Natalie's Inflation

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All Natalie heard was the balloons rustling around her spherical body, every brush against they made against her tingling skin sent a tsunami of pleasure coursing through her. She couldn't believe this was happening, unable to fathom that she had been inflated and that she was enjoying it as much as she was. A balloon shot into her vision, a big round purple balloon and wiggled its stem into her open mouth causing her moans to become somewhat muffled. She heard a lusty cat call among the commotion, and knew her night was far from over.

Natalie Jordan was enjoying her summer away from school and for the most part, responsibilities. Her cheerleading friends invited her to say for a week at a lake house in the mountains of Colorado. Natalie had never even been to the mountains before and so she gladly accepted the invitation, even though a few of the cheerleaders hadn't exactly warmed up to her as of yet. Natalie found cheerleading quite different than how it is stereotypically portrayed, and sorely underestimated how sore her small but athletic body would be after doing gymnastic exercises for two weeks straight. From sun up and way past sun down, she tumbled, flipped, cheered, and soared through the air in order to make the final cut for that year's cheerleading squad.

Some of the other, more experienced girls on the squad seemed as if they could flip, spin, and jump with all of the ease in the world while Natalie had to claw and fight for every move to be performed as perfectly as she could. She looked on as Natasha completed a tumbling exercise, gracefully flipping and springing into the air with absolute ease and no wasted movement. This burned Natalie's competitive fire, she hated losing and would only work harder if she wasn't the best at whatever she was doing. Even though she had initially resisted becoming a cheerleader, the thought of competition stoked her desire and now she was obsessed with gaining that status. If only she could learn how to tumble like Natasha.

Natalie caught up with Natasha in the locker room of the gym after try-outs in order to ask her how she was perfectly performing all of those tumbling passes with seemingly no effort. Natasha deflected the question and said that she had been performing gymnastics all her life and it had just become second nature for her. Natalie wanted to press Natasha for answers but the cheerleading coach walked into the room before Natalie could ask any follow up questions.

"Alright ladies, this year's try-outs were some of the best we've had and we feel confident that this team will lead us to another national championship. Our captains Natasha Roberts and Alexandra Jackson will be reading the names of our new team. Thank you for all your hard work in preparing, if your name is not called you will still be competing but on the practice squad for future consideration. Thank you." The coach handed over a clipboard to the two beauties to announce this year's team. As they read off the names of the girls, Natalie was losing hope that her name would be called until she her "Natalie Jordan, sophomore".

"I can't believe I'm on the team!" Natalie exclaimed for the tenth time to the two captains. After Natalie said "thank you, thank you, thank you" to the beautiful captains, they turned and acknowledged her gratefulness.

"So Natalie, you are excited to be a cheerleader? Does that mean you are going to come on the end-of-summer lake house trip with Alex and I" Natasha asked her, staring into Natalie's big, expressive eyes.

"Well I can't afford to take a trip, I have to save money for tuition and my parents can't lend me any money either" said Natalie as she looked to the side, partly to mask her disappointment of not being able to attend.

"Oh, the trip is paid for already Natalie. My family has some property in the middle of the Colorado mountains, overlooking a big lake. Hell, the lake doesn't even thaw until June. And it's in the middle of nowhere, it's so relaxing you're feel the weight of your burdens just float away" Alex said, giggling as she finished her sentence. "What do you say, you want to be a captain someday right?"

"Of course, I wouldn't want any thing more than being captain!" Natalie said with excitement as she realized that she might be considered "captain's material" by the current captains.

"Well then it's set, you are going with us. With our recommendation, you will be captain for sure next year" Alex said, giving her a hug. Natalie hugged the girl deeply but noticed a few of the other girls were looking on in disgust, talking to each other as they looked on toward the captains.

Natalie was suddenly aware that her new position was going to come at a price and that she may have made a few enemies already.

