Very Happy Birthday, A

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A gentle ringing broke the silent air as the alarm clock activated, signalling the start of a new day. Emily turned over onto her other side and hit the off button, her hand flopping onto it like a dead fish.

It was 8:00 in the morning, and it was Emily's 18th birthday. Although she was feeling the excitement that generally comes with having a special day of the year all to yourself, she wasn't feeling it as strongly as normal.

Her breakup with her dysfunctional boyfriend last week could be the only thing to blame for it. And what girl wouldn't breakup with someone who considered themselves "spiritual" becuase they regularly took hallucinogenic drugs, and pretended to love her while sending multiple sexts to others behind her back? This information had probaly already gone viral in chat rooms by now; Emily Johnston, Unluckiest Girlfriend!

Trying to fold those unpleasant thoughts away and just focus on her special day, Emily lifted her covers off herself, got up and walked over to her floor length mirror. The mirror never lies, and as Emily obsevred the mirror, she slightly wished that it was lying.

A thin, lightly tanned girl with stragith dark hair and large, cat like eyes was reflected in the glass. She had almost no build, with only two small bulges to pass as breasts and a slight flare to her hips. The fact she had a thigh gap as well did not help, which was why she tried to conceal it with skirts. 

Taking as deep a breath as she could, Emily tried to stick out her chest to make her breasts look bigger. This just made her bulges recede into her  chest, making her look even more like a boy. Sighing, and heaving her non-sexiness to one side, Emily removed her nightdress from around her shoulders, and then closed her bathroom door so she could take her shower.

As she cut open a box of cupcakes from the kitchen cupboard, Emily gazed out of her kitchen window into her back garden. She had dressed herself in a black stretch skirt, a white short sleeved shirt and a mossy green jumper, which she had rolled the sleeves up on. A warm, bright summer's day had come for her birthday. At least Mother Nature was on her side.

5 minutes later, Emily had stuck a candle in one of the cupcakes and lit it. She gazed into the flame, quietly singing the Birthday Song to herself. After she'd sung the last note, she closed her eyes and tried to think of a really good wish to make.

After a while, with the candle burned to half it's length, she settled on:

"I wish for something exciting."

Holding this in her mind, Emily took a deep breath, puffing her chest up like a rooster, and blew out the flame.

"Happy Birthday Emily." she said to herself as she discarded the candle, taking a bite out of the side of the cupcake, savouring the taste.

"Hope it's better than last year." 

After all, she only got one birthday a year.

After she'd swallowed her last piece of cake, Emily decided to make the most of what she had. She got up from her seat and, with a slight trudge in her step, opened her back door and stepped out into the sunlight. It was a fine day for her birthday, and despite how it was just her in her house, she didn't feel the need for company at this moment. She just stood on the grass in a samasthitihi yoga pose, feeling the warm sunlight on her skin. All she could do now was just... breathe.

Emily closed her eyes and took in a big lungful of the summer air, feeling it caress her body. Ahh, that felt so good, she thought as she puffed it out. She took another deep breath, feeling an almost ethereal energy fill her from the pit of her stomach all the way to her throat. She was sensing a great feeling of lightness, as though her doubts and unpleasant memories were being lifted from her like heavy chains.

Deeeeeep breath. Ahhhh.

Emily opened her eyes and stares around with a sweet smile, feeling, based on a tingling from behind her navel, that she was having a good birthday after all. 

She then slid her hand under her shirt to feel how lovely this tingling was. And then stopped. She didn't only feel bigger spiritually, but also physically. What the #'$!? She pulled off her jersey and lifted her shirt. Her stomach, usually concave and bony, had somehow grown outwards from her body, like she had become 3 months pregnant.

This was too weird to even have dreams about. But even then, something scratching away in the back of her mind was telling ehr to do it again. But how had this happened? Was there something freaky in that cupcake?

Trusting her instinctive voice, Emily arched her back, held her belly bump, opened her mouth and took a deep breath. Instantly, she felt what seemed like a balloon filling up between her hands. She looked down again, and now her stomach no longer looked pregnant, but like a dome, a stretch air filled dome. 

"How the actual..." She thought, but then another insinct came to her; do it one more time. Listening to this, she saw nothing else that she could do.

"Just one more." she said to herself. "I mean, how else can I see if I'm going crazy?"

Emily then leant back, opened her mouth and took in a big breath. A gentle 'schoomp' sound emitted from within her body, and this time, her chest also grew bigger, her smaller breasts becoming a more noticable pair of fuller, rounder breasts. Her stomach was more balloon like, rounder and fuller like a ripe fruit.

"Oh my gosh!" Emily giggled, as she thought was just too funny for her to keep in.

"I'm like a balloon! Hehe!"

She rubbed her hands over her new body, feeling a gentle swishing sound as her fingers brushed her distended skin.

In that moment the gears of her mind clicked, and her creativity fired off.

"I'm a balloon." Emily thought.

"A big, inflatable birthday balloon!"

