Overfilled Balloon

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"Hey Selina, want some?" Lily giggled. Selina was a dork at high school, and everyone always mocked her for it. Her long, tangled black hair reached her waist and she had dark freckles all over her skin. She always wore tight clothing, trying to make herself look sexy, but it never worked. She was just a dork, and although she was actually pretty, nobody really cared. She was always a dork, and that's how it would always be.

Lily, on the other hand, was stunning. She had long, curling blonde hair and the prettiest green eyes. Her skin was fair and she had the hottest boyfriend ever. Lily would always make fun of Selina, and today was no different. Lily shoved a small pill into her mouth, then swallowed it dry. She had a little jar filled with other pills, and she held it up. Selina didn't know what they were for, but she was tired of Lily teasing her. 

"I don't even know what those pills are. I'm not going to take them, Lily, and you know it," Selina hissed. She waited for the usual Lily reaction, a giggle and a dumb comeback. Lily just smiled, though, and replied to Selina.

"Actually, Selina, their special pills. They help with... My hair, eye and skin color. They make me pretty. I'm kind of tired with making fun of you, so take them. You can have them, I have more at home" Lily said innocently.

Selina stared in awe. She took the pills, knowing that they were probably actually harmless. Lily had just taken one, after all. Selina read the side, then walked away from Lily. They had been outside the school, and now it was time for Selina to walk home. While walking back, she continued to read the side and back.


Pretty Pills TM

"One pill will instantly make you beautiful and amazing!"

It was enough to make Selina smile. There was a tiny little warning sign on the back, but Selina didn't bother to read it. It didn't matter to her, she just wanted to be beautiful. Selina unlocked the door to her house and stepped inside. She quickly ran up to her room, then flopped on her bed.

Selina opened the lid, and the pills lay inside. She dumped them all into her hand. If she took them all, she'd be prettier than Lily. So, she put them in her mouth, and chewed them all at once. She grinned, and hoped that this wasn't some stupid prank from Lily.

Selina swallowed. She took the empty jar and set it on her dresser. She then looked in the mirror, but then gasped.

Her hips swelled out a bit, her face becoming a bit rounder. Instantly, her butt and breasts were bigger too. She grinned. She looked extremely sexy. But the effect lasted only for a few seconds, before she suddenly felt a bit heavier and she felt really hungry. 

Pains tore at Selina's stomach. She ran downstairs and opened her fridge. There was a pizza, left over from last night in there. She quickly opened the pizza box and wolfed it down. This made her even hungrier. She opened the freezer, and found a huge tub of ice cream. Selina took out a spoon and dug into it, not realizing she was slowly swelling out. Once she was done, she craved soda pop. She opened the fridge and saw two bottles in there. Quickly, she opened the first and chugged it. Then, the second. By now, her stomach had stopped swelling. She was a bit fat, but Selina didn't care. The hunger had stopped. She sighed and looked down at herself.

"Great job, Selina, you've made yourself fat," she muttered.

Then, she felt hungry again. She opened the fridge and tore out everything there was, gobbling it down. Her stomach swelled out, a gurgling and moaning filling the room. Selina's butt filled out too, and same with her breasts. Her tight sweater creaked, and she moaned. She had to eat more. Selina was now six feet tall and bulging at her sides, and she looked like an extremely overweight woman. The moaning and gurgling didn't stop, and Selina felt herself expanding slowly without even eating food. She moved steadily and difficultly over to the stairs. Her room was above her. If she could make it there, she could read the container the pills had come in.

Selina's sweater snapped as she moved into her room. It flew off of her, and across the room, pushing the pill container off the dresser. Selina dover for it, getting wedged in between her bed and the dresser. But she managed to pick the container up.


Warning: Overdosage may have serious side effects. Do not consume more than one pill. If you experience slight hunger or discomfort after taking pills, contact a doctor right away.

Selina groaned. Her stomach chorused in, and she felt herself letting out all the gasses trapped in her body. She let out a low burp that lasted several seconds, and then realized that her skin was growing tighter and tighter. Her t-shirt ripped at the seams, and it too flew off.

The bedframe dug into her side. Selina was suddenly very thirsty, and she croaked. She needed water. Slowly, she managed to push the bed away from her ballooning body, and she went for the tap. She turned it on and stuck her mouth under it. For several seconds, she lay there, water pouring into her mouth, then tried to move. But she was stuck. Water continuously flowed into her mouth, and her body greedily started to inflate faster. Selina's butt pushed the ground, causing her to move up. The tap was pressed against her mouth, and it was swallow or drown. Selina painfully gulped down the water, and felt herself grow. Her shorts had already split before, and she was in nothing but her undergarments.

Selina's body grew. She gasped painfully as stars danced across her vision. A moaning filled the room, and Selina felt her stomach pulsing with pressure. Her skin was as tight as an overfilled balloon, an overfilled water balloon. her body let out a low rumble before exploding into a million pieces.

Author's Note: 

I don't know, I just felt like writing this.

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Still not sure what

Still not sure what happened...first she got fat, then she drank a lot of water, then burst...?

Into a million pieces, thats a childs way of putting it.