Airtankgirl: The Debut

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"It won't work," I squeaked.

"Yes it will. You always say that, " Lynn admonished me, in her high-pitched voice.

"Because it always doesn't work," I pointed out.

If you had walked into our dorm room and found myself and my roommate, Lynn both of us pumped up with enough helium to have our figures bulging with gas and our extra-large bodies floating and bouncing against the ceiling, you might find that odd. I know I would.

Funny thing about being a helium-filled blimp though, if you think about it critically, which I'll admit Lynn was much better at than I was, all the floating was was like gravity in reverse. Rather than being pressed against the floor, we were pressed against the ceiling. So, it stood to reason that one could, with a little coordination, stand upside-down on the ceiling. The two problems with this was that the coordination required was a little hard to come by when our arms, legs and waists were fattened with gas, making us less flexible and coordinated than normal, and when we did lose our upside down balance and "fell" to the ceiling, we tended to bounce for a while on our overinflated curves. Doing all this while upside down was even more disorienting. Nevertheless, Lynn was standing on the ceiling while I was sitting on the ceiling, my legs spread some to allow the bulge of my inflated belly to rest easy, my arms behind my body to keep me from "falling" flat against the ceiling.

Since we had the top floor, we had the vaulted ceilings, but at the edges of the room, the ceiling was still the standard eight feet. It was at the edge of the room that Lynn now stood, her plump arms extended over her head, pointing towards the floor. Which left her fingertips about eight inches from the floor. She let her arms "drop" as best as she could. Our inflated sides didn't really let our arms hang normally.

"Waitasec," she grinned, snapping her fingers, "You're still super strong right?"

"Super strong and super sized. How does that help?"

"Throw me at my desk."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I have a plan to get us down from here, but I need to get to my desk first," she explained in her helium-voice. Despite the hours that we had spend floating on the ceiling, neither of us could quite get over the absurdity of our condition and the sound of our voices still made us grin at each other. "but be careful not to throw me too hard, I'm just as buoyant as you are so I don't weigh anything. Don't throw me through the ceiling or anything."

"Floor," I corrected.

"Fine, floor. Can you do it?"

I, very carefully, stood up on the ceiling, looked "up" at the floor, "I'd rather not throw you." I put my hands on the curvy spread of her hips and lifted her "up" towards the floor.

Lynn easily gained the "height" she needed and her palms pressed against the floor, "Yes!" she squeaked, "Push me over to my desk!" She caught hold of the edge of her desk and "hung" there as I let go of her. I couldn't help but giggle a bit at the sight of her holding onto her desk, her inflated body, pulling her towards the ceiling.

Upside down, Lynn rummaged through her desk drawers, finally exclaiming a squeaky "Ah ha!" and clamping a length of hose in her teeth. Then she made her was, hand over hand to the open sink and vanity. Hanging onto the faucet, she affixed one end of the hose to the faucet, put the other in her mouth and opened up the tap.

"That's your plan?"

In reply, Lynn opened the tap all the way, gulping down the water. I watched skeptically until after a moment, her body had lost altitude. Another minute and she was floating on more of a horizontal plane than a vertical. Another minute and she was able to get her feet under her and stand normally. Or at least as normally as she could given her size.

She spun the tap closed, took the hose out of her mouth and smiled up at me, "Ballast. Want some?"

I had to admit, it appeared to work pretty well, she was definitely standing, and while I had no idea how much water she had gulped down, she didn't appear to have gotten any larger. We being rather overinflated lately, this was pretty important to me.

Three minutes later Lynn closed the tap once again and I took the hose from my mouth. It appeared to have worked fine, My feet were touching the ground, but I still definitely felt only a fraction of my normal weight. We were both quite light on our feet. And best of all, I hadn't swelled up any with all the water I'd taken on as ballast. We were still inflated and still had our helium-voices, but solid ground restored my confidence immensely.

"OK I admit, that was pretty slick. I certainly thought we'd have expanded from all that water though," I remarked, running my hands over my normally bulging figure. Gosh I was getting used to being this fat!

"You will learn to recognize my genius over time," Lynn said smugly, as we both moved across the room...

...And stopped dead. I pressed my hands on my inflated belly a few times, listening to the swirl of water inside me. Then I shook my wide hips, making the swirl louder.

I sighed, "Great, now we slosh when we walk!"

"Oh, picky picky. Look we aren't any bigger, we don't sag or jiggle, we just slosh a little. It's better than being on the ceiling isn't it?"

I grunted squeakily, conceding the point.

"Fine then. Now we have our footing, I don't know about you, but after spending a day floating on the ceiling, I could use a meal."

It took me a moment, "You don't mean want to go this?"

"Sure, why not?"

I gaped at her, "Because we're blown up like balloons?"

"'Manda, we can't hide in here forever. Besides, two gorgeous girls like us...we might start a new fashion trend."

