Airtankgirl: The Amazing Expandra

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The rabbit blinked under the stage lighting, watching his pet person perform her stupid human tricks.

"Abra haberdashery,"  The Amazing Enchantra passes a hand in front of the rabbits face and to all appearances pulled a black wand from the rabbit's mouth.  She displayed it before the audience, giving it a quick twirl with her fingers and balanced the wand upright and spinning on her palm.  Then she closed her fingers around it and stopped it's motion, then slowly turned her hand to show the "wand" had become a flat black disc.  Then the magicienne raised the disc to the audience and gave it a sharp shake, so that with a 'POP' it became a black top hat which she perched on her honey-coloured hair, and secured it with a pat.

"Anyone can pull a rabbit out of a hat, but how often do you see it the other way around?" she asked the audience who rewarded her with applause.

The Amazing Enchantra was really at the top of her game, she loved being a stage magician at the best of times, but she was impressed with the connection she had with this audience and the air around her felt dynamic and charged with showmanship.

In the back of the bar a small bright flash of like as a patron fired a match.

Enchantra peered back at him, "Excuse me sir, this is a smoke free facility," she said and pursed her lips and blew a short sharp breath at him exactly as if she were going to blow out the match, from forty feet away.

The match went out.

"Huh that was lucky," a patron in the front remarked.

"Luck?" Enchantra exclaimed, "Who needs luck when one is a mistress of the Arts Arcane.  Allow me a further demonstration of my power."  She pulled a balloon out of the cummerbund around her slim waist, stretched it a few times, then held it up, puckered up and blew at the balloon held at arm's length from her face.  And nothing at all happened.  

The audience laughed easily, a few well staged failures often yielded greater applause.  Enchantra pretended to examine the balloon, then snapped her fingers, "Magic words, I need magic words."  She waved a hand at the balloon, fluttering her fingers, "Kamal Nachrach," she intoned, then blew again.

This time the balloon twitched, then started to fill and expand, the air somehow going from her lips directly into the balloon.  The sphere of rubber in her palm grew and grew.  It was a silly campy trick, used as interactive filler between her larger demonstrations, and if she had had any idea that she had actually inadvertently tapped into true magical power, she would have stopped at once.  As it so happened, the decision wasn't hers to make.  

At the back of the room the bartender opened a fresh bottle of average sparkling wine.  The 'POP' of the cork broke Enchantra's concentration for a moment, and all the air rushed out of the balloon.  This failure got the expected round of giggles from the crowd.

Enchantra wasn't smiling though.  Her pretty face was frowning in confusion.  She wasn't sure what was happening, but she was pretty sure it wasn't good.

The truth of the matter was that Enchantra was in fact an excellent stage magician.  She was skilled, clever, witty and very, very attractive. Her long slender legs were displayed to great advantage in black high heels and fishnet stockings.  Shiny black hi-cut stretch satin briefs and a loose white silk blouse, that managed to conceal and accentuate her ample bust line.  A black top hat and a back silk cummerbund around her trim waist accessorized the costume.

In fact it was that same cummerbund that was currently the reason for Enchantra's frown, because she was absolutely certain that it had become...tighter.  She placed both hands to her flat stomach only to find it not so flat anymore, her black briefs were bulging around her middle.

Looking down at herself she could see that somehow, someway, she was getting bigger!  The stretch satin of her costume was earning its name as her belly bulged, and swelled, her slender figure becoming fatter and fatter her cummerbund burst off of her bloating waistline with a soft 'pop'.  She could feel the material shift around her as her hips and rear inflated, spreading wide and round.  Her thighs plumped up, stretching the fishnet stockings.  Her growing body forced her to shift her stance to accommodate her new girth.  Enchantra ran her hands over her swelling figure, pushing in against her plush but firm curves.  She was  blowing up like a balloon!

That was it! Somehow the air she had managed to put into the 'magic' balloon was blowing back on her, making her blimp up.

