Heavy Bloat, The

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 Alex was a twig of a girl. She weighed 105lbs. She always wanted to be fat, or inflated. So, when inflating/bloat equipment went on sale with a couple special ingredients, she sprang for it.  

 After getting home, she had 3 hoses, a air compressor, 3 huge bottles of heavy cream and a funnel. She put on yoga pants, a tight shirt and a buttoned shirt. She connected a hose to her shower, another to the water hose, and another to the compressor. She put the air hose in her mouth, the shower hose into her navel, and the garden hose up her ass. She started the air first.

 She started to feel pressure in her stomach. It began to grow fast. 3 months pregnant, 6 months, 9 months... *BANG!* One button gone. Her tight shirt was showing a bit of skin. Alex's decided that was enough, and stopped the hose. She started the shower hose. Her belly grew to the size of a overinflated beachball. *BANGBANG!* 2 buttons. The shirt was halfway up her belly. Alex stopped, and grabbed the garden hose, and inflated her belly to the size of a large balloon, slowly swelling, until...

 *BANG* Alex's buttoned coat flew off. Her shirt was 3 quarters the way up. She stopped, and got up. Her belly was huge. Alex could barely walk, and then fell. Her belly started to shrink, as the water spread all over. Alex's arms and legs pudged up. Her cheeks puffed out. Her breasts and butt swelled. Her yoga pants became tight, and her shirt went all the way up to her swelled breasts. Alex got up, and went to go look in the mirror. She looked like a 300 pound person! 

 Alex then remembered about the heavy cream. She hung the funnel up, and set up a pulley system to dump the cream. Alex sat down, put the funnelin her mouth, and pulled the string. 2 gallons of heavy cream poured into her mouth.

 Her body slowly grew, her belly became the size of a underinflated weather balloon and her bellybutton popped out, her arms and legs started to starfish.

-RIIIIP- Her pants and sleeves were rattled in holes. Her breasts made her shirt stretch until transparency and her ass did the same with the pants. The heavy cream stopped. She got up, and she was having more trouble standing up. Alex tried to bring her shirt down, but her arms could only reach half way. "Well... I've completed my dream." Alex said, as she went to sleep of tiredness. 

 A disturbance happened mid-night against Alex. Her entire body started mumbling and growing.Her belly expanded and started to hit a fan Alex had hung on the wall, 3 feet up.  Her breasts caught up, and then her entire midsection was inflating. Her ass elevated her. Her arms and legs started pudging up more, until they were starting to suck into her body. She woke up and panicked.

 Alex rolled off her bed, her head facing her walls. Alex's pants and exploded due to the size of her body. Her bra was on edge on her panties about to be shredded. Alex fell, and her midsection grew out, causing her bra to bust. After that, her legs inflated a bit, and her panties popped. 

Since her restriction of clothing was gone, she became a full sphere and started to creak.


 "Oh god, oh god, I-i'm going to explode if I have anymore..!"


"That can be arranged."



Author's Note: 

First story.


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Nice first effort -- thank

Nice first effort -- thank you for sharing it! The main advice I can offer? Slow down. Give both your reader and yourself more time and adjectives to enjoy each stage. :)