Windy Halloween, A

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Miranda walked eagerly down the street, the brisk October wind blowing through her long, deep red hair.  She breathed in the air, sending small chills through her body, bringing a beautiful smile to her face.  She loved the autumn; the cold-but-not-too-cold air, the change of color amongst the flora, the wonderful smell of pumpkin spice everywhere you go, and, of course, the anticipation of the holiday season, which would start tonight!

Indeed, the stars had aligned to ensure this night as the best night ever.  Miranda was a senior in high school, eighteen years old.  Seeing as this was her last year of high school, she wanted to take every opportunity to make some kick-ass memories.  Her best friend, Aubrey, was in agreement, which led to her organizing a huge Halloween party at her house.  Aubrey’s parents were cool with the idea, and graciously offered their house as a venue.  Finally, to top off this convergence of perfection, Halloween was on a Friday, which makes everything feel just that much better.

It was 5:34 p.m. when Miranda arrived at Aubrey’s.  She took a moment to admire the house, as Aubrey had decked it out with Halloween decorations in order to win the annual decoration contest.  The side yard was covered with faux spider web with several large, black, garland-laced spiders propped in it.  The front was covered with headstones, a plastic severed limbs sporadically placed amongst the “graves”.  In the upstairs windows were silhouettes of monsters, staring menacingly into the yard.  Purple and orange lights laced the borders of the house, sound systems were discretely placed in the shrubs to project creepy sounds, and lastly, on the left side of the yard, was a large black cauldron.

Curious, Miranda walked over to the seemingly out of place cauldron.  It was rather large and spherical, probably three feet in diameter.  Miranda looked inside to find it empty, with only a fog machine resting at the bottom.

“Pretty cool looking, huh?”

Miranda let out a short gasp.  She hadn’t heard Aubrey creep up behind her.

“Jesus, Aubrey!  Don’t do that!”  Miranda chuckled and gave Aubrey a light playful slap on her arm, eliciting a laugh from her.

“Sorry, wasn’t trying to scare you!  Not yet, anyway…” she ended this statement with a creepy giggle.

“Oh stop it!” the two laughed a little more, then Miranda continued.

“Aubrey, your house looks amazing!  You should win the contest for sure!”

Aubrey’s smile dropped slightly.  “Well, I should, but this throws everything off,” she said, pointing at the empty cauldron.

Miranda became puzzled.  “Why, what’s wrong with it?”

Without answering, Aubrey took Miranda’s hand and led her to the garage.

Upon entering, Aubrey pointed to a heap of black cloth on the floor.  Miranda could spy a few other colors amidst the blackness.

“That is what’s wrong,” Miranda continued, “That’s supposed to be a big inflatable witch.  I was going to tether it down behind that cauldron, make it look like she’s brewing a potion, but the stupid thing is busted!”

Miranda lifted a part of the empty witch, showing Miranda a large hole.

“It came out of the box like this, I can’t fix it, and I don’t have time to return it and get a new one, and I don’t have anything else to put in the yard, so there will be a big empty space and I won’t win the contest.”

Miranda chuckled slightly.  “You put a lot of thought into this!  Now if you could only be that focused for school!”

Aubrey returned the chuckle.  “This is different though! This is important!  The winner of the contest gets a $250 gift card to use anywhere!”

Miranda whistled in admiration.  “There must be some way we can salvage this, right?”

“No, there really isn’t. I’ve thought of everything, but nothing will…” her voice trailed off and her eyes widened.

“Aubrey?  You think of something?”

“Miranda, what costume are you wearing to the party tonight?”

“Oh, you’ll love it!  I’m going as a witch!  I designed and made the costume myself, its totes cute, just wait until you—“

“Miranda you could be the balloon!”



“Miranda, you could be the balloon I need!”

Miranda just stared at her friend until a smile slowly crept over her face and she busted out laughing.

“Aubrey, what are you talking about?  That’s ridiculous!”

“No really!  You get dressed up, we put makeup on you so no one can tell, I blow you up, tether you down firmly outside, and we wait for the contest judges to arrive.”

Miranda slowed her laughter.  “Aubrey, that sounds crazy.  And embarrassing!  You can’t expect me to be okay with being inflated like a balloon.  I mean, just think if—“

“I’ll split the winnings with you 50/50.”

Miranda thought for a moment.  “What if we don’t win?”

Aubrey thought for a moment, ran inside to grab her purse, and then returned.