She felt a shift in her bra as it tightened around her.  The air filling her had risen to her chest and her already substantial bust line was expanding, the cup sizes she was gaining drew her blouse tight across her inflating chest, and pulled at the gaps between buttons.  She was afraid she was going to explode!

Then it stopped.

Enchantra was certain she wasn't getting any bigger, she discovered when one if being inflated, one is perfectly exactly how inflated one is getting.

"Well," she said softly to herself, relieved, "At least I'm not going to burst. Ohhh, even if I look and feel like I am."  She ran her hands gingerly over her newly-inflated figure.  "I can't believe how fat I've gotten.  God, I'm a blimp!"  Then she became aware of a new pressure, not the pressure of the gas bloating her body, but the pressure of dozens of eyes on her.  The audience. Horrified, she raised her eyes from her bulging curves to meet the eyes of the audience, who quite naturally were initially surprised, then amused.

"She's huge."

"That was different."

"She's so fat!"

"I think she's sexy."

"She looks like she's going to pop!"

"She looks like she's going to float away!"

"Her next trick will be seeing past that big belly to take off her shoes."

"Talk about a big trick."

While definitely surprised, Enchantra wasn't nearly as amused about her new shape.  And it was only a matter of moments before the inevitable happened.  The audience laughed.  They erupted into howls of delight, their eyes tearing up, slapping the table.  It was too much for the poor bloated Enchantra.  While their glee built and built, inside her was a pressure just as tangible as the gas pumped into her.  Rage.

If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, it must be based on volume, because the fury that gripped her far surpassed any previous anger she had ever felt.  In fact, it surpassed the sum of all the anger she had ever felt.

"Stop it, somebody help me, I'm all blown up!"

No effect.     

"Stop it, it's not funny, I don't know what's happened to me!"

Unnoticed in the gales of laughter.

"STOP IT!" she shrieked.  Somewhere in her, something went 'click'.  Enchantra gestured at a laughing woman...

...who dropped face down on the table as if someone had turned her off like a light switch.

Meanwhile, Enchantra feels her body expand slightly.

The unconscious woman's table mates stared at her for a moment, then, as Enchantra pointed at each of them, they also dropped in their tracks, collapsing over each other.  Her body blimped up a little more.  In a flash of insight Enchantra realized that she could forcibly yank all the air out of a person's lungs, stunning them into instant unconsciousness.  However, the breath she stole got pumped into her already distended figure.  The inflated magicienne smiled a grim smile, made even more menacing on her pretty features.  She waved her arms to encompass the entire room, patrons dropping silent and unconscious as her gesture and will covered them.

With the room silent Enchantra put her hands against her bulging waistline as the air from a few dozen pairs of lungs filled her.  The buttons of her blouse across her over-inflated breasts popped off, exposing her over-stuffed bra.  In the new silence Enchantra concentrated on assimilating the new pressure within her.  Her body swelled several inches around, then stopped.

"Well," she said to herself patting her ballooned figure, "I'm definitely even bigger than before, but I can still manage my body even extra inflated like this.  I wonder how big I can get?  I hope I can somehow deflate."  She scooped her rabbit off the pedestal he occupied during her performance, and carefully considering her extra girth, made her way off the stage onto the floor of the club.

"Well, as far as being a magicienne I'm probably out of a job, so...."  She grabbed a table cloth and easily jerked it free from under the table setting and proceeded to pick every wallet, watch, jewel and purse from the unconscious patrons.  She was emptying the till when she noticed the rabbit staring past her.

Enchantra turned to see one of the waitresses, who had apparently been in the back, staring at her.

"Wow," the young waitress breathed, "You got so fat."

Big mistake.  Enchantra dropped her loot bag and gestured with both hands at the waitress who put her hands to her waist as she started to swell with the air Enchantra was pushing into her.  The waistband of her miniskirt couldn't hold her inflating belly in for very long, and in a moment she had burst out of the miniskirt, her expanding waist, hips, belly and butt bloating up and filling out her panties.  Then over filling them as her inflated rear plumped out around the seat of her panties making them into an inadvertent thong.  Likewise her breasts ballooned up hugely, drawing her t-shirt tight and short over her expanded bust line, the bottom hem of the t-shirt not even coming to the bottom of her inflated breasts.  The girl's arms and legs filled up as well, rounding softly with her inflation.  Shocked at her new proportions, the waitress fell over in an inflated daze mumbling to herself, "I'm so big and fat...I've blown up like a balloon."

