How to Be a Better Hostess

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The glass hit the bar with a muffled thunk and a bit of foam slid down the side as Nadia placed the pint of bitter in front of the patron. He didn't even look up at her as she placed it, instead, he just kept his head down as he drew the glass closer to himself. Long greasy locks of hair hung limply down in front of his face, obscuring it from view. He didn't look around much while he drank his beer, choosing to study his rapidly diminishing beverage and listen to the angry thumping music that came from the bar's stage.

Nobody paid him any mind as this bar was frequented by the usual batch of misfits, trench coat wearing nerds, vampire wannabes, and anyone else who never felt the need to visit a club or sports bar. When he was finished with his beer, he looked up for Nadia. She was at the other end of the bar where he could see her black leather skirt, ripped and faded Slipknot shirt, and beat up fishnet stockings. After they made eye contact, she thudded over in her scuffed combat boots. He pulled his wallet out of his trench coat pocket and put a twenty on the bar.

"I'll have another, and have something for yourself," he said with a nervous smile. She took his glass and put a fresh one under the tap. After pulling the handle, the amber liquid pooled into the glass and she pulled out a bottle of tequila. Before the beer glass was full, she had already poured herself a shot and pulled out the beer bottle that she appeared to be nursing all evening. She set the pint glass in front of him, lifted the shot glass with the usual toast of the bar, and tossed it back. Almost immediately, she put the beer bottle to her lips and appeared to take a chaser swig.

As she went to take the 20 from the counter, he looked up at her, taking in her dyed black hair and black lipstick. For a second, the two of them looked at each other before she looked away. "It wasn't very nice of you to spit out that shot. You should learn to be a better hostess." He promptly got up to head to the door, shoving past the other patrons before exiting. His beer left untouched.

She cleared it away and began wiping down the counter. As she fell into her quick, circular motions, she was surprised to feel her chest moving in a similar motion. She immediately stood up. Normally she didn't have to confine her pale white breasts as there wasn't enough there to cause discomfort. Besides, she usually got better tips when she went without a bra. She scanned the patrons and nobody was looking at her, the usual patrons were watching the act on the stage or trying to score with whatever sweet thing wandered in to the bar alone.

She felt suddenly full and turned away from the patrons as she let loose with a little burp. It tasted faintly of the bitter that the greasy trench coater had been drinking. She began arranging the bottles of liqour and was surprised when she went to reach across to move a bottle, her arm bumped up against her boob. Nadia looked down and then snuck a peek down her shirt to confirm what she saw. Her chest was indeed bigger. Not only that, but they felt cold through the fabric of her shirt.

There was another beer belch and she felt a bit of liquid sloshing behind her nipples. Nadia was the only bartender on for another half hour and decided to wait it out. The usual patrons were looking at her, definitely enjoying the view of her breasts straining against the t-shirt fabric. A young woman stopped mid sentence to follow her hopeful companion's gaze. She set her drink on the table and left after she figured out that he was just ogling the bartender.

Nadia's skin was beginning to feel tight and stretched as her breasts neared the size of cantaloupes. Everyone stared as her cold nipples poked out against the fabric and expanded out to be 1/4" in diameter. The guys began ordering more drinks and she tried to busy herself with the incoming orders, but as she was handing the first drink to the patron, she felt another belch welling up.

Nadia abandoned the bar as the seams of the t-shirt began popping and holes began growing under her armpits, revealing pale skin that hadn't seen the sun in years. After locking herself in the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror. That belch burst forth and she felt even more liquid slosh inside of her strained breasts. Her nipples stuck out an inch from her breasts even with the compression from her tight shirt. She touched one and felt cold liquid gush up against the fabric and then begin to spread down. There was a bit of foam that slid down the black cloth as well.

The greaseball's words about being a better hostess came back to her as she realized that beer was gushing out of her nipple. Nadia turned on the faucets and splashed some cold water on her face, trying to come to grips with what was happening. The holes under her armpits widened as her breasts began filling with more liquid. With a final rip, the garment was forever ruined and she stripped it off. Revealing her growing breasts that jutted out and nipples half the length of her pinky, but just as wide around. She cupped her breasts and felt the cold liquid inside before moving up to her nipples.

As soon as she began massaging them, they opened up and began pouring amber streams into the sink. The smell that came up was unmistakable and confirmed it: her breasts were filling with beer. The more liquid that poured out, the bigger her breasts got. When Nadia realized this, she pulled her hands away, stopping the stimulation, but not the twin streams. Instead, the pressure behind her nipples only increased and her skin felt tighter and colder. After a few moments, her breasts began to rest on the porcelin of the sink, which to her surprise felt warm against her cold breasts.

Nadia's shoulders and back began to ache and she moved back towards a stall, her breasts holding gallons of beer and still spraying the aromatic liquid across the floor.


Twenty minutes later, Nadia's coworker showed up and unlocked the bathroom door. Inside, he found beer all over the floor of the bathroom and a ripped slipknot shirt on the sink. As he looked around, he found Nadia sitting on a toilet, two keg sized breasts resting in her lap. She looked up at him, her expression blank before saying "Can I get you a beer?"

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