Truth or Dare, Part 2

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Dave stretched out bigger and bigger. His body could no longer be distinguished as a human body – Dave could just as well have been a rubber balloon. His skin was slowly becoming transparent, beautifully so, and the four girls, Jennifer, Laura, Julie and Robin began to laugh and clap their hands at the spectacle. Dave finally got what he wanted, they thought to themselves… what a crazy balloonboy, what a freak!

“Pop, damn it, pop!” Vince, Robin’s boyfriend, called out, but Dave just kept on growing. Vince grew frustrated and decided to finally get this over with, so he lit a match and threw it in the direction of Dave’s inflated body. The moment the flame touched his rubbery skin, a hole was burned into it and a deafening BOOM resounded throughout the area. Dave had finally burst.

None of them had cared much about Dave, so it wasn’t surprising that after this unique spectacle of a human being blown up and popped like a balloon, the girls and Vince… got bored and wondered what they could do next to pass the time.

Jennifer finally suggested resuming their game of truth or dare. The game was a total bore for the first few minutes until Julie shyly decided she wanted to share a secret with them. Finally a “truth” that sounded exciting…

Julie kept pulling around on her cheerleader costume and kept looking down on her long, slender legs, as she quietly began to speak: “First, let me say that I didn’t care about Dave at all, never… and I found it unbelievable to hear what he said to us about wanting to be a balloonboy and to get blown up bigger and bigger helplessly by us. But then when he actually started inflating… the idea of becoming light as a balloon just seems so wonderful. But I wouldn’t want to get so big, never… I also wouldn’t want to pop. But I’d love to be a normal-sized balloon and be tossed around and fly through the air… but you’d have to treat me with care.” Julie giggled at her last statement and now finally looked up at the others.

The three other girls seemed romantically interested in the idea, but Vince ruined the atmosphere by calling out: “What’s the matter with all of you? Balloons? Come on, you’re not six years old anymore! Ha! Come on, my turn… dare!”

Robin looked at her boyfriend angrily and challenged him: “I dare you to fulfill Julie’s request… make Julie a balloon!” Vince got upset and initially refused, but Jennifer, Laura and Robin pushed him towards Julie, who brushed back her brown hair and prepared herself for her transformation.

“First, you’ve got to shrink her… remember, she doesn’t want to be a big balloon,” Laura instructed Vince. So Vince just pumped a little air into Julie, who seemed to enjoy her inflation a whole lot. Once Julie’s body had adapted completely and had become all rubbery, he let the air out of her – he let out more air than he had pumped into her until Julie had become an uninflated balloon in his hand.

Vince was about to put Julie into his mouth and blow her up a bit, when Robin angrily interfered: “Hey, you’re not gonna ‘kiss’ her and blow her up like that!” She grabbed Julie and handed her to Laura. “Here, I dare you to blow her up.”

Laura inhaled deeply – her big breasts seemed to grow in the process – and then blew into Julie, who quickly expanded again. Laura blew into her twice more and then tied a knot into her. Julie looked just like a balloon you’d see at a kid’s birthday party. Laura laughed and tossed her up into the air and let her sail over to Jennifer. Jennifer caught Julie, looked at her more closely a bit and mumbled: “I don’t believe it.” Then she let her inflated little balloon-friend float over to Robin. “She’s beautiful,” Robin commented.

Vince couldn’t take all this any longer. “What the hell is wrong with you? She’s an idiot… she actually let herself get turned into a helpless little balloon! I don’t believe it… and you think she looks beautiful? She’s a balloon! Julie is a BALLOON!” He smacked Julie out of Robin’s hands and away from the rest of the group. Then, everyone tried to catch her, but everyone just kept getting in each other’s way and Julie dropped to the floor. Jennifer seemed to be able to reach her first, but Vince viciously shoved her down – and Jennifer landed right on top of Julie with her sexy, big butt. The impact was too much for Julie and the sound of her popping silenced the group instantly.

Everyone looked at Vince angrily. They knew it wasn’t Jennifer’s fault. Vince tried to apologize: “It… it was an accident… I didn’t want her to fall on Julie… maybe we can put her back together again… and we can all just play around with her…”

Suddenly, though, Robin got between Vince and her two friends. “Please… I think it really was an accident. Balloons burst so easily… and Vince wouldn’t do something like that. Please… Laura, Jennifer… please.”

Laura and Jennifer looked at each other, unsure what to do. Then Robin walked over to them and whispered something into their ears. Vince started to relax as Jennifer nodded her head and said: “OK, you’re right…” They had luckily calmed down again.

Laura suggested they try and forget about what had happened and just continue playing the game. “Whose turn is it anyway?” – “I guess it’s Robin’s. What’ll it be – truth or dare?” Robin hesitated shortly, then said… “Dare” with a broad smile.

Jennifer looked at Laura, then back at Robin. “I dare you to give Vince a special blow job before our eyes!” she said with a wink of the eye. Vince couldn’t believe his ears. He didn’t even bother to pretend to feel embarrassed or shy… she simply unzipped his pants.

Robin was all too willing to follow Jennifer’s command and she slid over to Vince on her knees. Vince got up and slipped his dick out of his boxers as Robin opened her mouth. But instead of sucking, she truly started giving him a blow job! She blew into his dick as hard as she could and it inflated immediately.

