The Lillith Roland Chronicles Part I: The Sorority

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Lillith Roland hummed happily to herself as she drove away from campus, her classes done for the day.  She was a beautiful young woman, about 5’4” with shoulder length brown hair.  She weighed about 120 pounds and sported a slim frame, complemented by perky B cup breasts and a round sexy butt.  She was a freshman at Balter University, but unlike other freshman, she lived by herself in a studio apartment just off campus.  She felt very lucky having scored an awesome living arrangement as a freshman, but then again, Lillith was a lucky girl.  She won some scholarships to Balter, got an awesome apartment, and even got a recommendation from her friend to join an exclusive sorority  which was having its first bid meeting that night.

Lillith had a few hours until the meeting, but she was so overcome with excitement she had to begin getting ready immediately.  She arrived at her apartment and was thinking about what outfit to wear while climbing the stairs to the second floor.  As she was searching for her keys in her purse, her next door neighbor walked out of his apartment.  Her neighbor, Silas Redford, a Junior, was a tall, wide set young man, at least 6’4”.  He closed and locked his door, his violin case in hand.

“Afternoon, Lillith!” he said in his smooth baritone voice and friendly smile.

“Hey Silas!” she said, returning the smile.  “Going to practice your violin?”

“Yep, gotta be ready for orchestra auditions.”

“Oh please, you don’t need any more practice!  You play perfectly already!”

“Now how would you know that?”

Lillith produced a nervous smile.  “Okay, I guess I wouldn’t, but how about you come over tonight and play for me?” 

Silas laughed.  “Yeah, of course!  Actually, I could do that tonight after I fix your door.”

Lillith groaned.  “What?  Did it not close again?”

“Wide open.  Again.  I left shortly after you this morning, so I made sure it was shut and locked.”

“Silas, you are so sweet, thank you!  And I can get the landlord to fix the door, don’t worry.”

“I insist!  After all, the landlord will probably just nail you for repair fees.”

“Oh, I didn’t even think about that.  So, you will come over tonight?”


“Okay then, see you later Silas!”

He waved and said goodbye then turned to leave as Lillith returned to opening her door.  Silas was another reason she was lucky.  She was smitten with Silas the first time they met.  Sure, he was giant and she was tiny, and sure he had a little bit of excess fat, but that just made him look softer and more appealing than a muscle bound hulk.  He also had beautiful green eyes that she would get lost in almost every time they met.  She smiled as she thought about just how lucky she might get tonight…

Lillith closed the door behind her, set her things down, shut the door again, as it just never wanted to close, then set to work preparing herself.  As she got ready, she remembered what her friend Keira told her about the sorority.  It was very exclusive, and only took in legacy members and one outsider every year.  However, the members would allow a small number of bids and would hold weekly competitions to see who was most worthy.

“I swear it’s not hazing!”  Keira had told Lillith. “It’s all perfectly safe, just a few tests is all.”

Lillith was never told what kind of tests, but she would find out tonight.



 At 9:00 that night, Lillith, wearing an elegant, mid-thigh length maroon cocktail dress and black heels, arrived at the band hall, where she and the other bids were told to meet.  There were two sorority members standing at the door, who welcomed Lillith, opening the door for her.  Upon entering, she found the hall to be dimly lit, only by strategically placed candles.  The other bids were standing in the center of the room talking to each other, while the members were discussing matters in the corner.  The band hall was large, with over 2,500 square feet and a 20 foot high ceiling.  The musician chairs and stands were put away, making the building feel far larger than it was.  Lillith couldn’t help but think why they needed this much space for a small meeting…

“Lillith!” Keira  called out.

“Hey Keir-“ Lillith was interrupted as Keira gave her a massive hug.

“Keira, your boobs are killing me!” Lillith choked out.

“Oh!  Sorry!” Keira said as she freed Lillith from her DDs.  “You look fantastic, Lillith!”

“Thanks!”  Lillith replied as she re-adjusted her dress.  “You do too!”

“Girl, I know it!”  Keira acknowledged as she posed in her black, tight fitting dress, which showed off her ample cleavage and squeezed her form in all the right places.  Lillith was always a little jealous of Keira’s looks.  She was a little taller than Keira, with a bit more curves.  Most of her jealousy came from the fact that Keira had breasts that eclipsed her own.

“So when do we start, Keira?”

“Soon.  The other bids are already here, we are just waiting on the other members now.  Go ahead and stand by the other bids while we get some last minute things ready.”

