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Sofia Anderson looked hatefully across the room at her new favourite enemy, Brooke Sanders. She had finally found a way to ruin her. She pulled out a small, white stick of gum and made sure to put it on the right corner of her desk.

Brooke was a chewing gum phenatic and wouldn't pass up an opportunity o steal Sofia's, and Sofia knew this. She had planned this revenge for a long time, and was anticipating her glorious victory.

She had originally gotten the idea of the gum from the movie: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, and over many months had learned she had a inflation fetish.

Sofia had the luck to see a YouTube video where a man had used metros and coke to inflate himself, and she had used this idea to create the gum, an homage to the movie.

Sofia grinned as Brooke quietly grabbed the gum of her desk and slowly unwrapped it. Brooke popped it in her mouth, as turned back to the teacher.

Unknown to everyone but Sofia, the gum had begun to in fact Brooke's system and was beginning to take effect. Slowly her nose began to flush with a violet colour and it moved across her body. Her hands were the last things to colour and now Sofia was on the edge of her seat, waiting for the rest of the changes to begin. 

In the meantime, the class had noticed her change and had started panicking and yelling at Brooke. "Brooke, your blue" one boy said.

" She completely blue" another student called out. Then the best part of the change happened, she began inflating. At first, her thighs became a tad larger and then the process began. Her stomach started bloating forward as her thighs and calves enlarged at a similar rate. In less than a 30 seconds, she looked nine months pregnant. At this point she had began panicking and tried to run. 

But her movement was halted by her butt shooting outwards and causing her to trip. Next her breasts began to swell with liquid and went from a C-cup to a  H-cup in a matter of seconds. Next her arms  filled up with juice and stuck out like cones at her side. 

While all of this was happening, Sofia was delighted, her plan had worked, she had her revenge. Now, Brooke was almost spherical and probably couldn't move. Then, it stopped, she was a giant, human blueberry. And Sofia had never been happier.


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Sorry, but... "phenatic"?

Sorry, but... "phenatic"?  "Metros and gum"??

Too Short

They say brevity is a virtue, but you carried it well too far. There's scarcely anything to the story. You may as well go "Once upon a time a wicked witch kidnapped a princess, and then a knight came and rescued her and they lived happily ever after, the end."

Expand upon the story, no pun intended, and you'll be better received.

I love inflation
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Want to do a roleplay on this where I am Brooke?

Alexis Styles

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Seriously DoubleIntegral…

I've read plenty of stories on this site and this one has by far the least mistakes in it. (Probably due to it's short-but-sweet nature.)

I'm a pretty kitty~