Airtankgirl: The Inflatress

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Laetitia had a wonderful life.  The coastal resort they were shooting the swimsuit section of the catalog was heavenly.  Clear water, clearer skies, warm sun and clean sand.  The supermodel backstroked towards the beach, her slim arms and shapely but powerful legs driving her through the water.  Still many yards out she rolled over onto her flat stomach and began to stroke for home when something below her in the water caught her eye.  No expert in tropical marine life, she was certain that there wasn't normally anything that glowed bright green in these waters.

Sucking in a lungful of air she dove down through the surf, making the few yards between her and the bottom with no effects from the pressure.  Laetitia had always been a great swimmer, handled pressure well and her eyes weren't too bothered by salt water so she could see around her.  She drifted down to kneel on the sandy bottom to get a better look at the funny glowing fish.  It was rather squat and spiky, not cuddly but still kinda cute.  But the remarkable thing was that the little guy was actually glowing!  She'd seen fish that had luminescence, but this was different.  Laetitia stayed down to watch the funny fish until she began to feel the demands of her lungs.  Just as she was ready to push off for the surface, she felt a little tingly pain in her finger...the fish had nipped at her.  She pressed her thumb over the tiny wound...and was then surprised to find her need for oxygen was gone!  A moment ago she was out of air, and now she felt as if she had just come down.  How strange.  She knelt there in the sand, under ten feet of water looking around her, marveling in her apparent new lung capacity.  She wasn't going to be an angel anymore, she could be a mermaid.

Then Laetitia became aware of a change in the fit of her halter top, it seemed as if it was somehow tighter.  She tugged on it to settle it over her breasts better, when she felt herself float to her feet.  She hadn't pushed off, she looked down at herself and her now ill-fitting halter top and blew out a surprised stream of bubbles. Her top was unchanged, it was her breasts that had gotten bigger!  Her already ample bust line was swelling, filling up the cups of her bikini.  Her breasts seemed to somehow be inflating, and their extra buoyancy was pulling her up to the surface.  Moments later she broke the surface, her arms wrapped over her expanding breasts.

"Oh my God, my chest!  I...I'm blowing up!  I've got to reach the shore!"  she started swimming, feeling a strange tingling all over her body.  She paused in her swimming for a moment to drop her hands below the water to her shapely bottom, feeling the bikini bottoms grow tighter and her rear plump and spread out.  The extra buoyancy of her bottom pulled it up behind her until her butt broke the surface.  Whatever she was filling up with was at least in no danger of drowning her, she felt full and light, as if she were being inflated like a pool toy.  It wasn't just her rear plumping up either, she could feel her thighs pressing together as she swam, and her arms felt puffy too.

Laetitia sighed with relief as she reached the shore.  Her body had become so full of gas that she couldn't put her feet down to the sand beneath her, rather she Had to paddle until she could reach the beach at a crawl.  Her crawl was even more awkward as she climbed to her feet she noticed that her stomach was now filling with gas as well and was bulging out of her bikini bottoms.

"Ooof, I'm getting so bloated with all this gas, I look like a blimp!  My figure, my career, ruined!"  She tried to run off towards her rented beach condo but soon found that her figure was too bloated for her to run easily.  Laetitia's inflated legs were too full to allow her move her legs easily past one another, she'd discovered that her newly inflated breasts were so large that she bounced with every step, she needed to use one arm to hold her inflated bust line down.  While her bulging stomach gave her an obvious waddle.  Running was out of the question, but she clumsily made her way home as fast as her new shape allowed.

"Uhhh so much gas...I'm already over-stuffing my bikini, it can't hold out much longer.  I need to get home before I burst!"

Dear Ms Casa,

Thank you for your portfolio submission.  While we don't feel you have the shape for our lingerie line, we would like you to consider modeling our plus-sized and maternity swimwear.

Dear Ms Casa,

Thank you for your audition, and while we commend you on having slimmed down from your last recorded measurements, we feel that your proportions are currently too voluptuous to contest with current fashion sizes or compete with current model sizes.

Laetitia stood staring at herself in front of a mirror.  Her figure had been reshaped since her blowup in the surf.  Her waist and tummy still bulged substantially.  Her hips, bottom and bust were still extra large and extra curvy, stuffed with gas, as was most of the rest of her.  On her hyper-hourglass figure, the gas plumping and softening her legs, arms and middle wasn't as noticeable, but she was obviously inflated like a Romanesque cartoonish parody of her former svelte supermodel self.

