Balloon Prisoner, The: Part 2

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There I was, still this big inflated balloon with a smiley face printed on it, that couldn't be further from the truth, behind the broad smile, I was screaming for my niece to press the button.
 I had been a prisoner in this balloon for years, ever since I had pressed it and freed my ex boyfriend Paul. I needed to get my revenge and I'd had long enough to think it all through.
Jessica was from what I had worked out my niece, my brother had brought her here several times over the years whilst visiting our parents, she has even snuck into my bedroom a few times and played with me, in her younger years. She must be about 18 by now and she's beautiful, long curly brown hair, big blue eyes, round cheek bones and wonderful lips, she is about 5'10" tall and a nice slim build. Finally she says to her friends:
"Screw it what's the worst that can happen, this wake is boring anyway!"
She pushed the button, I feel a surge in me and I expand another few inches in all directions, then everything goes bright I hear a defining bang!! 
I come round and notice I'm back to how I used to be!
"My arms! I have arms again.. And legs!" I say out loud.
I look up and see the girls who just freed me, they all have a look of shock on their faces.
"What the...who are you?" Asks Jessica 
I tell her how I'm her auntie Kate, keeping in mind that I only have 5 minutes or so to touch her and turn her into the balloon, otherwise I'll be turned back myself. 
I explain that I was turned into the balloon by a very bad man and I have to find him so I can get my revenge on him, I'm careful not to give away too much information though. 
"Jessica" I say over friendly
"Yes?" She replies very cautiously
"Will you help me?" I ask, trying to keep her onside
"How can I do that?" She says 
"Just come here and give us a cuddle first" I respond.
By this point all of Jessica's friend had made excuses to leave, she leant in and I hugged her, making sure to make skin contact, there was the spark, she felt it too as she made a slight 'ouch'
"Ok Jessica I want you to trust me! I've just passed the curse onto you and your about to be turned into the balloon!"
"WHAT?" She screams. 
"Don't panic Jess we don't have much time, now listen, I promise as soon as I can get you back I will" I told her.
The panic was visible on her face as I sore the curse start to take effect, her delicious lips started to purse, and they soon resembled a balloons mouthpiece, then her arms and fingers fused together and melted into her body, along with her legs, she then shrank until she looked like an empty balloon. I picked her up and put her lips to mine, and blew soon she was fully inflated and had the same expression I had only a few minutes ago! I grab her and had one hand either side of her face and held it close to mine, I looked her straight into her eyes and said:
"I know your probably panicking in there, but don't worry I know what you are going through, and as soon as I track Paul down you will be free, I promise to take care of you until then"
I tied a piece of string to Jess and took her to an abandoned warehouse, which I would now have to call home for a while.
After a couple of days searching I finally found where Paul was, I went to the address I was given and found him, he was just a slob now, an  unemployed waster, 'you really went to live you life' I thought to myself. 
Now I had found Paul I was ready to put my plan into motion, but he wasn't going anywhere so I thought I'd enjoy a bit of time to myself again, I went to the movies to see what was new, I walked around my hometown for days, I couldn't believe how much had changed!
Before I knew it a few months had passed, and I thought I should really finish what Paul started all those years ago. I went back to the warehouse where I had left Jessica.
"Good news Jess I've found Paul and you'll soon be free!" I told her.
My plan was a fairly simple one, I would lure Paul to this old warehouse, with the promise of cash, that's the easy bit but how would I get him to push the button? He'll never do it out of choice, I had an idea an searched the warehouse for a small office, once I had found a suitable room, I fixed the door with what looked like an electronic lock, but was actually the cube with 'the button'  I'll get him in here, then show myself, he'll run but the door will shut, hopefully he'll think the button opens the door, press it and boom job done!! 
To add a bit more humiliation to it I decided to invest in a bottle of helium, that way he'll really take off! 
Everything was set, I hid Jessica in a cupboard in the small office, I sent Paul a letter which looked official saying he had won a cash prize and to collect it come to this address, in 2 days time.
'Ah well done me' I thought to myself, now for a bit more pampering before the big day, I went out and got a spray tan and my nails done, I was loving being human again.
The day was here, time for me to get my revenge on Paul, I put a few flyers up around the warehouse directing Paul to the office, I hid behind the door, to my amazement Paul actually turned up! As soon as he was through the door I slammed it shut and ran in front of him to see his face.
"Kate?" Said Paul his voice full of surprise.
"Yep" I said.
"I bet your surprised to see me" I said.
"Yes actually" Paul said rubbing his head.
"And I've come to get you back" I said trying to sound powerful.
I had made a fake version of the cube with the button and told him I would make him press it, I ran up to him.
