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A busy day, winding down, coming close to its end. In our dorm room, we sit on opposite sides of our room. You are tending to your work, scribbling in your notebook. I am in my bed, casually reading a magazine. For a while there's simply the sound of your pencil tracing on paper, with the occasional flip of a page from my magazine. The sun is still well and up in the sky, and as I look out, a small sigh escapes my lips. I drop the magazine on my bed and roll to my side, focusing on the back of your head. I wait there for a moment, pondering something to say, but no words roll off my tongue. I take in a breath to say something, but just as I do, a thought strikes me. As I think it over, my lips curl into a childish smile.

I swing my legs over the side of bed and then stand up to go to my dresser. Pulling out the top draw, I shift through some of my clothes to find my ball pump. Giving the plunger a few pumps, I grin, hiding it behind my back. A expression of mischief fills my face, but it cools into a soft smile. Step by step, I walk up behind you, taking note of your attire: a college logo'd t-shirt and some running shorts, with socks on because you like to lounge with them on. Leaning in close to the back of your neck, I tighten my mouth, and blow a short burst of air through my lips.

You react not as suddenly as I imagine, but I grab your attention nevertheless. The sound of your pencil hitting the desk as your turn around is enough for me to know that you're mine. As you try to speak, I lay finger on your lips, hushing you quietly as my nail trails to below your neck, beckoning you to rise. Your lifted eyebrow shows me your concern, but you know this isn't the first time I've done this. My hand finds its way to your chest, guiding you to your bed until I can safely push you back on to it.

I reveal the pump. Your eyes match mine. A pleasant, yet understanding smile is shared between us.

You back-crawl up until your head rests on your pillows, and I follow, an eagerness flowing all around me. Taking the end of the hose in my hand, I slowly lean forward to teethe the bottom of your shirt, pulling it upward while my hand slides up and through your short pant leg. With time, I find the spot I'm looking for, and gently usher the hose inwards. Your tight and then relieved breath lets me know its in a secure place. I feel your thumb brush my cheek before I raise back up, kneeling between your legs, the pump primed in my hand. For effect, I very slowly pull the plunger upward to its peak, and then make feint to pump it, just to see your reaction. To my amusement, your closed eyes and sharp inhale let me know that temporarily faked you out. When your glare locks on to me, I give up my charade and finally...

I push the plunger downward, a hiss eminating from the cylinder...

I hear you let out a soft wisp of breath, a deep satisfaction as you feel a swift rush of air enter you. Yet this is only the beginning, as my hands kick into action, already starting to pull the plunger back up. Though, instead of giving you full pumps, I want to give your body some prep time so that we can truly enjoy your soon-to-be-obtained size, and thus I bring the plunger only up half way before pressing it back down. A hiss sounds out, and another, and another. My hands working now like clockwork in a constant pace. Those soft breaths of your get a deeper, full of more sensation than the first. You can feel it, although you can't quite see the results of my work. You can feel the pressure slowly but surely building, mounting up as the bursts of air fill your middle.

My eyes roam up and down your body and I can see how thoroughly you are enjoying this. Your legs are wavering side to side, your hands are smoothing around your midsection caringly. Your head rolls into your pillows, a mix of pleasure and sheer contentment ever-present. Every now and then, my hands curiously leave the pump to feel your plushness. The softness of your skin is welcoming, and I can't help but tickle it. You squirm slightly, and I laugh, but I do not stray from my business. I lean in to kiss the warmth of your stomach shortly before I return to the pump, a new vigor in my eyes.

The kiddy gloves are off, and I take the plunger to its fullest, again and again...

With each full pump, your face says a thousand words. Pleasure, excitement, sensation, happyness, giddyness. I pick up the pace, and soon enough, I see it. The round of your belly, the bulge of your paunch, primming up ever so slightly over the belt-line of your shorts. You must be really feeling the pressure now. With more pumps per minute, your middle starts to form a more defined roundness. At first it was barely noticeable, but now by itself its steadily lifting your shirt upwards. Each hiss signals more pressure, more pleasure, more fullness. My eyes revel in the fascination of how much your swelling. As much as it is in my control, I know you'll stay my hand when you are ready, but until then I plan to make you writhe with sensation.

Your stomach is clearly reaching upwards, like a balloon being inflated while flat on the ground. Your increasing girth shows the extend of how far your being stretched internally. At this moment, I'm thankful for the amount of pratice you've had making it possible for you to get this large. Even now, its pushing the size of partially inflated volleyball, only getting wider by the moment. Swelling. Puffing. Bulging. Billowing. Lurching steadily upward.

Yet I know you want more, and you know I want more...

My pace accelerates once again. I can hear your moans. They are music to my ears, and an incredible motivation. I long to see you huge. You're grasping the sides expanding, inflating midsection, squeezing it softly, its tautness becoming more and more apparent.

It can still go bigger!

Your eyes are flutter at a deft speed, while mine are locked on your expansive roundness. It has surpassed that of a volleyball and is seeking to be much more more. Every hiss pushing your limits, every pump trying to give you a new max size. I see it now that you are simply huge. Perfectly rotund. Marvelously sized. And as I pull the plunger upward, a grin stretched wide across my face...

I feel your hand reach out, and rest upon mine.

I realize that you are still human, and your gentle hand brings me back down to Earth. My expression shifts somberly, but you let out a chuckle, and poke my nose with a out-stretched finger. I feel your heaving chest, rapid breaths winding down after all the excitement. Your breath is mine as well, as I notice that I had been exerting a great deal of effort to get you this far. You beckon me to your side, and I crawl over your legs, laying next to you, stroking your massive tummy. A sincere sigh escapes my lips.

Knowing next time is going to be just as good, if not better.


Author's Note: 

A short story I made for brandonlynn83 in one of the "How would I inflate you" threads. Wanted to post it so I can motivate myself to write more.

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GiftedShana's picture
Something small to begin

Something small to begin with, but more to come eventually.

Life is always a bit better once you pop a few buttons.


Balloonedlurker (not verified)
Love it! :D Short, but

Love it! :D Short, but extremely sensual and erotic, without being too overt :) Please oh please, write more! I'd love to see this boy get bigger!