"I'll show them, I'll get my life back...Or take theirs."

It was definitely a weird semester.  Me becoming an honest to god super-heroine was totally freaky, but being an inflatable super-heroine often totally dazzled me.  I mean there was, and still is in many ways, a learning curve.  I'm still surprising myself with some of the things that I can do.  I am sorta really enjoying some of this heroine business, buildings burning, cats in trees, muggings, what Lynn calls 'civic heroism'.  But I have to say that in a life of near-constant surprise, I was stunned to actually run across an inflatable supervillianess.  It changed my perspective, for certain.  Civic heroism is like running a race against a clock.  Fighting another super-powered person is like running a race against someone.  There's someone out there who actively wishes me harm.  I really don't like that thought, but I think I have the powers to deal with it.  In an attempt to deal with it we had come up with a solution:  A holiday.  A few days of rest and relaxation on a nice warm beach to work on my tan.  Great idea!

As we walked to our terminal I was once again aware that we couldn't be any more of a mismatched pair.  Lynn, short and blond, was wearing a Grey tank top and cutoff jeans and sandals with a gym bag over her shoulder.  I was normally about six inches taller than her, but I happened to have on heels so I towered over her.  My ensemble for the afternoon was these shamefully snug Lycra pants with the zipper hidden in the back so they were very sleek, and a clingy short sleeved black top with big dark sunglasses and a Gucci (real) tote bag.  Remember when I started all this I mentioned my vanity?  

Lynn snickered, "I've been running some numbers and I'd say about one out of three guys is staring at you.  You look like a supermodel trying to be undercover.  Or a playmate."

Well of course I cheated.  I happen to like to dress expensively, I also happened to be a very good-looking young woman.  I also happened to be inflatable.  After dressing, I had inflated my hips a few inches and padded out my rear a bit, making my figure a little curvier and rounder, while adding a little bounce and wiggle as well.  Not wanting to be bottom-heavy I also happened to pump my breasts up an inch or three, and an accidental cup size.  I was pretty well stacked, and a knockout.  Yay me.

"I'm not complaining," Lynn continued, "I just think its interesting that the woman who never wanted her inflatable powers is now using them for cosmetic purposes."

"With great power comes great vanity.  Besides don't pretend you aren't going to want me to blow you up some once you get into a bikini and hit the beach?"

"Wow," she murmured, "I hadn't thought of that."

We made our boarding exactly on time and as I swayed down the aisle of the plane I could feel my wider hips brushing against the seats I passed.  Behind me, Lynn was grinning at the hollow raspy noise my enhanced figure made every time I brushed against something.  Take a balloon, blow it up, cover it with a piece of cloth like a t-shirt or something, then rub it against something.  That's the exact sound my hips made.

At our seats I decided not to risk the overhead compartment and just stowed my bag beneath my seat, then settled down into my seat, my body shifting a little as I settled on my inflated bottom.  Try sitting on a pair of balloons, you'll see what I mean about shifting.  It isn't easy being an inflatable super-heroine.  Lynn managed to settle herself in as well, and we both buckled in.  I had to do it by touch, my chest was a little to full to see over.

I read fashion magazines and Lynn listened to her Ipod while we taxied, took off and climbed to our cruising altitude.  Then things got interesting.  I nudged Lynn who pulled out her ear buds.


"I have a problem."

"There are airsickness bags in the seat pocket."

"No not that."

Lynn yawned to equalize pressure in her ears, and her eyes got big, "Cripes, you mean...?"

I nodded, "I'm starting to swell,"  and I was.  The lower air pressure in the plane's cabin was causing the air I was already carrying to expand, which meant my body was starting to expand.  I could feel my breasts swelling up and over filling my bra.  The extra material of my top that my expanding bust line was taking up pulled my top out of the waistband of my tight sleek pants, which were getting even tighter, but I was looking much less sleek as my belly bulged out.

"'Manda you're getting fat!"  Lynn hissed at me as she struggled to release my seat belt which had now drawn tight across my expanding middle.  I pushed down on my pillow tummy, allowing her the slack she needed to open the belt.  I sighed with relief as my stomach grew up under my hands.  

