Bad Trip

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"Go ahead, girlie!" said the weird looking lanky guy with the german accent. "Try it!" He waved the pill in front of Angela's face.

"Uh… that's okay! Really!" said Angela. She thought to herself, why her? You see it had all started back in their sophomore year of high school. Angela, having gotten sick of the same songs on the radio over & over, was one day studying with her two best friends, Jessi & Gail. While working, Jessi popped in a CD entitled 'dig your own hole' & Angela was in awe. Since that day, the three friends grew to have what some might say an unhealthy obsession with techno & dance music.

Trance. Jungle. Breakbeat. Electro. Trip Hop. Garage. Leftfield. Gabber. Hardcore. Acid House. Experimental. You name it, they lived for it. As time went by & the three grew up, they always went to all of the local raves & tried to sneak into the best clubs. But there, Jessi & Gail started a little dirty habit. They weren't like junkies but like every time they went they had to pop some kind of pill. This made Angela, who was rather 'straight-edged' feel a little uneasy. She figured that it was their life though & if they wanted to they could go right ahead.

Skip forward to just a little after graduation. The three girls saved their funds & were eventually able to spend a summer in Ibiza, the home of European dance music. Every summer, young people from everywhere went there to have a good time. And the same went for Angela, until right now, anyway. Jessi had met some young German guy that worked for a pharmaceutical company & had his own special concoction to let them try for free.

"Oh! C'mon, Angie!" said Jessi. "New life… New Experiences! You were the one that said that!" she was already holding one of the blue tablets.

"I meant new experiences as in traveling! No thank you! I don't want any! Let's just go dance." Angela said, storming off. The other two girls looked at the guy, shrugged & swallowed the powdery pills he had given them.

"We're going to join her!" said Gail. "Maybe see you later."

"Count on it!" said the German. Meanwhile, Angela had gotten fed up with her friends' habit & now she wanted to just leave.

"Oh well!" She said. "I won't let them spoil this." Just then, the music hit as she looked over the crowd from a huge balcony. It was fun to dance but sometimes it was just great to watch & take it all in. Down below, she saw Jessi & Gail start to dance. She thought about going down & joining them but they'd really pissed her off. Angela often had fun watching them freak out sometimes when they were on a bad trip. She hoped that this would be one of those times.

Jessi & Gail continued to dance amongst the diverse crowd. They suddenly started to feel very flush like they'd walked a mile outside in frigid temperatures & walked into a sauna. The feeling made them ecstatic.

"This is great!" screamed Jessi.

"Yeah!" Gail yellingly agreed.

Angela just shook her head. They were starting to get the affects alright! Gail continued to dance. She was a mousy, petite little blonde with a gorgeous body. Having spent a good part of the day at the beach she had a nice golden tan as she wore baggy raver pants over her bikini top & bottoms, peeking out the slightest bit, leaving the straps visible. She was shaking her ass to the snare beat of the trance song of the summer. With each beat entering her ears, she felt a wave of pleasure hit her body. The same went for Jessi. Also a blonde, though wavier, Jessi was rather tall & lanky. She had a decent body & wore her long skirt with cargo pockets & a black tank top. Angela watched as weirdly, each girl's body had a weird shake at certain beats & patterns in the songs.

"So… you're just a watcher, not a participater!" Said the German guy from before.

"If you're trying to get me to take something you might as well just leave!" Angela hollered over the amplifier.

"I see." Said the German. "Well too bad! Let us just watch your friends then." Angela had a weird feeling about how he said that. After a second, she felt compelled to ask.

"What do you mean?" She said looking at the man. The man just pointed. Angela looked down at her friends as though they were both in a mode of full blown ecstacy. They were flushed & were full of energy as they writhed to the music. Suddenly, Angela watched as Gail stopped. She grabbed her pants. Looking closely, it was like her bikini bottom had snapped.

"Oops!" said the man with a laugh. "Hate it when that happens."

"Is it just me or does her ass look…?" Angela spoke, realizing she wasn't audible over the music. To her, Gail looked to be a little rounder. Suddenly Jessi stopped dancing too. The only two still people on the dance floor stood there, smiles panning their faces as they breathed in deeply.

"What's happening to them? What was that drug you gave them?" asked Angela.

