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"Everybody has a student like Rory Matheson in their class. He was the quiet loner. The mean little nerd that the other nerds couldn't even stand! That was Rory. Nobody, not a single person, took the kid seriously! It was quite sad really, thinking back to it. But then one day, it was like he snapped or something, he started acting really weird! It was about a month or two ago. It was time for the Homecoming game & it coincided with a game against our rivals at Valley High. Everyone was organizing dates with their sweeties & such for the dance. Everybody was laughing at him. It seemed like Rory had actually grown some balls! Enough to ask some of the girls out. As a matter of fact, he asked every girl! But it just so happened that every girl turned him down. I mean I might've gone out with him, you know, as a sympathy date or something, but I mean I was already going with Rob! Anyway, it was a Friday, the Friday of the big game & everybody in school was at the pep rally.

"Are we going to kick some Valley ass?" Rob shouted. He looked so good up there, rallying the student body. I was sitting with the rest of the cheerleaders up on stage, along with almost every other sports team the school possessed!

"Yes!" they all shouted back, one of the first time in years when everybody seemed to have school spirit. Suddenly the double doors at the end of the gym slammed open. It was Rory, carrying a duffel bag. He walked in quietly, but everyone was staring at the interruption he was creating. It looked like he was making his way towards the stage. He stepped up & everyone cringed. 'What did he want?' we thought. He walked over to the microphone, pushing Rob out the way.

"What the hell's with you, nerd?" Rob asked like a jerk. Rory just approached the mic & opened up his duffel bag.

"Well… I have something to say… to all of you!" said an assertive Rory. "In recent weeks, I gained the courage to ask out several girls in this school. After all was said & done, I've ended up with no one!" he said, pounding the podium with his fist. "So I have something to say! All of you girls… You're ugly! You're frail wenches!" Everyone started booing him. "So I, Rory Matheson, will save you from what people tell you is beauty, & show you just what true beauty really is!" With that, Rory pulled an old looking raygun out of his duffelbag. "Who's first?" he asked with an evil chuckle. After a brief hesitant pause, everyone laughed at this, not thinking that his toy gun could actually do something. "This is something I whipped up out of some stray parts. I'm going to use it to make every girl in this school… a… a work of art!" He spun around & aimed it at Melanie Gates, the girl sitting directly to my right. He opened fire & a blue beam shot across the stage, knocking Melanie out of her seat. Now Melanie was not by any means the snobby, stereotypical cheerleader. She probably would've gone out with Rory if she wasn't going out with Dylan first! She was kind, considerate & nice. Yet she was the first to taste the geek's wrath. The audience, seeing that at the very least, Rory's raygun packed a wallop, started to run for the exits. I ran to help Melanie. I asked if she was alright as more cheerleaders ran to help too.

"I… I… I feel… strange." Was the only thing she could say. She grabbed her stomach. I thought it was weird because she was clearly shot in the shoulder. I asked her what hurt. "I… I just feel… weird." She responded with an unusual, mousy voice. Rory laughed from his spot at the podium, that was until he realized that everyone but me & a few of the other cheerleaders had ran away.

 "What…? No!" he screamed angrily, making us all look at him, taking our attention off Melanie. "You're all supposed to stay & see this!" That's when he realized he still had us. "Back away from her!" he said with a bit of a smile while aiming his gun at us. I looked down at Melanie to see if she would be okay, but something was weird! Melanie was inflating! I mean she was blowing up like a balloon! We all gasped. Some backed away. Her face was tense as she tried to rip her clothes off her body as they got tighter on her. In seconds she had a belly the size of a pregnant woman at term! "Get away from her! Now!" shouted Rory, aiming his gun right at me. I put my hands up & backed away slowly, my eyes stuck on poor Melanie's ever-growing belly! A few of the others began to cry while others gave a frightened commentary. 'She's blowing up!' 'Get away from her! She might blow!' Stuff I'm sure helped Melanie feel a lot better. With a powerful surge, her cheerleading sweater ripped open at the seams, as did her pleaded skirt shortly after. They fell to tatters on the floor as she groaned uncontrollably. In nothing but a bra & extremely tight panties, Melanie squealed in terror as her belly's growth spread to other parts of her body. Her limbs had become giant, bulbous cones pointing towards gently puffy digits. Her belly was consuming her entire body. All poor Melanie could do was grow rounder & rounder until she was almost a complete orb! Little puffy fingers & toes jutted off swollen hands & feet. The poor girl was a walking… okay well I guess not walking… but a living, breathing balloon. She sat there, only able to move her eyes in a worried fashion, first to us, then back to Rory. Rory only laughed. "Now you see! That's beautiful! There's something about a inflated girl that just drives me crazy!" There was nervous chatter from everyone, but one assertive voice cut thru it like a ginsu.