"We leave on Thursday night, and we'll come back on Tuesday. I'll text you my address, just come over Thursday afternoon and we'll all go to the airport together" Natasha said, draping her arm over Alex's shoulders. "We'll have so much, it will be like a non-stop party! Watch out Colorado!" They all laughed and agreed to meet up on Thursday afternoon.

When Thursday came, Natalie was brimming with excitement. Her family wasn't the most well off and didn't get to travel much due to her parent's work schedules. They worked hard to provide for their family, and as the oldest sibling Natalie did her part of working and taking care of her younger sisters and brothers. Life wasn't easy, but she loved her family and knew that her work ethic would get her to where she wanted to be in life. Natalie was dropped off by her Mom at Alex's expansive house that afternoon, and saw that there was a large SUV in front of the sprawling estate. Natalie saw Alex emerge from the SUV and within a few minutes she had said her goodbyes, giving her luggage to the driver, and hopped into the SUV with Alex and Natasha.

"Wow, this is some first class treatment we are getting here. You have your own driver?" Natalie asked Alex as they started leaving the mansion.

"Well, my family has its money through fortunate business decisions and acquisitions. Our family business has been around even since the Puritan's!" Alex stated with pride. Natalie wasn't sure what she was laughing at but joined in just to be sure.

"Alex, can I get an apprenticeship with your Mom next summer? I think I'd really like to learn from someone who is as wise as her, I think it would really prepare me to handle the business world once I graduate from college" Natasha asked Alex hopefully.

"Oh, consider it done 'Tasha. She would love to coach you in her ways!" Alex smiled a knowing smile toward Natasha who seemed to be really excited at the news.

"What does your family do Alex?" Natalie inquired, feeling very out in the dark.

"Oh, they are in consulting and politics. My Mom owns a consulting business that she took over from her mother. It's been in the family forever it seems!" Alex replied, though not with the details that Natalie was hoping for. Natalie decided not to press, she didn't want to come off as annoying to her captains.

Before long, Natalie was looking out the window as the private jet whisked the girls off to a small, regional airport in the mountains of Colorado. Natalie couldn't believe the scenery, with snow-capped mountains towering over the green and fertile land below it looked straight out of the Sound of Music. Alex's family had a Jeep waiting for the girls to take to the lake house, but not before making a quick pit stop at a general store to buy some supplies for the extended weekend trip. The sun had just set and lit up the sky above with brilliant oranges and pinks mingled with streaks of pastel purple. Natalie had never seen anything like it before.

Natalie couldn't get over the fresh and almost overwhelming smell of pine as the open-topped Jeep raced up the dirt road to the lake house; everything smelled amazing and was a sensory overload for the blond haired girl. Soon the girls arrived at the lake house, with the place to themselves for the next 5 days. Natalie gazed upon the large cabin-like structure in front of her, still not fully comprehending why she was fortunate enough to go on this trip. Alex and Natasha opened the large hardwood doors and raced into the main living area. With incredibly high vaulted ceilings, the spacious room seemed to go on forever.

The girls got settled in and fell asleep watching a movie on the large and overstuffed couches, the evening breeze sneaking in through the open windows upstairs and bringing in more of the pine smell to tickle Natalie's nose as she slept. Far off in her dream, she was on the balcony of the house looking over over the lake and saw two lights dancing over the waters. The lights just seemed to be floating above the lake's water, hardly moving except for being swayed by the mountain breeze. The lights were getting closer to her, looking as though the lights were pursuing her. Natalie ran away from the approaching light spheres but tripped and fell to the balcony's custom stone work. As she was about to hit the surface, she braced for impact but it never came as she was pulled from the dream world. The blond cheerleader awoke with a start, morning light filtering in to the living room. She looked around the room and saw that her friends had been stirred away as well.

"What time is it 'Tasha?" Alex groggily asked her best friend. "It feels like it's 5am."

"5:34 to be exactly" said a tired Natasha, looking at her phone's lock screen.