I sighed, "I doubt inflation is going to take off as a new look. And speaking of looks, if we are going out perhaps you should give some thought to yours?"

Lynn looked down at her expanded figure. When she pumped up with helium, she had burst out of her clothes, leaving her inflated proportions bulging out of a pair of white panties and a t shirt, made skimpy by her extra-large breasts.

She bent towards the clothes we had selected for our new sizes, finding some gray stretch pants and a super large T shirt. After a bit or wriggling, and some help from me, we managed to make the pants live up to the "stretch" in their name as we stuffed her bulging body into the pants. The super large T shirt, once it was filled up with Lynn's chest and torso was a respectable T shirt still, tight on her but the hem came just past her waist.

It would be nice to say we slid out of the dorm, but the truth is we waddled and sloshed out. I discovered that we could cut down on the sloshing our water filled bodies would make if we held onto our bloated bellies. Thank god Lynn caved to my suggestion of us wearing scarves and sunglasses to try to conceal our identity. I'd personally rather have worn overcoats as well, but we couldn't find any that would fit us.

So we waddled and sloshed out to the parking lot, our faces concealed, though few people really seemed to notice, but those that did I was very aware of. Almost all of them girls, some of them larger than my inflated size, some slimmer, gawking at our size or puffing their cheeks out and waddling themselves in mockery of us. I have to say, that didn't make me feel good but what really rained on my parade was my car. I had a slightly ratty, but cute MGB. As cute as it was, there was no way either of us could fit into my car, not with us looking like emergency airbags.

Lynn waddled forward, undoubtedly looking for a way to tear the doors off or something, when I grabbed her hand and tugged her in the direction of one of the taxicabs that loitered among the campus.

The cabbie saw us coming (we were probably hard to miss) and he stepped over and opened the back door for us.

"You ladies need a taxi?"

And because fate hates me, the cabbie just had to be cute. One of those dark Mediterranean types but with a really nice smile that flashed so often I could just tell he had a good sense of humor.

Which I lacked just then, "Yes please," I could have smacked myself, my voice was still high pitched from the helium! I sounded like a chipmunk! I sighed internally, resigning myself to the embarrassment of further conversation when Lynn chirped up.

"Can you take us down to restaurant row, we've been on a crash diet and we're practical wasting away."

The smile flashed back on, obviously appreciating Lynn's self-depreciating sense of humor, "Of course. you know, when I saw you two I thought 'those girls look as if they could use a few meals'."

Lynn carefully stuffed herself into the back seat, while I went around the other side and attempted to stuff myself into the space she had left. The cabbie closed the door on her side, while I pressed up against her. We both took a lot more space than before. Our wide hips and thighs squished up against each other. Our gas-padded rear ends lifted us higher in the passenger compartment. Riding with our legs closed made out bloated bellied puff up in front of us, which pushed our extra large, extra round breasts right up in our faces. Then somewhere in all that, we needed to fit our plump arms in. Somehow we managed, although it took my super strength to close the door behind me, and we totally filled the back seat of that cab.

Through it all, the driver never lost his expression of good-natured humor, "Are you ladies ok back there?"

Lynn was removing her scarf and sunglasses and prompting me to do the same, "Just fine," she squeaked, smiling at him in the rear view mirror.

"Do you girls go to school here, or are you just visiting?" He asked the rear view mirror, looking at me.

"Visiting/Yes," We both answered, me lying.

Lynn nudged me as much as she could packed in like she was.

"Don't mind Amanda, she's just grumpy because she got fat."

I couldn't believe her! "You got fat too," I accused.

"Oh I know, but I'm not grumpy about it," Then speaking to the cabbie, "See we're really rather trim, but we sorta inflated two days ago."

"Really, inflated? Like balloons?"

"Yep, that's why we're so big."

"And the squeaky voices?" he mused.

I found myself answering "Because we're inflated with helium."

"Ah, well that explains that," he said turning his smile on me, making me blush.

"He likes you," Lynn squeaky-whispered.

"Oh be quiet, I'm like twice his size." But I managed to grin out the window.

When the cabbie dropped us off, he hopped out to open my door for me, probably getting a wicked bruise on his leg as the door burst open as I bulged out of it. Luckily I wasn't stuck and he offered me his hand to help me out. He held onto my hand as all my bulging curves sorted themselves out. His hand was very warm.

"Thanks," I squeaked, grimacing ruefully at my voice.

"No problem, if you need a ride back..." he produced his business card.

Lynn waddled over to our side of the car, "heh, sorry..." She peered at the card, "Nick, but I don't think she even has enough room in those tights for a business card," She handed him a few bills, "see you around though."

I looked at the card in my hand, at Lynn and at Nick the cabbie. Then I put the car in one place I still did have some room, down my shirt in the great cleavage of my over-inflated breasts, "Thanks, see you 'round." I waddled off after Lynn.

