Jenny Inflates

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Hi. I'm Jenny. I have had many wonderful times in my life, but the one that has stayed with me the longest was the time when I blew myself up like a balloon. I'd like to share that time with you now.

It was a Friday afternoon , and I, having returned from school only less than an hour ago, was completely bored ALREADY. I had done all of my revision for my A Levels, messaged my friends on Facebook, and was now just lying on my bed, entertaining myself with my thoughts. But as I lay on my back with my eyes closed, one thought kept jumping across my cerebral cortex, and it was such a good thought that I made myself focus on it. It was a memory of my friend, Hannah, and the day that she demonstrated to me that she could expand and inflate herself like a balloon. I was absolutely amazed at how she could just take a deep breath and grow into a great ball. Ever since then I had been thinking to myself all the time: What if that was ME? What if I, beautiful little Jenny, whom Hannah was a good half a foot taller than, could blow myself up?

I giggled at the thought of that even happening to me, for I was just a petite girl just over 5ft tall. I took in a deep breath and sighed, thinking about how to entertain myself. But as I exhaled, I felt that, for some reason, my chest didn't recede completely. " I must be imagining things" I thought, but as I looked down at myself, I noticed that my dress definitely appeared slightly less loose around me. Confused, I inhaled again and, as I breathed out, my dress definitely seemed to smooth out abut more. Am I dreaming?, I thought to myself.

Looking up at the ceiling, I took a very deep breath in. As I breathed in, I felt my chest grow bigger and bigger, as it always did whenever I breathed in. As my lungs reached fullness, I glanced around at my room, and, as I started to breathe out, I glanced down at the balloon under my dress. "Wait a minute!" I said, shocked.

Balloon under my dress?

I gasped. That bulge wasn't a balloon, it was my BELLY, pumping up and swelling out against my dress and making me look fully pregnant. My lungs emptied almost immediately as I screamed slightly in shock. I was scared. Ok Jenny, ok,I said to myself as I tried to calm down. You thought about your friend Hannah inflating, and then you took a deep breath, and all of a sudden, you find that somehow, your stomach is bigger. But, as I was calming down, I felt a bit excited at the same time. Was it that I had the same ability as Hannah, and I had never known about it? I now felt sure of it as a big smile spread across my pretty face. Perhaps I could inflate myself after all!

Still curious, I looked down at my belly, which now looked like I had swallowed a bowling ball, and inhaled. I stopped after a few seconds, and held my breath, waiting for something to happen. And then, to my utter surprise, my belly shot up under my dress, swelling to the size of a beach ball. At the same time, my BREASTS started inflating as well, pushing up against the fabric of my dress, and soon I had a couple of grapefruit sized humps jutting from my chest. I smiled as I exhaled, and got up to look at myself. My body now appeared very fat, with large, perky breasts and a great big bulging belly. I laughed at myself,which made my whole body jiggle. I laughed even harder as I saw myself shaking like a human jelly. And yet, as I laughed at my fat appearance, I wanted to get even BIGGER. And I did.

As I calmed my self down, I straightened down my dress, ready for another shot. I then took a huge breath in and, with unexpected ease, swelled my now chubby body into a giant orb. I gasped at this one. I was a ball now, easily as big as Hannah already. I brewed with confidence , as I felt I could grow even larger. I had discovered that I could in fact inflate myself, but I didn't yet know how BIG I could inflate. I was going to find out. I took another deep breath and surged bigger, puffing up into a huge ball, easily as big as a pool toy. I inhaled again and shot up again, this time a whole foot taller. My breasts were now gigantic globes jutting out from my chest, each one easily as big as a beach ball. My belly was absolutely huge, as big as an exercise ball. As I took another breath, my belly surged out to the size of easily the biggest pool toy I had seen, and my breasts swelled out against my dress to the previous size of my belly.

As happy as I was to be blowing myself up like a balloon, I was also starting to feel rather tired as well. It must have been all that breathing in and out I had been doing for the past 2 minutes. As my growth slowed, I decided that I was going to reach my maximum size as quick as possible, to fully fufill my dream of being a balloon, like Hannah. I closed my eyes, concentrated, and then engorged my lungs with the biggest, longest, deepest breath I could manage. I then held my breath, puffed out my cheeks and...


I swelled out at an incredible speed, expanding and swelling bigger than I had ever imagined. After about a minute, my growth stopped. I opened my eyes. And gasped. I now decided that I loved this dress. It was very pretty (peach with white spots), as well as being able to contain a girl who was now the size of a weather balloon, packed between the floor and ceiling of my room!

So that was the day that I inflated for the very first time. I can inflate more smoothly than that now, as I trained myself to do it. So thank you for reading this, and I hope to see you all soon.

With love,


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