She giggled again, as the idea was strangely cute to her.

"But I'm not big enough yet." she whispered seductively, as she squeezed her bouncy pink boobs. 

She looked around to see if anyone could see her, but then shrugged it off with a grin.

"Oh, fuck it!" she laughed.

"I can inflate my body if I want to. After all, it is my birthday."

And then she began to inhale.

Within moments, Emily started to expand, stuffing her clothes to ripping point. Her body was puffing up all over (goodness knows how) and becoming less than merelt a little overweight and more like a grealty overstuffed teddy bear.

"Mmmmm, I'm getting so big." grinned Emily, erotically feeling the stretchiness of herself, and how much better it felt to know that it was her birthday too.

And she was just getting started with being a birthday balloon.

Caressing her pneumatic curves, she opened her mouth wide and breathed in.

Emily's shirt buttons burst off her like gunfire, allowing her massively distended, blown up body to grow forth from its former fabric prison. She looked like a fat, stuffed up version of herself, her bulging belly rising over the edge of her skirt like a muffin.

"Oh! Oh! Oh my god!" Emily gasped, feeling a burst of energy suddenly erupt upwards from between her legs.

"Ooohh, yes!" she exclaimed, as she felt her tights become wet. She hadn't felt this good since her boyfriend had discovered the Kama Sutra. 

From beneath her orgasmic moans, Emily knew that she had rarely felt this good in her life. Was this some kind of girlie birthday high? Whatever it was, she loved it. Her ex boyfriend would be so jealous if he could see what fun his ex girlfriend was having without him!

And despite all these good vibrations, she knew that she still wasn't big enough yet. How big could her body get? Only one way to find out!

Emily took a great, gushing gasp, exaggerated only by the strong goodness that she was feeling.

Her whole body filled out, pushing her skirt off her onto the ground, allowing her bottom to pump outwards and upwards. She no longer looked like she had gained weight, but rather like she had gained buoyancy. She was so stuffed up with air, if that's what it was, that her midsection was now shaped exactly like a party balloon. 

For Emily, this turning out to be her best birthday ever. She had experienced sexual pleasure for the first time since she had broke up, and best of all, she now had the body to go with it. Well, almost. Just a little bit bigger wouldn't go amiss, thought Emily, a wide grin coating her face as she stared down between her bouncy, balloony boobs.

Emily's pneumatic shoulder boulders heaved upwards as she drew in a great gulp of breath, pushing it down inside her balloon shaped, bulging belly.

A rumbling 'schooomp!' like a light earthquake echoed around the air as the birthday girl ballooned herself up even bigger, her body growing into a huge ball, as big as a truck.

Emilty exhaled, and rested herself down on her bouncy, pneumatic mass. If this was what celebrating her birthday felt like, she wished it could be her birthday every other day. She inhaled, hearing her breath echo around inside her balloon body like an air cannon. Letting her breath out, her skin jiggled. She couldn't help but laugh here.

Relaxing backwards on her dome of a back, she pushed her beach ball belly upwards towards the bright clear sky. Closing her eyes, she let her mind dirft, allowing herself to 'just be' for a moment.

Today was her birthday, and Emily had essentially given herself the best present she could have asked for, had it been possible for her to wish she could inflate for her birthday. Here she was, all blown up and rounded out into a big, sexy, lightly tanned birthday balloon. It felt so good, she just wanted to...


A voice broke Emily's train of thought. Her eyes snapped open in realisation as she recognised it. It was her friend Sara. Rolling herself upright, which was only possible by kicking, she saw Sara standing on the lawn, gazing up at her friend with a strangely awestruck look on her face. She was a peachy skinned girl with long dark hair, dresed in an orange dress, conviniently zipped up the front, paired with a pair of chunky black heels.

"Oh my god! Sara!" Emily gasped. Hw would Sara react to seeing her like this? Would she be offended? Disgusted? Weirded out?

"I-I-it's not what you think!" she managed to splutter, feeling her skin wobbling with fear. "I-I just..."

"Oh my gosh!" Sara gasped. "Emily! You did it! You actually did it!"

 "Sara?" Emily enquired. Was this the Sara she knew? Why wasn't she shocked by her best friend being inflated like a big balloon? It was as if Emily had just shown Sara that she could touch her nose with her tongue; impressive, but not truly jaw dropping.

"Don't worry Emily, I'm okay with this!" said Sara, excitedly.

"I didn't think that you'd manage it! Wow, you're so big!"

"You mean," asked Emily, confused by Sara's strangely invigorated state.

"You don't find it... weird, to see me like this?"

"Of course not." said Sara, smiling.

"Oh, and by the way, happy birthday Emily!"

"Awh, thanks Sara!" Emily blushed, her whole body turning pink like the outside ouf a pomegranate.

"So... Why do you not find it weird?" she asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

"Surely it's a bit... you know."

"I've seen it before, Emily. It happens all the time." Sara explained.