"See you 'round," I heard him say softly.

I looked up at the restraunt Lynn had stopped in front of, "Oh you can't be serious."

"Why not, its a sure thing that with the waitresses, no one will be looking at us. Besides, I like their crab legs. And didn't you tell me that they offered you a job?"

I patted my full, gassy belly stretching my spandex tights then looked up at the Hooters sign, "Well that won't happen tonight, unless they want to fly me over a football game."

We waddled in and were seated almost immediately and a trim, leggy waitress dressed in the required tight T-shirt and tighter orange shorts introduced herself to us as Angela, and took our order for double crab legs and a pitcher of beer. After the food arrived we munched along and chatted, mostly about our continued amazement at our big inflated bodies.

 Having downed the major portion of the pitcher, Lynn excused herself for the ladies room, and as she waddled to the back of the building, I spied one of the waitresses chatting with a few of her co-workers, who nudged her friends and pointed Lynn out to them. Then she puffed out her cheeks and held out her arms to indicate Lynn's girth.

OK, maybe I was still in a bad mood, and I had a fair bit of beer in me as well, but that made me mad! I was off my stool and on my way to her when I saw our waitress confront the mocking waitress. Angela was obviously giving the mean one, who I was close enough now to read the name tag on her well-filled T-shirt, Brooke, a finger wagging.

"Don't you see how little of a person that makes you when you do things like that?" Angela was scolding Brooke.

"I think I can help you be a bigger person, Brooke," I growled in my squeaky helium-voice. I took Brooke by her arms and kissed her full on the mouth. A little part of me knew that if I hadn't been so mad, that this might be fun, because Kerry was, like most Hooter's girls, very attractive and very well built. She was almost as tall as me, with large breasts, a trim waist, and a pleasant amount of padding below the waist that gave her a well-rounded rear and full hips, shapely legs and just a tiny cute little tummy. I had plans for that tummy.

I was prepared to use my super strength to hold on to her for the kiss, but she totally took me by surprise when she held onto me! She pressed her trim body against my inflated and bloated body, first resisting my kiss then, returning it deeper.

With my arms wrapped around her, I could feel her body start to swell in my embrace. I felt her waist thicken with the gas I was pumping into her, and I knew the tight orange shorts were drawing tighter as her hips spread out wide, and her bottom filled out the seat of her shorts, then over filled them, her shorts riding up higher as her butt pumped up with helium, then bulging out of the bottom of her shorts.

It was when her waist began pressing on my deflating, but still inflated belly that I released her to view my handiwork. As miraculous as her expanding body was, it was very obvious that the cute little swell of her tummy was filling out the front of her shorts, bulging, then straining against the elastic waistband of the trademark tight orange shorts. Soon her waist had bulged out into a noticeable potbelly. Soon after that, her tummy was rounding out enough that it was pushing up her tight t-shirt.

Her eyes as wide as saucers, Brooke, dropped her hands to clutch at her stomach as she bulged and filled with gas, "Oh," she squeaked, her voice high pitched from the helium bloating her, "Oh my belly, look at me I...I'm getting so fat! My belly's blowing up like a balloon!" Her hands were pressing into her ballooning middle, trying to press the gas out of her. Her hands were sinking slightly into her gas-filled waistline, but all her strength couldn't match the pressure puffing her up. No matter how hard she pressed down on herself, her bloated belly just bounced back up to shape.

The rest of her body had stopped swelling after she had expanded four or five inches, but her belly was still growing. She sat back on a bar stool, sitting higher and bouncing lightly on her inflated bottom, her fattening stomach pushing her plump thighs apart. Brooke held onto her belly as she ballooned up through pregnant-sized until she looked as if she had swallowed a beach ball. Her friends were gathered around her, marveling at her new super sized figure. I looked around for Angela to thank her but she had vanished during the commotion

Myself, I had slimmed down considerably, probably half the size I was before, which still made me the fattest girl around, although Brooke definitely had me beat in belly size. I mean I was fat, but she was a blimp. Though seeing Lynn emerge from the restroom reminded me that I was now actually only the second-fattest girl in here. Oddly though, Lynn was arm and arm with our waitress Angela.

As they neared me I could see that Lynn was barely brushing the floor with her feet as she walked. Angela was anchoring her, for some reason Lynn wasn't ballasted any longer and was positively buoyant.

"'Manda? You got skinny-," Checked herself, "-er." Then she spied the inflated hooters girl, "Oh, what have you done?"

"She had it coming. She's lucky she only got a big belly, I should have made her into a parade float. But what happened to you, why are you floating?" I asked, taking the arm opposite Angela.