"Getting out of here is going to be tricky too, I can already tell my hips have spread out enough that I think I'm stuck in here."

Lynn watched me rise in my seat as my rear plumped more fully with expanding gas, "Gee 'Manda, how big are you gonna get?"

I pressed my hands against the leading edge of my inflating bust line, as my breasts pushed further forward, "I don't know, I didn't think I was this pumped up, I can't control it.  You're the brain, how big am I going get?"

We both watched my body bloat and bulge, no sound other than the hiss of my clothes as they stretched around my new curves.

"Well," she said, "At least I'd expect you'll deflate once we are at sea level again."

"That's two hours from now, do I have to do the whole trip like this?"  I patted my bulging waist, bringing a deep BUUUM from within me.

"I can't think of anything else to do, its not like you could fit in the bathroom."

"Excuse me Miss?"

We both looked up at the cute flight attendant looking down at us.  Specifically, me.

Her eyes were big and round as she took in my big, round figure, "Peanuts?" she offered lamely.

Lynn smiled at her, "Sure, starving college student you know, I never turn down free snacks."

I held up a hand in an "I'm fine, I don't need anything," gesture.  Then explained, "I've just got a little gas."

"So I see,"  she said, leaving the peanuts and moving on down the aisle.

As it so happened, Lynn was right in that I did deflate once we made it back down to sea level.  I was still as cosmetically inflated as I was before I boarded the plane, but I was no longer fattened with gas.  We had no bags to check, and I managed to get a taxi very easily, the discomfort of my airborne inflation was already a memory as I noticed how, even in a tropical resort, where attractive women were commonplace, I was still managing to turn heads.  

After checking into our room and unpacking our bags, which didn't take long, they weren't big bags, we both immediately switched into swimsuits, Lynn in her white bikini and I had a new red bikini that I had bought for this trip.  It was only 11 AM local time, still plenty of time to get some sun, some fruity drinks, and guy watching in.

I had finished adjusting myself in my new bathing suit, perched my sunglasses on my head, and had my fluffy towel and sunscreen, and we were out to the beach side elevator.  On the way down Lynn turned to look up at me and puppy-dog-eyed me.

"Come on 'Manda, it was your idea in the first place."

"But I'll be smaller by half my volume."

Lynn opened her beach bag, pulling out one of the light costume tanks, "Fill up now, and give me half.  I think I can do very well here with a figure like yours."

By the time the elevator doors opened we were both sporting enhanced figures.  Lynn was filling out her bikini quite impressively up top and bottom.

"Thanks babe, I'm gonna catch a volleyball game, see you in a bit," and she bounced off, leaving me in relative peace and quiet to do a little sunbathing.  I spread out my towel, oiled up, settled my shades and settled down to a nice golden toasty color.

Any experienced tanner can tell you that napping while tanning can be a blessing and a curse.  Its great if you manage to fall asleep and wake up at the moment of perfect hue, the effect appears instantaneous.  It isn't so great if you oversleep and burn.  Veteran tanners like myself have learned to sleep lightly and awaken fully at the least discomfort.  Which I did.

I wasn't burnt, my tanning reflexes were too well-honed.  However I had managed to overlook one small detail.  Lying here and baking in the sun had a few side effects on the inflated figure.  The heat had made the gas inside me expand, and for the second time that morning I found myself unintentionally fattened up and bulging with gas.  My figure, previously enhanced to merely bikini-filling levels, had spread out and bloated up to bikini-bulging proportions.  I tried to tug my top around to cover my extra-inflated breasts where I was bulging around, over and under the halter.    With some difficulty I manged to pull my plump legs beneath my large round bottom and stand up.  Running my hands over the hollow fullness of my expanded figure I could tell I had grown from stacked to cartoonish.  And I had practically grown out of my bathing suit, my poor new bikini was still managing to satisfy a beach-goers sense of decency, but couldn't keep up the strain of covering my bigger body for too much longer.  I grabbed my towel and lotion and took off at a run for the hotel.  Two steps later, after I managed to control my bouncing, I took off at a brisk walk for the hotel. It only took a few moments to reach the building, but when walking inflated, through a sea of perfect bodies, it felt like a long time.

