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The doors to the huge room shut.

Forcefully, two men held a young and hopeless girl by the arms. The girl's name was Laila, and she was taken from her home many years ago and since then had been sitting in a dungeon with several other girls. Every day, one girl was taken. They never returned. And if the girls listened closely, in the dungeon sometimes they could hear screams and shouts. But then it grew silent. Every day, the girls feared the next day. Most were, after all, only just over 16 years old. Today, Laila had been dragged out of the dungeons. She refused to cry and showed her bravery as the men dragged her to the center of the room. Through the shadows, she saw a man.

The man sat on a throne of steel, staring at Laila as if considering what he should do with her. Quickly, he flicked his hands to the men, and they ran off. Laila wondered about the man. He was rich, with a clean suit on, and his gold watch. His eyes pierced into her's like a snake. In an instant, the two men returned, with shorts and a tight t-shirt. "Get those clothes on." He ordered to Laila. Meanwhile, the men disappeared again. A minute later they returned with a sturdy hose and they pushed a huge tank on wheels. The tank was tanned and Laila couldn't see through the glass. She quickly slipped on the t-shirt and shorts, not caring about the men watching her. She had to do as they said, or she'd die an ugly death. The men suddenly held Laila by her arms again, and painfully shoved the hose up her shorts. Laila yelped, then grew silent. She then realised that the hose was attached to the huge tank, and she groaned. The man in the throne then sat up. He grinned, then stood up in a nervous matter.

"You will be inflated, young girl. If you do not burst after the tank is empty, you will live to be my entertainer. Only one in every two million girls can survive being loaded with this much liquid, as you can see the tank is filled with 15,000 gallons of water. Begin." He said while smiling wickedly. The two men flicked on a switch on the tank, and suddenly Laila felt a bit more full. She slowly felt the already tight t-shirt grow a bit tighter, and she groaned. Laila moved around a bit uncomfortably. She began to hear a low growl, her stomach. She clutched her stomach while the t-shirt popped up a bit. Laila moaned and then suddenly noticed the man doing something. He motioned his hand to the two men, who then flicked the switch to the tank again. Now, Laila felt water gushing into her stomach. Her shirt creaked, and she held her stomach. This was an unpleasant felling, worse than if you had just eaten too much. She felt overly full, like she had just eaten three roast chickens. Laila moaned as more water rushed in. She suddenly wobbled around as she felt more water rush into her full stomach. The switch had just been turend up a notch.

Laila felt her stomach suddenly groan. She realised it had not inflated since it popped out a bit. It was under pressure. And under pressure, the water would stay put until completely nessecary evacuation. Her stomach suddenly growled furiously, and slowly grew outwards at a steady pace. She wobbled around, and her butt began to fill out, too. The continuous moaning of the water filled the air, and Laila could feel air bubbles jumping through her expanding belly. She turned to the tank, water sloshing painfully through her stomach and butt. "Please, this hurts..." She moaned to the man in the throne. He sighed and flicked his hand to the men. Suddenly, water began pouring through the tube, and her thighs instantly filled out. Her hips expanded and bounced, while Laila's arms were sucked into the jiggling sphere of her body. Bubbles raced. Laila screamed as she felt that she could retain no more. The girl was gigantic, and she could not control it. The water poured into every place it could. Soon Laila's arms began to plumpen, and at that time she realised the shorts were still on, along with the shirt. They ceaked and moaned, under pressure. Laila stopped growing abruptly and then with a shake, the shorts flew off along with the shirt. Now, Laila grew more freely with only her underwear and bra on. Then she felt more water flow into her huge body. She groaned, at the thought of more water entering her huge body.

Loudly, Laila screamed at the top of her lungs. That was her last scream, for her cheeks began to swell with water. Strangely, she could not spit the water out, for the water was growing in the skin layers of her cheeks. Laila was now terrifyingly huge, and the man was staring at her with round eyes. The huge tank was nearly empty. No other girl he had ever seen had made it this far. He noticed how in some places of her body, little "lumps" formed on her skin. This was water reaching the last layer of her skin, and creating huge bumps. The man had no clue what pain Laila was in, when a little dinging light went off. Laila had survived.

Laila had no clue what was happening. By now, she was unconscious. This girl was the size of a swimming pool, and the man was overjoyed. He quickly raced over to the tank himself, and pushed the lever down several notches. Now, the water began to pour into the tank. Laila was being emptied. The man grinned and waited several minutes, before the girl lay on the floor. Red stretch marks covered her. This was her. She was elasticy, her skin strong and stretchy. But the girl was unconscious, and the man took her. Time for her to head back to the dungeon.

Laila was dreaming painful nightmares. She imagined herself exploding, erupting, but then suddenly stars interrupted her vision. She blinked open her eyes to see herself in her own dungeon, with a girl her age by her side. She wassweet looking, with creamy blond hair and electric blue eyes. "You survived too. I thought I'd be the only one..." She whispered. The girl sighed. "It's not over. He willtest you as much as he can. Next 16,000 gallons, then 17,00, followed by 18,000, all the way to 25. You can't be sure you'll live, but trust me. This isn't for his entertainment. This... Is testing." The girl whispered, eyes dartig around. Laila suddenly felt fully awake. In her time, testing meant something bad. Something deadly. Testing meant being tested to see if humans can survive the incredible. And if you were tested, you had no chance of ever returning to a normal life. Ever.


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I was just bored one night so I created this. Hope you enjoy!

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