Biotech Fantasies, Part 2

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"Computer, authorisation code Theta Hylan X-ray, one,one, three,eight."

"Authorisation confirmed, awaiting input..."

"Begin security run-amuck, code-name 'trust no one'"

"Working, run-amuck in effect, program termination only on voice override for clearence level six and above..."

Kelli relaxed then, her use of Marks paranoia program was a success. She was safely shielded from the security camera's of the facility for the duration of her little experiment. The only persons who could override the program were Mark, herself, and the facilities directors. She turned to regard the empty lab area, wishing Mark were here to help her, but he was at home. She regretted the deception, but she couldn't wait any longer, she had to inflate.

Entering the test chamber she closed the doors securely, pausing to activate the cameras in there. "Might as well film it, there might be some good data available."she mused as she readied herself on the dias. She gave herself the injections and proceeded to wait...

She felt a slight dizziness as the flexi-drugs took effect, and she amused herself by pulling on the skin on her stomach and thighs. "Ohh, I can't wait untill these start filling up, its gonna feel so good!"

The inflation started then, as she felt a stirring deep within her breasts. They started to swell before her eyes and she couldn't resist the urge to start running her hands all over the blossoming flesh. She then felt the same feelings in the area of her stomach and again she was exploring the new delights there. As the inflation continued she began to have difficulty in moving her arms, her breasts had elarged to the point that she couldn't reach her nipples and the inflation was starting to affect her arms. She was content to just watch herself in the mirror on the wall opposite her as she inflated.

"Ohh, ahhh, its wonderful, I can feel myself stretching out all over, I just wish Mark was here to enjoy it with me." She was rapidly getting the rounded appearence of the woman she watched earlier in the day, and she knew that total inflation was only moments away.

Little did Kelli know, but when she used Marks program she set off his watchdog, a little subroutine he had put in just in case she tried something like this. At this time Mark was charging down the corridors to the lab, cursing a blue-streak at his assistant for her foolishness. "What the hell does she think she's doing, with no back-up in case of a problem? She survives this and there will be hell to pay..."

Mark burst into the room just as Kelli was reaching full expansion. She really did look like a ball with extremities. "Okay Kelli, what do you have to say for yourself?" as he keyed the mike into the chamber.

"Just how were you going to deflate, with no one around to administer the injection?"

Kelli gave a weak smile at that. She had forgotten about the need for the deflation injection in her rush to inflate. Mark then smiled a wicked leer at her, and said, "I think you need to be taught a lesson young lady, I think you can remain at that size for awhile, at least until I think your ready to return..."

Kelli felt one supreme rush at Mark's words, and she realised that for all his posturing and bluff, he wasn't mad at her. In fact, he sounded slightly happy that she had done this. With this she realised that she really cared for Mark and would be happy to be his mate instead of his assistant. Mark entered the room and rubbed his hands together,"Now heres where the fun begins. How do I get you out of here and back home at this size?"

Kelli blinked and started to worry, Mark wanted her out of the lab? What exactly did he have in mind? Mark gently rolled her off the dias and out of the chamber."Whee, what a feeling. Remember when, as a kid you would roll down a hill, magnify it ten times and thats what that felt like."Kelli remarked as Mark looked at her strangely.

"Mark, why are you taking me out of the lab?"Kelli asked.

"Ohh, I can think of a better place to punish you my dear" Mark said with a wink.

"Ahh, the volume reduction lab, thats where the answer is" with this cryptic remark he headed off, leaving Kelli rocking in the middle of the lab with no way of righting herself.

Kelli began to worry at this. 'Whats he up to, that lab is where they are working on the shrinking.......' Her thoughts trailed off as the ramifications of what was there hit her. 'No he wouldn't,would he?' Somehow the thought of being shrunk at her present state didn't scare her, as much as it excited her. 'how small will he make me?' She knew the shrink-ray as it was called was portable, and that he had the authority to sign it out of the lab for field tests.

Whistling a jaunty tune, Mark wheeled the vol-reduc field generator into the lab.

"What do you think Kelli, ready for a game of b-ball, you've got the shape for it?"he said with a grin. With that he positioned Kelli in the field generation area and programmed it to reduce her to the size of a basketball. As the field took effect, her excess material was stored in the machine for later re-integration. Within minutes she was small enough for Mark to pick up. Snagging the sports bag he kept under his desk , Mark put Kelli in it and started off pushing the V.R.F-G. towards his waiting vehicle for the ride home.

"This is going to be an interesting weekend, thank god its a long one" he commented to himself with a smile.....

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