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"You're a sick man. You know that, don't you?" Kevin Peterson was muttering to his reflection in the glass contraption before him. He laughed and looked about his makeshift lab with pride. "All this knowledge, all this equipment, and what do you use it for? Nope, no cure for cancer comin' outta this place!" Kevin had always been short on funds due to his unconventional beliefs. After all, there weren't that many scientists who believed in magic in the first place. And it didn't help that he was only twenty-two, only had a bachelor's from some no- name university, and had never published a damn thing. Kinda made grants hard to come by. So his scientific/arcane research was relegated to the ignoble status of a hobby. He could only pursue a limited course of research, and even that only with what time and money he could spare from his job at the local computer store. Luckily, magic usually wanted natural ingredients, and basic lab equipment wasn't too hard to come by if you know where to look or how to build it.

But still, he was limited so he only worked on trivial things. Trivial, but important to him. Tina bounced down the stairs into the cellar. "Ready for the show, dear?" Kevin snapped his head up from his work. People often asked how this ragged haired, bespectacled, geek had wound up with the gorgeous redhead that now stood before him. According to Tina, "You'd be plenty handsome if you just work on your appearance a bit." Not that it mattered to her beyond making him feel better. Strange how she didn't care how he looked, but was so obsessed with her appearance.

Tina was a perfect 36D-24-36. She had the face of an angel, bright, fiery red hair, deep blue eyes, and smooth shapely legs that went on for days. She was reigning champion in the Miss Silver Beach Pageant, but she still had one wish. She'd always wanted bigger breasts.

"Do you know how many women would kill for your bust?" he had told her.

"Well they can have it," she smiled. "I'm planning on trading up to a bigger one." But implants had been out of their budget and out of the question as far as Kevin was concerned.

"Then put that lab of your to use," she'd said, laughing. "Whip me up something that'll make me bigger." She'd been joking, but the more Kevin had thought about it, the more feasible it became. And it helped that he, like most men, couldn't object to an increase in her endowments. And it was within the capabilities of his modest lab, so he worked at it. And worked at it. And finally came up with a formula that he figured would work. He asked Tina if she wanted to test it, and two minutes later he'd mixed a few grams of white powder in a glass of orange juice, and down the hatch! That had been about two hours ago. He wasn't exactly sure how long it would take to take effect, so he told Tina to just go about her business and come down to the lab as soon as she felt something happen.

She was wearing denim shorts and, at Kevin's advice, a very loose T-shirt. "I felt a tingling. I think it's starting." Her nipples stood out prominently. "Oh, I definitely feel something."

"Sit down, then" Kevin said, excited.

"Do you hear that?" There was a soft bubbly noise coming from her breasts, something like gently fizzing soda.

"Don't worry, it's normal. Well, not really, I guess boobs shouldn't be making random fizzing noises, but that's exactly what I expected from this potion."

"I guess I should have asked this before, but how exactly is this stuff working?" Tina could feel a tense pressure building inside of her. Her dark areolas, faintly visible through the white cloth, had definitely swollen bigger, and her nipples were harder than they'd ever been, poking out through her shirt.

"It's really very simple," Kevin said. "The mixture reacts with the fat deposits in the breasts to produce a sort of pseudo-gas..." This was where magic and science mixed and got confusing. The bubbles that were forming inside her weren't really-- well, they were more like-- come to think of it, it wasn't all that simple. "Basically, you're being pumped up with air." It was a gross oversimplification, but for all intents and purposes, that's what was happening.

"Whoa, it's starting!" And indeed it was. Her already ample bosom began to swell, her tits becoming fuller and rounder. Over several minutes, she puffed up bigger and bigger, her oversized shirt gradually becoming less loose, then just about right, on to straining at the seams as her boobs expanded to the size of large cantaloupes. "I can't believe this is working!"

"What, you didn't think I could do it?" He tried to look hurt.

"Of course I believed in you, Kev." Tina threw her arms around him and pulled in him for a kiss, her newly enlarged chest squishing pleasantly against his. Then she stepped back to admire her new assets, cupping breasts and feeling their taut fullness. They were still growing a bit, thought slowly now, and she could feel her skin growing tight as they filled up even more. Finally, her inflation tapered and stopped. "They're so big," she marveled. "Careful, dear, I might float away on these new balloons." She giggled.

Kevin laughed. "Don't worry, it would take a few thousand doses to get you enough buoyancy to float."

Her eyes grew wide. "You mean this stuff is like helium?"