"Yep, going back to bed now. I'll see you in a few…hou…rs" Alex said as she felt back asleep. Natasha soon joined and Natalie succumbed quickly, diving back into the dream world. The lights were back, but this time they were floating just above the house. Natalie was one the lake in a raft, looked as the lights floated above the large house, bathing it in soft light radiating from the twin lights in the sky. Just as soon as the dream had started, it ended with the light spheres drifting lazily to the ground on the other side of the house.

Natalie awoke several hours later to the smell of bacon and the sounds of breakfast being cooked. Natalie's eyes opened and took in her new surroundings in the living room which looked like a ski lodge with huge tail ceilings and hardwood everywhere. Natalie rose from the couch, and joined the girls in the kitchen who had prepared a feast. Natalie stared at all the food and was shocked that there was so much food for three college girls, surely they couldn't eat all of this food and maintain their trim, athletic physiques. Alex and Natasha handed her a plate as they each took huge proportions of the pancakes, bacon, and breakfast casserole. Natalie sat down at the table with the girls and watched them absolutely devour the food on their plates, hardly even stopping to chew it seemed. Natalie looked down at her plate which contained a much smaller helping of food than her counterparts, who still had barely even stopped eating to take a drink of orange juice. Natalie started eating her breakfast casserole as the other girls finished their plates, and looking at the blond haired sophomore with a puzzled look. Natalie felt her cheeks warm as Alex and Natasha watched her eat, not saying a word just watching her chew her delicious food.

"Hey Nat, why didn't you more food?" asked a concerned Alex. "Is it not very good? Do you want me to cook something else for you? I can make just about anything you could want, so name it and it's yours!"

"No no, it's very delicious. I just don't eat much, I can't believe how much food there is over there. Are we going to eat that for lunch as well?" Natalie asked thinking that must be the reason Alex had prepared so much food.

"Nonsense girl, we feast when we are up here!" laughed Alex. "We have busy days and even busier nights in front of us, especially if you are going to be taking our place next year as captain!"

"Oh, well I'm not much an eater I guess" replied Natalie, looking sheepishly at her food.

"Suit yourself, but I promise you're going to want to get a good meal in you before we go hiking up to the mountains above the lake. Plus, I can't wait to take you swimming in the lake later. You'll love it!" Alex said, clapping her hands excitedly. "Isn't the lake just the best 'Tasha?"

"Oh god it is ever. I can't wait to take a swim in those waters again. It'll feel so good to recharge since I was here last year!" exclaimed Natasha as she exchanged glances with Alex, the girls stifling giggles as they got up to get a second helping of food.

After breakfast, the trio set out to climb Purple Mountain, one of the peaks towering above the lake. The trailhead was just up the road from the lake house and as the girls climbed in elevation, Natalie noticed the higher elevation was stealing her breath in more ways than one. She gazed out at the marvelous natural beauty of the wild landscape, and coughed as she was not acclimated to the higher elevation. Not wanting to fall behind the girls though, she pressed onward climbing up the rising ridge line. It seemed like she was falling behind further and further though, as the girls just marched up the mountain. Natalie wasn't sure how they were so unaffected by the elevation that was killing her, Alex and Natasha seemed to just glide up the steep trail.

"Can we break for a minute here, please?" called out Natalie toward the girls up ahead. "The elevation is just murdering my lungs!" *cough* *wheeze*

Natalie looked down the trail and saw how much elevation they had gained, and glanced back up at the trail ahead. She began to feel woozy and sat down on a rock. The landscape seemed to start spinning as she felt drunk and sick to her stomach. Her eyes became very heavy and her vision went black as she collapsed.

"Natalie! Natalie! Are you there? Wake up!"

"Huh? What?"

"Natalie, come back girl. Come back to us!"

Natalie opened her eyes to see Alex and Natasha filling up her vision, she was on the ground and they were bent over her. Her head was spinning still and her vision was a little fuzzy.