"Just watch." commanded the German, starting to sound as though he was getting a bit annoyed. So Angela did. Jessi threw her head back & began to 'oooh', her hands rubbing her sides lustfully as she did. Gail started to do the same. Both writhed to the music, looking as though they had no control over their own bodies. That's when Angela looked closely & saw a bulge building around Gail's petite waist. She began to shudder in ecstatic delight.

"I feel so warm & full!" she moaned, the music slowing down for a second. Angela couldn't believe her eyes! Gail was puffing up! Like a child's balloon! "What was that stuff?" she cooed delightfully. "Hmmm… so warm… so full!"

"I know what you mean!" sighed Jess, rubbing her middle. It too looked slightly puffy, but Gail was growing huge, fast! Angela watched wide eyed while the German guy only chuckled. People around them stopped to look as Gail looked like she was 3 months pregnant all of a sudden. The bulge continued to press outward. Now it was being cut into by the waistline of her cargo pants.

"Listen!" screamed Angela. "What ever that stuff was you're coming with me! You're helping me bring them to a hospital & then I'm bringing you to the cops!" The German just bobbed his head to the beat. Angela couldn't believe this guy.

"Or you can just sit back & let your friends learn a lesson!" laughed the man. Angela wondered what he meant but her attention went back to her growing friend Gail. She now looked ready to deliver a baby right there on the dance floor, the waistline still miraculously constraining her true girth. Angela debated about running down to help, but how could she? They were fucked up on stuff & now they were swelling up like balloons! What could she do?

"So big!" writhed Gail. "YES!" she said erotically, just over the music. Just then her pants finally gave way & slid to the floor. She was naked except for shoes & her bikini top which looked like it was under stress from her bloated boobs now too. There was no doubt about it! She was swelling up alright! And fast! Her belly looked like it could easily hold twin newborns & within just seconds could maybe even carry another!

Suddenly, Jessi began to moan too. She too was swelling up, almost as fast but gaining speed quickly! They'd probably been both growing the whole time but the change was just much more visible on Gail's petite body. By now, Gail took a few awkward steps around in circles, her new rapidly inflating girth bumping into almost everybody! But now her whole body looked as though it was starting to puff up! Her breasts & ass & hips & thighs all made her look like she was a plump preggo woman ready to have quints! But just then, she took an awkward step & fell to the floor, Angela unable to see her from her vantage point.

"Oops!" Laughed the man. "One down… still another one to go!" Jessi was now growing just as fast! Her figure too, now looking like it held multiples! A long slit pulled in the seam of her skirt as her thighs plumpened up to accommodate her massive belly. Her ass looked like somebody had strapped a pool toy behind her & her breasts were equally as large! But her belly was what was growing the fastest! By leaps & bounds.

Angela had no idea what to do. She couldn't think of a way to help them! But what she really couldn't get was why they were still so ecstatic thru all of this! They were bloating up uncontrollably & yet didn't seem to mind it at all… maybe even enjoy it!

"What the hell was that stuff?" asked Angela.

"A new experimental stuff." smiled the German. "You see, I'm with the police. And this is all just part of the war on drugs!"

"What?!" asked Angela shocked.

"Well you see! Years ago, my girlfriend, almost fiancee, died of an overdose in a German club." Said the man with a stern tone. "So I've devoted myself to stopping others. This drug is just a new way about it." He passed it toward Angela but Angela didn't want to be anywhere near it. The man just snickered. "What better way to stop, than to be completely helpless?" He pointed toward Jessi as an example. Her whole body had started to round out into one massive sphere with little, shrinking conical limbs. The soft curves gave loud audible squeaks as they became assimilated into the ball shape she was becoming. Her clothes had long since been tatters on the floor. Now she was just a big ballooned-up girl in the center of the dancehall! The dancers had stopped, so had the music. Everyone near them started to back away. Everything was quiet. Except for the two girls moaning, as Gail became visible again.

"Ooooh! Yeah!" wheezed Gail, nothing but a large, flesh colored ball with hands & feet shaking, patting against her massive sides. Jessi, a bit larger due to her height, could only give an unintelligible moan in response.

"You bastard!" screamed Angela. "Why? What will happen now?"

"Well." Smiled the man. "They'll be perfectly healthy, & shrink back down to their normal size… eventually!" He said, getting up to walk away. "Oh! But if I were you, I'd try to be nowhere near when they come too, tomorrow!" he said with a laugh, twisting his pinky in his ear. Angela just folded her arms as she leaned back against the balcony railing. Europeans are just so fucked up!

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