I ducked around to the shady side of the building, seeking cover and solitude.  I found both, or at least no one close enough to pay any attention to my overstuffed bikini.  Looking up at the building I found my floor and counted over to which one my room should be.  One more quick scan assured me of relative privacy, then I crouched on my inflated thighs and wide bottom, and sprung into the air, leaping up to my balcony.  I did pretty good, I only overshot by one floor, I broke my momentum with my arms and dropped to my balcony.  The sliding glass door was locked, but not a problem for my strength.

Lynn looked over at my entrance from the balcony with more interest in my size than in the fact that I was entering through the balcony.  

She sprang to her feet, "Are we under attack?"

I waved her down as I swayed over to the AC controls, "Calm down action girl, I just dozed off in the sun and expanded some.  I just need to cool off and vent some of this heat."

"When you're done with that, get changed for lunch.  You should get a kick out of this, Victoria Secret happens to be shooting their summer catalog here and there's a reception and lunch with the models."

"Uh huh, you, me the models and ten thousand men."

"Wrongo," she sang, "Its invitation only," she fluttered an envelope at me, "So hurry up, if there's no fois gras left, I'll hold you personally responsible."

I took a glass of champagne from a very pretty and very busty, food staffer who was filling them from a punch bowl and nodded and smiled especially at me.  I was looking glamorous again, in my sleek snug black, 'supermodel under cover' outfit, while Lynn was typically comfortable in cutoff jeans and a tank top.

"I guess fashion works," Lynn admitted, "As far as I can tell, the champagne is for models only."

I knocked back half the flute and gave her the rest, "Here, share."

She finished it off and set the glass on a table in passing.  We took seats in the circular arrangement that had been laid out in the ballroom.  Apparently, along with the meet and greet and snacks, there was to be a little private fashion show.  

Once we were all seated the models started their route, wearing mostly swimsuits, but a few in lingerie and a few in street clothes as well.  Our places were right in the inner edge, which wound up being the front row, so I had a great view of the clothes.  I had even picked out a new one piece that one of the models was wearing to replace my slightly stretched out bikini.  

"I think I'll get one of those."

Lynn shook her head, "I think it'll make you look hippy, look how it looks on her."

The model wearing the white bathing suit, staggered a little on her high heels, and paused in her display and let out a loud burp.  Blushing, she dropped her hands in shock to her wide and widening hips.

"She's inflating!"  We both exclaimed.

"Darlings!"  Everyone, including the expanding supermodel, turned at the new voice.  The pretty and busty food service staffer stepped forward and grabbed double hand fulls of her uniform and pulled it off her.

  Her exaggerated figure was shown off very well in a matching stretch black bra and panties, heels and a short, filmy black robe that she wore open to reveal her exaggerated figure.  The full swell of her chest her rounded waistline, wide hips and plump legs all showed the full curves and smoothness of inflation.

"Is that Laetitia Casa?" Someone in the crowd asked.

I answered for them, "It looks like her, but it looks like two of her."

Rebeca Romijn stepped forward in her white tankini, "Laetitia, what are you doing here, you were fired when you blimped up...burrp!"  Rebeca dropped her hands to her bulging midsection as her slim figure bloated with gas.

"Yes once a girl bulks up a little you were all so eager to be rid of me.  But when I'm through with you, I'll be the skinniest supermodel left and I can have my life back!  By the way its not Laetitia anymore.  The name is Inflatress!  Bwah ha ha ha ha!"

Around us civilians were running as supermodels became super-sized models.  Mostly their inflation started in their stomachs and spread outward, though there were women who spread out in the hips or bust first, and then their growing bellies caught up.  Bathing suits were bulging, street clothes were straining and teddies were tested as the most attractive women in fashion filled up and out.

I started to feel strangely gassy myself.  Putting a hand to my own waist I realized, "Lynn, the champagne...burrp"

"It was for models only...burrp"

"Oh she's got us too!"  I felt my belly bloat up with gas, filling up the front of my sleek stretch slacks.  Lynn was similarly swelling, her waistline tightened the button to her cargo shorts then popped it free.

"Uhh, 'Manda I'm getting so big.  This isn't nearly as much fun as when you blow us up."

"I know, we're blowing up like balloons, we need to get out of here and into out costumes!"

We pressed our inflating bellied down as best as we could so we could awkwardly run, hunched over to be as small a target as possible.  The growing pressure in our bodies however had forced us upright by the time we reached the outside hall.  We leaned our swollen bodies against the wall as we took stock of our new shape.