Enchantra smiled her grim smile once more, bent over to pick up her loot bag and the smile turned to one of delight.  She was back to normal, her figure had deflated!  She must have pushed all of the air filling her into that waitress.  Enchantra looked over her slim legs and trim figure once more and placed a hand on her trim waist and once-again flat belly and sighed with relief.  She arranged her popped-open blouse over her chest, picked up her loot bag and scooped up her rabbit.

"C'mon Gandalf, we're outta here."


That evening the rabbit and his young pet magicienne looked over the pile of cash and bling on the kitchen table in her modest apartment.  Not that show biz didn't pay well, she made a pretty good living, but the profit margin on crime was a bit broader.

The Amazing Enchantra stood up and walked into her bedroom, where she stared at her reflection in the mirrored closet doors.  Still in costume, which displayed her figure to excellent advantage, she stood, hands on hips, then turned around to look at her shapely bottom in the mirror.  She stood in profile, hands on her belly, which she then stuck out as far as she could then relaxed, stared at the reflection of her waist and then at her own eyes.  She sighed.

Making a decision, she pursed her lips and blew her cheeks out just as if she were inflating a balloon that wasn't there.  The magic worked perfectly.  Once again her figure bulged and swelled with air, her slender form becoming full and fat.  When her bloated body was stretching out her costume sufficiently to cause the straining material to groan from the pressure of holding her body in and the seams had started to creak as the inches of her curves grew and grew.  Once again fully inflated, she looked at her wide reflection.  The pile of loot on her table was a great return at the expense of her figure.  

"Ooof, I think I'm even bigger than when I blew up that waitress.  I may have overdone it a bit."  She waddled back into the kitchen, her wide inflated hips brushing the edges of the doorway.  She sat, a little awkwardly at the kitchen table again, higher in her seat from her inflated bottom, and full curve of her bloated abdomen pushed her farther from the table.  

She looked at the rabbit, "What do you think?"

Gandalf the rabbit hopped across the table to her.

She petted the rabbit with one hand while patting her bloated tummy with the other, "You love me even when I'm fat.  Partner, I think the world has seen the last of the Amazing Enchantra, let's see how they deal with Expandra!"


"...White female, blown up like a balloon..."  the police scanner squawked.

Lynn rolled out of bed, snatching up a pen and writing the details of the incident on her palm, then padded over on bare feet to my bed.  Padded was a more than apt term.  Lynn was dressed for bed, which was to say a short shirt and stretch satin panties.  We had both taken to wearing loose or very stretchy garments, especially underwear.  

Lynn's underwear was in fact doing some stretching as her belly bulged up in her panties, and I knew her curves were bulging out of the back of the panties as well.  She was still a little inflated, her body wasn't as fat as we had sometimes become, but she was obviously plump, and just as obviously inflated.

I actually knew all this before she even got up, because as I lay snug in my bed, I was still very very conscious of how snug the waistband of my silk jammies were around my own bloated midsection, and the extra tightness of my jammie shirt around my inflated breasts.

"C'mon hero," she said, shaking me fully awake.  "Some girl has managed to get, quote, 'blown up like a balloon.' If that isn't our kind of caper, I don't know what is."

I sighed rolling myself out of bed, "I'd better get changed."

Changed meant my costume.  Now that I was a super heroine, I had to have a costume.  Lynn helped me work out a few bugs, like the hidden airtanks in the belt under the black cape.  Otherwise the rest of the costume was sleeved white spandex tights with tall black boots and now a new black mask, with a built in radio courtesy of Lynn, to protect my secret identity.

Of course wearing something so skimpy and snug advertised every extra inch I was carrying.  My belly bulged out, drawing my belt tight around me my hips and butt were wide and round and I was very self conscious about the amount of inflated cleavage stuffed into the straining top of my costume.

