Case of the Missing Suit, The

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It was raining, a dark, damp afternoon in north London, and in a bedroom in a flat someone was unhappy.

"For goodness sake!" Sarah shouted to the cat sat on her window sill as she rifled through boxes. She was flinging rubber clothing onto her bed from containers strewn around her bedroom. "It's missing... It's missing..." she grumbled flinging more clothes over her shoulder. She had only just moved house a couple of days ago, going upmarket a bit due to some fortune from previous cases she'd solved, moving into Marylbone seemed like the thing to do. However something had got lost in the move.

Sarah flopped backwards onto the bed sending piles of latex clothes flopping onto the floor. 

"I'm annoyed kitty, my new suit has disappeared in the move" she lamented with a sigh.


Meanwhile in a back street top floor flat in Soho a girl sat with a box on her lap. She was an average sort of girl, she had an average length black bob haircut with a fringe, she stood not taller than five and a half feet, and was of average weight. She wore the company polo shirt she always wore doing her shift at QuickMove removals, upon which was her badge emblazoned with "Jem, Here to Help". Jem pushed her glasses up her nose to get a better look at the package on her lap. She wasn't one for taking things that were not hers, but this box had her intrigued, it was wrapped in black rubber, with a red rubber ribbon keeping it closed, it had "fallen" off of the van in the move and she'd put it in her car for "safekeeping", at least that was the excuse she'd use if she got caught with it.

Carefully she unwrapped the rubber clad parcel, it smelled like dark chocolate. Opening the box slowly and parting the tissue paper, she pulled the garment out of its container. She held it up to herself. It looked exactly like a pair of jeans and a black long sleeve t-shirt attached together only made from latex. If you looked closely it looked like it was made from thick rubber. There was a zipper that ran from each shoulder to the neck to get into it. She pulled out a cream card with embossed gold writing on it and had a read. 

"Talc thoroughly inside, made as per your special requirements." she whispered.

She raised an eyebrow, then got undressed from her work clothes. Carefully she undid the zippers and pulled the garment on over her legs, pulling it on until her feet popped out of each leg with a snap of latex. She pulled it up her body and over her arms, smoothing it down over her breasts. Cleverly it had a built in bra so they looked pert and bouncy. She did the zippers up and looked at herself in the mirror. It seemed to pull her in all the right places giving her an hourglass look. It fit perfectly, was warm and not too tight. She ran her hands over herself to smooth things out and caught her fingers on a valve on the side on her right hip.  It looked a bit like a tyre valve. 

"Oh? What's that for?" she mumbled slightly puzzled and looked in the box for a clue. Nothing to help her in the box, only a small bag with a couple of clip attachments. "Curious" she said, and pulled some trainers on and headed for the door.


Back in the Marylbone flat, Sarah was on the phone to QuickMove. 

"It's been lost in the move, no it's not easily replaced..." she sounded angry. "Look, it was a black parcel with a red ribbon, could you please contact the crew that moved me and see if anyone saw it, it's very important, and it cost a lot of money... Thank you" she would have slammed her phone down had it not been a mobile, so instead angrily prodded the hang up button and put it in her jeans pocket.

Thinking back to the day of her move, there were 2 men on the crew and a supervisor. The men were unlikely candidates, it had a ribbon after all. The supervisor was an older lady in her 40s, hair tied in a bun, also an unlikely candidate to have taken it. Thinking further, she remembered there was someone sat in the truck all day, a girl, brown, no... Black hair, she wore a nose ring and had her hair in a severe bob, she'd just sat on her phone all morning in the van while everyone else had done the work, then when we'd arrived at the new house, she wasn't there. Clues, more clues. She had to go to another job anyway, this could wait. It's probably at some depot been forgotten.


Jem was walking down a busy Soho street towards her local bike shop, nobody noticed her despite her wearing her rubber outfit, it was perfectly disguised. She clattered through the old door and into the shop with a ding of a bell. Out from the back came James a handsome young chap with a spiky brown haircut and a skull earring. 

"Alright Jem, what can I do for you? You can't need another bike service you only came in here a month or two ago. You're looking good today by the way? Had your hair done?" he asked all at once in a mock cockney accent.

"Thanks. " she blushed slightly. "I have a bit of an odd request, but have you ever seen one of these?" she said pointing at the valve on her hip. 

James let out a small laugh, came around the counter and looked closely. 

"Yeah it's a schrader valve, used mostly on mountain bikes and the like." he pinged it. "What's it doing on your jeans?"

Jem looked around the shop to see no other customers, and turned slightly redder. "It's a rubber outfit I found, I'm not entirely sure why it has a valve though, that's why I came here, you have an air thingy right?"

"Yep, yep, compressor out the back." said James also intrigued by the suit. "Let's pop an air hose on it and see if it does anything." James went out the back and dragged through an air line from the back of the shop and attached the clip to the valve. "Ready? We'll start off slow first."

"Yes, ready as I'll ever be!" she replied.

James pressed down on the trigger and with a slight hiss air started to inflate the suit, at first it didn't seem like it was doing anything, then with added air, her breasts started to inflate bigger to a D cup, her hips were widening slightly and her bottom was blowing up as well. James stopped. 

"Well now, that's made you look different!" he said as he whipped his phone out and took a photo. "See?"

"Oh... Ohhh. That's nice." She replied. "I can feel a bit of pressure, but it's fine." 

James unclipped the hose, but it stuck slightly. "It doesn't normally stick like that. Might be the valve." but he managed to pull it off, the air hissed out and Jem went back to her normal size. 

"Oh. " she made an exaggerated frown face. 

"It hasn't got a core, the air won't stay in without a core. Look, hold on a sec." James rummaged in a parts box and found a valve core. He quickly installed it and reattached the hose with the clip.