“If we don’t win I’ll give you…” she paused to count her money, “$31.68.”

“Hm…I don’t know…”

“And two free coffee coupons.”



A short while later, Miranda was dressed up in her costume.  She wore a tube top that covered her whole torso, yet still showing a decent amount of cleavage, almost like a corset. It was black, with a spider web design on it. She also wore a deep purple skirt that went down to just over her knees, and beneath that she was wearing orange and black striped thigh-high stockings with black high-heeled boots.  On her arms were fingerless gloves that stretched to her elbow with an alternating purple and black stripe pattern. Over all of this was a black coat, covered with light sparkles.  The coat was left opened in the front, went down to the back of her knees, and the sleeves travelled halfway down her forearms.  Lastly, she wore a classic witch hat with a crooked point, and had a round elastic strap on the inside, to keep it on her head.

Though it wasn’t part of her original costume, Miranda also had any visible skin painted green, so she would be harder to recognize. The thought crossed her mind, all their high school friends coming over and immediately knowing the big balloon in Aubrey’s yard was actually her.  She blushed beneath her green paint and tried to shake off the notion.

“Aubrey, are you sure this will be safe?”

“Of course,” Aubrey said over her shoulder.  She was busy cutting the air valve off of the balloon.  “You will only be out there for half an hour max, I’ll bring you right back in, no one will notice.”

“I know, but…”

Aubrey stood up, valve in her hand and walked over to her friend and placed her free hand on Miranda’s shoulder.

“Miranda, I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise! You’ll be fine!”

Miranda nodded, feeling better from the reassurance.  “So, how do we do this?”

“Right. First, lift your shirt.”

Miranda obeyed, lifting her costume enough to reveal her slender stomach.

“This might be a bit uncomfortable,” Aubrey said as she inserted the valve into Miranda’s belly button.

Miranda yelped as she felt a pinching pain in her stomach, but it quickly subsided.  She looked down and saw the valve protruding from her belly.

“Will this stay put?” Miranda asked.

“Dunno.  But this will,” Aubrey replied, producing a roll of duct tape. 

After applying four strips of tape to the valve, Aubrey retrieved the air compressor.  She plugged it into the wall and placed the tube on the valve.

“I’m going to start it slow, and I’m not going to make you too big.  If something hurts or you feel uncomfortable, tell me and I’ll stop the pump.  You ready?”

Miranda’s stomach swirled with a mixture of fear, excitement and embarrassment.  No, she wasn’t truly ready to become a balloon, but that gift card…

“Yes, hit it.”

Aubrey did and the compressor hummed to life.  Miranda gasped as she felt the cool torrent flow into her belly.  She looked down and saw her stomach rise and fall with her short breaths, and watched in amazement as it rose more and fell less.  Her belly was slowly becoming dome-shaped, reminding her of those videos where a woman takes a picture each day of her pregnancy and compiles them all into a time-lapse.  She felt her face redden again as she poked her expanding stomach.  It felt soft and empty, but she could feel the emptiness grow inside her, slowly stretching her skin.

As her torso was ballooning out, she felt her posture stiffen.  Her back began inflating too, elongating her body and giving it an almost football shape.  Her stomach had reached the diameter of a fully pregnant woman, but the dome aspect of her body made that hard to tell.  Miranda squeaked suddenly as she felt her breasts shift within her shirt. Her cleavage began to deepen as her tits started to fill with air. 

“That’s awesome!  I should have done this to myself!” Aubrey said with regards to her friends growing bosom.  “Sorry Miranda, but we’re short on time, I gotta bump this thing up a notch,” she continued as the machine hummed even louder, forcing more air into Miranda’s body.

Miranda blushed even harder as her curves became more eccentuated.  Her sides, once concave, were now becoming convex as her body continued to grow.  She could now feel her arms and legs start to plump up, making them somewhat stiff.  She could now feel her entire body stretching, inflating, blowing up.  She moved her arms, trying to discover her new movement range.  They felt stiff and hard to move, but she could manage.  She couldn’t reach far across her bloated form though, and it was becoming difficult to keep her arms from flying out to her sides.

Aubrey finally cut the machine off when she felt Miranda was sufficiently full.  Her body was perfectly spherical, but she was pretty round, probably three feet in diameter at her widest point.  Her breasts had jumped from a B-cup to a DD-cup.  Her legs and arms had plumped up a good bit, her thighs rubbed together with a soft rubbery squeak and her arms stuck out to the sides, but had a slightly downward angle.  Aubrey didn’t want to completely immobilize her after all.