"Every girl experiences it. She's perfectly normal for the first 17 years of her life, nothing out of the ordinary. Then comes her 18th birthday, she finds that she can make her body swell up like a balloon whenever she wants!"

Emily giggled, then gasped with a sudden realisation, an epiphany. 

"Hang on, Sara." she said, a note of excitement tingling in her voice.

"Wasn't it YOUR 18th birthday last week?"

"It most certainly was." Sara said proudly, putting her hands on her hips as though she were a superheroine. 

Emily's eyes widened. 

"Does that mean that you can..."

"Do you want to see?" Sara interrupted, smiling excitedly, and before Emily had even taken a breath to say her response (which I'm sure you could guess what it was going to be), she had taken off her heels and unzipped her dress, dropping it on the ground around her ankles, leaving her standing bare butt naked on the grass, the bright summer sunlight illuminating her peachy skin.

Then she took a deeeeeeeeeep breath, pumping up her chest, and to Emily's awestruck eyes, Sara's midsection blew outwards, as thought an airbag was going off inside her body.

She ballooned up rapidly, her giant belly surpassing her puffy breasts and all of her swelling extremities, makig her look like a massively overstretched water balloon.

In mere seconds, Sara exhaled, and she stopped swelling.

Her midsection was now completely ball shaped, and she was virtually the same size as Emily. The slightly peachy tone to her skin made her look like siad peach from the famous Roald Dahl novel, and presumably, just as juicy. 

Emily just sat there, speechless. Sara strangely look so beautiful, with her body blown up like this. She was very attractive normally, as her breasts were larger than hers, but this was showing a whole new level of Sara's being right here.

This was definitely a birthday she was never going to forget. It's strange how some of the best tings in life can come from the most unexpected places. In Emily's case, this happened to be the ability to turn herself into a balloon, which came from the seemingly insignificant fact that she was 18 years old today. And to find that it happened to every girl, including her best friend Sara, was just the icing on her birthday cake.

Also, she felt a bit of a 'special energy' building between her feet, between where her legs were. The smae energy she felt whilst inflating. Then the most incredible thought hit her. Her best birthday present ever.

"Sara..." she said slowly.

"Do you know how to..."

"Oh my god." gasped Sara. Her balloon boobs pushed up by about an inch.

"Yes." she giggled, edging herself closer to Emily on her belly. Emily rolled herself onto her back, opening herself up to Sara...


As Sara pushed the last air pocket out of her belly, Emily simply stood on the grass and breathed deep, feeling like the sexy birthday girl that she was. Both she and Sara were completely aked, but she didn't care. She'd had a great birthday after all, and one bit of self consciousness wasn't going to spoil it.

Then another thought started scratching in the back of her head. But not sexual or kinky this time. This one felt more... curious.

"Sara..." Emily asked slowly, notes of excitement once again in her voice.

"Yes, Emily?" Sara smiled, her dark hair billowing out like a sail in the gentle summer breeze.

"Who's birthday is it next?" Emily enquired, squeezing her boobs, so attractive did shefeel now.

Sara giggled, causing her own uninflated boobs, which were noticeably bigger than Emily's, to jiggle like water balloons.

"I believe it's Joanna's birthday in two days time." she breathed.

Joanna was a thin, light haired girl who Emily and Sara knew very well. She was tall and leggy, meaning that she rocked the skirt every single time. Emily's eyes glassed over as she imagined Joanna making the same discovey as her.

"You aren't doing anything then, are you?" she asked slowly.

"Depends if you're not." Sara grinned.

"I've never missed a friend's birthday. All becuase of this, Emily."

She laughed, and then she glassed over too, as she and Emily fantasised about Joanna's birthday, and ehat she was going to do when she found out what happened on girl's 18th birthday's.


A gentle ringing broke the silent air as the alarm clock activated, signalling the start of a new day.

Joanna turned herself over in her bed, hit the snooze button, and looked up at her calendar, smiling.

"Happy birthday, you sexy girl." she said to herself seductively. 

"You're 18 today."

Getting up out of her bed onto her rug, she instantly reached behind her head and pulled her nightdress off herself, throwing it behind her onto her bed.

Caressing her skinny body in front of her full length mirror, she whispered,

"You know what this means..."

And then Joanna took a deeeeeeeep breath...


Author's Note: 

First and foremost, I'd like to apologise for any fuckups I might have made on this site.

In my forum post "Story Scribbles", I stated that one of my recent ideas involved inflating an 8 year old girl. That was a typing error, it should have been 18 years old. However, it was typed on my iPhone, where autocorrect can mess up even the simplest of sentences.

Secondly, I'd like to apologise for flaunting myself by bragging about how people have read my stories. I realise that was idiotic and gives others a bad impression of me. I am not actually like this outside of the Internet.

I have rehearsed my writing skills furhter to sharpen them, which will hopeuflly make my characters less one dimensional.

This is my first story with my new skills. Enjoy, and please comment if you like it. Even a simple comment means a lot to me.


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great story!

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Thanks so much, BubbleFan!

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