Halloween Feasts and Fatal Attractions

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Ever since their first date during freshman year of High School, Sid and Lissa had been an inseparable couple. Through copious amounts of soft serve the two quickly took to bonding over a mutual love of stuffing themselves and one another, and that shared kink became the backbone of their relationship for three years. Whenever the two could gather a large enough bounty of chips, candy, and other tasty snacks, they would meet together in a shed behind Lissa’s house that her father had built for storing gardening supplies. (But had remained empty and ignored ever since his brief passion for gardening waned) Within that small shed, the two stuff themselves silly until their bellies ached and puffed outwards, and then they would spend the night alleviating their stomachaches by helping eachother fully explore their bloated forms. 

While one might rightfully assume that the indulgence in gluttony underscoring Sid and Lissa’s relationship would have a remarkable impact on their physiques, the two took care to space their stuffing sessions out enough for the weight they put on to rarely stick. The self control they forced themselves to exert outside the shed made self-indulgence within its confined space all the more worthwhile. Three years of this unique relationship had still left Sid with a soft midsection and Lissa with sizable hips and thighs, which they would playfully tease each other over, but it was nothing compared to the sizes they swelled to while inside the shed together.

Lissa called Sid to their shed one Halloween night, promising a surprise she was sure he’d love. Though Sid was never as enthusiastic about Halloween as his girlfriend, he had thrown together a vampire costume at Lissa’s request for the occasion. He had considered styling his scruffy brown hair into something more vampiric to complete the look, but he was too eager to see what Lissa had in store to worry much about his costume.

Lissa opened the gate to her backyard when Sid arrived. As per usual, her parents were out for a night on the town, leaving the two alone to tend to their business. Lissa wore a black cat outfit that clung to her body tightly, and a pair of cat ears that poked out from the red hair framing her lightly freckled face. 

“What’s on the menu for tonight?” Sid inquired as Lissa led him over to the shed. 

She simply replied with a wry smile, pulling the latch on the shed door.

Sid’s jaw hung open in disbelief as the largest assortment of colorful candy bars of all shapes and sizes he had ever seen poured forth from the shed, which was filled to the brim with candy for the two to indulge in. Lissa stood triumphantly over the stash with her hands on her hips and looked to Sid.  “I've enough candy to last us the whole year! And I made sure it’s all chocolate too... your favorite, and mine~!”

“How did you manage to get all of this?” Was all Sid could manage to say, still in shock over the sheer amount of candy filling the shed before him. 

“I started trick-or-treating a bit early.” Lissa said with a giggle. “Been saving up money all year from my job to buy in bulk online. Aren't I a clever kitty?"

“That you are,” Sid replied, eyes still transfixed on the chocolate pile. “But… we can’t eat in the shed if it’s full of candy like this.”

“Weeeell... guess we’re just gonna have to eat ‘till there’s a spot in there for us.”

Sid finally managed to tear his eyes away from the pile of candy to see Lissa already at work, sticking a freshly unwrapped chocolate bar into her mouth and chewing her first treat of the night with a cheeky grin. She swallowed and licked her lips before holding out a chocolate bar for Sid. In an instant he snatched it up and the two teens took to ravaging the immense pile of chocolate spilling from Lissa’s shed. 

Sid let out a pleasured moan, doing his best to savor the taste on his lips as he shoveled the next handful of chocolates into his mouth. His hands shot out and grasped at the pile before he could even finish chewing, frantically unwrapping a new cluster of candies for another onslaught of taste. He paused only to take in the sight of Lissa working away at the pile just as uncontrollably as he was, a chocolate bar quickly disappearing into her mouth, and then another, and then another. 

Within a few short moments their stomachs began to visibly distend, Lissa patting her bloated middle with a light burp. “Oooh,” she groaned, licking splotches of chocolate off her fingers to ensure she took in every single bite. “Soo good…”

The couple continued to share sultry glances as they demolised the mound of candy blocking their passage into the shed. Seeing one another eat invigorated a passion in them to eat more themselves, a burning desire to grow and encourage their partner to grow in turn, making the sensations of their bodies against each other once the feast was complete all the more intense. Their stomachs were already feeling stuffed, but they forced more and more in. 

Lissa took to a cycle of unwrapping four, five, six candy bars before stuffing them all into her face at once until her cheeks bulged as she chewed. With each bite her belly seemed to stick out just a bit more, and the signs of tearing had begun to show on the fabric of her cat suit as it tried in vain to cling to her rapidly expanding middle. The vest of Sid’s costume was beginning to lose its fight against Sid’s gluttony as well, its buttons straining to stay on.

By the time the two ravenous lovebirds had finished the heaps of sweets leading to the door, the costumes had suffered their inevitable defeat. With a grunt and a heavy swallow the buttons on Sid’s vest popped off in different directions in a simultaneous burst. Lissa followed with a loud hiccup, causing the fabric containing her stomach to split wide open, and allowing her fattened belly to jiggle freely in the air with Sid’s. Free of their constraints, the effects of their feast were even clearer to see. Sid’s stomach pushed out further by the second and Lissa’s already enormous belly continued to swell as she slammed countless chocolate treats down her greedy gullet. Neither was done. Neither was close to done. They needed more. They instantly took to pulling the candy inside the shed out into the yard to free up space within. 