Lynn blushed. That was something. I'd never seen her do that, she took a great deal, including being inflated, in stride. "Ah, well, it seems that when I went to the bathroom, I lost my ballast. It would have been tricky getting out of there if it hadn't been for Angela here." She nodded to the girl opposite me.

"After I saw you , uh, handle Brooke, I thought I had better check on your friend. I'm glad I was able to help."

"Barely," Lynn added, smiling at the waitress, "She barely masses enough to keep me ground side."

This explanation was given as we hustled Lynn's buoyant body out the Hooters and onto the street. After my little...well, big...demonstration in there a quick escape was called for. I looked over at Angela, "Can you hold her for a sec?"

"Sure," she nodded, "Providing there aren't any heavy winds or anything."

I reached inside my substantial cleavage, looking for the business card of Nick the cabbie. While slimmer, I was still so busty that I couldn't find the card. Frustrated I put my hands at the bottom of my bust line and sorta squished my big chest upwards. The card popped up between my breasts like a charm. I snapped it up then looked at Lynn and my own bloated figures in our tight clothes, without a cell phone.

"I have a phone in my apron," Angela said, turning a hip towards me so I could reach her phone, "I figured in all that Lycra, neither of you could be hiding a phone," she added.

I plucked the phone from her, dialed the number and arranged for the bat-mobile to pick us up.


"Nick? I need a ride from the Hooters."

"Yes? Is this Amanda, the pretty inflated girl?"

I was surprised, "Yes, uh, how did you know it was me?"

"Well, partially because of your high-pitched voice, but mostly because I'm parked right in front of the Hooters."

I looked up and saw him leaning against the cab, all of fifteen feet away, talking on the cell phone, looking right at me, "Oh, right, well we need a ride." I closed the cell phone as he came within speaking distance, "could you get the door and maybe help Angela with my friend?"

Both of which he gallantly did. He only paused a moment when he realized he wouldn't have to hold Lynn up, as he did with most drunks, but hold her down long enough for him and Angela to stuff Lynn into the cab.

"Thanks for all your help," I told the slim waitress.

"No problem, you looked like you needed it. And don't worry about your bill, I'll settle it."

Our bill, I had totally forgot!

Nick, sitting behind the wheel, scooted over to the passenger side window and waved me down to him. When I bent over to the window, "The tab will come out of her pocket," he informed me.

"Oh," I said softly to myself, then louder as I realized it more fully, "Oh!" I called back to her, "Angie...come her for a sec," she obeyed, "I'm really sorry about our bill...and maybe this will help you make it up."

I kissed her.

Something I had noticed when I blew Brooke up. I had wanted her to inflate, but I really wanted her belly to inflate and her inflation was mostly localized.

Angela's brown eyes went wide and she put her hands to her waist as her figure puffed up like an inch around, giving her some full soft curves. I could hear her uniform shift around, tightening on her slightly expanding body. Then her eyes got even larger and her hands went up to her chest. The tight Hooters t-shirt was was bulging around the 'H' and the 's' as her chest began to inflate. She watched her feet disappear as her breasts filled up and out, filling out front and lifting up as well as widening as her cup size increased, and increased again...and again! The pressure building up in her bra tightened her shirt around her chest, making the lines of her over-stuffed bra visible.

She lightly touched the sides of her inflated breasts as if she were afraid she'd burst, "I'm so... big," she breathed in a slightly high-pitched voice.

"I thought this might increase the size of your tips, and make up for your helping us."

"And I'm so light."

"Angela your breasts are pumped full of helium, that's why you're so big and so light, and your voice is a little squeaky. You won't need a bra as long as you're inflated, but I don't know how long it will last," then I gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek, "Take care," and with that I stepped into the cab, leaving the extra-busty hooters girl at the curb, looking down at her new figure.

I looked up at the burning building, very conscious of the need to do something. I mean, that's what superpowers were for right?

"Looks as if they have it mostly under control," Lynn murmured next to me, as we watched a fireman stepping off the ladder truck with a sooty and singed young boy in his arms. While obviously just plucked from a burning building, the youngster seemed less than happy at his rescue or rescuers. In fact he looked to be having some sort of fit as he writhed, howled and hit the firemen and nearby EMT's.

Lynn and I glanced at each other and stepped closer, our curiosity aroused. We managed to make our way almost to the ambulance where EMT's were trying to calm the screaming boy. Then we were able to make out what he was wailing about, he was repeating the same word over and over, "Cookie!"

Lynn frowned at me, shrugged, not understanding, "Cookie?"

"You never had a pet did you?" I pushed my way through the circle of emergency personnel surrounding the boy. Amid their angry exclamations at me, I grabbed the boy's face and pulled him to look right at me and asked in a voice so forceful it was almost angry, "What is Cookie?"

"My dog!" he wailed.

"Where does he like to hide?"

"I dunno!"

