Nightmare Neighbours

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Sarah was a normal 28 year old, well, a very well educated and intelligent 28 year old, who had just qualified as a lawyer. She was a fairly plain Jayne, slim, tall with shoulder length straight brown hair, not attractive but by no means ugly, she wore typical secretary glasses. 


After a few months looking for a job Sarah finally got one in the city, which meant she needed to move, that was easier said than done, after weeks of sleeping on friends sofas Sarah found her dream home, everything seemed perfect for a couple of weeks. Sarah had never seen her neighbours but she certainly heard them, every night she could hear kids laughing and a strange rubbing/squeaking noise and she was getting sick of it. 


One night she decided to go round there and see what all the noise was about, she rang the bell and bashed on the front door but got no reply, so she walked over to the living room window and tried to see through the net curtains, all she could make out was what looked like 2 kids bouncing on a huge balloon, she tried to get their attention but still they didn't respond, she cursed them and walked back to her house in a foul mood. 


Another few days passed and the noise was louder than ever! "F#*k sake" she shouted and marched out of the door, on her way out she heard a loud BANG! 


"What the hell was that" she said out loud again.


As she knocked on the door it creaked open.


"Hello" she shouted, no reply. 


"Anybody there?" She continued.


Still no answer, so she pocked her head in the front door still calling out hoping for a reply, the house was open plan on the ground floor so after walking around and finding no one she made her way upstairs. As she got to the top of the stairs Sarah noticed what looked to be the remains of a balloon in pieces on the floor 'obviously what the bang was' she thought to herself. Just then something to Sarah's left caught her attention, she looked and saw a figure come out of the darkness holding some sort of gun, the figure wasn't human and neither was the technology it was about to use on Sarah, she turned to face the figure but all she could do was let out a groan as the figure shot her, everything went dark for Sarah.


Sarah started to wake up, everything was bright white, her vision was blurry and she felt like she had one hell of a hangover, she could see the outline of somebody standing over her, as she focused on the person it turned out to be her mother. 


"Mum? Thank god, I had the strangest dream, my neighbours.." 


Sarah was saying as she was trying to wake herself up, then she realised she was naked and her arms and legs tied into a spread eagle pose. 


"Why am I tied to a table??" She asked her mum. 


Only then did her mum speak. 


"I'm not your mother, but we thought appearing as someone you know will help to keep you calm" 


"Well I'm f#*king not calm now! What the hell is this?!" Sarah shouted.


"Perhaps we should explain, we are from a very distant planet, but have lived among you humans on earth for many years now. We mean no harm to the human race but we have needs" 


Sarah was trying desperately to get free from the ropes holding her down, she didn't like what she was hearing, and demanded more of an explanation.


"You see Sarah, back on our planet we have slaves for our entertainment, we blow them up into massive balloons and our young play with them all day, we are quite a simple race really, small pleasures, you must understand? However on earth we have to use the next best thing, which is where u humans come in! Only bloody problem is you humans keep bursting after a few weeks." 


The alien, still looking like Sarah's mother was walking around the room whilst Sarah tried her hardest to break free, it came back with a large needle and continued.


"Ok then Sarah, I've told you enough now time to get u prepped" 


It plunged the needle into Sarah's arm, she started screaming and begging for help but gradually drifted of to sleep. The room was then a hive of activity, more aliens came in with computers monitors and tubes, and began to set everything up, Sarah briefly regained consciousness as they started to insert all the tubes into her, it didn't seem like she knew too much of what was happening. 


Everyone cleared the room apart from the alien looking like her mother, Sarah was left with a tube down her throat, 2 smaller tubes attached to her nipples, one in her vagina and the last was in her anus, the tube in her throat was joined to the same machine as the ones in her nipples and vagina, the tube in her anus just had a tap on the end of it. The alien tapped away on the keyboard then turned around to look at Sarah, the machine kicked into life and you could see a liquid being forced into Sarah, her whole body seemed to grow a bit, she looked puffy all over from her fingers to her toes, even her cheeks were more chubby, the monitor on the machine started flashing and an alarm sounded, the alien then pushed a few more buttons and the machine stopped. It then left the room, Sarah resembled a blow up doll now, but not a balloon, she moaned a few times and tried to open her puffy eyes, but not for very long. After a couple of hours an alien returned, it placed a large jug where the tube from Sarah's butt ended, it opened the tap on the tube and thick green fluid ran out, as it was coming out all of Sarah's body deflated apart from her head, her whole body went flat, it appeared the fluid in Sarah had dissolved everything in her body, she just looked like a bag of skin with her head on top, the alien then took the tubes out if her nipples and put clamps on them then replaced the tube in her vagina with a plug, it then took her flat hands and feet out of the ropes and crossed them over her body, after this it went to another computer and poured the green liquid into a funnel, the screen turned on and Sarah's voice could be heard saying.


"Hello? Can someone help me? I feel strange, I'm not sure what's happening or where I am, please somebody help me" 


The alien turned the sound off, and took a lead out from the computer, it had some sort of bulb on the end, it shoved it into Sarah's mouth, a few seconds later her eyes opened and started looking around the room, that was the only movement Sarah had. The alien then made a gesture to the door and 2 smaller aliens came running in pulling a cylinder of oxygen, the bigger alien attached the hose leading from Sarah's ass to the cylinder.


"Ok boys when you’re ready, blow up your new balloon" 


With that the boys cranked open the valve and the oxygen rushed into Sarah, she quickly began to fill out and soon she looked like she did before she was captured, but the gas kept flowing and her belly began to rise, slowly the mound grew bigger looking like she was 9 months pregnant, slowly her breasts grew larger too, as the air pushed into Sarah it began to force her arms to the side and her legs done the same, they were begging to turn into cones, it wasn't clear how much Sarah knew about what was happening but she kept looking at her ever growing belly, that was until her view was blocked by her enormous breasts, her hips started to grow and she was now more of a pear shape, she grew wider and wider, her ass was being absorbed by her growing body which was now a globe stretching down a far as her knees and out as far as her elbows, the gas kept flowing in and soon her arms and legs were pulled into the ball Sarah now was, all she could do now was feel the pressure build and build inside her until finally the order was given to stop inflating her. 


Sarah was now a massive balloon, the alien detached the cylinder from the hose coming from Sarah's ass, then he pulled out the bung in Her mouth, Sarah laid there totally helpless, the kids then started jumping on her and bouncing her all over the room, Sarah's body was now making the same noises she used to hear from next door! 


A few weeks later, Mike moved into the old house, he thought it all seemed perfect, the neighbours were a bit noisy but he could ignore that, one day there was a massive BANG! 'What was that' Mike thought to himself, it came from next door, I'd better go and check it out...

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I wish some of these stories at the end made sure that the human balloon would become a regular toy balloon that would not be distinguishable from one you'd buy at a store!