Looking at myself geared up, I thought once again how silly I looked dressed like this and my figure all pumped up.  At the same time I thought, "Damn I look good.  I look like a super heroine!"

I looked over at Lynn who was stuffing her own inflated figure into some Lycra bike shorts to match the sports bra she had managed to get on over her over-inflated breasts.

"What are you doing?"

"Coming with you, what does it look like?  Oh don't start with me again.  We're a crime fighting duo,    I'm like your Control, I help you figure out problems."

"You don't have any superpowers."

She set her jaw stubbornly and put her hands on her wide inflated hips and glared at me until I caved.

"Fine," I said, opening the window of our dorm room.  We were on the top floor, but rather than it opening over empty space, our window opened up onto the roof of the adjoining wing.  I carefully maneuvered my bulging figure out the window, then turned back to Lynn, "hang on a sec," and I dropped the hose off my mask into my mouth and opened the valve on one of my airtanks.

The pressurized air pumped into me.  I had the valve wide open so I grew quickly.  My belly blew up inside my costume and my breasts got so full I almost blew out of my costume.  The gas filling me rounded hips, waist and sides into one big swelling curve making my arms lift up as they also plumped up full of gas.

"Airtankgirl, what is it, why do you need to get so big?  Is there a threat?"

 I wasn't done yet.  My thighs were getting thicker while my whole figure bloated with gas.  My fattening legs and belly forced me to widen my stance and I knew I'd be waddling if I was walking anywhere.  I closed the valve, letting my arms rest on my bulging round sides.

"Whew, I feel stuffed."

"I should say so Airtankgirl, you look like a blimp!  Why do you need to be that big this early?"

I leaned towards Lynn through the open window.  My round arms grabbed her and too late she saw my plan.  By then I already had her and it was too late.  I kissed her on the mouth, stepped back and held the window shut.

Through the window I saw the shock on Lynn's pretty face.  This time the first thing on her to inflate was her breasts.  Her chest ballooned up, her cleavage pushing up under her chin as her bust line expanded, making the sports bra creak and bulge roundly with her increasing volume.  Then her hips and butt plumped up, pushing out against the tight Lycra bike shorts, followed shortly by her belly growing.  Her already plump figure grew wide and round, her clothes creaked and strained to contain all of her growing curves, soon she had grown big enough that she was having trouble standing and she was certainly blown up enough that she wouldn't be able to fit through the window and follow me.

"I'm sorry hon, but I couldn't bear it if you were hurt."

Lynn was trying to push her inflated bosom down enough to see me, "You fink!  Look at me!"

"Oh you like being blown up anyway, you aren't that angry.  I'll be back in a jiff."  I ran as fast as I could for the edge of the roof and leaped into the air, the super strength in my very pumped up thighs propelling me up into the night sky.


A dozen super-hops and I managed the few blocks between the campus and the hospital where the police bulletin indicated they were bringing their inflated victim.  I landed easily and lightly, even in heels, and strode up to to nurse's station.  

The nurse on duty took one look at me and pointed down the hall, "Room 101."

I followed her directions to 101 where there was an officer stationed outside the door.  He caught a glimpse of my inflated body strolling towards him and pushed the door open and called inside to the room, "Sergeant?"

I was met at the door by the same lady detective I had tussled with at the apartment fire.  Swell.

"Hmmph, I'm not sure if this good or bad," she said, eying me, "But it's not like I have any better ideas," she swung to door fully open to admit me into the hospital room. Then followed me in, closing the door behind us.

Filling the bed before us was a pretty young lady dressed only in a small t-shirt and some very small striped panties.  This little clothing looked small because of size of the girl herself.  One look at her and I could tell she was definitely inflated.  Her whole body had become bloated while her figure was dominated by her hugely inflated belly.  The detective watched me as I gently touched the girl's inflated stomach, testing it's resilience, pressure and finally putting my ear to her waist, listening.

"Any thoughts?"  The detective sergeant asked.