“It’s all so good!” Sid proclaimed through a mouthful of sweets.

“Only the best for you!” Lissa replied, punctuating her satisfaction with a loud “Buuuurp!

The yard was littered by what must have been several hundred discarded candy wrappers, each licked clean of even the smallest trace of chocolate, by the time Sid and Lissa managed to open up enough space within the shed to try getting in. Predictably, consuming so many treats provided them with the same issue getting into the shed that they oftentimes had getting out. As Lissa attempted to squeeze her bloated body through the door, the sides of the frame pinched at the sides of her belly. She grunted and shook, but in spite of her efforts she soon drew to a stop. 

“Ooh… I think I might be - hic - a bit stuck.” she whined, the cat tail on her suit flipping back and forth as she shook her rear in an attempt to get free. 

Eager to impress his engorged girlfriend, Sid took a step back and threw all of his considerable weight against Lissa, dislodging her with an “Oof!” Lissa stumbled into the shed and and tripped on a wrapper, turning her body to land on her back against the pile of candy. Sid fell in after Lissa, the collision of their massive stomachs cushioning the blow. They both moaned softly, taking in the sensation of their bodies colliding, and immediately took to groping as much of each other’s bulging middles as the could. Sid struggled to move himself further on top of  Lissa in spite of the of their producing, fat stomachs making the task of finding a comfortable position in this state nearly impossible. They squeezed themselves together as closely as they could, their overblown beach balls of bellies groaning and creaking in protest at the strain, and they pulled their faces together for a kiss. The scent of chocolate hung on their breaths.

Lissa gyrated her hips into Sid’s body as their lips met, causing both of their stomachs to quiver and shake. The sensual embrace only lasted for a moment before Lissa pulled away, whispering “Wait… not yet…” under her breath.

Sid rolled sideways off Lissa’s body and onto the ground next to her. Released from the immense pressure they were putting on each other, their stomachs puffed up into the air and spilled over their sides to slosh about freely. “Not yet?” Sid huffed, still tingling from their brief display of passion. “But we’ve eaten so much already…”

“But look at all that’s left,” Lissa said, mouth watering as she gazed around at the candy bars filling the shed. In the past, Lissa and Sid’s stuffing sessions had ended when the food ran out, but in here that food seemed almost endless. She drooled as she imagined how big Sid could be, and how big she could be, if they ate until they truly couldn’t eat any more. 

“Oooh… there’s no way we could eat all of this,” Sid said, sitting up slightly and patting his gut. “I don’t know how much more of this I could handle.”

“I never said we were gonna eat all of it.” Lissa said as he patted her own distended tummy. “I told you I got this to last us through the year. But this is the first chance we’ve had to really see… to really feel… each other at our absolute biggest… as big as we can get!”

Sid looked around the shed, and then back to Lissa, who wiped a stain of chocolate off the fabric barely restraining her breasts and licked it off her finger. That was all it took before Sid had returned to grabbing at the chocolate next to him, and Lissa quickly followed suit. In an instant the two had returned to gulping down sweets with as much fervor as they had outside the shed, sitting beside one another as their bellies continued to jut out from their bodies and spread across the floor. 

As the couple continued to balloon outwards, Lissa’s so-called year’s supply of chocolate appeared less and less so. What seemed like a mountain within that little shed was gradually diminished in size, and as the eating persisted it became more akin to a small hill. The trade-off on the shed’s occupants was just as drastic, as the destruction of the chocolate mountain gave way to two growing globes of flesh. 

Lissa had stopped feeling full and entered the realm of full-on queasy a few dozen boxes worth of candy bars ago, but her unrestrained gluttony kept her going. The only break in her nonstop eating was a brief moment in which she felt as if the whole of her feast was about to come back up, forcing her to lay back and caress her tightly packed belly. She may have found the sense to stop during that small reprieve had Sid not decided it was his turn to push his growing lover to carry on. “Come - hic! - on,” he laughed, “If I’m eating all this, you gotta do your share too!” 

Lissa replied with a giggle and a small hiccup, and continued to gorge herself without a second thought. Her belly continued to swell in size with each and every bite, struggling to keep up with the rate she was jamming it full of sweets. 

By the end of the feast the shed was filled with wrappers, and Sid and Lissa were filled with chocolate. Ridiculous, ludicrous, insane amounts of chocolate. Tons and tons and tons of chocolate, resting uneasily within the unimaginably huge bellies of two unimaginably gluttonous teenage lovers. 

“It’s - urp! - all gone…” Sid’s breath was heavy.

“I… hiccurp! - I can’t believe we did it…”  Lissa replied, squeezing the flesh at her sides.

