Most Embarrassing Day of My Life, The

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Hello my name is Jessica, those of you from England may of already heard about me, as the story of the most embarrassing day of my life made the local press!!

It all started as a friends vacation, 3 of us had just graduated from college and decided we all deserved a holiday before we got jobs.

There was Mandy, she was about 5'8" tall, slim, some would say pretty, she has brown hair and big brown eyes so I guess they aren't far wrong. Brad who was trying to get with Mandy, he was your typical college footballer, he didn't need to worry about a job, rich parents saw to that, even the women fell at his feet, although he really only had eyes for Mandy, oh and me, we dated for about 4 months, only when I ended it with Brad did he show any interest in Mandy.

Then there was me, well I'm 28 also, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, all my life I've been an 'it' girl, and that was topped off by being crowned prom queen! I'm a cheerleader obviously! and I hope to go into dancing now I've graduated. I'm 5'6" tall and due to years of training, I have a very athletic build.

"We should go to Paris" says Mandy

"No!!!" Brad and I both shout together

"I'm not playing gooseberry in the most romantic city in the world" I add

"How about Australia?" I ask

"Maybe.." Says Brad

"Nope" adds Mandy sounding like a spoilt brat

"Its too hot!!"

We carried on looking through brochures,

"How about England?" Said Brad

We all agreed on it and started looking at what was about. We eventually settled on a holiday camp, which had individual apartments, and a complex that had bowling, cinemas and a massive swimming pool.

We arrived at the camp and found our villa, that night the 3 of us went to check out the on site night club, as we went through the amusements there was a rude English family, you know the sort 6 kids running around out of control, loud and didn't look like they had seen a bath in weeks!

"Great! We pick the same week as that lot!" I said giving them a look of disgust.

I think the mother must of seen it as she turned her nose up at me, and muttered what looked like, 'blonde bimbo' at me!

"Relax" said Mandy

"We are here to enjoy ourselves, ignore them" she said trying to avoid an argument

Thankfully a lovely looking man came over and asked the family to calm down, he was gorgeous, dark hair designer stubble and you could see he takes care of himself. I tried to follow him and get him to buy me a drink but he just vanished.

We went of to the nightclub and had one hell of a night, loads of alcohol and plenty of dancing, I got a lot of attention from the men in the room, probably as I was wearing one of the skimpiest outfits I own, the stretch Fabric hung to my curves beautifully. But the one guy I was hoping to see was not there, before we knew it, it was 3am and time to head back to the villa.

The next morning I woke up and felt fine so decided to go swimming, I asked the other 2 who were very Hung over, they said they may join me later on, I packed my swimming costume and a towel and headed to the pools.

I got to the changing rooms and slid myself into the suit I looked at myself in the mirror, I had to admit I enjoyed wearing swimwear, something about tight lycra gave me a thrill, today I had gone for a one piece, that was bright red, very similar to the ones on baywatch. As I walked through to the pool I could see a massive slide to my left, it had a vertical drop at the start and then it ran around the whole room about 15 feet in the air, it used blow up rafts to carry the people around and ended up in the main pool.

Unfortunately the queue was nearly as long as the ride so I opted to give it a while before going on that! I found a hot tub and jumped into it, I must of laid there for hours, until I realised it was getting very busy in the pool, ergh dam I'll never get on that rise now I thought, but if I don't go now I'll be waiting til midnight.

I joined the the back of the line and to my horror there were those brats from last night!! All 6 of them and of course, they were acting up! The dad was there too and I could feel his eyes leering at my behind!

After what felt like days I was near the front of the queue I could see where we boarded the rafts, then I smiled as I saw the man from last night, he must of been a lifeguard and was helping people onto the rafts,

" I look forward to him man handling me" I whispered to myself.

I could also see that the rafts were being pulled up by a winch, then there was an air compressor which the lifeguard was using to make the rafts the desired pressure.

The brats started to get impatient and were pushing and shoving trying to get to the front,

"Do you mind!!" I huffed

Finally I was at the front and was getting the lifeguard to help me as much as I could when:

"Our turn!!!" Shouts one of the kids

All 6 of the brats pushed passed the lifeguard and I, knocking us both over which in turn brought all of the kids down on top of us, as I fell to the floor I felt a sharp pain in my mid section.

I battled to get everyone off of me, it actually felt like the space I was trapped in was getting smaller! Then one of the children confirmed why!

"She's inflating!!!"

Everyone jumped off me and took a step back, even the gorgeous lifeguard! I looked down and could see I was impaled on the nozzle of the compressor! I could feel the air rushing into me and tried to pull myself off but it was all happening so fast and I couldn't find anything to hold onto! I lowered my head to try and see the nozzle but my view was quickly being filled with cleavage, I never had massive boobs so the improvement wasn't so bad! However my breasts continued to inflate, soon they were the size of basket balls, and testing the lycra of my swimsuit!

Everyone was just staring at me silent, I was so embarrassed and could feel myself blushing, soon I felt my belly start to expand, I was laying on my front over the compressor so I couldn't really see it, I knew however that it was getting big as I was starting to be lifted of the floor, I went from a trim firm stomach to that which resembled a woman who's 9 months pregnant! And It had only been around 10 seconds!!

Finally someone done something, the dad of the brats who put me in this situation pulled on my shoulder, I was so round and of balance that I rolled off my front onto my back! For the first time I could see what I looked like, well I could see 2 massive globes in front of me that stood about 10 inches from my chest, and above them stood the summit of my belly!

The compressor continued to pump me up, the lifeguard finally acted! He was trying to pull the nozzle from my belly but it was no use! I could now feel my backside start to inflate, I was also trying to pull myself free, until my arms grew stiff, I could feel my legs doing the same and I started to be forced into a star shape!

"Omg I can't believe this is happening" was all I could say and think

My arms and legs quickly turned into cones and then disappeared into my body, I was now just a globe with a head and 2 massive breasts I was amazed the swimsuit had held on, the pressure was getting intense and now even my cheeks puffed up, making me speechless. As I thrashed around trying to prevent myself exploding I saw my mates! Brad looked horrified but Mandy looked like she was actually enjoying this!

The torrent of air stopped! Another lifeguard saw what was happening and turned the power off, once the pressure of all that air had gone, the nozzle came out of my skin easily, a small puff followed it but that then stopped, I laid there! A massive ball in silence, I felt so humiliated I wanted the ground to swallow me up!!

The silence was broken by the eldest brat:

"We should ride her down the flume!!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! As if it wasn't embarrassing enough to be turned into a human balloon! Now they wanted to use me as a raft!!

Before I knew it! I was thrown into the water and 3 kids jumped on me! They kicked off and hung on as I floated around the flume, flapping my hands and feet trying to stop!

I then spent the rest of the day as these kids pool toy! And once I knew I wasn't going to burst I actually started enjoying going around the slides!

It took about 3 days for me to deflate, I won't explain how the air came out, the whole ordeal was embarrassing enough. But then about 2 weeks later when I was back in America I got a phone call asking for an interview from the raft girl!! Turned out I was now famous for what happened! Not exactly the attention I wanted, but it'll do!

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Decent sstory, but definetly

Decent sstory, but definetly work on your spelling.

That-oneweirdguy24's picture

^Agreed. But next time you tell someone to spell check, make sure you spellcheck yourself.

Buttocks and Bellies and Breasts, oh my!

Thank you, I welcome all

Thank you, I welcome all feedback


This story was so awesome, I feel like sticking a hose to an air compressor in my be,lly right now!



This story was so awesome, I feel like sticking a hose to an air compressor in my be,lly right now!