The Lillith Roland Chronicles Part II: Training Begins

Inflation Types:
Sexual Content:
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“Oh.  I see.  Practicing.” Silas stated as he looked at the naked, swollen girl sitting on the floor.  Her legs were straight out in front of her, being forced apart by her massive belly, which appeared to be the size of a decent beach ball.  Her breasts, normally only Bs, had swollen to a much more buxom size, and quivered slightly with Lillith’s nervous breathing.

“That’s right,” Lillith said nervously, turning very red.

“Interesting.  Would you, um… would you like a blanket, or something?” Silas asked, struggling to keep his eyes trained on a blank spot on the wall.

“Oh, shit!” Lillith swore, just now remembering her lack of clothes.  “Just grab the comforter from my bed room!”  she said, wrapping her arms around her ballooned breasts.  Silas nodded, then moved to the bedroom, careful to keep his eyes down. 

Upon returning, Silas draped the blanket over the swollen girl, still sitting on the floor.  “I appreciate your politeness,” Lillith said.

“Of course,” Silas said as he crossed over to the couch.

Huh.  Always thought that I’d at least be dating the first guy to see me naked.  He’s so cute, acting all polite though, so sweet.  I wonder if he likes the way I look?  Wake up Lillith!  You look like an over-inflated sex doll!  It’s weird!  He’s probably freaked out… I should draw his attention to something else…

As Silas was situating himself and not paying attention, Lillith clumsily repositioned the blanket over her so more of her cleavage showed.

Guys love boobs!  As long as he focuses on the girls, he won’t focus on the fact that I’m currently a ballooned bimbo!

“I’m sorry for barging in like that, I heard your door open fast, and then the hum of the air pump, I thought you were in trouble.”

“No Silas, it’s my fault, I should’ve been more careful.  Thanks for caring though.”

God, he’s so cute.  He should barge in more often!

“You are welcome.  But, I still have to ask, what exactly were you doing?”

Lillith exhaled, then proceeded to tell him the story, keeping the identity of the sorority and the other girls secret.

“So you inflated yourself in the middle of your apartment?” Silas asked.

Well, my cleavage distraction seems to be failing.  He must think I’m a disgusting perv…

“I just… I don’t know why I did it I just… did.”

I sound like such an idiot, this sucks!

Lillith had to fight back tears.  Her voice began trembling slightly.  “I’m sorry, I’m weird and gross, and I’m sorry you had to see me like this, and I… *sniff* …I just wanted to…*sniff*… to…I dunno, I’m just… sorry…*sniff*”

Lillith buried her red face in her hands, wishing she could disappear. 

Great.  He’s seen me naked, blown up, and now I’m about to have a breakdown, can this night get any… oh?

Silas knelt on the floor and stretched his long arms around Lillith’s shoulders.  The imminent breakdown began to fade as he spoke softly and meaningfully to her.

“I’m an inflation fetishist Lillith.  You are one of very few people who know that now.”


“I’ve had this fetish my whole life, and what I saw tonight, I didn’t think was gross or perverted.  I think it’s beautiful.”

He thinks what I did was beautiful?  Wow.  Wait, why does that turn me on?

“You don’t need to be ashamed or scared.  Your secret is safe with me.”

He retracted his arms, lightly brushing against her bare shoulders.

“Silas, I… thank you, I had no idea.”

“You’re welcome,” he smiled.  “It’s actually feels good to tell someone.  It’s good to know I’m not alone!”

Lillith laughed.  “Yeah, it feels good trusting you with this secret!”

“Now Lillith, I don’t mean to freak you out or anything but…”

Oh my God, is he gonna ask me out?!

“How do you deflate?” Silas asked.

Lillith’s eyes widened as her stomach suddenly lurched.

Oh shit.

“Oh my god, I don’t know!” she panicked. 

“You mean you began to recklessly inflate yourself without knowing how to deflate?” Silas laughed. 

“Seriously Silas, I don’t know how!  Help me!”

“Very well.  But I have to be in your personal space to do it, is this okay?”

Well, this suddenly sounds exciting.

“Um… yeah, that’s fine.”