"You sick little fuck!" shouted Liz Browning. None of us liked Liz. She was way snobby! Liz's father was a lawyer, a fairly successful lawyer at that too, so they had a lot of money. She had this thing we called the Liz Cycle! It was weird. Though part of the cheerleading squad, she had the most atrocious eating habits! And it wasn't like her metabolism made up for it either. So she'd start at about 118. Then over the course of the next weeks, she'd stuff herself silly! Then she'll show up to practice & say something like "You girls go ahead, I'm a bit out of shape!" while cramming a cheeseburger down her throat. Eventually, she'd find herself at about 225-250 & her father would schedule her for some liposuction. Three days later, she'd show up at school again, show up for practice, get at least some of the cheers down, but then be too large for her uniform by game time, starting the Liz Cycle all over again! Anyway, we just don't like Liz. From what I heard, Rory didn't either. He asked her out during one of her fat times on the Liz Cycle but Liz put him down in front of the whole squad as if he were a complete blubbering idiot. Most of the suck-ups laughed along, but we all thought it was really mean. I mean if anyone was blubbering it was that fat cow Liz. Anyway, enough with the petty bickering. She was the meanest to him.

"Well Miss Browning!" he laughed, turning & pointing his raygun at her. "You've got this coming more than the rest of them. I've got a treat for you though!" Another thing you might want to know about Liz. She has this sick fetish! She has to smell good, well at least in her own mind. She bathes in perfumes & body fragrances. I mean a few would be alright, but she mixes them all together. It's overpowering, like tears-to-your-eyes overpowering! Well that's what Rory wanted to exploit with his bitter sense of irony. He pulled the trigger as Liz let out a loud shriek. We watched as she fell to the geek's feet, & rolled onto her back.

Meanwhile, I checked on Melanie. I asked if she could still talk & if she was okay. She let out a soft murmur I could just hardly hear above everything else.

"Goin'… to pop!" she moaned to herself. I assured her that she wouldn't, that I'd make sure of it. "Tha… Than… Thanks…" She moaned. "Don't mention it," I smiled. I sat beside her & tried to comfort her the best I could, half afraid myself that she was going to blow! I turned my attention back over to Liz as the nerd walked to her side.

"What… smells?" strained Liz. Rory only laughed as he could see her start to look a little puffy.

"Why that's you." He chuckled, turning to the rest of us. "You see, this ray can make a female inflate with over 50 different substances! Miss Gates over there is filled with good old fashioned air, Like a good old fashioned balloon. While our pal Liz here," he joked with a kick to her side. "… is blowing up with frankly, a more smelly compound!" he said with a sadistic laugh.

"Something… stinks!" said Liz, seemingly in a state of shock. She started to inflate rapidly as Melanie had. Within seconds, she looked ready to go into labor with triplets! She was inflating faster than Melanie had! With a loud rip, her sweater fell off, but her skirt, a custom made stretchy one for those fat times, was still able to hold on for dear life! As Liz's body rounded out into a sphere she asked one more time. "Who… reeks?" She stopped growing & looked rather ridiculous, with her stretched out skirt, around the area that used to be her waste.

"Why you of course!" laughed Rory again, kicking her off the stage. She fell & rolled back several aisles until she came to a stop in the center of the gym.

"What… ranks?" she moaned to herself.