"'manda how big are we going to get?"

"I've no idea, I can't seem to do anything to control it."  

Our expansion has spread down our lower bodies as well, filling out our bottoms, spreading out our hips and rounding out our legs.  The most distracting thing though was our breasts.  Naturally they were inflating too, but they were getting so big and light that they were obstructing our vision.

Lynn had already shucked her shorts and had opened her bag and fished out our costumes.  My pants were making high-pitched pings as my growing body split the seams along the hips and across my wide, round butt.

Once again I was thankful that both of us had taken to wearing most of our costumes under our street clothes.  Lynn merely rolled down her leggings and we both fastened capes and masks in place and I looked wistfully at my utility belt.  There was no chance I could get it around my bloated middle.

"Ready?"  I asked.

"I think I'm still filling up."

"We are but only a little.  We only got a half dose.  But whatever we're filling with is definitely lighter than air.  I can barely keep my feet on the ground."

"I've never gone into action this big before."

"You'll be fine.  What could possibly happen, we're super-heroines?  Let's get that overstuffed hussy."

We waddled into the ballroom where Inflatress was gathering the inflated and floating supermodels.  She was tying tethers to their ankles and collecting them like a big balloon bouquet of bloated beauties.

I put my hands on my hips, then readjusted my stance to where my hips now were, "Inflatress, your revenge is as finished as your career." Lynn looked up at me, raising an eyebrow, "What?" I muttered to her, "That's how they all talk in your comic books."

I sub-vocalized into my mask's microphone, "Bubbles, you try and secure the super-sized models, I'll distract our bloated friend here."


The swollen supervillainess turned to face us, then laughed, "How about that, I had no idea that super-heroines were getting so fat, thank God for spandex right?"

She was right, even as bloated and cartoonish as her figure was, I had grown pretty fat.  I hoped my extra girth and buoyancy wouldn't be too much of a hindrance. I really did feel like a balloon though as I skipped lightly from one foot to another.

"I got news for you sister, you aren't exactly a slender reed yourself,"  I leaped into the air, planning on coming down on her in a kick.  It was a good plan, and it might have normally worked.  Right now however, I happened to be pumped pretty full of  lighter than air gas, which meant that instead of dropping down on her with the high heels of justice, I sort of lazily drifted down towards her like the spandex balloon I had become.

"You're going to have to move faster than that!"  Bubbles' voice came over my mask radio.

Still floating downwards, I pressed my hands into my plush inflated belly, "I can't!  I'm too full of her gas, it's making me all floaty!"

Inflatress grinned up watching my slow descent towards her, "You're a big, fat target."  When I floated into my range, my plump slow legs missed my kick at her.  When I floated into her range, she wound back and punched me right in the tummy.  

I flew backward like a rocket, that woman could hit!  

"Bubbles, watch out, she's super strong too!"

Inflatress spun back for a kick at Bubbles who ducked sideways and rolled on her expanded waistline to get behind Inflatress.  The kick was good but too much for Inflatress' extra full figured size.  She overbalanced and fell square on her bouncy round bottom, and in fact bounced a few time on her padded posterior.

Bubbles grinned at her as she rolled past, "Those pretty kicks aren't as easy with your center of gravity all changed, not to mention how wide your hips are."  Then my sidekick rolled under the long table set up for the press and wedged into place.

"Airtankgirl, I'm so big I'm stuck under a table!"

Behind her, Inflatress had bounced to her feet and   grabbed the table pinning Bubbles, easily flinging it aside.  Bubbles winced as the bloated supervillaness grabbed her by her round waist, and lifted her ballooned body easily, then drop-kicked her.  Bubbles also took off like a rocket and was headed right at me, or rather where I would be once my feet reached the ground.  Her round body slammed into me at almost the same instant I landed, so I didn't have much of a chance to anchor myself before she knocked me into the air again.  We bounced off of each other, struggling to get our feet beneath us before we landed again.

"OK, that's it, nobody punts me,"  Bubbles fumed.

Inflatress was smiling and laughing, "This is great, its like playing dodge ball!"

"She's right," I said, "she's wiping the floor with us."

