You’re feeling so sleepy… Very sleepy…

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“Hey Billy.” Rob greeted his flatmate with a sigh. “Move up, you’re taking up all the sofa.” Billy huffed and budged over to let his friend sit down.

“Where have you been?”

“My hypnotherapy class.”

“You’re still going to that?” Billy took a swig of beer. “Thought you were going to give up?”

“It beats sitting around here with you, wearing… what is that?”

“A dragon onsie. What does it look like?”

“Yeah. It beats that.”

“What did you try to learn tonight?”

“Just some theory. It’s supposed to help you relax by making you feel like you’re floating. You’re supposed to feel like a balloon free in the air… but I couldn’t get it to work.”

“Huh. That sounds nice. I could do with some relaxation after the day I’ve had.”

“Are you volunteering to be my test subject?” Rob laughed.

“Sure, why not!? What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Okay!” Rob grabbed his pendulum watch from his pocket, and moved to stand in front of Billy. Carefully, he started swinging it from side to side.

“Relax… just let go… You’re feeling so sleepy… Very sleepy…”

Billy giggled, and Rob shushed him “No, no… just listen to my voice… watch the pendulum… feel yourself surrendering… I’m going to count down from ten… and with every step, you’re going to slowly give your control over to me…”

Billy didn’t really believe Rob could hypnotise anyone, let alone him. But he was willing to humour his friend. In fact, he hoped to pretend to be under Rob’s spell, then play a trick on him. He’d shout ‘Boo!’ or stick his tongue out and make him laugh…

“Ten. You’re feeling your body relaxing. Nine. You’re letting yourself become more suggestible to my voice.”

The watch moved back and forth across Billy’s vision. Rob’s voice was so soothing. He’d had a long day… The colours of the room started to blur and spin… All he could see was the watch…

“Five. Everything feels so far away… Four. Your body is mine to control now…”

Without even realising it, Billy surrendered to the warm, calming voice. He trusted him. He needed him… The watched faded into a swirl of light.

“One. You’re going to do everything I say. Zero. You’re under.”

Rob gazed at his flatmate. His eyes were glazed and a faint, vacant smile tugged at his lips. Perfect! He’d never had a candidate so fully under his control before! Hastily, he grabbed his textbook.

“You feel your body becoming lighter. Just a little… your arms begin to float as your worries drift away…” Billy mindlessly obeyed, his hands hovering. “You are lighter than air… more like a balloon than a man… a balloon on a string, light and free… Round and so happy and cheerful and full to bursting and calm…” In his mind, Billy agreed. ‘Yes… I am a balloon… a round, light balloon…”

Inside Billy’s dragon onsie, his body agreed too. Unnoticed by either man, he pushed his knees apart as his belly started to grow.

“You’re swelling up. All your troubles are gone and you’re filling with the lightest air...” At that moment, Rob saw his roommate’s widening girth. His hips were widening and his thighs too, slowly but surely. He couldn’t believe it – his teacher had said it was possible, but only by the most skilled of hypnotists. He couldn’t stop now!

“Rounder and rounder… all over your body is filling with air… you love being inflated like a balloon, don’t you?”

“I love being inflated like a balloon.” Billy’s monotone response excited Rob even more. He could see his friend’s chest was swelling now. Too big to fit on the sofa, Billy fell with a bump onto the floor, his legs outstretched to accommodate his growing size.

“You want to be huge, Billy. You want to keep on swelling with air.”

“I want to keep on swelling with air.”

“You will, Billy! You won’t stop!” Rob watched as his friend grew more and more spherical, his arms and legs disappearing as his body grew. Dropping his textbook, the amateur couldn’t help but laugh in amazement as the onsie started to rip, the zip snapping with a loud twang. “Keep growing… You’re still filling with air… You are a balloon…”

“I am a balloon.”

Now, only Billy’s swollen hands, feet and head protruded from his huge round body. His skin was stretched tight, and the pressure was making the man rock helplessly back and forth in time with the pendulum. “When you are as big as you can possibly get, you must stop inflating. But only when you can’t get any bigger.” Rob almost whispered. Billy groaned with tension.

“I… cannot…. Inflate… any… more.”

“Then stop. You feel yourself waking up, Billy. I’m going to count up from zero to ten, and you’re going to wake up with me. Zero. One. Two.” Billy started to feel his fingers and toes again faintly. “Three. Four. Five.” He was aware of the pendulum swinging, slower and slower as the colours in his vision faded. “Six, Seven, Eight.” God, what had happened? He felt light and weak and… “Nine. Ten.”

“Ta-dah!” Rob proudly motioned at his flatmate. Billy struggled, but could only wriggle his fingers helplessly.

“What have you done to me?!”

“Made you as light and free as a balloon, of course!”

“How?! Deflate me now! I feel like I’m going to burst!”

“Yeah! I got you as big as I possibly could *without* you bursting!”

“Very funny! Now I’m serious! Get me back to normal!”

“Calm down, let’s see what it says in the textbook.”



If you are extremely lucky and notice any signs of actual swelling in the subject, it is essential that you implant a deflation trigger word during the inflation process. Without this, deflation will not be possible.


“Well, what’s the trigger word, Rob?” Billy struggled pathetically, rocking on his new girth.

“I… forgot.”


“I didn’t implant one.”

“What do you mean!”

“I got excited! And I just… forgot to do it…”

“So… I’m stuck like this… for good?”


Billy stared at his new body and whimpered.

Author's Note: 

First ever inflation story

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CorpulentArtifice's picture
Short but sweet!

I always love male/male inflation stories, and the hypnosis angle is one you don't see every day.  Billy's dragon onesie is an odd detail, in my opinion, but adds something a bit unique to the imagery of the inflation.  All in all, I found this an enjoyable read.  ^^

Formerly known as SignoreMirtillo

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airtankgirl5's picture
I liked it

I mean, the subject matter itself wasn't my thing, but that's ok, it doesn't have to be.  Keep writing what you like.

It's pretty sparse, but succinct.  The hypno thing is entertainingly done.  It's well paced, not a fan fic, and you use better dialogue structure than 80% of the other new writers out there.

Blueberry boy 17
one of my favorite stories

I loved this story so much. Can you please do another one like it?