“Wow, that costume sure can stretch! How do you feel Miranda?  You okay?”

“I feel like a balloon,” Miranda replied with a chuckle, “but call me crazy, this actually feels kind of…good!”

Aubrey smiled. “Good!  I’ll try it out later!  But for now, we gotta get you outside!”

Aubrey tied a rope around both of Miranda’s ankles, grabbed two stakes and a hammer, then hoisted her inflated friend and walked outside.

The wind had picked up a bit, but Miranda was fine with this.  She loved the autumn wind, and she tolerated cold temperatures better than a lot of people.  As she enjoyed the breeze, Aubrey tied the ropes to the stakes and hammered them into the ground.  Miranda looked down slightly to see she was in front of the cauldron, which seemed to be smaller than before.  She figured the air inside her must have distended her body and made her a bit taller.

“Okay Miranda, just hold still, the judges should be here in about twenty minutes.  I have to go put some finishing touches on the interior and put my costume on, and I’ll be right back.”

Aubrey turned around and went inside the house.  Miranda, now alone, decided to just enjoy the weather.  The wind battered her inflated form, making her bob in the wind a bit, bouncing off the ground as her tethers pulled her back.  She smiled, imagining the shopping spree she would have with her share of the winnings, and realizing that this was actually a really good idea.

Then Aubrey’s dad walked outside.

Miranda froze upon seeing him.  He was surveying the house, giving all the decorations a final glance to ensure perfection, when his eyes fell on Miranda.

“Hmm…thought that thing was bigger last year.”

He walked over and gave Miranda a poke in the belly.

“Well that’s why!  Aubrey barely filled it at all!  I can fix that,” he said as he walked to the garage.

Oh no!” Miranda thought. “What if he makes me too big? Will I pop? I don’t want to pop!  Aubrey help me!

Miranda considered just revealing herself, but she was too embarrassed to do so.  She saw him returning, so she just decided to let it happen, and if she felt like she couldn’t take it, she would speak up.

Aubrey’s dad felt around Miranda’s stomach as he searched for the valve, bringing a new level of embarrassment.  Good thing she was wearing green makeup!  He finally found the valve, stuck the hose in, turned on the air flow, and Miranda began to inflate just like last before.

Only it wasn’t like before.  The air felt colder, and the air flow felt stronger.  She kept herself from panicking, but it was difficult as she felt her body expanding again.  Her body became more spherical and her limbs more stiff as the pressure mounted inside her.  Her breasts her ballooning before her eyes, becoming more and more full with air until they blocked Aubrey’s dad from view, but something was strange, her tits seemed to be pulling her upward…

She nearly gasped out loud when she finally realized he was filling her with helium!  She felt her feet slightly rise off the ground.  Right as she was about to lose her nerve and cry out for him to stop, the air flow ceased, and she felt a slight tug as the hose was removed from her belly.

“There! Much better! Looks much better when it floats like that!”

With that, he picked up the helium tank and walked off humming a tune to himself.  She could barely see him over the horizon of her chest.  She was so full!  She could only barely move her arms, which now stuck straight out to her sides, and her legs stuck out rigid beneath her.  She could feel how big her thighs had gotten, especially when they squeaked against each other.  Her boobs had to be beach ball sized, while the rest of her body was spherical, probably six feet in diameter.

The wind had picked up even more now, battering against her helpless, inflated body.  She felt so embarrassed and scared, she wanted Aubrey to come out and deflate her already, but that’s when she saw the contest judges a little ways down the street.  They would arrive soon!  Her ordeal was almost over.  She sighed with relief.

But perhaps too soon. Just then, a few neighborhood kids emerged from the house next door. They were eager to start trick-or-treating, but since it was too early still, they decided to play tag in the yard.  This wouldn’t have been a problem, except that the kid who was “it” chased another kid a little too close to Miranda.  The kid, not watching where he was going, tripped over one of her tethers.  The stake was uprooted, and her body rose into the air a little more as the gases inside her fought to lift her away.  As her body shifted, the wind suddenly gusted hard, blowing Miranda’s body around.  This too wouldn’t have been a problem, but one tether was not strong enough to hold this buoyant balloon girl down.  The second tether also uprooted.