"C'mon girl, we have to get you to a lower elevation!" said a slightly panicked Natasha, looking worried toward Alex.

The two unaffected girls grabbed their friend and they started back down the trail. Natalie was surprised at their strength, she was barely having to do anything as the girls were completely supporting her weight and yet hiking down the trail quickly. As they descended down the trail, Natalie could feel herself feeling slightly better The lake was beginning to get closer and closer as the trio of beautiful girls made their way down toward its rocky shores. Natasha and Alex helped her all the way to the lake, Natalie still feeling under the weather but not nearly as bad as they had up on the mountain. She was amazed at how quickly they gotten off the mountain and down to the lake, these girls are practically running down the mountain and yet supporting my sick ass too!

The girls set their friend down on a rock near the shore, and walked few feet away. They began to discuss something but Natalie couldn't make it out what they were saying. It sounded like Natasha was asking why that had happened and Alex was telling her something about the food. Natalie tried to get up and found herself completely zapped of strength. The other girls noticed her moving and came back over to her side, telling her that they needed to get her in to the lake. This seemed like a terrifying plan to Natalie as she didn't even have the strength to pick herself up let alone swim in open lake water.

Natasha told Natalie that she was going to have to trust her and began stripping Natalie of her clothes. Natalie felt the chilly mountain air invade her skin, getting goosebumps everywhere. Natasha had her in her sports bar and panties with her pants around her ankles as Natasha took her hiking shoes. Natasha grabbed the pants and yanked them off Natalie, and asked Alex about how to proceed. Alex told her that she needed to be in the water for it to start taking affect. Natalie's world was spinning again, being cold and in her underwear and probably suffering from altitude sickness. Natasha looked down at her friend and said sorry again, as she picked her up and walked into the water. The cold water didn't seem to affect Natasha, but as soon as Natasha's feet came into contact with the water her eyes shot open and was chilled as cold as ever.

"Alex, are you sure about this? Doesn't she need medical attention?" asked a concerned Natasha.

"No no, just get her in the water quickly. It will help." Said a confident Alex.

Natasha tried to give a reassuring look to Natalie but saw her eyelids were now closed. Slowly she set Natalie down on the water, Natalie floating on top of the chilly mountain water. Natalie briefly opened her eyes to see that Natasha and Alex were both saying something in unison before darkness overtook her again.

Natalie dreamed about the lights again, this time she was floating on top of the water at the lake and the lights were beside her. The glow coming off the lights was bright enough that Natalie shielded her blue eyes from the light. The lights got closer and closer, the bright white light becoming more intense, and just as the lights bore down on her she uncovered her eyes and saw a face in the light. She breathed in sharply, scared out of her wits as she stared at the face in the light. The light seemed to be saying something to her, but she couldn't make out what it was saying. She saw the mouth moving and this time she could hear what the light was saying…

"Welcome, you're in good hands"

Natalie awoke with a start for the second time that trip, and saw that Natasha and Alex were already by her side. She threw her arms around Natasha and pulled her close, still trying to get her breathing under control. Natasha hugged her back, her hands rubbing Natalie's back to comfort her.

"What the hell happened up there? I thought I was going to die!" Natalie said as her voice trembled out of fear. Natasha could feel her shaking a little as she spoke.

"It's ok girl, you're safe with us now. Sorry about that, didn't know we would have to get you to the lake that soon" said Alex vaguely as Natalie released her grip on her slightly taller friend.

"Why did you take me to the lake? Don't I need to go to a doctor?" Natalie exclaimed. Alex reassured her that she was fine and that she was in good hands. Natalie thought back to her dream and remembered what the light spheres told her, that she was in good hands. Against her better reasoning, she decided to make mention of her dream. As she told her friends about the dreams, the light spheres, and what it said to her a very bemused Alex and Natasha got up and sat next to her on the couch. They both hugged her and told her to get some rest. Natalie was suddenly overcome with drowsiness and almost immediately felt asleep in Natasha's lap.