Silas, still kneeling on the floor, scooted in close to Lillith.  He pushed her legs together a bit and straddled them, bringing his body in close.  At this proximity he was pushing into her belly a bit, and then he extended his left arm around her back and placed his right hand just below her hip, on the side of her left buttock.  He then brought his face close to hers, and she momentarily lost herself in his gleaming emerald eyes.

Oh my, this IS exciting.

“Ready?” he asked

“Well, yeah but what are y—“

At that, Silas deftly closed the gap between them and locked lips with her.

God yes!

Lillith let out a small, muffled gasp of surprise.  Time seemed to slow as she closed her eyes, beginning to lose herself in the moment.  His soft lips nuzzling hers, she relaxed and moaned softly as he slowly opened her mouth with his.   She felt as though she were floating through a dream…

Her dream was cut short as she suddenly felt Silas mouth turn into a vacuum, sucking with surprising force.  She gasped as she opened her eyes wide.  She tried to pull away from him, but his gentle yet strong grip on her kept her still.  She didn’t struggle long though, as she quickly realized she felt her stomach shrinking.  Placing a hand on her belly, she did indeed feel it flattening, returning to its former state.  As her ass deflated, her body began to sink backwards.

Might as well.

Lillith, obliging her deflating body, pulled Silas down as her body returned to its normal size.  When all the air was gone, she was lying flat on her back, with Silas on top of her, still with lips locked.

Best night ever.  I really am lucky, aren’t I?

All too soon, Silas retracted his lips.  “All better?”

Lillith looked at his body and was confused.  He removed all that air, but didn’t even look slightly swollen.

“Wait, you’re not inflated.  Where did the air go?”  Lillith asked as Silas stood up.

“I have good muscle control.  I can keep air compressed inside me or,” he paused, then blew out a torrent of air, “release it.”

“But how did you do that?  Kei—I mean, the girl they inflated earlier couldn’t do that, they had to deflate her some other way!”

“Wow.  Lots of amateurs.  You have poor role models, Lillith,” Silas said as he chuckled.

“How did you know how to do that?”

“I’ve had years of practice my dear,” he said as he put his left hand in his pocket.  “I would be willing to teach you, if you so desire.  I hate to hear you missed an exam because you blew yourself up again!”

“I would love that Silas!”

“Hey!  That’s Professor Silas!  I will also however answer to Master, Baron von Redford, or Waffle Iron.”

Lillith giggled.  “Very well, ‘Master’, when can we begin?”

“Meet me…” he started as he jotted something down on the back of an old business card from his wallet, “at this address, tomorrow at three.  You will see me waiting outside.  The only thing you need to bring is an open mind.  Questions?”

Lillith shook her head and extended her arms around his shoulders and pulled him in for a big hug.  “Thank you so much Silas!  Now I will make it into this club for sure!”  She finished her hug by giving him a kiss on his cheek, then scrambled to keep her blanket covering her naked form, yet still showing ample cleavage.

“I’m glad to help!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have chemistry homework due in about 45 minutes and I haven’t started yet!  I’ll see you tomorrow.  Oh!  Should I check back in the morning to make sure you haven’t helplessly inflated yourself?”

“You just want to see me naked again, perv!” she laughed as she gave him a gentle push towards the door.

“Sue me!” he laughed as he left.  She began to shut the door, when he poked his head back in.

“Lillith, one more thing.”


“I hope I’m not over-stepping my boundaries, but I must say…” he leaned in close to whisper in her ear, “you are the most beautiful balloon I’ve ever seen.” 

She paused as the words sank in, giving her goose bumps.  “Thank you,” she replied softly, then he pulled away and left.  She then closed the door, pondering what was stranger: the compliment she just got, or the fact that she currently considered it the most wonderful compliment she ever received.



The next day, Lillith got up and went about her morning routine.  She made sure to spend a little extra time on her appearance today.

Sure, I’m the most beautiful balloon he’s ever seen, but am I the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen?  

At eleven o’clock, she went to get lunch at the food court.  Upon entering, she walked around trying to find a place to sit.

“Hey hottie, how’s about you eat lunch with me?” came a grumbly voice behind her.  Startled, she wheeled around, just to be met by the laughing face of Tara.

