Lilly the Balloon

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Lilly was at home alone. She was watching TV and had a great time alone, but something weird happened:

She sat on the couch and watched some TV. But then suddenly she began to feel thirsty, and went to the kitchen to take a cola. When she was back on the couch, she opened the cola, and drank from it. It was tasting a little bit sweet, but she didn't mind it well.

Soon, the can was empty, and she put it into the trash. She went back to the couch. Her belly started to giggle and Lilly rubbed her belly. "haha. Well, maybe it was a little to much cola" she said and giggled. But then suddenly she began to feel a pain in her belly. "ouch! Why the hell does it hurt so much?" she asked herself and rubbed the belly again.

Lilly was busy with watching TV, so she didn't mind the following progress: Her belly slowly started to grow and her breasts too. After a few minutes they had grew a little bit. Now Lilly was feeling the pain again and looked down to her belly. She was confused because the belly and the breasts were bigger then before. 

Suddenly they began to grow again. Lilly was shocked a little bit. "What the hell is going on??" she said. Lilly got up and walked to the door but...the door was locked! And she didn't knew where the key was. She went back to the couch and tried to relax. But that was hard with a hurting belly.

Lilly looked down to her belly again. The growing stopped! But it was not over yet! Now she felt how her butt began to inflate. She said: "oh no! Thats not good!" Lilly went to a mirror to see how she looked like. Her belly was huge and her breasts too. And the butt already had a round shape Form. After a few minutes the butt was huge too. 

Lilly thaught it would be over now. But now, her complete body (except the head) began to inflate, and she felt heavier. She fell to the ground because of her weight and started crying "help! Please! I need help!" she cried. She felt so filled up that she was going to Pop every second but when she was near to pop, the growth stopped. She smiled that it was over, but it wasn't.

She was standing up and looked into the mirror. She looked like a huge human balloon! The situation was not funny but in this moment she started to laugh how funny the appearance was. In this moment, she began to feel Light and felt, how the ground was floating under her. But not the ground was floating: she was floating! She was shocked and screamed: "HEEEELP! I'M GOING TO BE A HUMAN BALLOON!!" but nobody heard her.

She rotated slowly in the air and began feeling like a balloon. " is some sort of funny too" she said. After a few minutes floating in the air, her boyfriend came inside the house and said "Why was the key in front of the door. However, Lilly? Are you there?" Lilly heard that and shouted: "leon!! I'm so happy that you are here! I need help quickly!"

Leon followed the voice and went to Lilly. When heute Saw her he was shocked "Lilly?! What happened!!??" she said. Lilly answered "i have no time to explain! I need to deflate or I will be like this forever!" Leon was looking at Lilly and said "But HOW can I help you? Oh dear...I'm confused...But i love your balloon form..." Lilly blushed and said "th-thanks you..." Leon kissed Lilly on the lips. "you don't knlw how..." said leon and began to feel a pain in his belly.

Lilly asked:"leon? Whats going on?" and Leon answered; "Nothing...I just have a pain in my belly..." Soon Leon began to inflate too. He was scared and asked Lilly "did you have a pain too?" Lilly answered: "oh no....Yes i had! That means you are going to be a human balloon too!" Leon was shocked and his body began to inflate. But the process was going much faster. Soon Leon had the round shape too. And now he began slowly to float over the ground. "dann it. Now we are both human balloon." he said and rotated slowly too. "but at least I'm not the only balloon!" Lilly said and kissed Leon. Leon blushed and answered: "Yes honey...I love you..."

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hi! That was a story idea floating in my head. I hope you enjoyed it!

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Needs work

Was a decent attempt at a story and as a beginner writer myself I cant say much.

However it does need work mainly grammer and punctuation. The idea I liked but try and not rush it so much proof read and keep trying. The idea has potential and with improvement can be a good story. Maybe a little baackstory and descripion of lilly

Hope this helps


This is prolly one of my favorite stories on this site.