"Come on 'Tasha, let's prepare her transition!" said Alex she a wry smile flashed across her face as she looked toward her blond friend. "We choose right this year, we have to prepare her room."

Natalie awoke a couple of hours later, alone on the couch and feeling much better. Her vision wasn't blurry anymore, her head seemed remarkably clear and her illness was replaced a feeling of strength. In fact, she didn't feel any ill effects from earlier and actually didn't remember a time where she felt this good. She got up off the couch and found that her muscles weren't sore at all, and her whole body felt better than ever. She searched the hallways and called for her friends, but there were nowhere to be found. She searched the bottom level of the house with no avail, and set out to search the second floor calling out for her friends as she went. She heard giggling coming from one of the closed doors and opened the door, only to be greeted by a purple mass.

She tried her best to walk into the room but could barely move, the purple mass pushed back quite a bit. The purple mass in front of her gave off a peculiar smell that was pungent and pleasant at the same time, and the frictionless mass seemed to be pressing against her as she fought to get the door open. She squeezed into the the room where she had heard the giggling, with the door shutting behind her. She tried to move as best as she could through the purple barrier and heard a squeaking as she moved. She looked at the purple wall and could faintly see that it was made up of round orbs that had been tightly packed together. Natalie sniffed the air again and realized that she knew that smell, and her eyes focused on the round orbs that almost enveloped her when she realized what the purple mass was; balloons. Lots and lots of balloons. She tried to retrace her steps back to the door but when she looked behind her, she only saw purple latex. She kept trying to find out where the giggling had come from but there didn't seem to be anything in the room, besides floor to ceiling purple latex balloons of every size.

The balloons were getting harder and harder to move through and she suddenly became aware of her predicament. Would she become trapped in a cloud of balloons? How would she get out? A large purple balloon pressed against her belly and Natalie thought of a brilliant plan, pop the balloons to clear up some room in the claustrophobic space before her. She tried to turn her hands as best as she could and directed her fingernails toward the large balloon pressing tightly against her bare stomach. She pressed into the balloon harder and harder, as the latex skin gave in under the pressure Natalie was applying to it. A loud BANG erupted as the skin ruptured and provided Natalie with a chance to take up the space that was previously occupied by the large balloon. Natalie felt some reprieve from the balloons pressing against her skin, the sound of the popped balloon still resonating among the cloud of its brethren. There was a rustling among the balloons, as it seemed like she wasn't alone in the room after all.

"Alex? Natasha? Are you there?" Natalie called out to the balloons. The rustling sound grew louder as balloons squeaks as they come into contact with each others' latex began to add to the soundtrack of the cloud. Natalie looked around and saw that the cloud was beginning to move around her, too stunned to say anything. The balloons almost seemed to move on their own and she felt her jaw drop as she saw a balloon dislodge its from the cloud and hover in front of her face.

"What is going on her…mmph!" Natalie tried to say but soon the balloon was in her mouth, at least its stem was in her mouth. She felt the balloon untie itself and the cool air rush out of the shiny balloon. Natalie tried to remove the balloon, but the other balloons held her arms and hands in place as they swelled slightly outward reducing the leverage in her appendages. The balloon in her mouth still releasing its air into her mouth, Natalie felt like she needed to cough but could not because of the balloon's stem. Natalie expected her gag reflex to trigger but after the initial shock of air being forced down her throat, she no longer felt like she was going to throw up. She could feel more and more air being released from the shrinking purple latex ball, and she fought against the other balloons for control of her appendages. Somehow the balloons prevented Natalie from moving even the smallest bit, as the balloons swelled against Natalie's body. Another balloon, this one much larger than the last, attached itself to Natalie's open mouth and began the process of expelling its air into Natalie.