“Now THAT is a sexy face, Lil!  Is that your O-face?  Because that’s scary!” Tara jested.

“Don’t do that!” Lillith said angrily, slapping Tara repeatedly on the arm.

“Alright, alright, chill Lil!  Hey… chill Lil.  Heh.  I made a rhyme, I’m so smart!  Anyway, the rest of us are over thataway, come sit with us!”  Tara grabbed Lillith’s arm and pulled her towards the table where the other girls sat.  Hannah and Sidney appeared to be gossiping about something or another, Liz listened intently as she stole bite after bite of Valerie’s food.  She didn’t seem to mind though, she was too engrossed in her laptop which sat in front of her.

“Ladies, look at this fine piece of ass I just found!” Tara said.

“Damn!” Liz yelled in her best redneck voice, giving Lillith’s fine ass a fine smack.

“You two are so immature,” Sidney scoffed, breaking away from her conversation.

“You’re just jealous because they have fun!”  Hannah said.  “Hey Lillith, how are you today?”

“Doing good Hannah, yourself?”

The blonde smiled and shrugged.  “Pretty good, I suppose.”

“So what are you all talking about?” Lillith inquired.

“We just talking about this one girl, Megan, in our communications theory class,” Sidney stated, resuming control of the conversation.  “I mean, I love her, but can be such a ditz!  Like, just the other day,…”  Sidney rambled on and on about the people she “loves, but…”  After a few topic changes, a couple of laughs, and some rants, Lillith began the next topic.

“So, what do you all think about last night?”  Hannah shifted a little, Sidney scoffed and moved her hair behind ears, and Valerie finally broke away from her computer, blushing and biting her lip.

“I thought it was pretty cool!  I mean, I didn’t think it was possible, but Keira sure kicked physics in the ass!”  Tara joked.

“It was alright.” Liz shrugged.

“Oh please,” Tara said, nudging her sister.  “You were so close to sticking your bike pump up your ass and going to town!”

Liz smiled and put her hands up. “Guilty,” she said and laughed.

“It looks really weird.  I mean, are they going to do that to us?” Sidney said quietly, making sure no one was eavesdropping.

“I don’t know, but I’m… I’m definitely willing to try it,” Hannah responded optimistically.

“I think it…it looks…interesting, I guess…” Valerie stammered, blushing. 

Liz nudged her with her elbow.  “Sounds like someone else wants to stick a bike pump up their ass!”

“No!  No, that’s alright!” Valerie defended.

“Valerie, you’re the science-y person, don’t you want to be our guinea pig?” Hannah asked, making Valerie turn tomato red.

“But, you have to admit, it did seem… exciting, right?” Lillith asked.

“I’ll be honest,” Sidney started quietly, “being a balloon doesn’t interest me.  If anything, I’d rather be working the pump.”

“Dominant, aren’t we?” Hannah asked jokingly as Lillith and the twins laughed.

“Meh, I’d rather be the balloon,” Liz said, Tara nodding in agreement.

“Have any of you tried it yet?” Lillith asked.

“I almost did,” Hannah responded, a hint of guilt in her voice, “but before I did I realized I didn’t know how to deflate, so I didn’t do it.” 


“Yeah, of course,” Lillith replied, ashamed that she didn’t think the same.

“Maybe…we could get together tonight and, you know…practice?  I’m sure we can figure out how it works,” Valerie said.

“But where could we go?” Hannah asked.  “We need a place with plenty of space, after all, we don’t know how big we can get.”

“I can arrange that!” Keira said, walking up behind them.  Sidney quickly glared at her, then gazed around, hoping no one else heard their conversation.

“Hey Keira!” Lillith greeted her friend.

“Hey, it’s Balloon Bitch herself!” Tara announced as Liz gave applause.  Keira smiled and gave an elegant bow of acknowledgement as Sidney glared at the twins, silently demanding they shut up.

“So, as you all know, the current members can’t directly help you in anyway, but Amanda, our president, had a warehouse built nearby, with several large subdivided rooms.  The place is secluded and windowless, so no one will be spying.  I have a key for each of you,” Keira proceeded to pass out each girl a key along with a note explaining how to reach the place.  Thanking Keira, each girl proceeded to leave to their next classes.  Keira said bye to Lillith and left, leaving just her and Valerie, who had returned to her computer.