Vince was shocked, but at the same time his inflation was giving him the most intense pleasure ever. Robin kept blowing and soon, he had a huge, long rubber dick. Jennifer and Laura got up to feel his balloon-like schlong. Jennifer grabbed it with both her hands, which caused Vince to moan in pleasure. She twisted it a little bit, but it didn’t hurt Vince at all. Feeling playful, Jennifer treated it just like a balloon-animal and twisted it around a bit. Robin laughed, but then said: “OK, enough Jennifer, remember my plan… we’ll make him pay for what he did to Julie.”

Vince was too excited to hear the remark; or maybe he heard it and was too turned on to care, cause after all, his dick was blown up soooo big! Robin blew into it some more; by now, she had to stand as well to keep inflating it. Finally, the two were face to face and she still was blowing him up! Robin slipped the balloon out of her mouth again and whispered to Vince: “I need to catch my breath a bit… could you continue for a moment…” He was kind of able to understand what she said, but Robin had to slip his balloon-dick into his mouth for him. Eagerly, he resumed his own inflation.

However, he had underestimated his powerful lungs… the very first breath he blew into himself was too much. He popped himself and the three girls tossed away the rubber shreds of his body. They’d gotten their revenge.

With nothing better to do, they decided they might as well play one last round of truth or dare. It was Laura’s turn and she also opted to tell them a secret of hers. “You know, I’ve always admired your looks,” she said to Jennifer and Robin. “Jennifer, I wish my ass were as beautiful as yours… mine is far too small… it just doesn’t look feminine enough. And as for you, Robin, I wish I had your legs… they’re so long and thin… simply beautiful.”

Robin looked at Laura. “But Laura… you are so beautiful yourself… I mean, what good are my long legs if I don’t have big breasts like you… or a sexy, female butt like Jennifer?” Jennifer added, “Yes, I wish I had big tits too… and my legs could be longer and thinner as well…”

The girls looked at each other for a moment. They knew exactly what to do. They got closer together and formed a circle. Laura leaned over towards Robin’s butt and started blowing it up; Robin took Jennifer’s nipples in her mouth and began inflating her tits; Jennifer bent down to inflate and stretch Laura’s legs. The three women formed a perfect circle and blew each other up in unison.

The three women moaned and groaned in lust. Jennifer rubbed her swelling breasts and caressed Robin for blowing them up. Laura felt her legs stretching out, becoming slimmer and longer like straight balloons; it encouraged her to blow up Robin’s butt even bigger.

Soon, the women paused to look at their new shapes. Robin finally had a big, sexy butt to compliment her long, slender legs. Jennifer admired her new inflated tits and shook both her big ass and her big tits to show how sexy she was. Laura made her breasts bounce up and down along with Jennifer, but she also showed the others her new long legs.

Suddenly, Jennifer spoke up: “Now for the other half of our wish… let’s blow each other up some more…” Robin laughed out in joy – soon, her tits would be HUGE, just like those of Laura and Jennifer. The girls were all excited and got into position for the rest of their inflation.

Between breaths, the women called out in pleasure: “Yes! Yes! Big boobs! Big boobs! Big rubbery balloon-boobs!”, “Oh, blow up my ass, make it soft and firm, make it big!”, “Stretch my legs… come on, inflate em just like my tits!”

The women only looked at each other and compared the size of their body parts only to each other. They never realized that they were blowing each other up really big. Finally, though, Jennifer felt happy with her legs and tits, Laura with her butt and legs and Robin with her butt and breasts – all inflated. Still, even after stopping blowing each other up, they were not aware of the fact that they were inflated very large.

The girls looked at each other… suddenly, they started to realize that whatever their original special trait had been, it now paled in comparison to the rest of their bodies. “My tits… they look so tiny now! But I always had big breasts! Now both of you have got bigger boobs than me!” Laura quickly reached for her boobs and stuck them in her mouth… she would catch up with the others again… no, she would surpass them again. She had to remain the girl with the biggest breasts.

The others felt just the same – Jennifer reached for the pump and continued to inflate her ass and Robin tried to make her legs even longer! The competition between the girls was great – each one kept blowing herself up bigger and bigger. But still, their egos always remained bigger than their inflated bodies.

Soon, they burst through the ceiling, still inflating their bodies. They didn’t care. All they cared about were their legs, butt and tits, respectively. Even though they had long surpassed each other in the different areas and each one was the biggest and best when it came to one body part, they still felt they needed to be bigger to compete with the others.

Most people expected them to pop. There were opinion polls about who would burst first, Jennifer and her butt, Robin and her legs, or Laura and her tits. No one could decide and no one ever was proven to be right. For soon, the women simply drifted off into space – each in a different direction. They would never see planet Earth again. They would never see each other again.

Robin only saw her long, thin legs, which she kept stretching and inflating. Jennifer saw nothing except her rubbery butt, expanding and expanding, but never becoming satisfyingly big enough. Laura had the hugest tits in the whole universe and they were all she would ever see as she kept blowing into them again and again and again and again…..

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InflatedBoobs42's picture
The part 1

Anyone know where the part 1? If you know,put a link here please

Im a sexy witch who love to use my spell on you...or on me. 

Male and Female,call me for a roleplay ;D

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Nevermind...i found it...

Nevermind...i found it...

Im a sexy witch who love to use my spell on you...or on me. 

Male and Female,call me for a roleplay ;D

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part 1?

Can you give me a link to part 1 please?