Liquid L.E.A.D. part 2

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It was Monday and I was back to work, all I could think about was going home and inflating. Some time, during lunch, I sat at my desk, and decided I needed to call my discovery something. Later that day, while getting ready to go home, I was stopped by security. I was escorted to the presidents’ office. He was an older gentleman with gray hair, brown eyes, tired face and a course voice from all the cigar smoking in his years. They security guard escorted me to the chair and I sat down. Hans, he began, so did everyone else, no one like to say my full name. Hans he said, you’re brilliant, smartest and brightest scientist I have ever met. You have been with us for eight years now, you interned with us and I hired you full time. You have been brought here because it has been brought to my attention that you have been late several times, and…………… have been seen leaving here with containers filled with chemicals. What do you have to say for yourself! I was in shock, caught! Well, he began, what do you have to say, is this true? I cleared my voice as best possible and said…YES! What a dummy, what did I just do? I just admitted to being a criminal. He had the Security guard check my personal bag, escort me to my area and watch me clean out my desk. I was pink slipped!

Several days had gone by, I was still in shock. The knowledge, that I could now actually inflate myself, never crossed my mind. I awoke one morning and decided to go on a fishing trip, fishing was just an excuse I always used when I couldn’t clear my mind of distraction. I would charted a boat, go out, as far as I dared, and just drop a line, not even cared if I got a bite or not. They weather got ugly fast this particular day, I pulled up my line and went to start the boat, and nothing happened, I tried to start it again, nothing. The storm looked to be a big one, I radioed the coast guard my position and the fact that I couldn’t start the boat. They said they were on their way, it wasn’t soon enough, the storm reached me, I forgot to put the anchor back down and got tossed about all over the ocean. I hit my head and passed out and awoke the next morning with the boat stuck in a sand bar just off the shore of an island. I looked at the compass to see if I can get a heading, and saw the compass doing nothing but circles, I tapped it, and checked it out, it seemed okay. I decided to get off the boat and go to land, but not before you drop anchor I said. I got off, took a short swim and walked and walked. Hmm, no noise, not even a bird, I don’t see any bugs or snakes either. Where am I, in the Bermuda Tri, then it suddenly hit me, I was headed in that general direction, and stopped short of entering. I was in The Triangle, that explains the compass, but how was I going to get home, I don’t even know where I am. I decided to explore this land some more, and stay the night. It was huge. I was completely alone. The next morning, I decided to see if I could get the boat started. I turned the key and heard the growl of the engine, it sounded beautiful. I circled the Island and remembered I saw a cave entrance just in from a point on the island and circled the island till I found that point. There is an enormous underground cavern thru this entrance, I had to remember this point, I found my new home.

I looked up at the sun and decided to go opposite of its position. After what seemed like hours the compass finally settled and I saw and knew where I was. I made a mental note and wrote it down so I would not forget. After another hour of traveling I saw the coast guard ship, they waved me down and asked who I was. It wasn’t until I got back and told them that I ended up in the triangle that they released me. They obviously didn’t believe a word that I said, except that I possibly did have engine trouble and got caught in the storm.

When I got to my door, there on the floor was a subpoena for a court appearance and the latest scientific journal with my picture on the cover. The title read, “Genius no more, dumb criminal now”. It was devastating, my reputation destroyed because I wanted to make myself inflate. Suddenly I remembered; I DID IT, who cares if my reputation is destroyed. I took a deep breath and inflated with great joy, hmm, I thought, what about Helium. I had a tank downstairs that I used to help with the aeration process. I walked up to the tank opened the valve slowly, to release the gas slowly and breathed normally, as the gas entered. I inflated and began to feel the lifting power, oh what a feeling. I stopped though, this was not the time for this, my enjoyment had to wait.

There is a subpoena on my counter for a court appearance, I’m sure it’s about me stealing chemicals. They will try me, and find me guilty. I will go to prison, this just cannot be. I released the helium from my body and went upstairs. The court date was for a month from now. I need to escape. Seconds later I was on the phone buying a small yacht with some of the money I made in investments. I had the bank cut them a check and deliver it. I went to the boat yard, signed the papers and rented a slot at the marina I normally rent the boats from. I made an overseas call and opened bank accounts so I don’t lose any money. My parent died a few years ago and left me a large cash inheritance. Every penny was now overseas and protected. My house sold in two weeks, I took that money, bought equipment and chemical supplies. By the 29th day, everything I needed, was on the island, it only took three trips, fully loaded.

After only three months on the island, I started feeling lonely. I had already made dozens of gallons of my compound. It was helpful having rubber trees native to the island. I had fruit trees, planted a vegetable garden, and seafood whenever I wanted. I’ve become a rather apt fisherman and then some.