"No way!! He shouted "I'm not going back!"
It was working perfectly, Paul was panicking and running for the door, he tried to open it but obviously it was locked, he found the 'unlock' button and started beating on it! 
"What's happening why won't this open!!!" He said frantically trying to escape.
There was a bang from the cupboard, Paul froze, he slowly turned around and said:
"What was that?"
I laughed and told Jessica to come out.
"This is Jessica" I said and carried on with: 
"She was the one who freed me so I could come for you!"
Paul was stood by the door still trying to get out, I was in front of him on the other side of the room, and Jess was beside me having just come out of the cupboard.
"You can't escape Paul, I've set all this up and only I have the key, once your a balloon again then I'll open it" I was enjoying taunting Paul.
I directed Jessica to go forward and touch Paul, she started by saying:
"You can go around turning people into balloons"
I thought this is brilliant! she has such a cold look on her face and was full of rage, I didn't ask for a speech but this was brilliant for building the mood she continued:
"People aren't balloons and you can't just turn them into one"
"Too right" I said! I was loving the build up Paul looked nervous.
"Now time to get our revenge on you, KATE!!"
"Wha....."  Was all I could manage as she spun around and grabbed my arm, there was the spark! 
"What the fuck Jess?" 
"What have you done?" 
I have so much flying around my head, is this even possible I didn't even push the button!! But I could feel it, and I could already smell the balloon latex, my lips starting to purse.
Paul started laughing
"You see Kate, you think you were being smart in tracking me down, once people told me a girl matching your description was asking about me I quickly put 2 and 2 together and started to follow you".
I could hear Paul talking but was finding it hard to concentrate, my fingers were fusing with my hands and my arms had all but melted into my body, this isn't happening I thought, I couldn't believe it. 
I could no longer talk as once again my mouth resembled a balloons mouthpiece, I could feel myself shrinking again and becoming powerless to it all, soon I was the limp small balloon I had been turned into all those years ago.
Paul walked over and picked me up, he put me to his lips and was about to blow when.
"Hold on babe" says Jessica 
She goes to the cupboard and wheels out the helium, they both stretch my mouth over the nozzle. All I can think of is how is this all possible? Then they twist the valve, a surge of cold gas forces it's way into me, I expand in every direction, blowing up faster and faster, for a second I actually look human again, probably for the last time, but I quickly pass through that, my inflation is much faster this time, and I can feel what was my arms and legs being forced full of helium, I soon round out, totally immobile and that stupid face is printed on me again.
Paul ties a ribbon around my lips which stops me flying away!! Then he pulls me in close and looks at me.
"Whilst it may of appeared that I was wasting my life, it turns out I was doing something a lot more productive with my time, you see I looked into the curse and it turns out its not the person who presses the button, it's just the one who gets touched first, as for everything else let me explain, once I found out where you were staying I knew you would have someone trapped in the balloon" 
He stopped and faced Jess
"Can you give us a second please babe"
He watched her walk away.
"She's lovely, I picked a winner there, anyway where was I! Ah yes once I found the balloon I talked to it and told her how I would take care of her if she helped me!"
He bent down under one of the tables.
"You see Kate I've been here many times before whilst you've been neglecting your niece I've been keeping her company"
He stood up with a gun in his hand and spoke again! 
"You see, I may of told Jess that I was a millionaire and I would look after her, truth is I'm going to kill her! It's a shame really but I can't have anyone knowing about you. I'll send her in to talk to you!"
I couldn't believe how he had managed to escape this, and I feared for Jessica's life she came in:
"Hey Kate, sorry to do this to you but you should never of done it to me, had you of asked properly I may have let you turn me into a balloon to catch Paul, but me and Paul are  friends now! We have a future together"
I was screaming for her to run but it was too late, Paul walked up behind her a shot her dead.
I would of shed a tear if I could.
"Now for you!" He said looking at the balloon I was again.
"You see I've done a lot of research into this, I have found that the curse is permanent if the button is never pressed, so I'm going to make sure of that!"
Paul spent the next few hours digging a hole by the old warehouse, then he put the button in a box and buried it, he filled the hole in and put concrete over the top.
"There now your a balloon prisoner forever!"
Paul put me in a dark room in what I imagine was his house, and I began my very long life as a balloon, I may still be a balloon today... 
Author's Note: 

This is the second part to this story, I would recommend reading the balloon prisoner first, so it all makes sense. Hope you enjoy, all feedback welcome

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Awesome sequel

I loved it, it was so cool that she still stayed a balloon! Love a part3 some day! ...maybe you could make it a POV story, like the reader turns into a balloon at the end! ;)