I couldn't get any more out of him, at that moment a hand clasped firmly around my bicep and pulled me from the child and his entourage. I was dragged back a few yards before I was able to whirl on my assailant. I wasn't really surprised that it was a police officer, the badge on the neck chain, gave it away on the plainclothes officer. I admit I was a little surprised that it was a female officer. She had quite a grip on me, and I had a few inches on her as well.

"Behind the barricade please Miss."

"Oh don't 'Miss' me, you can't be that much older than I am," I snapped, but slunk back behind the barricade.

"I'm going up there," I told Lynn as she caught up with me on the civilian side of the barricade.

"Well of course you are. Come on," she dragged me off to an alley, one arm pulling me, the other arm had some bundle tucked under it.

We turned the corner of the alley, away from prying eyes and she revealed the secret of her burden. It was the bright yellow of a fireman's oxygen tank. She set it on the pavement with a hollow, metallic clink, "I pinched it from one of their trucks while you were making such a lovely distraction."

"Oh you're brilliant!"

"True. Now get out of those clothes before you burst out of them."

Given my condition, I had of late taken to wearing spandex leotard under my street clothes. I peeled down to the white leotard and retained my high heeled boots.

"Gee, you're even starting to look like a super heroine."

"I feel sorta silly," I complained, looking down at myself.

Lynn handed me the mask, "Well you're probably about to feel quite a bit sillier once you're pumped up," Suddenly she smacked a palm to her forehead, "D'oh! You don't have a mask! you have to have a mask, if you go out there everyone will know who you are!"

Inspiration hit me for a change, "Not if they aren't looking at my face." I took the mask from her, settled it over my mouth and nose and spun the valve open.

Since the Hooters incident, I had been working on focusing my expansion; as I concentrated, I felt the top of my leotard grow tighter as I grew bigger. I was only inflating my chest, my breasts filling with the gas, getting larger and rounder, my cleavage bulging in the neckline. As I swelled, I could feel the spandex stretching to accommodate my extra large bust line, and stretching pretty thin too. By the time I closed the valve my breasts bulged out in front and to the sides. I was pretty sure I was big enough that my breasts would be visible if my back were turned.

 "Wow," Lynn breathed, "I mean, we were that busty last week, but it's different to see it without the rest of you pumped up. But you're right, no one will be looking at your face. Are you sure you're big enough?"

I patted my inflated breasts, "I'm already awkward as it is, if I get much bigger I might not be any use at all. Besides, it's already getting a little snug in this outfit and I still have other things I need to pump up."

With that I opened the valve again, concentrating. I had since learned that my super strength was in proportion to...well, my proportions. If I needed super strength in my arms for example, the more I inflated my arms, the stronger I get. Immediately, I knew I'd need my legs more developed to allow me to leap up to the apartment. I directed the gas filling me to where I needed it.

My legs began to expand, my thighs plumped up so they touched, then pressed together, my calves bulging. I adjusted my stance allowing my legs room to swell. Knowing that a lot of the power of our lower bodies isn't just in the legs, I let my hips spread out as well, feeling my center of gravity change as I got wider. I also pumped my butt up some, the leotard tightening around my inflating posterior. My rear end was developing so much that I was bulging out the bottom of my leotard, the tight spandex garment had raised up as I expanded around it. It wasn't like I was wearing a thong or anything, but I had managed to get a good amount of my extra padded tush bulging out of my costume.

"Wow," Lynn breathed again, "Now you do look like a super heroine. Hang on," she hefted the air tank up and held the straps so I could get my arms through it, "You might need this in there."

"Good idea," I said, donning the tank. Lynn gave me a thumbs up and I trotted out of the alley, my inflated proportions bouncing. My inflated legs and rear vaulted me easily over the police line where I landed among the various emergency personnel. Even during a building fire, my inflated figure managed to get enough gasps, whistles and catcalls to make me blush.

"Hey!" The lady plainclothes cop who ousted me earlier was on her way towards me. I quickly flicked the valve on my tank open and took a few deep pulls on the oxygen, feeling my arms and shoulders plump up and fill with the gas, making my upper body super strong as well. My arms, in the white spandex sleeves were filling up like gassy sausages. I closed the valve, gauged the four storey distance I was planning to jump, crouched, feeling the constriction in my fat legs from the gas filling them, then straightened my legs and sprung!

It was amazing, I soared! In fact I overshot by twenty feet. It seemed like I hung in the air until I could choose my access point, then I descended towards the wall of the window I had seen the boy taken from. I drew back my arm and punched the wall as I hit, using all the super strength my pumped-up chest, arms and shoulders had to offer. It was enough, I hit the wall like a train, blasting brick, studs and drywall all over the room I had entered.

The place was well ablaze, I could feel the heat, but I was unharmed by it. Likewise for the smoke, I knew there wasn't enough air in here for a normal person to breathe, but I was functioning normally.