"Well, I can tell you she is definitely inflated, probably with common air, nothing exotic like helium or such.  I assume she hasn't gained any weight, just girth?"


"Care to tell me where you found her?"

She stared at me for a moment, "Listen Fatgirl..."

"Airtankgirl," I snapped, bristling.

"Fine, Airtankgirl.  I'm Detective Lise Frey. I'm half-tempted to run you in for questioning on this. I don't really understand what's going on with you or her, but I'd like some answers."

"All I can tell you right now is that she's definitely been inflated, what I want to know is what were the circumstances surrounding her."

Making a decision within herself the lady detective narrated the scene found early this morning of the roomful of unconscious, robbed people at the equally robbed magic club, and this one inflated girl.

As if on cue, the victim opened her eyes, and looked around, then down at herself, gently touching her new body with curious hands.

I looked down at her, "Hiya, how are you feeling?"

She looked up at me, "I feel...really big and sorta bloated."

"Are you in any pain?"

As she shook her head the lady detective whispered to me, "They gave her a sedative to calm her."

"It doesn't hurt or anything, I just feel so strange, I've never been inflated before,"  she gently touched her full round belly.

I patted my own bulging midsection, my stomach sounding hollow, "It's not so bad some of the time," I said smiling in what I hoped was a reassuring manner.  "In fact a few more of us and we might have a new fashion trend."

"I think I'm probably out of a job though.  Probably not much call for inflated waitresses."

"Your job is the last thing you should be worried about.  Just relax and we'll figure out a way to deflate you." I gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and stepped into the hall with the detective.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well, she is definitely inflated, I don't know how or who blew her up like that, I suspect there are no ill effects-"

"Other than being pumped up like a parade float."

"-or if the effect is permanent."

"Which if it is, will make her life difficult,"  she looked at me, "So are you permanently bloated?  I mean I know you expanded, but do you ever totally deflate?"

"I'm not sure," I answered truthfully.  I actually couldn't remember not being inflated in some way since I got this wacky power.

Frey's radio chirped for her attention, she pulled it from under her jacket, listened to the stream of jargon and codes coming from it, then replaced it.  "You'll have to excuse me, we've lost contact with a cruiser, its just down the block, and I'm the closest officer.  I'm going to check it out."

"What was that cruiser doing before you lost contact?"

Frey was already striding down the hall, "Vandalism at 83rd and Randall."

I happened to know that that corner had a Cartier's, "I'm coming with you," I called, trotting awkwardly after her.  Oh I was still pretty big, it was hard to run.

Outside the hospital Frey turned to me and said, "With all due respect Fatgirl-"

"Airtankgirl!" I snapped back.

"I don't think you'd fit in my car," she said coolly.

I put my hands on my wide hips, "Fine, you can meet me there then," and with a flex of my mighty pneumatic legs, I soared through the pre-dawn air.


It only took two hops to reach the corner in question.  I landed lightly in the middle of the deserted street and spotted the patrol car in front of the jeweler's.  I waddled quickly over to the slumped form of the cop at the driver seat.  He was unconscious without a mark on him that I could see, though oddly, every window of the car was blown in.

Then I straightened and turned my attention to the store.  One of the glass doors was shattered and I could tell even from here that the window displays had been looted.  A few steps closer and I became aware of someone moving around the inside of the store.  I dashed less than gracefully to the edge of the door.  I wished I was a little slimmer, I felt being this full really robbed me of my agility.  Besides, I was going to have to rip off the other door in order to fit through into the store.

Then suddenly I felt as if all the air in my lungs had been suddenly sucked out of me.  The shock and the oxygen starvation stunned me a little, and my legs gave out from beneath me and I fell to the ground. I wasn't actually unconscious, but I was pretty dazed.

"Who...?" I felt a toe push me over and roll me onto my back, the full shiny white dome of my bloated stomach rolling upright.  I heard a low, throaty laugh.

"Wow, and I thought I was fat, you're a blimp!  I had no idea there was a inflated super heroine!  Heh, and in spandex no less.  Sorry dear, but that outfit makes you look a little hippy."