Kevin shook his head. "No, it's only slightly lighter than air. Like I said, you'd have to cram down a few pounds of that powder and fill up several rooms this size before you'd have to worry about getting airborne." He pulled her in close to him and started stroking one of her huge, firm breasts. "Besides, you know I would never let you go."

"So how long will this last?"

"Should last about half a day. Long enough so that can figure out whether you really like this size."

"Oh, I just love being big," she sighed, "I just wish these could last till the contest." It was one of those statements that she regretted almost before she'd finished saying it.

"I can't believe you'd even think about cheating in that contest!" You see, Kevin had always been big on honesty and fair play. After all, his honorable nature had made him that much more appealing to Tina. The rules of the Miss Silver Beach Pageant expressly prohibited the participation of 'any and all persons who have been cosmetically enhanced by artificial means.' They'd probably been thinking about implants and liposuction, but Kevin apparently thought magic was covered as well. "I don't even know why you enter every year. It's really nothing more than glorified wet t-shirt contest, and I'm not sure seeing the love of my life on sexual display is worth the thousand dollar prize." Not exactly a wet t-shirt contest, admittedly. Of course, there was a talent competition, and each contestant had to answer some incredibly trite question like "how would you go about curing world hunger," etc. But regardless of what the judges might say, and as one might expect in a pageant held on a beach, ninety percent of the points were scored during the swimsuit competition. And in the swimsuit competition, all other things being equal, the woman with the biggest breasts won. Tina had won last year because she not only had a good-sized bust, but she also had talent besides what she carried in her brassiere.

"Remember dear, last year's prize money kept this roof over our heads. And I know you don't like cheating, but it's different this time. This is the tenth year running they've had this competition at Silver Beach, so this year they've upped the first place prize to ten thousand dollars. And these --" she cupped her newly swollen attributes, "-- could be just the edge I need to beat out Roxy." Roxanne Merriweather used to work at the same pizza place Tina did. Two years ago, she had entered the competition with a (relatively) modest C cup and hadn't even made the first cuts. Over the next year, she mysteriously swelled up to a full, perfectly formed double-D. She denied having surgery, and all of the judges' examinations, which were rumored to have been quite thorough, could find no evidence that Roxy's new boobs were anything but genuine. So last year Roxy was a finalist, placing third almost entirely because of her tits. The only thing that kept her from the crown was a blunder in the talent competition. Soon after, she quit slinging pizza and went for the big bucks at the local strip joint. Tina had seen her recently, and she would've sworn that bitch was still getting bigger. And as long as she didn't forget the words to the national anthem this year, she'd be a shoo-in for the win.

Kevin just shook his head. "If she wins, she wins, and if you win then you win. Either way it's a fair, but very superficial, contest. I may not like that you're in it, but at least I'll know you played fair. You know how much I hate cheating, even if it would get us ten..." He thought for a moment what that money could buy. A vacation, a car, real lab equipment... He shook his head clear of such thoughts. "No, it's just not worth it."

Tina sighed, obviously disappointed. "Alright Kevin. I guess it's good one of us has morals. But you think you can make this permanent after I'm done with the contest tomorrow?"

"It might take me a couple of weeks, but I can do it," he said. "If you're sure this is what you want."

She smiled mischievously. "I dunno. Let's see how these babies look outside the lab before the clock strikes midnight and they turn back into pumpkins." She took him by the hand and started leading him off to the bedroom. They had plenty of time, since it was still mid- afternoon...


"You're serious, Brad? You actually saw her tits get bigger?" Roxanne was quivering with rage, and boy did she quiver nicely. Her boyfriend Brad was distracted by her jiggling bosom and almost forgot the question. Roxanne was beautiful before he met her, but over the past two years he'd been molding her into a goddess. Her long, supple legs rose up through inviting thighs to full, smoothly rounded hips. Her waist was amazing slender, which further accentuated those breasts which, until this afternoon, Brad had thought were the most incredible he'd ever seen. She'd been exercising, so she was wearing that skin tight pink leotard he loved seeing her in. Golden blonde hair fell in waves about her shoulders, and Brad was entranced by a stray strand that was gently teasing her burgeoning cleavage when he felt the piercing glare from her ice-blue eyes.

He snapped out of his cleavage-induced daze. "Yeah, I saw 'em. You shoulda seen 'em, they were fuckin' huge..." He held his hands out in front of him to demonstrate Tina's immensely enhanced figure, and suddenly realized that Roxy wasn't nearly as appreciative. I've gotta do something about my attention span, he thought to himself.

"What are the odds that there are two goddamn wizards in this town?"