“Hey Valerie?”

“Yes Lillith?” she replied, looking up from the computer screen.

“If you don’t mind my asking what is it you’re doing?”

Smiling, Valerie explained to Lillith that she is a computer engineering major, and she is currently working on the coding for a spyware detection program.  Lillith listened and nodded as Valerie rambled on and on, overjoyed that someone is finally taking an interest in her.  Struggling to understand, Lillith found strength in knowing that soon she would be learning new skills from Silas.

And maybe he can learn some skills from me.  Rawr.



Just a few minutes before three, Lillith drove to the location Silas specified.  She pulled up to a hangar at a seemingly abandoned airfield.  She saw Silas’ car parked to the side of the building, with Silas leaning against, waving to her.  She parked, and Silas opened the car door for her.

“Welcome to the former Balter Air Field!  Abandoned twenty-six years ago, my dad, an airplane enthusiast, bought the place at a good price, but shortly thereafter found a better location.  Unable to sell the place, my mother decided to keep it as a storage facility for her job.  Rarely used, even by her company, I decided to use the hangar for its intended purpose of housing aircraft.  Particularly blimps.  Meaning myself when I…oh, you know.”  Lillith giggled as they walked inside the large empty hangar, Silas shutting the door behind him. 

The hangar was large and spacious.  Most of the floor was empty, one of the far corners had a few gas tanks propped up, while the other corner had some random cleaning supplies.  Turning around, she saw an elevated office with a staircase leading up to it.  In the empty space under the office, she saw another large number of gas tanks, of all sizes.  A few of the tanks were large enough to fit her comfortably inside.  Silas was ascended the stairs to the office, gesturing her to follow.

“This place is massive,” Lillith said.

“Isn’t it?  It’s sixty feet long, thirty-five feet wide, and twenty-five feet tall.  Perfect for our uses,” he explained, picking up a black rubber suit.  It looked similar to a diving suit, with green stripes down the sides and a zipper in the front, stretching from the navel to the neck.

“This should fit you nicely,” he said, handing it to her.  “Don’t want you ruining your clothes, right?  This is a special rubber suit, mad stretchy.  Go ahead and change, I’ll wait for you downstairs.”  Silas exited as Lillith began changing into her new outfit.  She looked around the office to see a plethora of sciencey materials.

“Silas, what is all this stuff?”

“I’m a chemistry major, I do a lot of experiments in here.”

“You mentioned your mom’s business uses this place, what for?”

“My mom is a regional manager of a gas distributor company.  She uses this place to store all kinds of gas.  A truck stops by once a month to pick up the empty tanks and store filled ones.  Mom said I could use as much as I needed for my experiments.  Of course, she doesn’t know about the other experiments I use it for!”

Upon squeezing herself in the rubber suit she left the office.  Silas whistled at her as she walked down the stairs, Lillith obliging by smiling and putting a little more sway in her hips.

“Looking good,” Silas said, examining her and making her blush.

“So how do we proceed, ‘Professor Silas’?”

“Ah, yes…” Silas gestured to the device on the floor next to him.  “This, as you can see, is a bicycle pump.  A heavy duty bicycle pump.”

“Oh god, that’s not going up my ass, is it?”


“Oh, nothing.”

“Anyway, the tube will go in your mouth, and I will give you, say, about twenty-five good pumps.”

Lillith’s heart leapt as she thought about being pumped up again.

“After you are good and pumped, you will have to figure out how to deflate yourself using the method I mentioned last night.  To demonstrate…”

Silas put the hose in his mouth then stood on the foot holds of the bike pump.  Raising the piston half way up, he forced it down.  The hose went rigid as air flowed through.  Lillith watched in amazement as Silas’ stomach obliged the air by swelling out.  He did this four more times, making his body look like a barrel again, although a much fuller one.  He only pumped it five times, and he is only slightly bigger than when he took all the air from me!  I was pretty big then, but if he is going to pump me twenty-five times? How big will I get?