Natalie was at a loss, she was annoyed and scared but still felt like they were just balloons and she should be able to overpower a couple of balloons, right? Natalie felt the balloons keeping her movement captive swell into her chest more as the balloon in her mouth released all of its contents. Natalie spoke up, threatening the balloons if they didn't let her go she would pop every last one of them. She tried to grip one with her right hand, digging her nails into the skin but the balloon had a lot of give and her efforts had no effect. Natalie once again felt the balloons swell against her chest but not against her arms or legs. She looked down and couldn't quite make out much as there was a balloon obscuring her chest, but she swore that through the translucent skin she could see her B-cup breasts were looking bigger. Shocked, she looked back up at the balloons in front of her and gave a hitch in her breath. Her eyes widening in fear.

As if sensing an opportunity to attach, another balloon took residence in Natalie's mouth and began emptying it's air into the poor girl. Natalie felt her chest swell against the balloon, confirming her suspicious that the impossible was happening. She was being inflated by the balloons it seemed.

Natalie called out for her friends desperately whenever there wasn't a balloon in her mouth, which she soon realized that she was just giving opportunity to the balloons by opening her mouth. She devised a game plan in her head, she would simply keep her mouth shut and the balloons could no longer inflate her. She tightly sealed her mouth from any intruding balloons and a balloon tried to get past her delicate lips and with no avail was denied. Sensing a small victory, Natalie tried to turn her attention to getting out of the the balloon room and getting her mobility back but the balloons had a plan of their own. The balloons allowed her to step over one of the medium size ones but before Natalie could move her other leg the balloon below her swelled quickly and prevented her from moving again. Natalie struggled against the latex orbs, trying to fight to move against the smooth, soft latex. The balloons still tried to push past her lips but had no success as Natalie shut her mouth as tightly as she could. The balloon below Natalie swelled out a little further between Natalie's legs, and swelled wide enough to completely remove any leverage Natalie might have had otherwise. Natalie felt something tickle her against her panties below and her eyes shot open and she tried to squeeze her thighs against the mouthpiece of the balloon trying to sneak by her panties. She couldn't gain any leverage in her thighs, as they were firmly held in place by the cloud of balloons. Her reflexes betrayed her as the balloon between her thighs blew its cool air against her most sensitive area caused her to gasp loudly. As soon as she gasped, she closed her mouth onto another balloon's mouthpiece. The balloon blowing its air against her crotch, slid past her panties and released some of its air onto her pussy and again her reflexes got the best of as her let out a loud yelp. Another balloon in her mouth and she was beginning to see the pattern developing, and fought against the balloon gently tickling her labia down below.

Natalie was in a compromising position, being held in place by balloons as well as being inflated by the balloons themselves. She tried to convince herself that this was just one messed up dream and that she would awake any second, but that awakening never came as the balloons' air further displaced itself into the young cheerleader. She still couldn't see her breasts, but she felt that that had expanded significantly as well as she could feel air begin pooling in her belly. The emotions that she was feeling were conflicted to say the least, she desperately wanted out of this room and away from these intrusive balloons but the balloon inside her panties kept blowing air lightly against her crotch and she was beginning to heat up down there. Natalie struggled against her captors, and found that she still had no leverage. Balloons were entering her mouth and emptying themselves quicker, but as soon as she tried to close her mouth tightly the balloon in her panties would blow some air around her sensitive pussy causing her to gasp. She felt herself inflate further, her boobs and belly getting bigger as each passing balloon rid itself of air into her mouth.

"Help me! Help mmmph" Natalie yelled as another balloon took its pace inside her mouth. This balloon was much larger than the smaller ones that had been inflating her. The air rushing down her throat increasing tremendously and the poor girl could actually feel herself inflating now, blowing up like a balloon every passing minute. The balloons in front of her had expanded when they had redistricted her movement and she noticed that they were all now quite large. An interesting effect from her getting the balloon treatment was that she was feeling much lighter, and didn't feel nearly as burdened by weight even though she was not heavy by any means to begin with. Natalie's boobs felt enormous, she felt as though she had stuffed two big balloons into her bra. Speaking of her bra, it was putting up a valiant fight against the ever expanding flesh, but this was a losing battle and the bra's stitching finally gave way as the undergarment fell onto a balloon beside the perky cheerleader.