The room I had crashed into seemed to be a living room or den. I could see the kitchen off to my left and a hallway at the far end of the room. I took a guess that the dog would be in the boy's room, I started across the living room to the hallway. Halfway across the living room, I started to feel a little odd, a little full. I mean when I'm inflated I'm very aware of how full I am, I checked the valve on my tank to make certain it was closed, but I already knew I wasn't pulling any more volume from it. A few steps from the hallway and I definitely felt bloated, my costume was tighter on me. I put my hands on my waist and I could feel the definite swell of my belly...oh! I was getting fatter! What was happening to me, why was I blowing up like this? And it wasn't just my belly, even the parts I had inflated earlier were plumping up too. My breasts were bigger than basketballs and my hips were widely padded now.

 Oh! Dumb me, I wasn't inflating, I was expanding! The heat was making the air in me expand. I needed to act fast or in a few moments I might grow too big to fit in the hallway. I pressed forward in the blazing hot, smoky hallway, my arms brushing the walls looking for doors.

My right hand brushed a door frame, I turned and shoved with both, now a little overinflated, arms.

The door blew back off its hinges and fell on the floor. Have to be careful about that, I was still looking for friendlies in here. The smoke made it hard to see, but I was pretty sure there were sports pennants smoldering on the walls. This could be a boys room. I stepped in...or tried to. I hit the door frame and bounced back, the air I was pumped full of had expanded sufficiently that my hips were too wide to fit through the door. I couldn't even squish my hips down enough to let me pass. I tried to turn sideways and squeeze into the room, but that was even worse. My bulging, overinflated expanding bust and bottom stuck out so far in front and back that I didn't have a chance. Squaring my round shoulders, I faced the doorway once more, and took one very deliberate and forceful step forward.

My mighty legs and bottom, powered by the gas I was full of, pushed me right through the wall and into the bedroom, wearing the door frame and part of the wall which I shook off.

"Cookie," I called, then whistled. Nothing. Where would I hide if I were a dog? I wished I knew what kind of dog it was, its size would limit the places it could hide. Heh, I put my hands on the softly creaking spandex covering my slowly expanding breasts. My size might limit the places I could look.

The first place that came to mind was under the bed. It took a little doing for me to bend my big bulky body enough that I could kneel down and peek under the bed. I had blown up enough that my movement was getting difficult. I could still walk, or waddle well enough, but bending or leaning over was difficult. I couldn't just bend at the waist, my belly was far too full for that. So I knelt down and sat on my heels, though I was sitting much higher than normal from the new extra round bottom I had. Then I had to use one hand to press down on my chest because when I lowered myself my belly and chest went 'whoomp' and pushed my chest into my face. So holding my large breasts down with one arm, I leaned on the other to look under the bed, then grabbed the under edge of the bed and lifted the bed effortlessly.

Nope, no dog there.

Rather than stand clumsily, I bounced down on my inflated bottom and sprang into the air and landed lightly on my feet in front of the closet. I tore the door right off the hinges. Holding the door by the knob, I looked for a place to put it, then decided to drop it on top of the door I had knocked in. Rather than kneel down again to search the bottom of the closet, I widened my stance to allow my full belly room to let me bend at the hips. I quickly pawed through the closet, getting a little worried now, it was hotter and smokier than when I entered, and I was still expanding, I could feel the straps of the air tank starting to dig into my inflated shoulders.

Finding nothing in the closet I was ready to leave this room and search elsewhere, when just as I was on my way out, I heard a tiny whine.

I whirled, searching the smoky room with my eyes, then I waddled over the place I didn't check, the bed itself. I pulled pillows and covers off and found Cookie burrowed under the bedding.

The little golden cocker spaniel puppy looked up at me. He seemed to be all big eyes, ears and paws, all out of proportion to the rest of his body.

"Heh I know the feeling. C'mere boy, we're going out."

The magic word 'out' was enough for him to jump to his feet and wag his stubby tail. I gathered cookie up and tucked him against my padded hip with an arm. Sheltering the puppy with my inflated body I turned a shoulder into the wall and crashed through it, emerging into the kitchen. These super powers were pretty fun, crashing through walls and stuff. Once in the kitchen I could see the hole in the wall I made with my entrance. I dashed for it as fast as my plump legs would carry me. Reaching the hole, I leaped out into fresh clean air, and dropped four floors to the wet pavement below.

Remembering my own experiences with puppies I quickly put Cookie down, where he immediately piddled. Then, ignoring the crowd, the emergency personnel and the newsies I strode (not really, I was so pumped up I was still waddling) over to the little boy and handed the puppy over.

"Close call?"

I turned, it was the lady cop, "Yeah, things were getting a little tight in there."

She eyed the bulges in my tight costume, noting the difference in my figure before I went in and the much rounder shape I was in now, "So I see. You think you could come down to the station and make a statement?"

