I’ve reached a milestone.

Roughly 20 years ago I released my first inflation story, The Pageant. I can’t really nail down the exact date. The modified date on the file is November 8, 1995. It first appeared in Issue 4 of the Research and Development newsletter.

The story was inspired by the wet t-shirt contest in the game Spellcasting 301. It’s a standard-issue inflation fiction plotline: woman inflates herself to enhance her figure but something goes wrong and she winds up huge. Today I would call it cliché, but I’m not sure if it was back then. There weren’t all that many inflation stories going around at that point.

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

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I believe 20 years ago is when I wrote my first story as well, although none have been published here. A few wound up on Champagne & Balloons, a couple on DeviantArt... I guess I've just always been gunshy about the critical reception they'd get.

Glad for you!

You really have a skill at gathering a huge cosy family

I think you originally posted

I think you originally posted that story in 94.  Though I could be wring.  Either way, its been a hell of a long road!

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It's possible. People (myself

It's possible. People (myself included) weren't all that careful about keeping track of dates of things. It's understandable. Who would have thought that these things would someday be history? Luckily for me, I'm a packrat and file dates get preserevd as they move from machine to machine.

But I'm pretty sure this one was 1995. R & D Issue #5 was titled "Christmas 1995", so the timeline fits.

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Great, you had to point out

Great, you had to point out that we're all old now.



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Not all of us. Just those of

Not all of us. Just those of us who remember when Research and Developments first came out :)

Here's another crazy stat: People who were born on the day this site first launched are old enough to register here.

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Ok that little tidbit is

Ok that little tidbit is genuinely disturbing.


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