In my youth I discovered I enjoyed the company of men, more than women. It was a secret I kept hidden, so I would not be ridiculed in my career path, homosexual scientists I found, were not regarded as credible, we were called flakes, so a secret it remained.

I went to Florida, the Fort Lauderdale area. There were some bars that were nice but not my style. I must have been to a dozen bars. It wasn’t until I walked into a leather fetish bar that I met David. He had a medium build, muscular, but not too muscular. He approached me, and said Hi; you’re not from around here, are you? I sipped my drink and said no. He said, I can tell, you’re not dressed for this atmosphere, and too quiet. I turned and looked at him and noticed his big brown eyes, warm and inviting. He smiled when I looked at him and offered to by me another drink. Ok, I was not having any luck, it couldn’t hurt, I would enjoy the company. Although his eyes did steal me, I quickly glanced at his engorged belly. He saw me looking, and said, oh, that. I am into body inflation, he said sheepishly, with a slight embarrassed look in his eyes. I like the full feeling of having my belly full of air. My eyes widened, he thought I was freaking out. I quickly told him, don’t worry. I just got a very welcome surprise. He had a puzzled look on his face. He grabbed our drinks and said lets go to a table outside where we can talk, I followed with excitement in my heart. He started by telling me about his childhood, he grew up in a rough neighborhood in Connecticut. He had discovered early on, that he was different. Men were to his liking, not women. He explained that balloons were his favorite toys, especially large ones. He had always dreamed about being a balloon himself and floating away. “As I listened to him, I became more attracted to him”. He went on to talk about his schooling and eventual graduation of a community college. Growing up he made sure that he always had balloons.

It wasn’t until he was in his first year of high school, that he discovered body inflation, he said. He was in shop class, and there was air tank, that had a hose connected to it. The hose was dragging on the floor, so he grabbed it, noticed that the hook on the tank that holds that hose was dangling and not secure. There was a screw that tightens the clamp and it had loosened up enough that the hook came loose. He saw a screwdriver and grabbed it, but there was no way of holding the hose, the screw and the clamp at the same time. He placed the hose in between his legs; the hose turned facing up, towards his “Butt Hollow” as he put it. He secured the clamp back in place, and when he want to grab the hose his hand slipped and hit the turn valve, a loud rush of air came out, he quickly looked up, turned the valve wrong at first, increasing the air flow, then realizing it he turned the valve closed. He reached for the hose and put it back up, looked down and saw his belly inflated. He freaked, didn’t know what to do, looked around to see if anyone was there, everyone was already gone at this time, he was alone. He unbuckled his pants, the belly jutted out further. Slowly he lifted his shirt and saw his swollen belly, the excitement raced thru him, but how did this happen. The increase in airflow was so much that, it forced its way up, past his rectum and inflated him. It was an exciting feeling he said, touching his belly that was inflated for the first time. But how was he going to explain this to his teachers and classmates? Wait he said, it was the end of the day, it was time to go home, and he always walked home. As he walked home he felt the urge to break wind, and out the air went, until he was back to normal. Now he said the problem is how he was going to inflate again, and whenever he wanted to, shop class was only once a week and he didn’t want to take a chance on getting caught. The only time he could do this and not worry about getting caught was on the weekends and in the woods, behind their home. Everything he tried was slow going, but it got the results. As time went on, he saved his allowance money and bought an electric pump. He would wait till everyone was asleep, pull out the pump, cover it up for noise and inflate.

He did this during his high school years and even into college. He had had a few relationships, but never told any of them of his fetish. In his final year of college, he was in his dorm inflating, when suddenly his roommate came in and spotted him. It was the worst year of my life, he said. Everyone new and everyone called me "Balloon Boy", threatening to inflate me till I burst. I made it thru, in the top twenty, even with the incident.

It’s getting late, or rather early he said, do you have a place to stay? I said no. He mentioned a motel just down the street and said it’s clean. I wanted so much to go with him, to his home, but decided it would not be a good thing. He said it was wonderful talking with me. He has never spoken to anyone about himself and his fetish. I won’t be out tomorrow he said, but I will be next weekend. I tried to hide my disappointment, but he noticed. He grabbed a piece of paper from the bar, and scribbled his phone number. Call me he said. We shook hands and he departed the bar, I followed a few seconds later. How in the world am I going to call him, when there is no phone on the island? I went to the motel, got a room and asked the person behind the desk, if there is anyone that will rent rooms on a weekly, biweekly or monthly rate? Why yes, came the answer, we do. We have businessmen that come thru quite a bit, so we accommodate their needs by providing extended stay methods. Excellent!!! Can I have one for two weeks please? Will that be cash, check or charge, came the reply. Cash I said.