"Building on fire, dog safe, statement over," I didn't necessarily dislike her as such, but I had no interest at all in cooperating with the authorities.

"I can be a lot more compelling you know," she warned me.

I smiled at her, "You can try," I said, then sprung into the air, vaulting the buildings in the next block, leaving the fuming detective and the scene behind me.

Lynn met me at the opposite end of the same alley I had originally changed in where we hugged triumphantly and both did a little happy dance at my debut as a super heroine.

"You were so cool!" Lynn cried, then stepped back from me, "and you're so big, and warm too."

"It was amazing, I was like crashing through stuff!"

"Leaping tall buildings in a single bound!"

"Isolating my inflation for specific results worked perfectly!"

She eyed me, "Apparently you expand in heat," she said, patting my fattened belly.

"Yeah, can we get to the van? I'm feeling a little conspicuous here."

"I took the liberty of bringing it around once you went in, gosh you're huge." We trotted to the MPV waiting at the end of the alley. Lynn opened the side door and I was a little too bulky to climb in, so I sat in the side door and Lynn rolled me inside. She climbed behind the wheel, started the engine and we rolled off.

"Turn on the AC, full blast, I need to vent some of this heat." I managed to haul myself into the back

bench seat. By the time I managed to get into a

comfortable sitting position I could already feel the

cold AC slimming down my heat-expanded body. I could also feel the acceleration pushing me back into the rear bench seat, "Are we in a hurry?"

"I'd like to catch the news and get you under wraps. Even deflated from your body cooling, you're still pretty big. Big enough to attract attention, especially with your chest all," she paused to mime her hands out in Freon of her chest to indicate a large bust size, "pumped up like two balloons."

"Oh really?"

"Well I'll keep our speed down since I'm sure you couldn't get a seat belt over your chest," she grinned, "then again, it's not like you'd hit the dashboard. you're practically your own airbag."

I had lost most of the heat-induced volume so I was able to stand in the van and step into the front, squeezing my extra-padded hips past Lynn, lifting up the arm on the passenger seat, and bouncing down onto my inflated bottom. I looked down at myself, how high I was sitting in the seat and how far my extra-inflated chest stuck out. Then I waited for us to hit a red light.

"You know," I pointed out, "you're in more danger because you aren't even wearing a seat belt." Lynn looked down, then looked over at me when I tapped her on the shoulder.

She jumped a little when she turned to look at me and found my face an inch from hers.

"Boo," I said.

She grimaced, "Manda, I was only teasing. You know, having a little fun?" She looked down at her blouse, "C'mon, have a heart, I'm not really dressed to get bigger, I don't have anything stretchy on. If you blow me up I'll burst every seam and pop every button I have.!"

I relented, taking my seat again, "Well ok, you're safe, for now. though the way things have been going lately, you may want to think about keeping a costume handy."

"Me? I'm not the superheroine here? I stay with the van, I'm like, Q branch or something." She pulled the van into our dorm lot, turned off the engine and climbed out of the driver's seat to look out of each window, "The coast is pretty clear, I think we'll be good as long as we don't attract any attention."

I spun my seat to face her, "Oh good, as long as we don't attract any attention," I said sarcastically, gesturing down at myself, "I'm wearing high heeled boots and a cape with what is in effect a one-piece white swimsuit, and my bustline alone in said swimsuit happens to be inflated to like sixty inches. I can't help but attract attention genius!"

Lynn tossed me a nylon bag, "I'm glad you're finally recognizing my gifts. Put that on."

I opened the bag finding a pair of extra large grey yoga pants and a super extra large white t shirt with the Hooters logo on it.

"It's a gift from Angela. It's the largest Hooters shirt there is, she had some custom made for her, and thought we could use some too."

I pulled the shirt over my inflated chest, my ballooned breasts still making the shirt a little snug around the bust. Then I stuffed my super-sized curves into the yoga pants which stretched to my girth, but still did little to conceal that I was a super inflated girl in spandex.

"And this," Lynn said, holding up an extra large raincoat. Don't cinch the belt, just do up the buttons and let it drape on you, it should make you look a little bulkier in the middle."

It did. We managed to sneak back into our dorm rooms in plain sight. Once safely home, I ditched the coat and shirt and my boots and cape, while Lynn found the news and changed into a more comfortable workout pants and t shirt as well. We watched the news coverage of my first adventure over skim milk and Snickerdoodles.

"I look fat," I complined.

"Nah, you're just big-boned." Lynn said getting up to put the milk carton and cookies back in and on the dorm fridge. I noticed when she walked she had to keep her running pants from sliding off her hips.

"Well the camera adds ten pounds," I said defensively.

"Exactly how many cameras are on you do you think?" She asked, grinning.

"Are those the same pants I wore when we were blimped up?" Meaning when we were filled with enough helium to make us float.

