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It was 10:05 p.m. and I, Lento, was a manager at a supermarket called Archerd's. It was closing time on a Friday night because of my birthday. I always do this for others birthdays as well while other stores are all nighters. My plan for my birthday will be Chinese, Italian and French pastry eating. You're probably thinking I'm a pig right. Well no, it's always been a tradition to eat a lot on a birthday. Us Italians love food.

I locked the door and was about to go, only to see at the corner of my eye; an auburn haired man was locked inside. I panicked, then rushed back to the sliding door, frantically putting the key in the notch and rushed inside for him. He wasn't there. Then I heard a slide and a lock behind my back.

I turned around and the auburn man was there, with some kind of cylinder and a mischievous grin.

"Sorry I had to do this, ma'am, but I can give you my birthday present."

The man was not bad looking. His hair was like copper on fire, dressed in black like off the runway. What was surprising was that I wasn't afraid.

"Who are you," I cried softly.

"I'm Jimmy."


"I am here to feed you," he said.

"What," I flabbergasted. "I know I love food, but then . . ."

He led me by the hand to the back of the store, by flying.

"This is what you will experience when I am done."

"What," I said as I gazed into his eyes.

"You will be my balloon as we go back."

"Oh my God. You're kidding. Your balloon."

"You have to promise to trust me. The women in our land love this," he explained. I had no choice but to except it. He laid me down in the corner of the dairy section and hooked the hose in my mouth.

"Mhat will ou do," I muffled.

"I will give you all the good foods you want. Are you ready?"

"Yes." He turned the knob on and sticked the first food in it: yogurt. The creamy taste came into my mouth only I felt some kind of air. Then he filled it with more food, the stuff I wanted. Milk, cheese, cereal, even the food has been cooked like pizza, ice cream, fries everything.

It was now midnight and almost all the food was gone. And now, my body expanded, legs becoming fatter, arms sticking out and filling up with the air food. I lost my shape and became more rotund and larger. My butt felt like over inflated beach balls. I tired to get up as Jimmy watched the process. I tired to come up, but just fell back down. I tried again, then heard a boing sound. I tried and tired and all what happened was I was bouncing like a giant ball. From all the bouncing, I lifted up higher and higher. Jimmy dragged me down with the hose now in my navel, now air was coming in and the bigger I became. He pulled himself up, making sure the hose didn't come out. He landed on my huge belly and laughed.

"My dear little blimp. It's ok," he cooed.

"I'm not afraid. In fact, I love it," I muffled. He grabbed on the tight fat of my skin and steered me toward the exit. This was amazing. I didn't realize how much fun being his balloon was. He stopped me at the now small exit door.

"How are we going to get out. I'm too big to fit into that little door," I said jokingly.

"We'll make way," he said. He climbed down and opened the door with the key still inside. The door slid open. He brought me down and stuffed me through the door. It was like getting a house through a door. My head poked out of the door with my right hand sticking out, then my left. I looked like I was about to pop with the pressure of the side. Then with a final push on my butt cheek, I popped out and started to float by myself. Jimmy grabbed me and then, from behind him he took out ropes and a basket.

"You are making me your balloon are you," I told him.

"Yes I am, Blimpella."

I giggled from that name.

"I just have to tell you this. Your such a beautiful blimp, your people in Canada land could ride you."

"What," I cried. He was insulting my shape.

"I don't mean harm, it's my affection." He then tied the rope to my wrists and ankles, then the basket to the bottom. He let go and we were airborne. We floated past the market and now into the dark sky, so close to the stars.

"Shall I sing a song to you dear," he suggested.

"What is it," I was beginning to feel upset.

"No need to feel bad, if you love this, then don't cry."


"Do you remember this Willy Wonka movie," he asked.

"Why yes I do," I replied.

"Well I'm sure you heard of the Ommpa Lommpa song."

"Sure, sing it to me."

He went with a very relaxing voice:

Ommpa Lommpa blimpady blimp.

I have must of mistaken you for an eclipse.

Ommpa Lommpa you are so huge.

Your waddling is a jig.

Eating all your favorite foods,

Has made you feel so full,

But eating all those treats,

Eating and eating all day long,

Has turned you into the Good Year blimp.

Ommpa Lommpa my blimpady blimp.

You're too big for the sky.

Now we live in happiness now.

My little, little blimpyady blimp.

"That was beautiful Jimmy," I said when he was done.

Hours passed and the wind brushed me from behind. Jimmy was asleep and so was I. I dreamed how I had grown so huge the Earth couldn't keep me. In fact, I was a planet and only Jimmy was a citizen. Citizen of planet Blimpella. I also thought of all the fancy jokes he said to me like I'm such a blimp, my only threat is the Empire State Building ready to pop me or I'm such a blimp, I was used in the superbowl for advertisement. I felt so much pleasure, I wasn't aware that daylight broke. Jimmy woke to see it too.

"Beautiful isn't it," he said to me.

"Oh yes. Where are we going?"