"Well as long as we're ballooned up like this, we're too buoyant to be able to fight her on even terms.  We've got to find some way to let some of this gas out of us."  Bubbles said, hefting her gas-filled, round belly.

Our eyes met, I grabbed Bubbles by the sides of her face and before she could complain or fight me off, I planted a kiss right on her mouth.  The effect was immediate.

I had the odd sensation of my body not only slimming down and my costume gaining slack around my distended figure, but I was also getting heavier.  My booted feet settled firmly on the ground, and my footing got more firm by the moment.  My waist and bust deflated to where I looked merely fat and not actually round.  While my hips, butt and sides slimmed down making me much less wide than I was before.  

"Well," I said, running my hands over my relaxed, though still bloated, figure, "It isn't exactly fighting trim, but it'll do."

Bubbles' limbs were spread out from the gas filling her.  Her belly and body had swelled up and rounded out.  Her waist had grown so much that if she were on the ground, which she wasn't, she'd be able to roll easily.  She had achieved a neutral buoyancy, she didn't actually float up or dow, she just sort of hovered in place, about six feet off the ground.

Bubbles looked down at herself, which really meant looking down at her her ballooned breasts, they being so inflated that they cut off her view of the rest of her, "I hope you have a plan, because in the shape I'm in now I don't think I'm going to be much good to you."

"Yep," I said, whipping off my cape and tying it to the buffet table and handing Bubbles the other end as a tether, "I'm going to put my boot up her inflated butt."

After anchoring my sidekick, I ran towards my foe.  While still pretty bloated, I was capable of what was recognizable as a run.  I was also still extra buoyant.  I wasn't pumped up enough to float, but I could tell I was only maybe half my normal weight.  I planned to use that to my advantage this time.  Inflatress charged at me, her muscles super-powered from the air bulging in her swollen figure.

Just before we collided I leaped into the air again, and Inflatress smiled, anticipating the same error in my judgment, and a similar easy victory.  My legs were slimmer and faster now.  My first kick stunned her, and I hung in the air in front of her and managed to get three more kicks in before I dropped to the floor.  When I landed I grabbed Inflatress by her robe and dropped, pulling her down with me.  Both of our inflated bellies flattened together with that hollow BUUUM.  I rolled backwards, pushing Inflatress over me, and arched my back at the exact instant our bulging middles flexed and bounced off each other.  I flung the scantily-clad villianess over me.  

Inflatress landed hard, and stood up woozily.  Despite my slick little move, I was still a little slow and awkward regaining my footing, so I was still working my puffy body upright.  Inflatress shook her head to clear it and was greeted my the smiling face of my sidekick floating right in front of her.

"Hiya, remember me sweets?"  Bubbled said as she put a hand on Inflatress' head and smashed it down onto the buffet table among the refreshments.

Did you figure it out?  I admit I hadn't.  So when Inflatress straightened up again, champagne streaming from her hair I was still ready for a fight.  So was she.  Both of us were surprised when the next words out of her mouth was, "Burrp!"

She looked down at herself in horror, while Bubbles and I watched in delight.  Inflatress had begun to swell.  Her breasts inflated like balloons, growing round and light, straining in the cups of her bra and floating and bouncing in front of her.  Panicked, she tried to hold down her big breasts with her arms, but also needed a hand free to press into her middle as her  already bloated belly bulged and tightened with the gas blimping her up.  Her waist filled out, stretching the already tight panties on her, the letters of 'Victoria Secrets' were stretching out as the waistband bulged with her.  Her hips spread out wide with her rear plumping out around the seat of her panties, until her rear had spread out around the underwear like a thong.  Her hips lost their definition though as her sides bulged out, her waistline expanding like an equator around her fattening form.  Her robe drew up short and tight across her ballooning body which just then pulled her feet off the ground.  Her body was tight and full of the gas that turned her from a supervillianess to a parade float.

"Curse you Airtankgirl, look what you've done to me, I've turned into a blimp!"

"It's no worse than the fate you planned for us Inflatress."

Inflatress, having swallowed a full dose of the inflating champagne was rising in the air, as big as any of her supermodel victims.  I caught her hand and towed her over to the coil of tethers she had been using on her victims.  I fastened one around her wrist  and grabbed another one to tether to my now-super-sized sidekick.  I helped Bubbles draw herself down to ground level where she held herself down by holding onto the edge of a table.  We both looked up at Inflatress, bobbing helplessly above us.