Lillith obeyed as Keira returned to the other members who were talking about something secret.  She walked over to the five other bids she had befriended.  Hannah, a tall blonde smilied and waved at Liilith as she laughed at the redheaded twins, Liz and Tara, who were enthusiastically re-enacting a seemingly hilarious story.  Valerie stood fairly rigid with her hands behind her back, biting half of her bottom lip as she smiled at the twins’ musings from behind the long brown hair that partially obscured her face.  Sidney stood in her usual stance, with her right hip jutting out, arms crossed.  She rolled her eyes as she laughed at the twins.

“What are you guys laughing at?”  Lillith asked as she joined the group.

“Now the slowpoke gets here!” Sidney said, as she blew some of her long black hair from her face.

“Chill, bitch!” Liz said comically.

“Yeah!  Shut your whore mouth!” Tara said with equal comic effect, causing Sidney to scoff then chuckle.

“The twins were just telling us about all the guys that were hitting on them at the video game club.” Hannah informed Lillith.

“Seriously, it’s like some of them can’t believe we are real!” Liz retorted.

Valerie covered her mouth as she chuckled.

“Hey!  She made a sound!  We broke the quiet one!”  Tara exclaimed with victory as she high fived Liz.

They continued laughing and joking about nerds, until the sorority president came out in front of them, along with two other members and Keira.  The bids fell silent and organized themselves in an orderly line.

“Welcome” the president began, “Tonight is an important night, as you will begin the path to membership with our sorority.  Now, as I am sure you are all aching with anticipation to start your tests, I must inform you that your tests do not start tonight.  No, tonight we reveal to you the secrets of the sorority.”

Lillith had butterflies something fierce, and was eager to witness whatever ritual was about to take place.

“Sister Keira, are you ready to begin?” the president asked.

“Yes, Sister President,”  Keira replied with determination.

The president snapped her fingers.  The two other members walked back to a dark corner of the room while Keira began undressing.

“Uh,Keira?  What are-“

“I assure you all,” the president said, interrupting Lillith’s concerned interjection, “that Sister Keira is ready for this demonstration and no harm will befall her.”

“Harmed?  Why would Keira be harmed?  What the hell is this?” Lillith thought, now even more concerned for her friend.  She looked to the other bids just to see more looks of bewilderment.  Even the twins looked serious.  Valerie was biting her lip hard enough to draw blood. 

Once Keira was undressed,the two other members returned with a large metal cylinder with a nozzle and hose on one end.  Keira, who had gooseflesh, picked up the other end of the hose and placed it in her mouth.  Lillith took all this in.  “No.  That’s not possible.  Is it?”   The president stepped forward.

“This sorority was built not only on the basis of developing sisterhood and personal improvement, but also on the shared interest we all have.  The vice that brings us together, the fetish that stimulates our fantasies, the glorious practice that brings us to new heights is,” she placed her hand on the valve, evoking a look of excitement on Keira’s face, “inflation.”

She then wrenched the valve in one direction and jumped to the side.   Keira’s cheeks immediately puffed out as gas poured into her.  Her trim stomach started to bulge ever so slightly and her breasts perked up a little.  Lillith was in a state of disbelief.  Her longtime friend was now inflating before her eyes.  Lillith turned red with embarrassment for her friend, but she then noticed the look of bliss on Keira’s face.  Was she enjoying this?

Keira’s stomach continued to bulge out in a dome shape as if she was becoming pregnant instantaneously.  Her breasts were rising atop her round expanding belly, but began to rise on their own as they too swelled with gas.  Her nipples became erect as her already large chest swelled to the size of soccer balls.  She stroked her expanding belly and breasts and moaned softly.  She WAS enjoying this.

Keira then diverted her attention from her expanding form to meet Lillith’s confused eyes.  She then reached out and grasped Lillith’s arm.

“Wait, what are you do- oh…” Keira simply placed her friend’s hand on her growing belly.  Lillith could feel the gas billowing inside her, could feel her skin stretching.  Curiosly, Lillith placed her other hand on one of Keira’s breasts.  She squeezed the swelling orb gently, to the pleasure of Keira.

The girls, following Lillith’s example,  nervously poked and prodded Keira’s beach ball belly and basketball breasts.  Keira craned her neck back as she moaned.

