Tangled - Berry in a Tower (Comic 1 of 4)

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[Originally posted on my DA account, 4 page comic].

Rapunzel was doing her daily chores when she accidentally stumbled upon a box filled with weird charms and bracelets, that's when she discovered a hidden gem inside a ring.

Ooh what do you think it is Pascal?

Pascal nodded his head in confusion as Rapunzel picked it up and took it into the light to inspect closer, the item appeared to be wrapped in a white cloth with little berries stitched into it.

I'm sure Mother won't mind if I were to unwrap it...

Rapunzel stripped the white cloth to reveal a blue stick of gum, it glows in the light of sun and has the aroma of a blueberry waterfall. She put it up to her nose and took a mighty whiff.

Pascal it smells so good! Do you think I could eat it? Or should try at all, it might not be edible.

Her reptilian friend didn't know what to respond with, but it didn't really matter because curiosity killed the cat as Rapunzel took this a yes and popped the gum into her mouth. When she first chewed Rapunzel was lost for words, Pascal grew worried as Rapunzel stood there like she was under a spell. Her eyes widened and her mouth kept chewing, like she's being possessed with the gum. Pascal couldn't hold off any longer as he decided to lick Rapunzel's cheek to snap her out of it.

Huh? Oh sorry! This gum is just.. AMAZING! Every time I chew... more juice comes out!

In the amidst of chewing, Rapunzel's nose started to turn blue. Pascal noticed this and tried telling her about it, but with no luck. She just kept on chewing, despite the fact that her whole face was filling up with blue. Rapunzel was lost again in a trace as the gum kept spewing out juice with every chew, her chameleon friend panicked as the blue was spreading down her neck at a fast rate. Pascal saw that the blue was just on her fingertips, he knew he had to make her stop chewing - but how?

I should've saved some for you Pascal, this stuff is great!

While Rapunzel boasted she saw the jumpy Pascal, with his darting eyes staring sharply at her hand.

What's the matter? It's like you've seen a ghos- ah!

Finally the princess caught a glimpse of her entirely blue hand and then noticing the other one, before standing confused in front of her mirror.

What's going on?!

(To be continued...)

Tangled - Berry in a Tower (Comic 1 of 4)
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