"Alright Inflatress, tell us how to reverse the process, how do we deflate Bubbles, the supermodels and yourself of course.  Not to mention me, I'm still carrying around a bit of gas from you as well."

"And I should tell you exactly why?"

I reeled her down to face me, pulled her close and said, "Because if you don't I might have to pour more of that champagne down your throat and see how much bigger you can get."

"My, how fierce.  Very well, if you must know..." she paused.

I pulled her closer, almost nose to nose, "Well?" I of all people should have been prepared for what happened next.  

She kissed me.

Immediately my body began expanding again, as her gas filled me up.  My belly and breasts blew up like balloons, my waist grew and swelled, my body widening around me.   

The super-sized models were at a full dose.  Bubbles and I had each had a half dose, and were half their volume.  When I blew up Bubbles, she went up to three-quarter dose size and I went down to one-quarter when I fought Inflatress.  She had taken a full dose, but now when she kissed me, she deflated to half volume, or the extra bouyant fattened figure that I had when we started this fight, but on the other hand ballooned up to match Bubbles' three-quarter sized volume.

What all this meant was that Bubbles and I were too inflated to even get our feet on the ground let alone fight, making us helpless before Inflatress.  However, Inflatress, while smaller than us, was still carrying a lot of excess gas and she herself was having a hard time keeping her footing as she drifted and bounced from step to step.

"Your luck holds tight Airtankgirl, Uhh almost as tight as I feel.  Neither one of us is really in any shape for a fight,"  She patted her bloated sides, "To think you two actually attacked me when you were blown up like this?" she marvelled.

"Hey we're heroines.  We do that sort of thing."

"Well luckily I guess we supervillianess' know when to cut our losses.  You get off easy today Airtankgirl, but next time I won't be so lenient." She winked at our helplessly floating, blimped up bodies, "See you 'round," and she waddled away from us.

"Hey Inflatress, how are you going to slim down?" I called after her.

"I didn't prepare any antidote, I wasn't expecting to get expanded.   We'll just have to wait it out.  We should all be back to normal in a few weeks."

"A few weeks!"  Bubbles and I exclaimed.

Inflatress nodded, "Afraid so.  You're coming out of it lucky you know.  You at least aren't as gassy as the supermodels are, you can almost sort of walk around and such."

Bubbles and I patted our greatly inflated bellies filling out and straining against the spandex of our costumes, "I don't feel lucky, do you?" Bubbles asked.

"Nope, I feel fat."

Lynn and I relaxed in the sun, in new bathing suits, courtesy of Victoria Secrets.  While their model force was still bloated and floating, the company, and if truth be told, the models themselves were all very grateful.  VS had in fact supplied us with piles of new clothes, swimsuits, workout wear and lingerie.  All of it in their biggest sizes and stretchiest materials of course.

"Sure a lot of fattened supermodels down there."

I nodded taking a sip from my drink, "Yep, lots of crowded beaches too."

"It was nice of the hotel to grant us use of their  yacht."

"Well, we did prevent a major fashion catastrophe in their hotel."

Lynn nodded, sipping her drink, "Still nice of them though.  Allowing us to get some tanning in in privacy."

"True," I agreed, "We'd look silly if we had tan lines where our masks were."

"You know we could have done without the masks, I mean, we won't exactly blend in in street clothes you know."

"Not now no," I agreed, "but give us a week or two to get our feet on the ground and we'll be fine.  Besides, can you honestly think of a better way to spend your vacation?  The view is spectacular!"

Lynn turned a little to look down at the yacht that was anchored ten stories below us.  Yes, a hundred feet.  Our bodies were still stuffed with Inflatress' gas, we looked like spandex-clad weather balloons.  Each of us had a tether and cuff attached to one ankle, which went back down to the yacht, so the crew could reel us in when we wished.

"Yeah, but the service is a little slow.  Hey," she rolled over a little to face me, "Do you think Sven likes me?"

"The big blond guy with the dreamy eyes?"


"Umm, he might, but..."

"What?  Don't tell me you want him too?"

"Nooo, its just that, well you might be a little more woman than he can handle."  I patted my bulging belly and her swollen side at the same time.

"He's an artist, he wants to sketch me."

"If he wants to sketch you, he better be a cartographer."



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