“Again,” Silas said, removing the hose from his mouth, “flex your diaphragm, use your muscles to control the air flow, and release.”  He demonstrated, releasing the air he just inhaled in a mighty gust.  “Easy!” he said, handing Lillith the hose.  “Are you ready?”

“Yes!” she said excitedly, greedily putting the hose in her mouth.

“Two last things before we start: when flexing your muscles to control the air flow, imagine a giant hand squeezing you, forcing the air to come out of your mouth.”

Lillith nodded impatiently.

“And lastly, I said I would give you twenty-five good pumps.  What you just saw me do were five pumps.”  He hoisted the piston up to the halfway point.  “Five half pumps.”  He then pulled the piston as high up as it would go, making Lillith’s eyes go wide, and forced it down.


Lillith felt a euphoric rush as the air surged through the hose, through her mouth and down her throat.  The air immediately inflated her belly to a mid-term pregnancy look as her boobs blossomed from Bs straight to Ds. 


Lillith’s cheeks puffed out as the air fought its way inside.  This gust filled her belly out to full-term and perking her breasts up to a full E.  She stroked her growing belly and waited excitedly for the next pump.


Her ass, late to the party, ballooned out swiftly, each buttock now a soccer ball.  Her thighs swelled as well, rubbing against her wet nethers.


Again her ass ballooned out, this time along with her breasts and belly.  She now looked as if she had swallowed a beach ball, and had basketballs for implants.


Her dome of a belly swelled again, lifting her inflated boobs up ever so slightly.  Her thighs swelled more, rubbing together even tighter.


Lillith almost lost her balance as her ass inflated further.  Her thighs surged again, squeaking ever so slightly.  Lillith moaned as she felt the air invade her body, stroking her belly and breasts.


Lillith orgasmed as she felt the air flow into her crotch.  She had no idea her vagina could inflate as well.  Her legs were now starting to be forced apart as they reached a circumference of a basketball.


Again the air assailed her vagina, bringing her to orgasm again.  She wobbled slightly as her footing was slowly being lost.  Her belly continued to grow, although more slowly as the air found new places to explore.


Her boobs jumped as the air rushed in.  She was now supporting a rack that would make Jordan Carver jealous.  Her belly began to round out her sides now.  Soon her torso would be nearly spherical.


Lillith muffled out a pleasure-filled scream as the air surged down to her crotch.  Her vagina swelled along with her thighs, which squeaked together.  Her belly’s growth resumed in her sides, taking away any hint that she may have been skinny.  She gently caressed her sides as they swelled.

“Wow,” Silas said.  “Hang on.”

Silas ran back up to the office, then brought back down a mirror, which he held up for Lillith to see.  She moaned as she admired what she saw.  Her torso was about the size of an exercise ball.  Her tits, perched atop her dome stomach, had become the size of large watermelons.  Her thighs were as big around as her normal frame’s waist, and they squeaked as they rubbed together.  The sides of her ass were now visible, two large domes peeking out from behind her thighs.  The suit she was wearing seemed to still be fitting, but it appeared to be straining.  Silas put the mirror down.  “Shall we resume?”  Lillith moaned affirmatively.  Silas lifted the piston again and continued Lillith’s glorious transformation.


Her belly swelled again, forming a spherical shape with her sides.  The bottom of each of her buttocks were now joining the cone shapes that her thighs were becoming.


Lillith gasped as the zipper gave a little bit, showing her greatly inflated cleavage.  She stroked her breasts, longing for them to be free.


Her tits forced the zipper down more, but they were still restrained.  The small of her back, just above her ass, received some air this time.  She thought back to Keira’s inflation, how she became spherical, and longed to be the same shape.


Her belly was inflating slowly now as the rest of her body equalized.  Her legs were stuck at a weird angle, as they started to become cone-shaped.  Her thighs were inflated down to her knees, and still rubbing together against her swollen sex.


The zipper gave up the fight and raced down the track.  Her breasts surged out, the sides of the suit just barely covering her nipples, which she then noticed were also inflating.  She reached up to stimulate them, only to find that it was difficult to move her arms.


Lillith again climaxed as her incredibly tight legs squeezed together against her vagina.  Her belly stretched the suit apart some more as her inflating nipples struggled to be free.