"To my island, Jucia, where all the men are normal sized, no one grows old and all the women are our personal blimps."

I smiled and said, "I would love this place."

He tugged the hose and we lowered down the shore and the basket touched first, then I came down and bouncing until I landed. Out of the blue, all the young men and women came out of the trees that were richen with green leaves. The men held on to the women by strings and ankles like a child holding his balloon. These women were enormous, filled with air and little hands and ankles sticking out, flapping in the breeze.

"Greetings my fellow friends," Jimmy called to them as he got out of the basket. "I have brought you a new citizen to Jucia, Lento."

They looked up and smiled and clapped for me, seeing all these women like this was such an amazing experience.

Jimmy has told me that the wrestling match we were at were with women, pushing each other with their rotund bodies and they called it female sumo wrestling. He prepped me up by sewing me an ultra spandex suit. He was telling me that since my skin has been stretched so much, it was rendered sensitive, leaving to tickle me at any place on my body.

"The point is," he said as I was lying on my back as he was on top of me, pulling the suit on. "Is that they make women bigger in this game. Personally I like the getting big part, some of the men like the money."

"Then, why are you going to get me bigger," I asked. He hesitated.

"Only because you have to catch up. Just can't stand by and watched you get squashed." He slipped through the last hole on my hand and pushed me upward and then I was free to move. The only problem is I can't waddle as much. Only taking a few steps.

"I hope this works."

The night match came. Jimmy signed me up. I was up against Mount Hilda and she was a mountain. She was thirty feet wide and I was only twenty feet wide. We both stand apart, in the circle, belly to belly, literally. The referee budged his was through.

"All right," he yelled to the roaring crowd.

"The rule of the match is to push each other off the circle! You can only grow 300ft wide and 100ft tall the max." He took the yellow napkin.

"Ready!" We positioned, as if we could.

"Go!" The roar of the crowd grew louder. The move came to Hilda. She pulled back, then bounced on her butt and her round body pushed me off, nearly tipping me to the outside of the circle. I felt a small nudge of my behemoth back, and then I was rolled to face the crowd. I looked down. It was Jimmy, holding my belly on his palms, he said, "Blimp away." Then tickled my belly. I laughed like the blimp I am and then grew bigger and taller. Soon my hips touched the ropes. I was now at 30 feet tall and a whopping 200 feet wide since that was how much the ring could hold. He turned me over and pushed me lightly. I floated across the ring and bumped Hilda. She rolled around like I did and her manager tickled her belly and she grew bigger than I did at 400ft wide and taller than me. He pushed her back in and bumped hard, so hard she bumped against the ropes, then back to each other, bouncing around like a pinball. Our skins have now touched and the tingle came before us. We swelled bigger and bigger by the minute from our coaches. Their fingers rubbed our skin, causing the ballooning.

"Jimmy do something! We're getting too big!"

Jimmy grabbed my skin and forced himself to climb on my body.

"What are you doing," I called out.

"Helping," he yelled as the crowd roared with enthusiasm. He clasped my cheeks and gingerly pressed his warm lips against my plump ones. He began to suck the air from my mouth. It was amazing, as if we were in a force field, holding us together with energy transferring into him. I felt a wiggle from my arm and it began to slowly deflate, appearing abnormally smaller than my body. I saw his cheeks blushing with a pale to pink color, working backwards, they became half-spherical, he swallowed the air and continued to inhale the air from me. Pressure exploded out of me as I was getting smaller. Jimmy's belly pressed against my upper chest, his arms spread out, filled with air and becoming massively round. He floated upward but still kept his lips on me. He became 40 feet tall and 200 ft wide. Hilda and her manager became awstrucked as Jimmy became a human zeppelin.

All my air escaped from me and Jimmy was now as big as I was. He swam in the air, and stared down at Hilda.

"This one is for honesty," he said to the manager. He flew like Superman and tackled down Hilda and pressed his body down on her.

A pop came from her side and air gushed out of her and she whizzed in the air. She flew like a feather in the wind and landed on the mat. Her manager came by and picked her up. She now looked like a tattered blow up doll. He mumbled something to her about repairing her hole as he carries her out of the ring.

A few hours later, we flew back to the U.S. as Jimmy was now the hot air balloon. We landed safely and I got off the basket. Jimmy lowered himself down to talk to me.

"Lento, I'm sorry about the wrestling match back there," he apologetically said. "I didn't think you would really like the situation you were in."

"It's all right Jimmy. I was use to being a big girl a few years ago." I started to walk back to the market. Then stopped, I turned around and came to kiss him. It was beautifully well done as seen in the movies.

"Good-bye, Jimmy," I whispered under his breath.

"What's the good-bye for," he questioned

"Well, aren't you going to leave to go back to your world." He just smiled sexily at me.

"I gave it a thought and decided to stay here with you." I must have pushed myself back from that moment. I tried to hug him, but only half way.

"I guess I better deflate myself. No sense being here for no reason."

"I know where you can put it," I suggested. I open wide for him and he kissed me.

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