The first thing I could focus on was the pair of  long legs, in fishnet stockings, but even in my dazed state I could see what were supposed to be shapely calves and thighs were a good deal more plump than they were supposed to be, the fishnets were gaping over her expanded thighs.  Above that was an impressively round and fat belly stuffed into some shiny black hi-cuts.  I couldn't really see much more over the new woman's obviously inflated waistline.

"I'm new, I'm Airtankgirl." I muttered, trying to roll my bulky body over onto a side.

"And you're still conscious, impossible, my vacuum blast should have robbed you of all the air in your lungs, rendering you as unconscious as that cop over there," she gestured over to the patrol car.

"In case you hadn't noticed, I have a lot of extra air."

The villianess stopped my attempt to roll over by planting a high-heeled shoe on my full waist, pressing down on my gassy belly, "So I see," I felt the same sucking sensation as she hit me again with her vacuum attack.

Above me, Expandra's belly swelled slightly, her briefs creaking as she expanded from the air she robbed from me.  Meanwhile I could feel the difference a few inches lost from my waistline from her attacks.  I played possum, until she strode off, her high heels clicking loudly on the empty street.  Then I rolled to my feet and charged her from the rear, her rear wide and bulging with the full roundness of her plump and inflated bottom.

Expandra must have heard me coming, for she stopped and half turned to face me, pivoting on one extra curved hip.  Luckily this maneuver didn't make her any less wide of a target, and her sexy half-turn, had her off-balance, so I barreled into her like a freight train.  OK, more like a hippity hop, but it still knocked her high in the air and across the street where she slammed into a building and slumped to sitting position.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about," I said grinning.

Expandra grunted as she tried to sit up enough to see over her stomach, "Oh! That hurt!  If I hadn't been pumped up that might have really injured me!"

"You just wait Miss Thing, the next one will." I said stalking towards her.  She vacuumed my lungs again, making me stagger, and again making me drop gracelessly to one knee.  Every attack was slimming me down, I could now be bent over one knee, and while I was loosing strength as well as girth, I was still plenty blown up to handle her.

From her collapsed position at the base of the building, Expandra pressed her hands against her waistline as she bloated and swelled with the air she was stealing from me.  As she struggled upright I could see her waist and hips loosing definition as her torso rounded.  I had only gotten both feet under me when she hit me again.  She was growing so much her white blouse was gaping around the buttons over her breasts as they pumped up like balloons.

"Hey Expandra, your eyes look as wide as your hips!"  And they did too, I had a feeling she was pulling more air than she usually did, she looked a little worried at the state of her figure.  All I needed to do was have more air in me than she could hold.  But I was a little worried about that.  At the start of the fight I was substantially larger than she was, but after her attacks, we were pretty evenly sized.


Naturally it was Detective Frey, standing there in a Weaver combat shooting stance, pistol in hand, looking all action-girl in sleek grey slacks and having shed her jacket for the mobility of just the tight green stretch top she wore beneath it.

Naturally I stopped.

Naturally Expandra didn't.  Staring down the barrel of Frey's Sig, she reacted, pushing both hands at the policewoman.

Detective Frey's slim backside bulged up in her sleek slacks, plumping out her rear and drawing her slacks snug across her expanding bottom and hips.  Understandably Frey dropped her pistol and dropped both hands to her widening hips.  Eyes big, she asked, "What's happening to me, I...I'm spreading out!"

I couldn't do anything as Frey's chest swelled up like balloons, her rapidly growing breasts bulged up and overfilled her bra, stretching out her top.  She looked like a...well to be honest she looked like a superheroine, all pumped up hips and bust.  Her hugely exaggerated hourglass figure was definitely all out of proportion to her slim, athletic body, and it was just as definitely inflated.  Not only could no normal person ever hope to achieve curves like that but they had the signature roundness and bounce of the inflated anatomy.  She moved her hands up to her over-inflated breasts and was alternatively squeezing and pressing down on herself, as if to push out the air filling her up.

