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Lately I have been having problems with the logging in. I would log in and go to the forums and it would kick out and ask to log in again. This isn't the first time it has happened to me. I have gone through the usual cashe cleaning, thinking that was the problem. I'm using FireFox.

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What version of Firefox are you using?

And can you reliably reproduce this, or does it seem to happen at random?

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I'm using the latest verson of Firefox.

And this does it at random times.

The last two days I've been having no problems.


I've had something similar happen to me.  Not exactly the same, but similar.  Using Safari on an iPad whilst in Private Browsing mode (no history saved).  If I open multiple tabs of the site (forums, pictures, comments, switching between them), then close a tab (most often an image page), Safari will suddenly crash and dump me on the home screen.  When I start it back up, all my tabs are still there, including the one I tried to close, but I am no longer logged in.  This is the only site I have seen this happen on.

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