One Size Fits All

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Out of everything on the tag, four words - four very specific words - stood out at her. Had she not seen them she would have gone on with her early morning dive as normal, but their presence caught her attention, distracting her and, in a way, almost challenging her with how brazen they were.

She turned the wetsuit around in her hands, inspecting the grey, green and black material with a dubious air before looking at the tag again and putting it in her pocket. After one quick look to ensure the beach was empty, she shed her clothing, leaving it in a neat pile by her diving equipment before pulling the wetsuit on.

True to the claim it fit snugly, covering everything but her head, hands and feet. Not that this came as a surprise to the young woman, of course, as she was rather slender and not too endowed. They must have accounted for several possibilities, she thought, but certainly not all of them.

Without a second's hesitation she took a deep breath, raised her thumb to her mouth, and blew.

Her stomach immediately swelled out into an impressive curve as her breasts rose, forming generous handfuls on her chest. She inhaled and blew again; her breasts and stomach doubled in size, jiggling gently beneath the wetsuit. The third blow caused her sides to fill out, creating a gentle curve that stretched around her back and from beneath her armpits to her hips, and the fourth rounded her out, making her body look like a beach ball with two balloons the size of her head placed atop it for company.

She paused to adjust the fabric of the wetsuit, turning to and fro and looking herself over as best she could. It seemed adequate. Expected. Ordinary.

Where the previous ones made her plumper, the next blow into her thumb made her rounder, thickening her legs and causing her upper body to swell out in all directions. Each puff of air forced her legs apart as they grew more and more conical, her bare feet shifting in the sand as she widened, slowly pulling her legs into her. Up top her breasts had grown far beyond any normal size and continued to grow, blocking her view of anything in front of her.

With one last puff she felt her feet leave the ground, and paused to take stock of her situation. Her body was as much around as she was tall formerly, the spherical shape only ruined by her feet and her breasts, the latter two feet wide each and remarkably buoyant for their size. Despite her swollen condition her head, arms and shoulders were still perfectly normal. Most disappointingly, the wetsuit was still performing as the manufacturers likely would have claimed it to be performing.

Sucking in another breath she continued to blow into her thumb, gaining a few more inches each time. Beneath her, her feet were slowly pulled into her sides; in front of her, her breasts grew larger and flatter, stretching out into flat domes across her belly. By the time she could see past them she was over ten feet high, nearly double the height she was when she stopped last.

The bigger she swelled, the larger the breaths; the larger the breaths, the faster she swelled. It was a vicious cycle, each turn punctuated by deep, hollow hisses as the air swirled inside her, stretching her body and the wetsuit. She crested fifteen feet, then sixteen, then seventeen, gradually growing larger faster. Out of the corner of her eye she watched as her line of sight rose above the palms before they disappeared over the horizon of her body; she briefly mourned the loss of her frame of reference before forcing another breath into herself.

Within minutes she was the size of a hot air balloon, gaining a foot or two with every puff. Suddenly the material of the wetsuit shifted, rubbing against her sex and sending a tingling running through her body. She gasped, breathing in and growing larger, causing the wetsuit to rub against her further. Her skin vibrated with pleasure as her toes curled and her mind grew numb, her panting sending her into a fit of uncontrolled, orgasm-fueled growth, throbbing outward as she gained yards in seconds.

As she drew in breath as her climax ended, her body let out a loud pneumatic groan, cheeks and lips puffing up and cutting her inhalation short. She glanced around, seeing nothing but sky and clouds across her horizon, and it wasn't until then that she realized just how positively enormous she truly was. But not enormous enough, it would appear.

She bent her arm, now bloated with air, and plunged it into her mouth. Drawing breath through her nose, she blew into her thumb, her body letting out a series of creaks and squeaks as she forced more air into it. She squeezed her eyes shut and blew again, the creaking growing louder, echoing through her.

There was a faint "pop-pop-pop" and she opened her eyes to see the stitching of the wetsuit in front of her give out, revealing a thin, tanned stretch of skin.

As the creaks reached a fever pitch, she smiled smugly, forcing her words out. "'One size fits all' my-"

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