Then Frey dropped her hands to her waist and looked down at herself, unable to see her body below her huge chest.  But her hands confirmed what her clothes were telling her, her slacks were getting tighter in the front as her once flat belly, now bulged out, bloating up with air.  Her inflating belly surged forward, bursting buttons and seams, pushing her plump round thighs apart as she tottered with the new center of balance that her bloated body was giving her.

I watched Expandra laugh at her plight as the policewoman's trim figure swelled with air, buttons and seams splitting as her curves developed, then overdeveloped.  In a few moments, Frey was an inflated caricature of herself, her figure all blown up out of proportion, her neat action-girl look burst open by her  expanding body.  I also watched with great interest as Expandra's figure returned to what I assumed was her normal shapeliness, slender but curvy.  Her blouse stopped gaping between buttons and returned to it's loose fit.  Likewise, her air-filled body stretching out her black hi-cut briefs and the fishnet stockings deflated, the material of her costume, creaking but this time with relief as her internal pressure lessened.

She looked down at her deflated body, "Hello feet," she said, obviously happy to be back to her slim self again.

I leaped into the air, landing right in front of her, knocking her once again on her rear, though this time it was a lot less well-padded, "Remember me?"

She was agile and quick, I'll give her that.  Once upright she vaulted right over my head, somersaulted-

-And I smacked her into a graceless lump.  I may be a little clumsy when inflated, but I was a lot smaller than when I started this fight, and there was nothing wrong with my reflexes and I certainly didn't lack for strength.

"Ow," Expandra said from the ground.  Realizing her lithe, deflated figure lacked the power to defeat me, she hit me with an other vacuum attack.  I staggered again, and her body began to swell, filling up the magicienne's costume once more.  But it took her too long to charge up.  I allowed my stagger to turn into a fall, and I fell, belly-first right on top of her. Once I was certain she wasn't moving I rolled off her, yup, out cold.

"Nice move," the inflated Detective Frey said, moving over to me with the careful waddle and awareness of her new girth of the recently inflated.

"Thanks.  How are you?"

Frey looked down at herself, "Well, it's weird.  I've never been..."


"Thank you, yes, inflated.  I guess I'll have to accept that.  I've never been inflated before.  I feel so...big," she said, patting her large round stomach.

"I smiled sympathetically, "You are big.  But you'll get used to it."

"No offense, but I'm sorta hoping I won't have to. It will make things a little awkward when I'm seeing my boyfriend, oh I hope he can live with this.  Oh God, my Mother, what's she going to say when she sees me like this?"

"Look at the bright side, you probably don't have anything that fits, so you'll need to do a lot of shopping.  Soon."

Frey looked down at herself again, her over- inflated figure bulging in nothing but her top and some stretched full and surprisingly lacy panties.  Then she looked up at the sound of sirens in the distance, "You probably better scram, I'll take care of the administrative details.  But you did good here, thanks," she said, extending her hand.

The pair of us were almost too big in the belly for our hands to meet, but we managed.  Then I bent down and launched myself into the lightening sky.  I dropped lightly to a roof top and looked back at small (But still large in comparison) figure of Detective Frey directing the crime scene.  For all her bravery during the fight with Expandra, what impressed me the most was the poise and calm with which she directed her crime scene, orders given by her were obeyed immediately by her officers, without them giving a pause or anything more than a brief glance at the bloated policewoman in her underwear.  That was command.


I hopped back to the dorm, landing on the roof in front of my window.  The lights were on, and I could see Lynn inside.  That wasn't a good sign.  Even worse I could easily tell from here exactly how angry she was with me.  Furious really fit her mood better.  I made a decision, and opened the window.  Luckily I was just small enough to be able to squeeze through the window, though it got a little tight at my hips, and I managed to fall into the dorm room in an inflated lump.

I could feel Lynn's glare on me as I righted myself.  She opened her mouth to speak and I sprung forward, clapping my hand over her lips, both of our inflated bellied colliding with a hollow 'BUUUM'.