Lillith’s back was becoming dome shaped like her stomach had.  In addition, her shoulders puffed up as the air finally reached her arms.  Her ass slowly merged with her legs and torso as the sphere tendency continued.


Lillith moaned as her back swelled out more.  Her back’s inflation was also lengthening her torso, she was now nearly as tall as Silas.  Her biceps swelled as well, soon her arms would follow the example set by her legs.


Her arms began to lift away from her sides as they swelled with air.  Lillith moaned in ecstasy as her body was being forced out in all directions.


Lillith was lost in the feeling of mounting pressure within her form, consisting of a nearly spherical torso, puffy arms and legs, a head and a pair of beachball tits.  There was no longer any indication that Lillith once had hips.  Despite all the air in her body, she didn’t feel the suit exerting any overwhelming tightness on her balloon body, Silas wasn’t kidding about how stretchy it was.


Lillith’s arms jumped involuntarily as the air made them rigid.  She felt exhilarated as a sense of helplessness crossed her mind.


Arms blimping, legs rubbing, boobs bobbing, Lillith wished Silas wouldn’t stop, just keep filling her, more and more…


She couldn’t really tell which parts of her body were receiving the glorious gusts of air anymore, but she didn’t care.  All that mattered was that she was still inflating.


Please Silas, please never stop.  Keep blowing me up, keep inflating me, more, more, more, more…


Lillith moaned as yet another orgasm shook her body.  This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.  I want to be bigger, I want to inflate more, I want this feeling to last forever, I want… wait, did Silas stop?

Lillith came to her senses and saw that Silas had indeed stopped pumping.  Her euphoria was quickly replaced by a crushing blend of sadness and anger.

“Silas! Keep going, please!”

“Nope, that was twenty-five pumps, that’s all you get for now.”

“No!  I want to see how big I can get!”

“Have patience, we will discover that soon enough.  Now, let me get the mirror again so you can see yourself.”

“Five more!  Please Silas, five more pumps!  Please?”

Silas was in the middle of picking the mirror back up, but he stopped and stood back up to look at Lillith (which was a tad difficult with her enormous balloon boobs in the way).

“Lillith, I know that this is still new and exciting,” he said this with a certain tone that sounded equal parts stern and concerned, “but you are here to learn something.  Yes, I am going to teach you how to deflate on your own, but the most important lesson is self-control.  Self-control is what keeps you from ripping out of your clothes, it’s what keeps you from destroying a room, it’s what keeps you from being discovered by others.  More importantly,” Silas dropped his volume just a tad, “it’s what keeps you from going… too far.”

Those two words sobered Lillith.  “Too far? My friends told me it was safe though.”

“It is, unless you lack self-control.”

“What do you mean?”

Silas sighed.  “I’ve heard of fools inflating themselves with helium outside, but before they realized their grip was failing, they soared up to the heavens, never to be seen again.  I’ve heard of people carelessly inflating in areas with sharp and dangerous items.  There have been some people who thought they were champions of inflation and tried blowing themselves up with heavy duty industrial equipment, which the human body can’t withstand.”

Lillith shivered.  “Okay.  Self-control, I understand.  Sorry for being dumb.”

Silas smiled and his voice returned to it’s normal, friendly tone.  “It’s okay!  Again, this is still new and exciting, it’s easy to lose your head.  But that’s why I am here!  Everything we do in this hangar is perfectly safe, you can trust me!”

Lillith returned Silas’ smile, then he turned back to lift the mirror up.  Lillith gazed into it and gasped as her euphoria returned.

Her body, from her armpits to a little way down her thigh was now spherical, nearly five feet in diameter.  Her arms were suspended perpendicular to her body, supported by the turgid pressure in her shoulders.  Her legs were cone-shaped, with only the faintest suggestion of knees.  Her ass had begun to merge with her torso, but still protruded like large hemispheres.  Her tits, now the size of exercise balls, caressed her chin as she breathed.  She shook her body a little and giggled at hearing the tympanic thumps echoing within her hollow tits.

Wow.  I can’t believe how big I am!  I’m beautiful!  I’m perfect!

“Now, remember what I told you about flexing your muscles, and deflate yourself.  Once you accomplish this, we will move on.  In the meantime, I will provide some ambiance music.  Haven’t practiced my violin today yet!”