Natalie felt her nipples harden as her arousal was beginning to get the best of her, the feelings being brought on by the balloons was now constantly pleasuring her. Her skin felt like it was a live wire, as the balloons rubbed against her skin and it was causing her to moan as she was being rubbed all over. The balloon in her panties stuck itself a little further toward her warmed box, shooting its air in between her lips. Natalie moaned loudly as she felt air enter her through her vagina, and could feel corresponding expansion in her ass as well now. She surveyed the room and noticed that the number of balloons had decreased dramatically but now every balloon was like a miniature weather balloon. Like one of the those balloons she had helped decorate Homecoming with back in high school. Natalie was finally able to see her ballooned body and gasped in pleasure and shock out how big she was becoming. Her ponderous breasts resembled balloons themselves, adorned with her small but hard nipples. She couldn't see past her breasts, but knew her belly must be just as big as her balloon-boobs because it felt like her breasts were being supported by her inflated belly. The balloon began to move on their own again and released their grip on Natalie's appendages, providing her with some comfort but no more movement as she was so inflated that she could no longer bend her arms or legs.

Natalie was inflating quickly now, she felt like was an actual balloon being inflated by a shop-vac. Air was constantly being emptied into her awaiting mouth, Natalie had long resigned herself to stop putting up a fight against the assaulting balloons. The balloon pumping her up through her crotch had been replaced by another balloon, which like its predecessor had inflated quickly between Natalie's legs forcing them outward. Natalie felt like she was being forced to ride the balloon, she legs spread nearly 90 degrees outward. She inwardly cursed herself for working on her splits as much as she had in the previous years. She felt her ass expanding further as the air from the foreign balloon was expelled in to her buzzing pussy, Natalie's head was beginning to spin again but this time due to the sensations being wrought over the young cheerleader. She knew there was a finite amount of air left in the balloons and hopefully this wild ride would be over soon, and just as she thought that her mind was being to melt from being pleasured by air-filled balloons. She involuntarily grinded her hips against the balloon supporting her weight and was rewarding by a spike of pleasure flowing throughout her inflated body. "Ooohhhh yyeeessssss" she moaned as she picked up her pace, grinding her hips back and forth against the latex orb.

Natalie was immobilized once again, but this time it wasn't due to lack of movement it was due to her being stuck in a pleasure cycle. Her body craved what she was feeling and was pleasuring herself against the latex giants around her. Bucking her hips widely, bouncing fiercely on the balloon she continued to further inflate toward becoming spherical. Natalie was so close to cumming, she could feel the fuse was already lit and was just a matter of time before she exploded. Her arms raised up akimbo and they begin to fill with intruding air, her body becoming more and more like a giant balloon as the heights of pleasure mounted. Natalie screamed in pleasure, yelling loudly for the balloons to finish her. She doubled her efforts riding the balloon as wildly as she could, she wanted to feel the balloon touch her all one, to feel the electricity her skin and body yearned for. She felt the fuse reach her inner-bomb and in a moment of perfect clarity, she saw how big she had become. She had become a balloon, an air filled blimp that resembled nothing of her formerly lithe but athletic body. Coming upon her like a freight train, the moment finally happened. Her groin exploded and a showering cascade was released from her pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she could distantly hear herself yell and howl at the pleasure her body was giving her. The last of the balloons had finished inflating her beautiful balloon body and she was now coming down from her orgasm. Natalie was left buzzing from all the (un)wanted attention the balloons had paid the blond. She was exhausted, slick with sweat and juices, body inflated like a balloon, and was resting on the floor on a carpet of empty balloons.