I called David two days later, not wanting to seem desperate, but boy when he told me his story, did I ever become. He said he enjoyed the evening, it was the best he had ever had there. We were talking about the weather and the things to do around town, when he suddenly stopped me in the middle of conversation and said wait, I don’t even know your name. I’m sorry, was my reply, we were having such a wonderful conversation that I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Johannes Dielberg. It is my pleasure to meet you David………….uh. Oops, was the reply over the phone. Black, David Black, it is also my pleasure. Did you get a room at the motel? Yes, I said. They were quite accommodating. I will be here for two weeks.

I am on sort of a hunting trip, and I think I found exactly what I was hunting for. Hunting? You don’t strike me as the hunter type he said. Oh, not ordinary hunting I assure you. Okay! What do you do for a living? Are you down here on Vacation, Work, or, did you just stop here on your way thru to wherever you’re headed? I didn’t know where to begin, I didn’t want to lie about what I am, but I needed to be careful. My work, I began, is Science, Chemistry to be exact. Until a few months ago, I was employed at a large chemical producer. At this time, I am now unemployed. He said……….did you get fired or quit? My position was eliminated, was my reply. This way, I was telling the truth and hiding the actual facts. As far as vacation………I said, you could say, I am on a permanent Vacation. My work is now my own, and the hours I work, are set forth by me! I came here, as I said, on a hunting trip, sort of. Meeting you, was a wonderful coincidence, it made my trip worth it. He was silent at the other end. Suddenly he spoke, meeting me? You’re really not from around here, that gets thrown around here so much. People look at you cross eyed if you dared utter that.

I stumbled for words and said…I am into the same thing you are.........."Body Inflation"!

It’s not something I could speak to anyone about. The other night I was going to some of the local bars and happened to end up there, when you were there. You walked up to me and said hello, when we started talking and you mentioned body inflation, I wanted to pass out. We chatted for a couple of hours, and decided to meet for dinner the next day.

My mind was buzzing with thoughts of inflation that night, that in the middle of the night I woke up and found that I had begun inflating myself to six feet in diameter. Startled at my inflation, I quickly became conscious and slowly deflated. The rest of the night was one of controlling my excitement, and making sure I don’t inflate again, by accident.

I was now morning, 6:00AM to be exact. I showered as usual, and set out for my morning jog, after performing some calisthenics and stretching. As I was jogging, the quiet streets reminded me of what it was to be back in civilization. You wouldn’t think three months is a long time, but when you are alone, and nothing but time on your hands. The streets were suddenly coming to life with traffic and people; I quickly missed the quietness of jogging on the island, with no crowds of people making noise, or cars whizzing by and honking.

I got done jogging, stretched some more and jumped into the shower. Around 9:00AM, I went and had breakfast at a local diner. While there, I glanced around and noticed how crowded it was. This is why I never went to one of these places, I reminded myself. As I was sipping my coffee, all I could think about was David and our Dinner tonight. I don’t remember eating my food, when the waitress came up and asked if there was anything else she could get me before handing me the check. I said no, Thank You, paid my bill and left.

The day couldn’t go by fast enough for me. It was now evening, and only an hour before I had to meet David at the Restaurant he mentioned. I arrived there fifteen minutes early, and stepped inside. It was casual dining, and I was slightly over dressed. David arrived shortly; he was not the same person I met that night at the bar. He walked in, looked around and noticed me at the bar counter staring at him. I picked up the drink I had ordered and motioned if he wanted one; he walked over and said yes, Thank You. We chatted a bit, before the waiter came and got us. David had called ahead and reserved a quiet booth, away from the crowd. After being seated, the waiter handed us the menu, rattled off the specials, and said he would return in a few minutes with some rolls and see if we are ready to place an order. We both opened our menus and glanced over them. I looked up and noticed him staring. Is there something wrong, I asked? Uh………, was his response, as he quickly, glanced back at the menu. We glanced at the menus for a couple more minutes before the waiter returned with the rolls and asked if we were ready to order. We looked at each other, then at the waiter and said, a few more minutes please.

I looked up again, looked at him as he was reading the menu, and asked, what do you do for a living? He looked up, and stared at me for a few seconds before responding. I work for an Accounting firm, I crunch numbers for a living. It’s not the most glamorous job, but it pays pretty well. I studied for it in college. Do you see yourself doing that for the rest of your life? I asked. No, I’m just not sure where I belong, numbers just come easy for me. I haven’t thought about the future because right now, everything seems to be going good for me, and I don’t want to ruin it.