"Better than you think," Brad muttered. Through his thorough investigation, he'd found there were at least a dozen within fifty miles, and Brad had made it his business to keep tabs on who was doing what, and how he could benefit. It was easy, since each person who discovered the secrets of magic was convinced that he or she was the only one, or at least one of a very few. Brad, for all his coarse exterior, was very perceptive and knew differently. He had found it was in his best interests to keep an eye on the others and steal -- er, learn from their experiments.

"Why is this Kevin guy so much better than you?"

"He's not better than me. I could kick his butt any day of the week, he just understands biological enchantments better than I do." Brad knew his work quite well. Kevin was at best a two-bit magician who happened to be able to manipulate flesh well. Extremely well. Brad had to admit he was impressed with Kevin's work, and had been unable to suppress his erection when he saw Tina growing bigger and bigger, seeing thin cloth pulled tight across plump, erect nipples--

"Hello!" Roxy shouted in his face. "Listen magic man, if this is the best you can do, you can kiss that ten grand goodbye!"

"You know, if you'd just put in a little more effort, you'd have won last year. My potions pumped you up more than two cup sizes, trimmed your waistline, and wiped out your cellulite but I can't do it all for you."

"If you could, I wouldn't have to work out." Her shoulders dropped dejectedly. "Well I've had a year to practice, so I'm better now. But it won't be good enough if Tina struts in sporting a set twice as big as mine."

"Oh, we're talkin' at least three ti-- anyway, you won't have to worry about it. This Kevin guy's really big on the whole playing fair thing. He won't let his girlfriend use the enlargement potion before the contest."

She shook her head and spoke as if she were lecturing an errant child. "And what if she manages to persuade her boyfriend to change his mind, hmm? What if ol' Kevin decides that the high moral ground isn't worth losing ten thousand dollars? What if the little bitch just sneaks into his lab and takes it herself? Then I'll lose, she'll win, and we'll be out a shitload of cash. The question is, what do we plan to do about it?"

Brad rubbed his chin, thoughtful. "I've got it! Why don't we just take it?"

"I thought you said this stuff wasn't permanent? I don't think it would be good if my tits blew out in front of the judges."

"It doesn't have to be permanent. It just has to last long enough for you to get that big check, then who cares? And if I can steal the powder, not only will Tina not have the advantage, but you'll get a big boost. Big enough that you won't even have to remember 'the rocket's red glare.'"

She punched him in the stomach. "I make one little mistake and nobody ever let's me forget it!" She wasn't strong enough to really hurt him, she knew, but it made her feel better. "Now run along and get me my winning advantage. I'll make sure there's--" she inhaled deeply, making her leotard strain against her breasts "-- a reward waiting for you."


Brad was spying on Kevin in his lab. It was almost midnight, the pageant was in the morning, and he was still working on something. A passage spell had gotten him inside the house. It would be several weeks before he could cast another one, but it was of no great importance; in his travels, Brad had found that breaking out of a house was much easier than breaking in. Brad's stealth spell prevented people from noticing him as long as they weren't searching for someone, so he could get in pretty close. So he stood on the other side of the room, in plain view but still unnoticed, watching and listening. "What's taking him so long?" Brad thought to himself. Kevin had just received a call that some rare herbs he'd been searching for had been found, but he'd have to personally come to make the purchase. It was a four hour drive, and the boat was leaving in the morning, so it had to be tonight. Kevin should have left an hour ago, but it seemed he had some last minute preparations to make. And Brad was getting impatient. He couldn't make his move until Kevin left.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Kevin muttered as he mixed the final ingredient. The final puff of blue smoke told him he was finished. He carefully shook a dose of the powder into a small beaker and carried it out into the kitchen. He quickly jotted out a note on his pad and left it by the container before grabbing his coat and walking out.

"Finally," Brad allowed himself to whisper as he heard the car start up outside. He went to the lab and picked up the jar that held Kevin's supply of breast-enlargement compound. Then he went to the kitchen to check what Kevin had left there.

Underneath the beaker which held a small quantity of yellowish powder was the hastily scrawled note. It read, "Sorry I have to leave you tonight, but I should be back in time to catch part of the pageant. I know how important this is to you. Take this two hours before, and you'll be sure to win. Love always, Kevin." Laughing, Brad snatched up the beaker and note. And unless they noticed a window had become mysteriously unlocked, he was certain they'd have no idea he was ever there.

Morning rolled around, and Roxanne had a very special glass of orange juice for breakfast. "You're sure this stuff'll work?"