Jem grabbed the trigger from James and pushed hard. There was a loud hiss and her suit inflated quickly past where it had gone before. Her breasts blew out to E cups, her hips widening and her bottom, legs and arms growing in hourglass like proportions thanks to the constraint of the belt. James grabbed it back. "Hey, don't blow up too much. That's a hundred psi! You don't want to explode!" he laughed. "You do look amazing though." and he pulled the hose off the valve, again it stuck a bit, but still came away, he took another photo with his phone. 

"See, air doesn't come out now." he grinned at the exaggerated woman in front of him showing her the photo. "Nice suit, never seen one exactly like that, but I've seen some before on the Internet and I've..." 

Before he could finish the door bell tinkled as it opened and the now voluptuous Jem exited with a jaunty "Thank you!" 

"Got a couple of them myself..." he continued to nobody, and with a sigh he shook his head and went back to servicing the bike he was working on.


Sarah was deep in thought as she walked through the busy, and now rainy streets of Soho, she was on her way to a job, but her mind was elsewhere on her parcel, head down and not paying attention she bumped into someone, she looked around to see a curvy lady walking away from her confidently. She shook her head, slightly disoriented and walked on towards the square nearby.


Jem was slightly perturbed to bump into someone, but at least the outfit she was wearing kept her dry, mostly, except for her head, she looked into a dark window to see her reflection, the woman staring back looked a lot like her, only much more shapely. She thought being inflated was such a rush, exciting, and the outfit was so full, she loved the feeling of pressure and loved the attention, walking down the road she turned heads. Jem thought back to James, she felt bad as she'd more or less ignored him on the way out.

"Maybe I could surprise him" she thought, and she wandered off to the market square. She wasn't used to her new dimensions and kept bumping into people, the suit vibrating with a resonant ping every time she bumped into someone. Nobody cared though, this was London, and you could walk round wearing pretty much anything and nobody would bat an eye. She went through the market looking left and right for what she wanted, there were old bric-a-brac stalls, fruit, veg, anything you could possibly want was here, except what she wanted to find. Finally she happened upon a party stall in a quiet part of the market. They sold everything you needed, napkins, bunting, plates, and balloons. The owner looked bored.

"Excuse me" she said to the stall holder who was sitting in his van right next to an enormous rusty tank marked "He". A red rubber hose hung over the tank with a valve clip at the end. "Do you think that..." she pointed to the hose. "Will fit on this?" she pointed to her hip. 

The man got up. Pulled the hose off the tank and walked over. "I don't see why not." he was completely unfazed by it, like he'd seen it all. He pushed the clip over the valve and went back to the tank. "You sure about this?"

Jem nodded. "Yep, inflate me!" she grinned.

The man rolled his eyes. "Righto" and turned the squeaky tank tap on. "Just say when!" he smirked.

Jem bit her lip as her suit inflated, her bottom widened out further still, thighs expanding, calves inflating. Her boobs were filling out to FF cups and beyond, her extreme exaggerated inflation was a sight. Her belly had started to inflate too, blowing up like a beachball. "The pressure is wonderful. Oh yesss." she purred. The man disappeared into the back of his van. Jem continued to expand, the arms growing fatter and fatter, the whole suit starting to grow rounder and rounder. "Excuse me?" she said loudly. "I'm done.. I think I'm done" she said, blushing. The man reappeared from his van looking visibly flushed. 

"Sorry" he said, "I had to go and, do... something." he coughed, and tried to turn the valve off, it squeaked as he tried to turn it. "It's stuck." he said as he disappeared into his van again, clunking noises could be heard as he rifled through his tool box. 

"I'm blowing up too big!" Jem shouted. "Do something!" she could feel the pressure of the suit now, it was starting to get rounder, boobs, belly, bottom and legs smoothing out into a large ball shape. The man returned with a pipe wrench and smacked the tank tap a couple of times. With a loud squeak of rusted metal he managed to turn it off to see Jem standing there a five and a half feet diameter ball wearing what looked like jeans and a t-shirt with just hands and feet embedded into it and a head poking out the top,

"You're a bit big" the man said as he fiddled with the hose to remove it from the suit's valve, it was a little stuck. "It's not coming out?" he quizzed. 

Jem sighed, and looked very red. "It's got a valve thingy in it" she said looking slightly cross eyed. This was extremely exciting and terrifying at the same time.


Sarah walked around the corner of the market to see a giant ball suit which looked almost exactly like the one she'd ordered not so long ago. 

"Hey!" she shouted and ran up towards it. "That's mine!"

Jem wiggled her feet and hands in embarrassment. "Look, I'm sorry, I didn't, I don't. Ugh." she couldn't speak through the intenseness of the situation. 

"You" Sarah pointed at the man with the van, "Turn that back on"

The man turned the tap on again, and Jem started inflating again. "No, no more please" she pleaded as she started to lift from the ground, her hands and feet getting further embedded into the rapidly inflating suit, she rolled onto her back facing the sky. "Don't let me go!"

"Oh I won't let you go" replied Sarah "You're coming with me."

Sarah turned the tap on the tank off and yanked the hose from the cylinder. "Here... This is for the helium and the hose. Thanks!" she threw £100 at the man who'd inflated Jem. Pulling her new balloon behind her she made her way out of the market. "You, have been a very naughty girl."

Author's Note: 

Another thrilling case for Sarah Holmes to solve.

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Great Story RK

Hey RK,

    Great story, I have just finished my new one also just touching up.

    Love your description and plot.





MMMM, your sexy my dear...Whammmo! Your Inflated!!!! DrInflator

Very good!

Enjoyed this one! You keep getting better and better

Hi my name is Tom. I run the inflatable chicks yahoo group

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What a great story

What a great story