Miranda panicked, but still overcome by embarrassment of her balloon body, she only managed to let out a soft “Help me!”  But no one heard her.  She bounced down the street, being carried away by the wind, rendered helpless by the pressurized air inside her. 

Luckily, there was not enough helium inside her to lift her straight into the air, but as she floated down the street, she was terrified that she would hit a sharp tree branch and pop like any other balloon would.  She didn’t, but we she did run into was much worse.

A group of teenage males was walking down the street, getting ready to scare little kids, when they see this giant balloon decoration bounce towards them.  One of the guys lunges out and grabs one of the ropes, still tied to her leg.

“Whoa! Look at the size of this thing!”

“Damn, she’s huge!”

“That’s a shame.  Someone lost their decoration.”

Miranda’s heart skipped a beat as she heard the last voice and suddenly realized she was now prisoner to her fourteen year old brother, Trip, and his shithead friends.

“We should return this witch to where she belongs,” Trip said to his friends.

“Yeah. Or, we could see just how much this bitch can take before she freakin’ explodes!”

Miranda whimpered softly as the boys all cheered with approval.  The boys took their new toy to a nearby house, which Miranda assumed belonged to one of them.

“Brad, you still have that tank we found?”

“Yeah, I’ll grab it.”

Miranda tried to think of what to do, when she felt one of them tug her downward.  She put on a blank face as her spherical body was turned around to meet the face of one of the boys.  The boy stared at her for a second or two.

“Hey guys, come here.”

Miranda fought hard not to make the terrified sound she wanted to as the boys gathered around her.

“Doesn’t she kinda look like Trip’s sister?”

The chorus of agreement was cut short by Trip, as he pushed her out of the boy’s grasp.

“I swear guys, if I have to hear much more about how much you guys want to bang my sister…”

Despite her predicament, she felt very relieved to hear her brother stick up for her.

“Dude, we can’t help that your sister is freakin’ hot!”

“I would tap that.”

“Isn’t she at a Halloween party tonight?  What kind of slutty costume is she wearing?”

“I’d love to see that.”

“ENOUGH!” Trip roared and the others fell silent.  Just then, Brad returned with the aforementioned tank.  He pulled Miranda down, and rolled her over to find the valve and stuck the hose in it.

“Hit it Trip!”

Trip turned on the helium tank, which to Miranda’s dismay was much larger than the last one.  She felt the gas fight its way inside her.  Her skin squeaked and creaked as it stretched to accommodate its new occupants.  Miranda was at wit’s end.  She was about to be popped by her brother like an overinflated balloon, but she couldn’t say anything, as she didn’t want her helpless balloon body to be at the mercy of horny shithead teenagers.  She could feel her arms and legs tightening as they were absorbed by her blimping body.  Her tits ballooned bigger as well, completely blocking her view.  She rose high into the air now, being anchored by the hose in her stomach.

Her skin stretched even more and began to make threatening creaking noises.  She was nearly a perfect sphere with two massive tits, each the size of exercise balls.  They were still contained by her costume, but they bounced together slightly, making rubbery squeaks and tympanic, hollow booms that reverberated within her inflating body.  The pressure was becoming too great, when suddenly, she felt the valve loosen and heard a high pitched whine.  Her body stopped expanding, and even slightly deflating!

“Aw lame!”

“Piece of shit!”

“Hang on guys, I got some gorilla tape!”

Miranda tried flexing her stomach, trying to force more air out, but it was no use!  They were still going to pop her!  At least, that’s what she thought, until one of the guys spoke once more.

“Seriously Trip, your sister is hot.”

“THAT”S IT!”  Trip yelled and tackled his perverted friend.  They fell to the ground and bumped into the helium tank, which fell over.  Miranda was yanked downward, but began to ascend again, except now the hose came loose.  She began to float away.

The helium pulled her up, higher and higher into the October sky.  The wind blew her this way and that, with her still hopeless to stop it.  The valve was still loose though, and she could feel the air slowly escaping.  Soon, she would drift safely back to Earth.  All was well.  Miranda relaxed, and enjoyed the view she had of the sky.  She even took a moment to enjoy the feeling of being inflated.  All the danger aside, she decided she sort of liked the feeling of being inflated.  She enjoyed her time as a balloon girl, and thought that maybe she should try this again sometime…

But her calm thoughts were cut short, as the hissing come from her stomach became more intense.  Suddenly, she felt herself inflating even more!  She had drifted so high, now the atmospheric pressure was blimping her body up!  The pressure within her mounted as it tried to find a way to escape its confines.  Her body inflated and stretched even bigger, finally consuming her arms and legs.  Her body continued to swell, she was now a ball nearly eight feet in diameter and inflating bigger by the second!

