And what happens when your breasts start getting to full," Barry questioned.

Cindy looked up with a confused gaze. "What do you mean?" Suddenly a second button burst off her shirt and Cindy's growing cleavage became more apparent. Her white tank top was now visible and it looked incredibly strained. Roy noticed Amy almost looked a little bluer now. That was when Cindy started to feel the tingling feeling spread.

"O my, I feel so funny!" Suddenly, Cindy's thighs started to grow rounder.

"What are you doing now Cindy?" someone shouted.
"Help me, my legs are getting fatter. Ooo, it feels so weird. I can feel them growing rounder."

Barry looked worried, "We need to get that gum out of her quick. We need to get it out of her before this can spread anymore. None of my workers are answering my call though."

Cindy could only stare helplessly as all the wrinkles in her jeans smoothed over as her legs grew into them. Then her thighs started pushing into her jeans, growing rounder by the second. Everyone was surprised by a ting sound, until they realized another button had popped off her shirt completely exposing Cindy's enormous breasts stuffed inside her bra and tank top. The blue hue had grown stronger and could be seen through the tank top.

"Ahhh, my boobs are still growing too."

"Your legs are quickly catching up though," Roy said pleased, started to get very turned on.

And it was true. The inside of Cindy's thighs finally got round enough to touch each other. Cindy, realizing this, spread her legs apart some not wanting her thighs to touch because that was an indication of how fat they were becoming. However, her legs just started pumping up faster and one could really see just how thick they were becoming. Then they too slowed down in their growth, but were still slowly growing like her boobs.

In her moment of reprieve Cindy got angry.

"Look at what you did to me," Cindy shouted at Barry moving toward him. As she walked, she waddled slightly with her round thighs rubbing and her boobs moving up and down.

"You brought this on yourself, but it's only just begun. Like I said, we need to get that gum out of you fast."

Cindy continued moving toward Barry and Roy got a view of her backside which now seemed a little puffy. She suddenly stopped and grabbed her butt. Roy could see her hands moving outward and Cindy could feel the odd sensation of her butt checks growing into her hands.

"Oh no, not my butt now too. What's happening to me? My whole body is getting huge."

Her butt started widening more and more. Her rear end passed the point of curvy and continued rounding out. Her butt was getting really plump now and started pushing into the seat of her jeans. Even her belt started feeling a little tight.

"I have to get out of here," she cried in her panicked state. Cindy started to walk away, but slower and slower. Her thighs were still growing and were quite round by now. As she walked away her butt continued to grow and began to sway more with each step. Her panty lines became very pronounced as her jeans grew even tighter and started to creak a little. Suddenly there was a loud snap. Cindy jumped and realized her extremely tight bra had finally broke to her cantaloupe sized breasts.

"Somebody help me, I don't know what is happening to me. I'm filling up."

"Like a balloon," Roy added.

"Like a blueberry," Barry corrected.

"This is all your fault, Barry," she pouted. "Oh no, that feeling is growing again. Roy, stop this"

But it was too late and her hips started to flare out. "Ooooo, I'm getting fat everywhere. Stop this!"

Cindy tried holding her hips in but it was no use and they just continued growing. Her butt was still growing rounder by the second and her hips tightened her belt even more. Cindy's arms started to push out due to her hips enlarging outwards further and further. Cindy now had a very pronounced hourglass figure as her hips slowed down and the funny feeling started to grow again.

She was helpless as her stomach started to poof out. Her shirt grew tight and her stomach pushed into the crotch of her jeans. Her butt and hips were still growing underneath her ever tightening belt. Cindy spread her legs out again as her legs plumped up even more.

"Uhhh, my belt hurts so much," she moaned. One by one the bottom buttons on her shirt blew off like a gun firing. Her tank top was stretched over her growing midsection. Her blue belly button started to poke out from under her tank top and grow over her belt. Her crotch filled even more. Her belt started groaning and finally burst off with a loud bang. Her midsection gave one final shove into the button of her incredibly tight jeans and the inflation suddenly ceased.

"Look at me, I'm so fat. I am about really to burst out of my clothes. OOOOOO, that feeling is growing so big now."

"Oh no," Barry said, "the final push."

"Huh, what do yo..." but Cindy never finished her statement. Suddenly her whole body began to swell again.

"Ahhh, help me, my whole body is getting fatter."

"Barry," someone yelled, "someone has to get that air out of her quick."

Barry answered: "there's no air in there, it's juice. She's blowing up into a huge blueberry."

As he said this Cindy's jeans button popped open and her stomach pushed down her zipper. The front of her teal panties were clad to the crotch section. Her tank top started to rip.

"I'm getting too big, if this swelling doesn't stop, I'm going to pop."

Her beach ball size butt checks finally split the seat of her pants with a large rip. Her teal panties glistening spread over her huge derriere. Right after this her boobs gave a large push forward and burst the last of her tank top. The seams of her jeans gave a final protest as her thighs blew apart the rest of her jeans.

Eventually Cindy was standing in just her panties and she was getting rounder by the second. Her butt gave a large swelling thrust and her panties exploded off. Her body deepened to a deep blue and her legs started growing together as even her arms and cheeks filled out. Cindy finished rounding out until she was a blue sphere with a head. Her body started to pulsate with pressure.

"Mhhhmm," she mumbled through her large checks.

"Barry," Roy screamed, "do something."

Just as he said this the workers finally arrived with the device to get the gum out of Cindy. And not a moment too soon. Barry had Cindy rolled to the de-juicing room where she was promptly squeezed. However, even in that short amount of time, some of the juice had been transformed to fat and she was still quite plump after it all. Cindy decided to give up on diets and gum.

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She still blue?

She still blue?