"Yeah, they're a little stretched out since then. Hmm maybe I should have given them to you to wear, gah!" The last was from the surpise kiss I had planted on her.

Lynn looked down at herself, her hips were swelling up and she quickly grew wide enough that her pants wouldn't slip off of her. Along with her hips expanding, I could tell her pants were growing tighter around her as her rear ballooned up, giving her, like myself, an obviously inflated bottom.

"Oh, if I had know I was going to get so big there I would have worn either a thong or much bigger underwear. 'Manda look at me! I'm getting so big, oh I feel go gassy!" She pressed her hands into her bulging, padded curves, her thighs had plumped up and her belly was bulging with the gas hissing inside her. In moments her stomach was full and tight, and the gas spread around her, making her sides bulge and round out until her inflating torso pressed up against her arms, lifting them slightly. She raised up in her seat on the couch from the gas plumpening her bottom, until she bounced on her inflated backside like she was sitting on an air cushion.

The couch had grown a little snug for the two of us, our bloated figures rather squished, but the company felt good. Being the only inflated girl in the room was a lot like being the only person who came to a party in costume. So the solidarity of Lynn goading me into blowing her up was appreciated. Not that she didn't have her own agenda as well. As she settled back into the couch, wrapping her arms around her taut full midsection I could sense as well as see the contentment coming from her as she held onto her gassy, curvy body. It was annoyingly similar to the sense of contentment I felt as I leaned back, wrapping my arms around my bloated figure and waited for Leno's monologue to start.


"C'mon, just a little."

"No, I'm not an appliance. Besides you look fine."

Lynn pouted, "I don't want to look 'fine', I want to look 'wow'. Maybe even have someone ask for my phone number. It ain't easy getting noticed hanging out with you, y'know."

"Ok," I caved, "Come over here by the mirror."

Lynn and I stood in front of the closet mirror. First I opened the button and fly of my jeans. Then I took a little bottle of compressed air, put it to my mouth and opened the valve. I didn't need to do anything fancy with the air, so I just let it go to my middle, my belly rounding and swelling with the gas. My open jeans were pushed down at the waist by my bulging potbelly.

Then I kissed Lynn, taking the gas from my belly and pushing it into her. Her breasts filled up, her cleavage deepening in her now-tight spaghetti-strapped top. I watched over her shoulder as her bottom and hips spread out, filling up her jeans until they were skin tight on her full curves.

When I thought she was full enough and her clothes were full enough I broke the kiss to let her inspect her new figure. She wasn't obviously inflated, but she was definately stacked.

"Awesome! Perfect! C'mon let's go!"

"Hang on a sec, I'm still a little plump here," I stuffed my slightly inflated belly into my pants and buttoned them. I actually looked a little full, but not fat or anything. "We're only going out for coffee."

"Yes but its a beautiful sunny day for it, and there might be guys there and that cute cabbie might be hanging around..." she leered at me.

"Oh well," I feigned nonchalance, then took the bottle and sucked down some more air, my breasts pushed out against my top as I filled up. Again, not obviously inflated, but certainly stacked.

We trotted our enhanced figures down a few blocks off campus to the local cafe, taking seats on the patio to drink our coffee and people watch. A perfectly normal, mundane weekend afternoon, with a pair of perfectly normal, mundane (albeit well-built) college girls.

Naturally it couldn't last.

The patio railing next to our table shook as the young boy slammed into it. "Thank you! Thank you!" he was me.

I looked at Lynn, and her face had gone white, eyes wide, she whispered, "Woof."

I looked at the young boy again, it was indeed the child whose dog I had saved. It was sweet and all, but he was a little noisy about it all. Then it hit me, he knew that the slim college girl drinking an Americana was also the inflated superheroine. We watched the boy's parents catch up with him.

"It figures," Lynn muttered, "The only person who wouldn't have been looking at a 60 inch bust is a nine year old. We may have to kill him."

The parents were naturally apologetic, explaining the ordeal of the fire and Cookie's rescue. They weren't sure why little Timmy though I was the superheroine, because in their words, "You obviously aren't nearly big enough to be the superhero, why you'd have to blow yourself up to two or three times your size." So the parents managed to seperate Timmy from the railing while I was able to give him a wink and mouth, "You're welcome," without anyone noticing.

Watching the family walk away, Lynn asked, "Well hero, does that brighten your day?"

I smiled, "As a matter of fact, yes, it does."

"Good then you're ready for this," Lynn nodded towards another table at the cafe, just a few yards from us, where in sweats, sneakers and an Ipod, the lady detective that had got in my way at the fire was nursing a smoothie and a magazine, but both were momentarily forgotten as she stared at us. Me. When she noticed me noticing her, she smiled and raised her smoothie. I smiled back, without humor and returned the gesture with my coffee. Oh, Pooh.

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