Her belly grew more, slowly spreading her legs apart, which were now also inflating.  Lillith stared at Keira’s leg, watching distend ever so slightly.  Curious, she went behind Keira, and beheld that her ass was also billowing out.  Lillith watched in wonderment, as Keira’s legs were slowly filling and become rigid, and as her buttocks swelled in all directions, giving Keira a magnificent back arch.  Even from behind, Lillith could see Keira’s belly became a giant globe that stretched several inches past Keira’s waist.  Keira was still cradling and squeezing her ballooning breasts as the other girls massaged and explored her billowing belly.  Lillith diverted her attention to Keira’s back.  Keira’s glorious back arch was disappearing as her back joined the inflation.  Not being able to resist, Lillith grabbed a handful of Keira’s ass and squeezed.  Keira moaned with delight and fell back on her ass, just missing Lillith.  Keira was now in a sitting position, her legs growing rigid straight in front of her.

Lillith walked back around to the front of Keira, but laid her eyes on the tank.  She looked up to meet the gaze of the president, who smiled and nodded.  Lillith, without further thought, opened the tank more and turned to watch what would happen.  Keira went wide eyed and squealed as the gas surged unexpectantly, puffing her cheeks out more. 

Keira, though inflating even faster, was still managing to sensually massage her breasts with her cone like arms, and was trying to keep her legs down so as to maintain her sitting position.  Her genitals were touching the floor, and she was bouncing herself ever so slightly to increase the friction she moaned and moaned, until finally she orgasmed.  With a loud muffled moan the orgasm caused her to release her position, the gas causing her arms to fly up and her legs fly out.  The recoil caused her body to bounce up a little before she came to rest on her back, her arms and legs being held helplessly spread-eagled as they slowly disappeared into her body.

“You’ve only taken in half the tank, you can’t stop now my dear,” the president said as she opened the valve all the way.

Keira let out a muffled orgasmic scream as the gas was now flooding her body, puffing her cheeks out to cartoonish proportions.  Her breasts were still filling with air as her twitching arms and legs inflated into her spherical form further.  Her breasts had become so full, they began to pull her skyward.

Lillith and the others gasped as Keira began to rise into the air.  Her bloated starfish form rose up until the hose tethered to her mouth caused her to face down.  Just a sphere with massive tits and four cones suspended in the air, Keira was completely at the mercy of the gas.  Bigger and bigger she inflated, the gas creating fantastic pressure inside her.  She could feel the vast emptiness growing inside her, filling every crevice.  Climaxing over and over as she inflated and inflated until…

The hissing of the tank stopped.  Keira was suspended five feet in the air.  She was now eight feet in diameter with breasts four feet in diameter each.  Her arms and legs were large cones that had mostly melded with her body, jutting only a foot or so out from the sphere.  She opened her eyes to look at the shocked faces of the six girls, but she only saw five.  Lillith had a look of wonderment, and stared longingly at her blimp of a friend. 

The president returned to the empty tank, placed her hand firmly on the hose, and pulled sharply.  There was a small pop as the hose left Keira’s mouth and she instantly began to float up towards the ceiling.  She made contact with the ceiling and bounced a few times before coming to rest.

All six girls stared up at her.

“Awesome,” the twins said in unison.

“Wow,” Hannah cautiously whispered.

Valerie bit her lip and cradled her arms nervously.

Sidney stood with her arms crossed and gave the Keira balloon an offensive look, as if to say, “You expect ME to do that?”

Lillith just marveled at the fact that her longtime friend was now a balloon, helplessly inflated and lightly bouncing on the ceiling.

“We all have this fetish,” the president said, regaining the attention of the six girls.  “Whether you have it or not I can’t say, but you all were extended bids because we believed you to be the most understanding and accepting.  But, we will only allow the best into our organization.  This is where the tests come in.  You all will compete in a series of tests that will require you to inflate in some way.  The first of these tests will be held one week from tonight at a location we will disclose later.  One of you will be eliminated from the running after that test.  Any questions?”

“We won’t pop will we?!” Valerie immediately asked in a frantic trembly voice.

“Popping a human requires high pressure machinery that we do not have access too.  Upon reaching your body’s capacity, the inflating agent will either force itself out the nearest exit, the inflation channel will be forcefully ejected from you, or the flow of the inflating agent will stop completely.  Worry not.”

“Is it safe?” Hannah questioned.


“That’s not permanent is it?” Sidney scoffed.

“Of course not.  Once we are adjourned we will deflate Sister Keira back to her normal self.”

“Wait!” Liz exclaimed, while Tara finished, “Can we blow her up more?”

“Yeah, can we?” Keira yelled in a squeaky voice.

“We only brought one helium tank tonight, I’m afraid,” the president chuckled as Liz, Tara, and Keira groaned.

“Anything else?”

Lillith was still staring at her inflated friend.  “Can everyone get that big?”

The president looked at her with her steely eyes.  “Everyone is different.  Some people can’t hold as much as Sister Keira currently is, while others can grow much larger.  For example, the inflation record holder would have destroyed this building had they inflated inside of it, and still would have room to spare.” 

