Scarred For Life

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"So... How do you like it?" She purred as she stared across the table.

"It's, um. It's delicious. I really like it. Yum. Thanks, Mrs. B." You made a motion of rubbing your stomach with your hand. Mmmm.

"Oh, you can just call me Violet, if you want..." It's great when your girlfriend's family likes you, but this was awkward. When your girlfriend's mom offered you a slice of homemade blueberry pie, you didn't expect her to sit across the table with her head leaning on her hand and stare dreamily at you while you ate it.

"Mmmmm. I'm so glad you like it. You must be really thirsty..." Violet stood and leaned over- no, bent over the table towards you, her more than generous milky white cleavage practically bulging out of her low cut blue dress just inches away from your half eaten plate of blueberry pie. She was lying on her belly in front of you, knees perched on her chair, her round ass arched up in the air and visibly straining the fabric of her dress. A wide red leather belt was cinched tightly around her narrow waist, just above the flare of her hips. For a long second, neither of you spoke.

"So... Can I get you something to drink?" Your eyes shifted back up to her face for only a second before she grabbed her own enormous pale breasts and squished them together. You had to admit, she was a strikingly beautiful, seductive woman. Old enough to be your mother, but her raw sexuality was impossible to ignore. A single soft muffled tap was audible from under the table where you were sitting.

"Or maybe my pie, instead?" You didn't resist as she gently brought a forkful of blueberry pie to your lips, smiling and biting the corner of her lower lip, barely able to contain herself.

It was just then that your girlfriend, who had been putting on makeup upstairs for the last 30 minutes, walked in wearing a skimpy red dress.

"Mom, what the fuck?! AGAIN?!"

"It's not what it looks like." They both ignored you.

"What?! Oh, come on! It's okay, he likes it!"

"I don't CARE if he likes it! I'm so sick of you stealing my boyfriends and blowing them up like blueberries!" Your girlfriend whined.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't bring them over and just abandon them, with nothing to do, all alone..." Still lying in front of you, she lifted your chin with a dainty finger and gave you a seductive wink.

"Fuck, he's turning blue already. Ugh, I knew I should have moved out as soon as I turned eighteen." Hmm. She was right, you were turning blue. And you were starting to feel kind of... Funny.

"But then I wouldn't have anyone to bring me all these handsome, willing-"

"MOOOOOMMM!! You're RUINING MY LIFE!!!" Your girlfriend screeched, the frustration building in her voice. Your normally lean belly had swollen out into a fertile dark blue bulge, and your pants were getting tight.

"Oh, don't be so dramatic," she raised herself up and dangled her legs off the edge of the table. Her panties were stretched taut over her big round ass, visible underneath the tight fabric of her dress. You could almost hear them creaking. The button popped off your pants and tinked against the underside of the table.

"Um, how big am I gonna get from this, exactly?" Your belly had filled into an impressive gravid orb, and your whole body was swollen with juice, straining your clothes.

"Mmmmm," Violet stood and pushed the table back, leaning down and looking you in the eye, smiling. "You're gonna get BIG." You could feel her hot breath on your face. It smelled just like blueberries. She leaned in and kissed you, closing her eyes and pressing her breasts against your pumped up body.

"GET OFF HIM!" Your girlfriend pushed between the two of you and shoved her mom back. Off balance, your girlfriend fell back against you, her lithe body laid back against your huge belly. Her ass slid down and landed on your tented boxers, your rock hard dick poking her tight little rump through her panties. She squealed and wiggled uncomfortably, trying to regain her balance and get off your lap, when suddenly the chair under you creaked and collapsed.

Your girlfriend got off your lap and stood shaking, blushing so hard that it looked like she was about to explode from embarrassment.

Creeeeeeak Oof. She wasn't the only one about to go boom. The pressure inside you was blowing you up fast. You were almost spherical, a tight round pumped up blueberry ready to pop.

Your girlfriend took a deep breath, composing herself and preparing for an angry rant, but you cut her off.

"Can we do something about this? I feel like I'm gonna explode, over here." A loud gurgle came from deep inside your belly.

Violet's lavender eyes lit up and she took a step towards the two of you.

"No, mom. Back off. I'm serious." Creaaaak.

"Come on, you heard him. He wants me to do something." You were huge. So round and full that you could explode at any second.

"He's MY boyfriend. Get away." Your girlfriend said nervously, acutely aware of the swelling boyfriend bomb right behind her.

"He's your boyfriend, huh? You don't know how to take care of a man like him. Why don't we let him decide who he belongs to?" Violet hissed, her beautiful violet eyes dark with jealousy and loneliness and pain.

My god, what a fucked up family dynamic.

"He'll choose me, mom... because he loves me." It was true.

Suddenly, you gurgled loudly and your belly swelled out, bumping your girlfriend's butt and knocking her off balance. She looked back nervously as you creaked once again, obviously way too full.

"Oh fuck, he's gonna explode! You can have him!" Your girlfriend plugged her ears and ran for cover behind the counter.

Violet sauntered up to you, purring loudly with triumphant lust as she tongue kissed your navel and ran her wet tongue down the huge, fertile swell of your lower belly. Panting, her hot breath on your skin, she slid just the tips of her fingers into the waistband of your boxers.

"This is the moment I've been-"


A blue deluge of juice flooded the kitchen as you exploded from internal pressure.

Violet pulled herself to her feet, totally drenched in juice.

"You know, maybe they wouldn't all explode if you let me actually juice one once in a while."

"Shut up, mom."

Author's Note: 

For bmartinez. Strange childhood experiences can have a profound effect on how we behave as adults.

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