Silas walked around the Lillith globe and picked up his violin case, which was against the hangar wall.  Lillith did her best to focus on deflating.

Okay, so, imagine a hand squeezing me?  Right.  Heh, I kinda wish it would be Silas squeezing me now, I mean my tits are everywhere!  Oh yeah, deflation.  Concentrate.

Much to Silas’ surprise, Lillith appeared to be a natural, and was able to deflate herself to a functional size in only 28 minutes and deflating completely in 47!

“Most impressive!”

“Aw, thanks Silas!”

“No, seriously, I didn’t even accomplish it that fast my first time.”

“You’re making me blush, you are too sweet!”

“And now, I have some good news.”


“Well, the only way to deflate faster is practice.  So,” he motioned to the bike pump, “you up for a few more rounds?”

Lillith squeeled in delight and bear hugged Silas with surprising force, then immediately ran back in place and put the hose back in her mouth.

“It’s good to have an eager student I suppose!  Let’s get to it!”

Silas walked over to the pump, raised the handle a little, then stopped as a contemplative look crossed his face.

“Y’know, you did so good this first time, how about for these next few rounds…I give you thrity?”

Lillith eyes glazed over in desire as she nodded desperately.  Silas smiled.

“Thirty it is!” he said as he lifted the plunger and forced it down.

Lillith moaned as air invaded her body another glorious time.  She closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

I think I love you, you wonderful man.

After five more rounds of beautiful ballooning, Lillith was able to get her total deflation time down to 3 minutes.

“You learn quick!” Silas said as they walked outside.  “Way faster than me, that’s for sure!”

“Thanks!  I have a great teacher though!”

Silas locked up the hangar and walked Lillith to her car.

“So, I’m curious, when do I get to blow YOU up?”  Lillith asked with a smile.

“Girl, you can’t handle this yet,” Silas said with sass, eliciting a laugh from Lillith.

“No seriously though, I’ll show you what I can do after we teach you some more tricks of the trade.”

Lillith rolled her eyes.  “Fine.  You just don’t want to because you know I make a much more beautiful balloon than you do.”

Silas smiled.  “True, true.  But I think you’re more than a balloon, Lillith.”  He looked into her eyes as if to look into her soul.  “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”

Lillith was amazed to hear those words.  She stood on her toes to go in for a kiss, when suddenly…


Shit! Way to ruin the moment…

“Dammit.”  Lillith mumbled, pulling out her phone.  Silas cleared his throat and put his hands in his pockets as Lillith answered the call. 

Almost got an actual kiss that time!

“Hello?  Oh hey, listen this isn’t… what?  Yeah… okay, but I don’t see why that… *sigh* are you serious?  Arrgh, fine, I’ll be there soon.  Bye.  I’m sorry Silas, I have to go.”

“What’s wrong?”

“My friend Liz inflated herself and my friends don’t know how to deflate her,” Lillith sighed as she got in her car.

“Well, at least now you can help her!  Would you like to come again tomorrow for more training?”

“I’d love to!”

“Then it’s a date!”

“Okay.  Thanks again Silas, bye!”  Silas waved at her as she drove, then he made his way to his car.  As he fumbled with the car key, he took on an uncharacteristically serious look.

 “…I really hope she wins those challenges.  If she can’t, I’ll never get my chance…”


Silas shook his head to clear his thoughts, got in his car, and drove off.

Author's Note: 

Hey everyone, incredibly sorry this took so long.  I hit a writer's block pretty hard, but worry not, I WILL see this series through to the end!  Hope everyone enjoys it, the entries should be getting to the juicier bits from here on out.

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sto04084071's picture
Love it

Well thought out and very descriptive I can't wait for the next one but I may have to larn self control :P


It's actually a little ironic about the self control thing, I was writing while I should have been studying!


Your writing is very entertaining, straightforward and understandable, and your inflation is spot on for me...thanks, and Look forward to your next release.

Outstanding. Please keep it

Outstanding. Please keep it up and write more

Inflate123's picture
I like that each step of the

I like that each step of the progression got its own description. That alone was a great construct.