Tangled - Berry in a Tower (Comic 3 of 4)

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Meanwhile Flynn Rider finds a mysterious hidden area in the forest grove, as he's a wanted man for stealing the royal crown and now he's looking for a place to hide. He unreveils the cloak of leaves and stumbles to the ground, looking up he finds a lone tower.

What the-

Hooves are heard from behind followed by the sounds of sniffing.

That damned horse won't give up!

Flynn thought to himself as Maximus neighed.

I guess my best chance is that tower, I should be safe up there - horses can't climb...

Then he thinks to himself for a moment, remembering that this horse is no ordinary horse.

Yeah, maybe I should go!

Like lightning speed, Flynn quickly and quietly snuck up to the base of the tower.

Alright, I'm just going to have to improvise... lets see...

He starts climbing the tower, not looking back or down as he fears for the worse if he'd fall. Midway up the tower he starts to hear noises coming from the top, like someone's moaning. Flyn stops for a second to see if he hears anything else, but the noises have silenced.

Huh? For a second there I thought I heard sounds of a woman moaning... must be my imagination!

Sure of himself that no-one is up there, he continues to climb until...


Flynn climbs into the open window and rolls onto the ground, into a squishly object.


Ow! What the heck was tha-

He regains composure and notices what exactly he bumped into, he looks up to see...

(To be continued...)


Tangled - Berry in a Tower (Comic 3 of 4)
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