"Heheh. Methane." Chuckled Rory to himself in a weird Gary Oldman like style. He let out an amused sigh. "Who's next?" he asked turning to face the rest of us. The other girls just sat there & whimpered, hoping they wouldn't be the next target. "You!" pointed Rory, aiming a gun at Amy Walker. She was the ditsy member of the team! She was also the most emotional. Her face was puffy with tears of fright. As Rory pointed at her, she screamed no & tried to hold on to the girl next to her. Rory fired a direct hit, sending Amy into the back wall. Her growth was slow, but instantaneous. It was strange, it looked like whatever she was filling up with was pulling her upwards. There was a loose chair that she held onto as a full term belly began to lift her from the floor. "You, Amy, the 'flighty' one will know true flight! You're filling up with the perennial favorite, helium!" As her torso billowed out larger than her sweater could hold, the stitching ripped off around her & fell to the floor in shreds.

"What? Helium…?" she squeaked as though her voice was played at high speed. "My… My Voice!" she shrieked as she grabbed her throat instead of the chair. Becoming more spherical now, her body slowly floated up to the rafters. "Help! Help!" she screamed with her squeaky helium-ized voice. She frantically swatted her hands & feet trying to get down some but it was useless! The poor thing was helpless, twenty feet above us. Rory kept laughing. "Another one down… er up I guess the case may be! Who's left?" he asked sadistically.

"Hey! Ingrid! Let's get global with this thing!" He said to the new transfer student from Sweden. She knew a lot of English & was very sweet & beautiful! I would've been her best friend if all the boys didn't swarm around her. Ingrid, I thought was brave. She sat there, waiting for it. " I ken tak-it, boy!" she said with her heavy accent. Rory beamed, & then fired, knocking her back onto her ass. She just exploded. She was already pretty buxom but now, her breasts, as did the rest of her body, just grew like crazy. As her sweater tore off, she huffed deeply as her body got rounder & rounder. With a loud rip, her skirt followed. The poor girl was huge! Her pale complexion seemed to get even more of a creamy white. As she finished filling up, she bobbled, trying to escape from any more torture. Rory rolled her into the back wall though, laughing evilly. "Hope you're not lactose intolerant!" he said.

"Vot?" she groaned, with a heavy breath. "Bastard!" she said in Straining English, before lying back helplessly. She was the first to swell up with a liquid, milk to be precise. It must have been really unpleasant.

"Your welcome!" laughed Rory "Next?" he asked. Again, everyone whimpered as he came to a decision. Then there was a loud pop! All of the girls screamed. That's when we realized that it was just Melanie's panties finally giving way. Roray just laughed as he saw me near her. I realized that I had even jumped back, maybe as a secret fear of Melanie exploding!

"Don't… leave… me!" murmured the helpless Melanie. When Rory's head was turned, I neared her again, reassuring her that everything was going to be okay.

"Hello Faith!" Rory laughed, ducking down towards the opposite end of the stage from me. Faith was the scientist of our whole operation. The smartest, she was also the most scared. She let out a loud scream when she was shot & crawled away afterward. She tried to get as far away as she could even though she knew she wouldn't get far. Everyone was silent, watching what Rory had done. Suddenly, a belly billowed out from under Faith. When it got to about full term in size, she rolled onto her back & hugged it, I guess trying to push it back in somehow. The way it jiggled & bobbled under her sweater, forced me to believe that it was a fluid of some sort. Rory only laughed sadistically when he saw the look of realized futility in her eyes. She continued trying to get away, hindered by her belly, now consuming her limbs. Her clothes gave way as she gave up. After rolling off the side of the stage, the poor girl has stopped growing & was a sphere like the others. Rory meanwhile, cocked his raygun & snickered, as the poor girl began to look playfully dizzy. "Beer! Ain't nothin' like it!" He laughed as we looked to see a burp & light giggle emerge from the round ball that was Faith. "I'm saving you for later, my little Keg-girl!"

"Ah! Rei!" he laughed, facing the Japanese exchange student Rei Hiroyama. She hung out with the geeky otaku kids because they spoke a bastardize version of Japanese English that both sides could understand.

"Iie! Iie!" she cried in Japanese, writhing away down a row of seats. Rory fired making her somersault backwards onto her belly which looked very painful.

"Domo Arigato, Kyofusen Kanojo!" he laughed. The hell if I know what that means! We all watched helplessly as poor Rei began to inflate. She cried & cursed in her native tongue, wishing she'd never went on an exchange in the first place! She grew the fastest! Seconds after the shot, her clothes were ripped & her belly dominated the rest of her body. She was rapidly ballooning to sphere-dom. When she reached it, she bobbled helplessly. "I always wanted to see what would happen to a girl inflated with gel! Thanks for giving me a visual!" he laughed, patting her cheek. The poor thing just moaned as she rubbed her vast sides as much as she could. Her whole body wobbled as she did so.