Sid and Lissa sat groaning side by side in the shed, which now barely contained them. Their faces and hands were covered in chocolate. Even in their drowsy, engorged states they absentmindedly licked away at their cheeks and fingers, still unable to escape their gluttonous urges. The costumes were completely destroyed, their tattered remains hanging off of their arms and legs as the rest of their body spilled out in the middle. Their stomachs, swollen and pink, now bigger in size than the rest of their body, pulsated with each breath they took. It would be impossible for them to climb atop each other now like they had during their first embrace - at this point, it would have been impossible to stand even IF the monstrous shapes they had once called their stomachs not buried their legs beneath their mass. Their feet ever so slightly poked out from beneath their girth, toes twitching and clenching as Sid and Lissa reveled in the feeling of being so remarkably full. 

Lissa’s let out a burp and fulfilled moan as her eyes glazed over inattentively, landing on something amidst the pile of discarded wrappers between her and Sid. Two wrapped pieces of chocolate.

The last two.

“Sid, how many chocolates did you eat? I want to know.”

“No idea… I - uurp! - stopped counting after the first two hundred or so. Do you remember how many you bought?”

“About… Oooh… a hundred thousand or so… I bought so many because it was… supposed to last...” Her stomach gurgled.

“Man… nngh… so much for that year of snacks… How much did you eat?”

“I lost track… but there’s two left.”

“Two left?” Sid turned his head to look at the last remaining candies in the shed.

“I say I eat one… and then you eat one… and we can say it was even… and then…”

“And then?”

“And then Buurp! we can have our fun…” Lissa grinned a devious grin, which Sid quickly returned. 

It wasn’t clear how the two would have their ‘fun’ this time considering their near immobile state, but Lissa was confident that they could improvise something. With how sensitive her stomach felt right now, it wouldn't take much. As Sid looked on with silent anticipation, Lissa plucked up one of the two surviving chocolates, pulled off its wrapper, and added it to the ranks of the fallen. Her tummy gurgled, crying out in disapproval. 

Uurgh…” Sid groaned at the sight, clutching at what he could reach of his own stomach. He took a moment to look over his ludicrously swollen form before shifting his gaze that of his girlfriend. They were enormous in equal measures, far bigger than they had ever been, and far bigger than they had ever come close to being before. 

Lissa moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure, running a single finger down the side of the taught, round ball of flesh that stretched out from her. The feeling sent shivers down her spine and she leaned her head back with a deep sigh, ignoring the internal screams of her body trying to tell her that she had gone too far. 

“Your turn,” she whispered.

“I… I don’t know…” Said said, peering down at the final piece of chocolate sitting by his hand.

“I finished mine… ooohh… it’s only fair.” Lissa’s stomach let out a tremendous groan, but she maintained her playful smile. Her stomach bulged outward, accompanied by a creaking that grew more ominous with each successive breath - but the two gluttons in the shed found their thoughts too transfixed on the last unravaged morsel of their feast to notice. “And then, once the feast is over… we can take turns feeling just how big we are…”

Sid knew that he had passed his limit hours ago, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop. Not now, anyway; he and Lissa had devoured in one night the candy that was supposed to satiate their stuffing sessions all year, and there was no point in eating a solitary piece of chocolate on his own later. As Sid reached down and scooped the last treat off the floor, Lissa imagined feeling every inch of her boyfriend’s enormous belly, then laying back and letting him do the same. She licked what small droplets of chocolate still lingered around her lips in anticipation, savoring the taste for herself so she could share the experience of this final bite of the night with Sid.

Sid fumble with the wrapper, popped the chocolate inside of his mouth, chewed, and swallowed hard. He and Lissa let out a unified sigh of relief.

It only took a moment for them to realize what a mistake their last bites were. 

In unison, Sid and his stomach to let out deep, painful groans, snapping Lissa to her senses long enough to realize the full extent of her own nausea, and the folly in trying so hard to ignore it.

“Oooh…” Lissa groaned, overwhelmed by the pressure from deep within her. The gurgling and creaking of her tummy was replaced with a rumbling noise as it struggled to contain its contents. “I… hnnn... maybe this wasn’t a good idea…”

“I think... I’m gonna... be sick,” Sid responded between heavy breaths. The sides of his bloating stomach pressed up against Lissa’s with a squeak, like that of two balloons being rubbed together. They winced at the sensation, which spread over their girth like wildfire. As the two titanic bellies quivered and heaved, the stretched pink skin over them took on an angry shade of red. The shed was filled with the sounds of sloshing, churning, and the groans of its overindulgent occupants. 

Buuuhh…” Lissa let her mouth hang open in a fruitless effort to expel the tidal wave of chocolate sloshing within her, underestimating the severity of situation she and Sid had gotten themselves into. “I almost feel like… I might…


Before Lissa could finish her sentence, two loud, wet bangs went off in rapid succession. Sid and Lissa exploded spectacularly, blowing the shed apart and flooding the yard with a thick, sticky chocolate substance mixed with what remained of a young couple that took their Halloween festivities one treat too far.

Author's Note: 

A short hallowen based inflation/stuffing story about two lovestruck teens who get carried away with their fetish. Contains female/male expansion and popping (meaning that I have limited my potential audience to exactly zero people) But this story's been on my mind for a while and I wanted to get it written.

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Not zero, at least one.  I

Not zero, at least one.  I loved it!  :D