Lillith’s eyes widened and her legs went weak as she imagined herself inflating to building destroying sizes.

“If that is all for now, meeting adjourned.”



Lillith said goodbye to her friends, but stayed to talk to Keira, who walked out twenty minutes after adjourning, clothed and deflated.  Lillith ran up to her and gave the boob crushing hug this time.

“Whoa!  Lillith!  Chill!”  Keira wheezed.

“Keira, that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!  What does it feel like?  I need to know!”

“Okay Lillith!  Calm down!”

“I mean you were huge!  I didn’t think inflating was possible, but it is!  You were actually honest to God inflated like a balloon!  It was awesome!”

Keira started blushing again.  “Thanks Lillith, but still, calm down!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s just, I need to know what it feels like!  I have to inflate!  Help me train for the tests!”

“I can’t, the members aren’t allowed to help the bids prepare.  The best I can do is lend you my air compressor.  It’s not too powerful, but it will get the job done.”

“Yes!  Thank you Keira!”

Keira took Lillith to her car, popped the trunk open and grabbed the air compressor which she then bestowed upon Lillith.  After thanking Keira again, Lillith greedily took the air compressor and ran to her car to hurry home.  Keira chuckled after seeing how enthusiastic her friend was.

“Excitable, isn’t she?” the president asked Keira.

“Whoa!  You scared me!”  Keira gasped.

“Apologies,” the president said.  “It is not often we get a bid this eager.  I wonder how this will pan out.”

“Hopefully for the best,” Keira said with a smile.



Lillith drove at record speed to her apartment, where she parked her car, flew up the stairs, spent too long unlocking her door, then ran inside, shutting the door behind her.  She immediately stripped down, plugged the air compressor into the wall, the put the hose greedily in her mouth.  Butterflies raging in her stomach, she activated the air compressor.

She squealed as the air surged into her mouth, flowing down her throat and into her stomach, which began to rise.  Nearly hyperventilating from excitement, she stroked her stomach, which now felt rubbery.  Her chest was rising and falling rapidy as she breathed, until she noticed her chest was now only rising.  She moved her hands to her ballooning breasts and moaned with delight as she felt the stretching flesh between her fingers.

Before she knew it her belly was inflated to a large ball as her breasts had finally become DDs and were still growing.  Her expanding belly began to force her legs apart, as her ass joined in the inflation.  She squeezed a swelling buttock, gave it a smack groaned with pleasure. She fell backward, bouncing on her balloon butt, then laid flat on her back, but her ballooned buttocks kept her legs elevated.  She watched with awe as her breasts and belly swelled and moaned as her own weight was putting pressure on her swelling bum.

“I’m inflating,” she thought with orgasmic effect, “I’m actually inflating!”

She squealed with delight again.  With some effort, she reached past her ballooning belly and began to finger herself.  She reached orgasm quickly over and over as she inflated more.

When suddenly, it stopped.  She opened her eyes to see that she had indeed stopped growing.

“Aw, I barely even started, what the he-“

“Your door fell open again,” said a smooth baritone voice.

Lillith froze in a mixture of fear and embarrassment.  With effort she sat up and swiveled around, her swollen assets jiggling, to see Silas, standing just inside her apartment, with the unplugged air compressor cord in his hand. 

He looked upon Lillith, who was naked, sitting on the ground, and had a large dome torso with a still flat back, an immensely swollen ass, and breasts that were G cup.  H cup even?

“What exactly are you doing?” he asked the partially inflated girl.

Red faced and trembling, she swallowed hard and answered,



Author's Note: 

This is my first story, and actually my first post to the site.  Hope everyone enjoys it, part II should come soon.  Give me your feedback!

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pretty good

just from the name of your character, part of me was expecting a borderlands fanfic, thank god it wasn't.

But yeah, quite good so far, the plotline is one I wish more people would use, and your writing is decent to boot. Keep it up.

pretty good

just from the name of your character, part of me was expecting a borderlands fanfic, thank god it wasn't.

But yeah, quite good so far, the plotline is one I wish more people would use, and your writing is decent to boot. Keep it up.


Yeah, generating names is abnormally difficult for me, so I usually borrow names from other places.  Sorry for the scare :p

really good story

loved it, I hope you keep going with this line.

Very good, the inflation style is very agreeable.

Keep it up!

Thanks everyone

Your comments have been very encouraging and I greatly appreciate them!  Part II should be here soon!

Please write more

Can't wait for the rest please don't delay :-)