Natalie spent several minutes in quiet reflection, taking in her blimped form and new sensations. She felt her mind shutting down from the pleasure and closed her eyes to sleep. She was in no danger of inflating and was actually comfortable, she'd wait to be found by Alex and Natasha and they would figure out what to do next. But for now, it was time for post-orgasm sleep. Natalie was just about to be released from the waking world, when she heard a cat call. Immediately her cheeks burned and she tried to move her head to locate the source of the whistle. She felt hands pressing against her inflated butt, and after a hard shove Natalie was resting on top of her breasts and belly suspended off the ground by the large domes of flesh.

"Wow Natalie, that was hot!" Alex said in a sultry voice, "they really gave it to you huh?"

"They must have, the room smells overwhelmingly of latex and sex. You just couldn't control yourself around all those balloons could you Natalie?" Natasha said, amused at the blonds vulnerable situation.

"Don't worry girl, it will be over soon. The last of the magic has to circulate through your system and maybe you can tell us why there is only one balloon left in this room!" laughed Alex as she made her way to Natalie's stumpy legs. Natalie was beyond speechless, she burned all over from embarrassment and shock. She felt something being tied to what felt like her ankle, and noticed that she seemed to be rising off of the latex carpeted floor.

"Oh, it's beginning Alex!" Natasha excitedly announced. "She's beginning to float!"

"Right on time, just try to relax Natalie. After all, you are a balloon and there is an uncertain amount of helium being manifested in you right now." Alex nonchalantly explained to the rising blond, who still was too flustered to utter a word.

Natalie felt herself rising toward the ceiling of the room, but with her being so large she didn't have to rise very far. Alex entered her field of vision and opened the balcony doors, letting in the cool, mountain air to mix out the musty air that smelled of sex and balloons.

"You got her Natasha?" Alex asked, stepping out onto the balcony.

"Just tied her to my wrist!" Answered a very chipper Natasha.

"Go ahead and bring her out, watch for the threshold. It might be a tight fit."

Natalie felt herself being pulled by the tether that bound her to Natasha, who led her over to the double doors leading to huge wrap-around balcony. She floated through the threshold and felt the outdoor air mingle with her still flushed skin, creating an odd cooling sensation all over her body. She felt the tether pull taut, but thankfully it kept her bound to Natasha.

Natasha looked up at Natalie's ballooned body and saw the moonlight drenching her with soft light and creating a very surreal scene. Her was this giant balloon of a girl who was being led by a comparatively tiny girl outside into the night time atmosphere. She was so happy her and Alex were going to be introducing Natalie to their secret, she remembered fondly her first inflation.

"Right over here Natasha" Alex called opening the giant double doors leading back into the main living area. Natalie passed through the threshold and the cool night-time air lose its hold on her, as the warmer air rushed over her body when she entered the living room. "Go ahead and tie her down to the table Natasha" Alex ordered as she closed the balcony doors behind Natasha.

Natalie couldn't comprehend what had happened and how she had ended up a balloon tethered to a dining room table, her best friends on the cheerleading team looking up at her as they sat down at the table.

"Natalie, I need you to listen to me. I know you have lots of questions and we will get to those, but for right now please listen to me and try to understand why Natasha and I did this to you, ok?" Alex looked at Natalie as she spoke and the inflated girl nodded when Alex had finished the statement. "Ok, good. Now please know while Natasha had the idea of doing this to you, it was my action that resulted in you being blown up. Believe it or not, we did this for your benefit and enjoyment." Alex continued. Natasha laughed and remarked how Natalie obviously had enjoyed it.

"Ok Natalie, the simplest explanation for what is going on is this; Natasha and I are witches."

To be continued...

Author's Note: 

This is my first attempt at writing a full fledged body inflation story. If you have any comments, please let me know so I can improve my writing. 

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Especially for a first time. Can't wait for more!

Brilliant!! I look forward to

Brilliant!! I look forward to the next part.

Brilliant!! I look forward to

Brilliant!! I look forward to the next part.