After her was Jamie. She was pretty much the stereotypical cheerleader. Only very slutty. To the 29th degree! Rory & his bitter sense of Irony had a way of dealing with this. As her pointed his ray at her, Jamie began running, just as the others had. When Rory fired, she slowly stopped dead in her tracks, only to be knocked flat on her face.

"Oh!" she screamed, clenching her stomach with her hands. Slowly, it seemed to push out as if it too were filling with liquid. Rory only laughed hysterically as she dropped to her knees.

"Ho'Bags!" he smirked. "With you fucking around all the time, it's a good thing I didn't go out with you! 'Probably catch an STD or something! You've probably sucked enough sperm for three life times, but there's some more for good measure!" The rest of us stared at the poor girl, filled with semen! It was disgusting! Rory changed the subject as he turned to the rest of us. "The party's just starting! All of you inflating is just part one. Part two is going to be a lot more… 'pleasurable?' So who's next?"

One by one, I watched as he picked the rest off. Carla was shot next, filling up with smoke. I guess there's a bit of irony in that since she was sort of burnt out. Her skin had a grayish tint to it that made her look fairly unhealthy, but then again, she usually did. Keesha was next. Her dark skin stretched to the limits, holding Hydrogen. She flew to the ceiling even faster than Amy had. & even seemed a little bigger for some reason. Gretchen was the last one he had easily noticed. She inflated very slowly, but seemed a bit larger. I think it was laughing gas because even though she was pretty scared, after she was inflated, she couldn't stop laughing!

He'd made a mockery out of them! And I was the last one.

I think I had Melanie's help with that. She had inflated so large that I could easily hide behind her. She argued with me, even in her swollen state. I think she had begun to feel a little heroic, although she couldn't do a damned thing. She told me to run, but I wanted to be the hero! I probably should have listened to her. But Rory thought he had inflated the last of us so I wanted to sneak up behind him & grab his gun. I had snuck behind him so wonderfully, I thought I could've done it! That was until Liz, that ungrateful bitch!

"Gwen? You… smell that…? Nas-ty!" she puffed from across the gym. Rory turned around quickly, knocking me backwards.

"Ah, a stray! Let's see what else is on this gun, shall we." He clicked thru a digital menu mounted on the top. I was crawling on my back away from him, towards the edge of the stage. "Of course! Regular old, H2O! How could I forget that? Saved the best for last I guess." he laughed as he set it. I kept backing away. "You're going to make a big splash." he badly punned. With a powerful blast, I was knocked off the stage onto the auditorium floor. But something was up! He just kept firing! He wasn't taking his finger off the trigger. He kept focusing the beam on me. Right after noticing that, I noticed something else. An odd twitch deep down inside. I caressed my abs under my wooly sweater. They felt puffy! I let out a loud moan. "Yes My Dear! That's it!" Laughed the twisted nerd as he finally took the gun off me. I could feel myself filling with the water. It wasn't a pretty feeling! It gushed thru my system like a tsunami! I tried to get to my feet. Once I did, I noticed my belly was now about that of a woman pregnant in her first trimester. I fell into a state of shock & began to stagger away. Rory jumped off the stage to follow me. He laughed as he aimed the gun at me. He fired again, knocking me flat onto my belly. It bobbled under me, making me roll to my side. I looked down at it & then back up at him. He only laughed as my figure took on a full term look to it. The scary thing was that it only seemed to grow faster. The faster it grew, the more it seemed to cover other parts of my body. My breasts felt like water filled beachballs, as did both of my ass cheeks. I looked to Melanie, crying as she saw me inflate out of the corner of her eye. It took my attention off of my growth for a second. When I looked back, my belly looked like It was bursting with about three & a half dozen babies! My sweater just burst right off like the wrapping of a Christmas present. My body, it just kept growing, Larger than any of the other girls. I looked back up at Rory to give him a pathetic look only to see the sadistically horny look in his eye, above the barrel of his raygun aiming at me again. I was ready to start crying myself when suddenly I heard a loud shatter. The swat team came on aiming their guns at Rory. Their real guns! I blacked out then, just as my body inflated twice as large as Melanie's. 