It may have been the sparce atmosphere, but Miranda ceased panicking.  She, at some level, accepted her fate.  She decided to enjoy her last moments.  She cooed lightly as she felt her helpless body expand more, completely at the mercy of the air inside her.  She gasped as she became aware of her size, her huge, glorious, inflated body.  Her body creaked, the pressure mounted, and she whispered, “I wish I could inflate at least one more time.”

Miranda moaned loudly and there was a loud, sharp pop.

But, Miranda quickly became aware that she would live on to realize her wish.  The valve gave up to her internal pressure and shot out of her belly.  The air surged out of her and she was carried away, back down to Earth…


Aubrey was in tears.  She was sure her friend was gone forever, and it was her stupid idea that did it.  How could she live with this?  Should she turn herself in? Oh, Miranda…

“Uh, Miss? Is everything okay?”

The judges had arrived and were attempting to comfort her.

“Well, I… I… may have…”

She was about to break down again when she heard a distant scream.  She and the judges looked up and saw a witch, holding a tree branch as a broomstick, soar over the house, circle twice, then fly away.

“Wow! That was amazing!”

“Best display I’ve seen tonight!”

“I think we’ve found a winner!”

Aubrey paid no attention to this as she ran off after her friend.


Miranda finally landed in a few bushes a block away from Aubrey’s house.  She got up, shook the leaves off and stood up.  She checked herself all over, seeing if there were any side effects of her massive inflation.  Finding none, she happily started walking back to Aubrey’s.

Halfway there, Aubrey caught up to her and gave her a massive hug.

“Miranda! Thank God! I’m so sorry, I thought some took you, or you popped, or… I’m so sorry Miranda!”

Aubrey was on the verge of tears, but Miranda consoled her.

“It’s okay Aubrey, I’m fine.  Believe it or not, I had fun!”

“You did?”

“Yeah actually, it feels kind of nice being a balloon!”


“Yeah! But you’ll find out soon enough!”

Aubrey looked puzzled, eliciting a laugh from Miranda.


“After all, you owe me now, and I want to win the Christmas decoration contest!”

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Such a lovely fair!

I loved every word!

I very much enjoyed the plot, Miranda's excitement and kulbits (how do you call it at all if a human being does that?) - and of course the last line is worth a whole another new story, as if I've read two. I just see the face of Aubrey now, and her performance in two months! ^_^

Caliban04 (not verified)
Great story! :) Loved your

Great story! :) Loved your detail and the idea of the inflation so one can stand in for an inflatable party decoration :D Very fun! Hope there's a sequel! 

airtankgirl5's picture

Well done!


airtankgirl5's picture

Well done!


doubleintegral's picture
This was a pretty enjoyable

This was a pretty enjoyable read and does set itself up nicely for a sequel as long as it's not too similar.

I'm nitpicky about stories being believable to a certain extent, so there is one thing that I take minor issue with.  When Miranda is in the hands of her brother's friends, she comes to the realization that she has two choices: 1) keep quiet, sparing herself the humiliation of being recognized but allowing herself to be overinflated and possibly burst; or 2) speak up, saving herself but possibly running the risk of being sexually taken advantage of while she is incapacitated.  The latter part of #2 is fairly unlikely given the circumstances and the fact that her brother is sticking up for her, yet she chooses #1 anyway.  I think it would have worked better to give her a better reason for choosing #1, such as saying that she enjoys the feeling of being inflated (this was already established) and wanted to see what it would be like to inflate even larger, even if it meant running the risk of exploding.  You could also remove the choice entirely, such as by saying that she was not able to speak after being inflated further by Aubrey's dad.

Overall, though, that's something that probably bothers only me and it is a minor scar on a story that's pretty well written, pushes all the right buttons, and is not overly formulaic.  Hope to see more like it in the future.


Sorry about the inconsistency, I guess that's what I get for rushing this story.

Your comment makes me feel like we have fairly similar tastes actually, as I too prefer a degree of believability in these stories, which is a bit silly isn't it? Guess that's why I enjoy your writings so much!