""Lynn hon, before you give me the ass-chewing that I so very much deserve, let me say that I made a mistake.  We are a team, I can't do this alone, I thought I could, and I probably would have failed tonight if it hadn't been for the actions of someone helping me.  And that someone should have been you, there's no one else I'd rather have backing me up in a fight than my very very best friend, and I'm so sorry I bushwhacked you, and I understand if you want nothing else to do with me or this wacky life I've got now."

I took my hand from her mouth.

Lynn opened and closed her mouth several times, deciding what to say.  Then she made her decision, "All I was going to ask was when I deflate some can I borrow your last year's Prada shoes?"

"No,"  I watched her frown, "They aren't last years."  

She grinned, "And yes you do deserve an ass chewing of titanic proportions, and conveniently your butt is currently of titanic proportion, but luckily for you, you have more butt than I do teeth.  But, fail me again and I shall not be so forgiving,"  She said the last in a deep voice, making mechanical breathing noises.

I grinned back, "Yes Lord Vader, shall I roll you into bed?"

"Yes, please."




I landed on the roof of City Hall.  I was pumped up enough to hyper-accentuate my figure, all the gas in me was going to my hips, legs and rear and my chest, straining my costume.  This allowed me a good balance of maneuverability and power.  I opened my left arm and let Lynn drop to the roof.

Lynn was inflated in a similar shape as I was, top- and bottom-heavy.  The gas filling her didn't convey and super strength, but she did gain a measure of invulnerability.  She had also gained a costume, hers was sorta like a negative of mine.  A black one-piece with white tights, cape, boots, mask and utility belt.  Like myself, her inflated curves bulged and strained at her costume.

Detective Lise Frey stood next to the helium tank that had inflated the 12 foot wide white weather balloon that now floated and bobbed from its tether.  Lise's body still showed the ample signs of her battle with Expandra last week.  She had shopped for her new size, so her large inflated breasts pushed out past her jacket in a clingy camisole.  Her hips and bottom, quite full and wide made her plus-sized wool trousers snug around her, while her air-fattened belly bulged in the front of her pants, and bulged up over the waistband, her extra girth covered by the large, tight camisole.

She raised an eyebrow, "There's two of you?"

Lynn stepped forward, "I'm her sidekick...Bubbles!"

Frey looked at her, "Bubbles?"

I looked at her, "Bubbles?"

"Go with it," Lynn said sotto voce.

"Cute," I said to Frey, nodding at the tank and balloon.

"Well there wasn't a Bat-signal in the budget."

"You're looking...well," I tried.

Frey snorted, "I look like something on a truckers mudflap.  I've started carrying a high cap nine because my breasts are so large I can't reload. My breasts are also too large for me to shoot in Weaver, so I'm having to retrain in a new stance."

"I'm sorry to hear it."

"My boyfriend doesn't seem to mind though, Even though I'm super busty, I'm so light that I don't need a bra, which is good because I doubt I could find one in my size anyway.  But my Mom can't resist making me salads when I visit her.  I'm mostly on desk duty until I deflate."

"Is that going to happen?" Bubbles asked.

"Well Expandra's other victim, the waitress and I have both lost about two inches.  At this rate we might be back to normal in a month or two."

We were lucky, I thought, it only took us a few days to completely deflate.  I'd had to pump up just to answer this call.

"Well, I'm glad you're coping."

"It's not so bad after all actually, I mean I know I'm bloated with all this air, but it's not life ending.  While I never am not totally aware of how full my body has become, sometimes I find myself just not as concerned about it.  You think I'm getting used to it?"

"Sounds like it," Bubbles said, smiling sympathetically at her.

"God I hope not,"  Lise said rolling her eyes and clutching her big round belly.  "But I didn't call you up here to discuss my super-sized figure, I wanted to tell you that Expandra escaped."

"What! How?"

"Well we had her in plastic restraints and it looks as if she or something else managed to chew through the cuffs.  She stunned her guards, and strolled out.  I'm sorry Airtankgirl, but we're a local police department, we aren't really equipped to deal with supervillains. Think of it as job security."

"Swell,"  I muttered.

"We probably will," added Bubbles.

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