Two months have past by. Melanie, they were able to deflate by using a vacuum like device. Her figure was a bit more hourglassy looking, but you couldn't tell she was once ball shaped. Liz's father had a special team of doctors take care of her. They were able to deflate her as well, though she now can't mask the odor of methane. Her father also went broke trying to deflate his 'poor baloon daughter', so it looks like no liposuctions anytime soon & I heard she was getting to be about 350 now, the fat cow! Poor Amy & Keesha! They had to use a net to pull them both down & then both had to be tied to a weight before walking outside. Amy, over the course of a week, slowly released enough to touch ground & they pumped the rest out then. Keesha presented a different problem since hydrogen is so combustible. But I'm glad they were able to get it out of her too. Rumors have it that Ingrid was airlifted back to her own country where I heard she was milked like a cow. I personally don't believe that though! I think it's just a story about the poor girl, since the others were so jealous about the male attention she attracted, but who knows. Faith, is still here in the hospital. They drained a good part of it out of her but they just want to make sure that that much alcohol doesn't have any weird effects on her. The same with Carla, only now she smells even more like smoke! Jamie, it turns out, is now pregnant. No one knows if it was directly from Rory's raygun or if it was from some other time prior to. Serves her right though! Anyway, I heard it took some time for them to get a good part of the gel out of Rei. She visited me when she was here. The gel that was still in her system looked like fat along her hips, thighs but especially in her ass. We're talking 6x larger than Jennifer Lopez's! Hope they can take care of that for her before she goes home or else the ride home will be pretty uncomfortable! Poor thing! And Gretchen was in fact, blown up with that laughing gas they use at the dentists. They pumped it all out of her though, w/o any complications I heard & filled a couple tanks with the stuff, so watch out the next time you go to the dentist.

And me… They pumped as much as they could. But I was a lot bigger than the other girls. When all was said & done, 3 times larger! Now they said they just have to drain this over the next few weeks. Is that good enough?" asked Gwen, lying back in her hospital bed, caressing a gigantically round belly, looking like she was ready to deliver four dozen babies after they had relocated all the excess water into her belly. "That's really all I can remember."

"That's perfect, Miss Cassidy." Said Tiffany Gibson. She was a reporter interviewing Gwen for a nation paper. "Any word on Rory?"

"I… I have no clue! I just hope they catch that little freak & get him some help! Before he can do this to anyone else!" she sighed, looking down at her tummy, giving it a rub on top.

"Okay… Well I've got to get going. I hope they're able to get you back to normal! Thanks for the interview!" said Tiffany, collecting her things.

"My pleasure… Oh! Could you tell the nurse to come in here & rub some more ointment on my belly? It's starting to feel dry & the last thing I need is stretch marks or something!" Gwen said with a feigned laugh.

"Of course!" laughed Tiffany, waving goodbye. She turned the corner. "Poor girl!" she thought to herself as she headed for the nurses' station. It was a little after midnight & she wasn't looking forward to writing this article before her 9am deadline. "Nurse… Gwen in room 274… she… OH SHIT!!!" Tiffany screamed in shock. There in front of her, laid a woman on her stomach, or at least what wouldn't been her stomach, had she not been as wide as she was tall. Tiffany looked around, every nurse on the floor was now a swollen orb! They tried to talk but their voices could only let out helpless moans. That's when Tiffany heard Gwen's scream of terror. She ran back hastily. She slid to the doorway, to see a nerdy looking kid holding a strangely high-tech, but homemade looking gun.

"Revenge… Is best served sweet!" He laughed. "So how about I fill you up with blueberry juice? Call it homage!"

"You perv!" shouted Tiffany, heroically running at him to prevent a shot at Gwen. Rory jerked to face her & fired, knocking Tiffany back out of the room & into the wall across the corridor. She felt strangely odd, & had the taste of blueberry on her tongue. With her skin a tint of light blue & a massive surge, her belly billowed outward in all directions, like an explosion, ripping the clothes from her body.

"Damn." She thought. "What I'll do for an article!" 

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