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SFW version of the site

Sometimes I want to check the site, but lack privacy. How big a task would it be to implement a safe-for-work* version of the site in the way that many sites have different themes you can switch between?


I'm thinking a version of the site with no heading that reads Bodyinflation.org, or inflated woman graphic, no background graphic and no random images.


*I'm sure Luther knows this, but just in case people reading this suggestion don't; 'safe-for-work' is just a phrase, it doesn't only apply to the workplace, it applies to anywhere where other people might catch a glimpse of what is on your computer screen.

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You can hide the random images already:

My Account -> Edit -> Block Configuration

The rest woud have to be done with a new 'SFW"* theme. This is certainly possible. The question is, is there significant demand for such a feature?

*Seriously, listen to Carnatic on this one. It will never be safe to browse this site at work.


Mmm... I kind of like the idea. I perceive the site quite safe when you are not logged in anyway. Several image galleries are not accesible when you are logged out, which if I'm not mistaken, are the ones that contain nude material.

The background image is kind of fuzzy in my computer. The inflated woman at the logo is quite artistic and innocent in my opinion.

I created a poll for this: http://www.bodyinflation.org/node/34331


I think different people have different views over what is SFW. Some people feel that the fetish itself is SFW and it is only where it involves nudity that it becomes NSFW.

Personally I wouldn't want anyone to see the site's name, or the title graphic over my shoulder as I feel sure they would wonder about this strange thing I was viewing, even if they didn't jump to the immediate conclusion it was a fetish, the fact they knew I was looking at a site about 'body inflation' would cause me considerable discomfort.

I think I'm just too aware that this is a very weird thing we're into and will inevitably draw attention if people find out about it. In the world I live in, most people haven't developed this insensitity to weirdness where someone looking at a website about something that makes no sense to you isn't worth a second glance. Other people, perhaps younger than myself or living in different cultures, do seem to just feel it falls under the category of 'general internet weirdness', but is no more remarkable than the latest meme and don't seem so shy about it because they're more confident that no one will suss it as a fetish.

Thanis for the tip on the random pictures though Luther.

Another Canadian Guy
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You raise a good point. It's a little hard to make a site that revolves around a fetish safe for work, but you list some good ideas to help.

(Not on here too often, replies might be slow.)


Some Good Ideas (SGI) for SFW skin:

GI1. Don't display the ID images of the users. Most users already have SFW ID images like our dear PBallooned, or no image. Still, it's best to hide them in case you're viewing a post of marvellous GiftedShana for example ^_^ no offence, and my apologies to her

GI2. As Carnatic and LVK - don't display background image

GI3. The lovely miss & her "BodyInflation.org Where Bigger Is Better" are better concealed. By the way, it will add extra 82 pixels of screen height.

GI4. Hide links "image gallery" and "video gallery"

ps - i'm happy with the site as is. I opened BodyInflation at work in a huge aerospace company in Derby, UK; also being a lecturer in the university in Delft, Netherlands; and now I open it at work in Perm, Russia. It's already safe for work in my view. That's just a private opinion.

85nobdss (not verified)

I've used the site in a hotel next to an airport facing the front door of the hotel, with hundreds of strangers and some of my most trusted friends wandering around closeby. Yes, it was tense, but you just have to make the window REALLY *REALLY* small and be discreet about it. Having a "SFW" theme would be great, but if you've got a picture of a big inflated woman, fully clothed even on the screen, you're going to raise eyebrows. Just use your ninja skills to make sure nobody is looking in your direction when you're perusing your p**nography, and you'll be just fine.


Actually, yes, since we start to put our nude pictures as IDs, large and hairy, - SFW is really relevant for the fantasy branch! ^_^


Not that my opinion matters much - I'll become less and less frequent visitor due to new family duties - but really, if it's not too much trouble, I'd prefer to not see such IDs - just a silly personal preference. Call it Safe For Work if you like ^_^

85nobdss (not verified)

With all due respect, I have no idea what you mean!

I was replying first to Carnatic's original message. I'm not sure where "opinion" comes into this. And also, my message was a joke! How is your current grasp of the English language??


How safe for work is a very relevant thread in your opinion? ^_^

85nobdss (not verified)

Eh, safe enough. Hey wait a minute, was that supposed to be sarcastic? : P

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Just my opinion here, but if you are so hooked by this fetish that you can't wait long enough to just fucking go home and visit this site on an Internet connection that definitely isn't monitored by the people who sign your paychecks, you have a bigger problem than the lack of a SFW theme. 

Don't dip your pen in company ink. 


As I said in my post - "since we start to put our nude pictures as IDs" ... "I'd prefer to not see such IDs" which I thought to be "relevant for the fantasy branch"

However, seeing a prominent member of said fantasy branch so indifferent to hairy torsos in IDs that he uses f-word - I consider the matter indeed irrelevant and closed

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I for one don't log into any fetish site, or most of the usual sites I visit for that matter, at work because it's not what's on the screen that my boss is looking at, it's the URL and other data in the logs that he sees. It doesn't matter what I'm looking at, if it has the URL of an "unapproved" site, I'd get in trouble. The best solution I've found is to simply don't log into sites like this at work.

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