Would you visit a Chat on BodyInflation? Also, how about a Real Inflation subforum?

Yes, I'd love to use a Chat here
38% (6 votes)
I'd rather have IRL discussions in a separate subforum
19% (3 votes)
I'd use both Chat and IRL subforum
31% (5 votes)
Nah, all is fine, we are good as it is now.
6% (1 vote)
6% (1 vote)
Total votes: 16

Hello all! A question arose around a chat and an IRL subforum: how many are interested? So - let's find out ^_^

Please tick what's appropriate before the middle of April. Thank you!

All that only if Luther doesn't mind - his manhours, his rules. ^_^

Details and reasons've been discussed here:


While there's already at least two over at chatzy everyone can use, I could see the benfit of having one here, and I'm sure it would be more populated, doesn't seem like all that many people even know about those chats, and there's of course the ease of it, when people are already here. So yeah, I could see a point in having one, if the site can support it of course.

Another Canadian Guy
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I like the idea of a chat client, but I'm unsure towards having an IRL inflation subforum. I don't want the forum to become divided since our numbers are already so low, and since IRL and fantasy both focus on inflation I think it works fine that they're together. This way we can share mutual information or curiosities in one place.


For a chat client, I'm unsure if there's a risk of bots or things like that, but I'd totally be down for it.

(Not on here too often, replies might be slow.)


Thanks everyone!

That's 14 voices in total for any change at all. Not many ^_^


To be fair, I don't think most people actually read this section of the forums.

I think a chat is a great idea. A real life inflation section I could take or leave. I think the forums are slow and small enough already that having it lumped in the general section isn't too bad.