As I mentioned the other night, there is no one in my life right now. I work hard and just not interested in all the games people play, especially after they hear that I like being inflated. How did you discover inflation?, was his next question. I told him of my love for balloons growing up, and that one fateful night, at age ten, with that beautiful giant balloon. He showed great interest in my upbringing, and sordid details of growing up in my family. We had already placed our orders by this time and had started eating. We both kept looking up at each other, while we were eating. It was decided, that we would go Dutch tonight, he had his bill, and I had mine. We both paid our bills and headed out. He asked me to follow him. We both jumped in our cars that we drove there and I followed him. We drove for twenty minutes and ended up at the ocean. He admitted that he loved to walk along the sand after having a good dinner. Our conversation continued, as we walked along the beach. Don’t go out too much do you? He asked. No, I said. The suit gave it away, or was it the thousand and one questions I asked the waiter, before placing my order. Both. I pretty much kept to myself, I had continued. Living alone was the only way that I could be myself and not have anyone intrude on my personal work. See, I kept a private lab in the basement of my home. There I could do my own meaningful experiments and DISOVERIES!

I yelled out discoveries unknowingly.

He turned and looked at me in shock, I blushed and apologized. Working for a chemical manufacturer, you only have so much freedom to experiment. It’s what they need to accomplish the task at hand, and no more. At home, I was free. No boundaries, except for the limitations of my, mind.

Is that why you no longer work for the company, he asked? You needed your freedom to conduct your own experiments more fully. No, that is only one of the reasons.

I quickly turned our conversation back to body inflation. Have you, I began. Have you ever dreamed about, what it would be like to actually inflate like a balloon, a Giant balloon, with no fear of bursting? He looked up at me, winked, and said, I wouldn’t be lying to you if I said, I think about that every time I inflate myself.

He reached over and grabbed my right hand and squeezed it as we continued walking. We were silent for several minutes, as we continued walking. We made our way up to the street, cleaned the sand from our feet, put our socks and shoes back on, and walked back towards the direction of where our vehicles were parked. We walked for a couple of hours. It only seemed like minutes, the time went too fast. He stopped in front of me, and turned around; I stopped immediately, before I ran into him. This was a wonderful evening, the best I ever experienced. I wish you were here for more time, he said, with a sad look on his face. Don’t worry, I said, I will, be coming back more often. Remember, I work for myself. I can come and go as I please. It’s just that I live hundreds of miles away. It takes, I would say.............about twelve hours by boat to get here. By Boat! You live in the Bahamas? A shocked tone in his voice. No, I live on an island, yes, Bahamas Island, no.

Don’t worry about any of that. I promise you, I will be here quite a lot. You’re worth it, without any warning, or thought, I blurted that out. I feared that I just might have ruined what could be, what I was looking for. He looked at me in shock. A big smile grew on his face. Don’t play with me please, he said. I am not interested in games. We had a wonderful evening, and found out we have a lot in common. But, as you said, you live hundreds of miles away, and I live here. Getting to know each other is going to be difficult. I like you, a lot in fact, but we still don’t know each other.

Before he got another word out, I stopped him. Look, I said, I didn’t mean to say that. Though, after meeting you only ten days ago, and talking with you on the phone, and tonight, with dinner and the walk, I feel we can make this work. You’ve confided in me about your fetish, and I’ve confided in you. We do have a lot in common, I agree. I really think, no, FEEL, we can make this work. Please, don’t let the distance perturb you. I am willing to travel all that distance, everyday if you want. Let’s give this a chance, please? He saw the look of honesty on my face and said, don’t beg. I do want to give it a chance, because we do have a lot in common, and yes, I do like you too.

Now, as much as I would like to have this evening continue, it’s time to say goodnight. I need to be up early for work tomorrow. When do you leave? I will be in town until next Saturday, but I won’t be gone long; was my reply. I need to finish some things, back home on the island. When will I see you again? Not this weekend, there are some Auditors in our office this week, and they need to have access to my files. Access is never granted to anyone without me being there. This weekend is when they chose to deal with my files, unfortunately. Call me sometime between now and Wednesday. I said okay, and with that, we shook hands, or rather, held hands, and finally departed.I watched as he pulled out, and then entered my rental and drove off.

It was now Friday, the Sun was shining brightly. I had decided before going to sleep, to check on my boat this morning. The boat was in good order, so I decided to head back to the Motel. Upon arriving, I noticed two Police cars. After entering my room and setting down on the bed, I heard a knock at the door. Who is it? Now, why would someone would be knocking at my door? As I opened the door, I noticed two Officers standing there. Are you, Dr. Johannes Dielberg? Yes? I’m Dr. Dielberg. Is there something wrong Officers? Dr. Johannes Dielberg, we are placing you under arrest, for failure to appear in court.

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Sorry for how long it is, I will load part 3 soon.

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Argh.  Punctuation, darn it.

Argh.  Punctuation, darn it.