"Of course," Brad assured her. "I've seen it work before, and this is the stuff Kevin was going to give to his girlfriend. Good thing she didn't get it, too."

"Well it better do the job, or I'm gonna look pretty silly at the pageant." Roxy was wearing a pair of cutoff shorts and a tank top that hung quite loosely on her. She'd gotten it back when Brad had thought he could make her breasts even larger, then discovered that he'd reached the limit of his skill. She'd kept it and several other outfits just in case he made progress. Right now it looked ridiculously big on her. "How long do I have to wait?"

"It should take a couple of hours. You have plenty of time before the excitement begins." Brad could hardly wait. He'd seen what the powder had done for Tina, he could only imagine how the already over-endowed Roxy would wind up. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to imagine for long.

But it turned out to be longer than expected. They were ready to leave, and she still hadn't grown. "C'mon Roxy, let's go."

But Roxy was getting nervous. "No. I don't want to go out there before this stuff kicks in. What will the judges think if I'm out on stage, and suddenly I start blowing up?"

"If we don't go soon, you'll be late. If you're late, you'll be disqualified, and all the boobs in the world won't help you then. It's a long trip, I'm sure you'll be fine by the time we get there." After several minutes of back and forth banter, she was finally convinced. She packed up her swimsuit and evening gown and they started off. Brad couldn't tell her exactly how large she'd get, but she'd been doubly lucky: first, she'd been able to find someone who did last-minute overnight alterations, and second the material in both outfits should be able to stretch a bit if her estimates were too conservative.

They were just nearing the coast when it started. They were roaring along in Brad's convertible, catching the attention of the occasion trucker who stayed alongside them a while to peek down at Roxy's impressive cleavage. At first she thought the tingling in her nipples was from the ocean breeze whipping against her. But where was that hissing coming from?

"Brad, it's starting!" Her already full bosom began to swell, her hardened nipples jutting perkily forward. The hissing grew louder, and her breasts grew larger. Brad was having a hard time keeping his eyes on the road as his girlfriend's breasts expanded to fill her skimpy tank top to overflowing. In a few minutes, she had surpassed Tina's former glory. "Oh my God, I'm huge!" He might have thought she had a pair of basketballs stuffed into her shirt, if half of her assets weren't spilling out of her barely adequate coverage.

He reached over and gave her left boob a gentle squeeze, rubbing his thumb over a nipple the size of a wine cork. "See, I told you it would work! Whoohoo, that pageant is as good as won!" He quickly got both hands back on the wheel as he just barely avoided colliding with the car next to them. As much as it pained him, he kept his eyes on the road.

Her top gave out pained popping noises as stitches began to give way. With a final rip, her breasts sprang free of their confines, standing out full, proud and still swelling. Soon they started pressing against the dashboard in front of her. "Brad, that powder worked a little too well! I'll never get into my swimsuit now!"

"I'm sure we can squeeze you into it. It'll stretch enough, don't you think?"

"Not if I don't stop growing soon!" For she was still steadily inflating, her deep cleavage beginning to bulge up as she felt her skin growing taut. Nearby drivers were staring, and a few accidents almost resulted. "The judges from last year would've believed that I grew, but not this much! Did this happen to Tina?"

Knowing the risks, Brad looked away from the highway to glance at his girlfriend. And almost immediately crashed the car. Roxanne, who had been marvelously endowed before, now had breasts that surpassed all but the most unreal of the silicone queens he'd seen in magazines. And he'd have to edit out that "almost" in less than a minute if she kept growing at this rate. He realized that Roxy should have stopped inflating long before she was half her present size, even taking into account that she was bigger than Tina to begin with, and that was still leaving a huge margin for error. Something was wrong. "Holy shit," he muttered.

"Brad, make it stop!" She was drawing her breaths quickly as a sense of panic slowly built up inside her.

"I'm pulling over before we make someone crash," he said, trying to remain calm himself. Mainly he was worried about himself. Roxy's swollen pink nipples were now pressing hard against the dashboard, her enormous bosom covering her thighs and completely filling up her lap. Her right breast was being squeezed against the passenger side door, and Brad's hand brushed against the left one as he reached over to shift gears. It wouldn't be long before there was no room for him in this car.

"What's happening?" Roxy wailed.

Brad pulled over to the side of the road, grabbed his cell phone and rushed around to the other side of the car. "Get out, quick!" he shouted, opening the door.

"I can't," she gasped. Indeed, she was firmly wedged into her seat by the pressure exerted from her burgeoning bustline.

"Damn," Brad muttered as he reached around one of her breasts to grab the seat release lever. Roxy fell back with a muffled "Oof!" and lay jiggling for several seconds before Brad grabbed her hand and pulled her out. In her present condition he figured running was out of the question, but he wanted to get her as far away from the road as possible. He'd chosen to pull over at a spot near some trees they could use for cover. But to his surprise, Roxy seemed quite unencumbered by her breasts and wasn't having much trouble keeping up a slow jog. When they were out of view, they stopped and Brad took time to assess the situation. He just stared blankly.

"Don't just stand there, do something!" she screamed. She was trying to squeeze her breasts down, but her hands sank into her distended flesh only a couple of inches before the pressure inside her matched her efforts. Something had gone wrong with the potion, they were just too big. Brad could see her arms would have to be more than a foot longer before she could even reach her own nipples. And those beautiful, puffy pink areolas he had licked and teased during their lovemaking were now the size of dinner plates, stretched out flat against the majestic curves of her breasts.

"Well, at least you aren't getting bigger," he offered helpfully.

She was almost about to start calming down when she noticed that something else was happening. Though she wasn't getting bigger, the pressure inside her was increasing. Her hands, which were making large indentations in the side of her breasts, were slowly pushed out as her skin drew tight. Soon, she wasn't able to press them in at all. Roxanne closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, certain she was going to explode any moment. "Oh God, the pressure!"

Now near panic himself, Brad threw his arms around her breasts and tried to press her boobs down himself. Well, he really couldn't reach around, but he tried. "One the count of three we both squeeze together," he said. "One, two, three." Brad and Roxy both pressed in with all their might. Her breasts had bulged up to the point where her face was almost half buried in her own cleavage, but he could still see when her eyes snapped wide open with fright.

"Oh no!" she screamed. "Stop it!"

"What's wrong?" Brad asked as he let go.

"I'm blowing up!" Brad thought she was merely restating the obvious until he saw her shoulders puffing up. The swelling continued, spreading down the length of her arms to her wrists. Her arms were forced outwards as they pumped up with gas. "Help me!" Then her waist thickened slightly as her hips broadened, buttocks swelling to strain against the fabric of her shorts. Her thighs expanded, pushing her legs apart as her shorts split, ripping apart and falling to the ground. Brad went around behind her to see what was happening. The swelling crept downward still, plumping her calves and puffing up her feet just enough to snap the this straps on her sandals. As the remnants of her shoes fell away, her breasts began to swell again, this time along with the rest of her body. Then, ever so slowly, she began to rise off of the ground. "Brad! I'm floating!"

He grabbed her ankles as she rose up past him, but it was no use. Her whole body was still inflating, pulling skyward more and more, and her ankles gradually became too thick for him to keep a grip on. She slipped out of his hands and into the sky. "Heeeeellllllllllp meeeeeeeeeee!" she wailed. Brad stood dumbstruck as he saw his girlfriend, a swollen balloon girl attached to the two huge globes that were her breasts. She drifted upward, pushed lightly by the wind like a parade balloon that had become untethered. The sound of tires screeching and crunching metal reminded him of the nearby highway and his car. He ran, jumped into the drivers seat and started following as Roxy sailed away on the light summer breeze...


Kevin made an effort to make the most noise as Tina paraded down the walkway, bouquet in her hand, crown upon her head, prize money won. Roxanne, strangely enough, hadn't made an appearance in this year's pageant. Kevin chuckled to himself. Brad was so predictable, so self assured, and so unschooled in the ways of stealth. It had taken some minor but extremely difficult adjustments to give his powder the desired effect, but it had been well worth it. She should be back on the ground by nightfall if his calculations were correct. If they weren't, oh well, it would be a long night for Brad and Roxy.

"I can't believe Roxy didn't show up!" Tina said afterward, just before planting a deep kiss on Kevin's mouth.

"I can," Kevin smirked.

"Kevin," she said, her jaw dropping in surprise, "you didn't cheat to help me win, did you?"

"Of course not," he said, still smug. "Roxanne tried to cheat, though. And as we all know, cheaters never prosper. Now let's get back home and see if there's something interesting waiting for you at the lab..."

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Bigger Is Alway...
Oh My Bloody Goodness...

This... was awesome... amazing... stupendous... etc....

I'm in love with this story. Nothing I have read before has got me to react like this. Though perhaps it was also the mention of wizards... and the way they grew... and Roxanne... she got what was coming to her... and I would love to be Tina... know where I can find a single wizard?