Blimp 4

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It was a slow day on the boardwalk.  There weren't many people about, the season was just ending, and Shania had an appointment in the city.  I had nothing to do, but at the same time there was really nothing that needed to be done.  So I took the opportunity to relax in my street clothes and enjoy a small meal at a local cafe.

As I was finishing up my side of fries I noticed a figure in the distance out of the corner of my eye.  I glanced over and he quickly looked away, trying to act casual.  Wiping my hands on the napkin, I stood, also trying to act casual.  It seemed a bit egotistical to assume that he was waiting for me, but just in case he was I didn't want to walk away and force him run after me or something.

My hunch paid off as he approached, giving me a nervous wave.  At a glance he looked like he was at least two or three years younger than me.  He had dark hair, tanned skin and a lean, wiry build, wearing tight swim shorts and a loose light jacket, both of very familiar material. "Um.  Hi there."

He was pretty good looking.  I'm not ashamed to admit it.


"Um." He hesitated for a second. "This is going to sound strange, but I've seen you on the beach a couple times and I... well, you've kind of been an inspiration to me and, well, you know... if you're not busy then maybe we could... talk?"

He was just so open and innocent about it that it was honestly endearing. "Sure, why not?"


His name was Luis, and in the beginning he was a little quiet and awkward, but after a while he seemed to relax and open up.  He wasn't from the area, having moved here when he was younger with his family.  He found out about me shortly after he discovered that he could blow himself up and, well, like he said, I was an inspiration to him (I still can't believe I actually have fans).  I wasn't really paying attention to the conversation as much as I was him, though.  He kept blushing whenever we made eye contact for a few seconds, and after a while I started doing it on purpose just to see his reaction.

We stopped outside one of the large buildings used for storage, and I had an idea. "Hey, Luis," I said. "I was thinking... how about I blow you up?"

He blinked. "Uh... you mean with a hose?"

"I was thinking a little more personally."

After this he turned the most amazing shade of red.  Smiling, I took him by the hand and led him inside, closing the door behind us.

A little while later he recovered his senses well enough to stammer out, "w-w-wait, I-I mean you don't have to do this, I mean I said I liked you but-"

We stopped in the middle of the room and I turned to face him. "I don't have to, no.  But do you want me to?"

He stood there, red-faced, mouth slightly open before quietly saying, "well, I mean, if you were offering, I wouldn't say no.  Definitely not."

I smiled and gave him a gentle kiss. "Just relax."

Kneeling, I pulled down the front hem of his shorts, taking his length in one hand before pulling in a deep breath.  The button on my pants popped and the zipper was forced down as I filled with air, causing my clothing to grow tight against my enlarged body.  As I felt the stitches strain on my shirt, I put my lips to Luis and blew.

Luis let out a loud moan, clamping his hands over his mouth to muffle the noise as he filled out.  His stomach and backside bulged, and his thighs and arms thickened.  I inhaled and blew again, causing the swelling to spread around his sides and to his back, giving him a barrel-chested appearance.  A third blow, and his body grew round.  His limbs were taking on a conical shape, tapering down to his wrists and ankles, forcing him to spread his legs to keep his balance and making covering his mouth difficult.

I slid one hand across the dome of his midsection as I continued to fill him with air.  The definition on his chest and belly disappeared, becoming one smooth curve from his neck to between his legs.  More and more of his limbs were absorbed by his body, forcing his hands away from his face.  Taking another large breath, I pushed it into him, drawing it out as much as I could.  As his body grew his feet left the ground, tensing up, and up above he moaned through tightened lips, followed by an "oh god."

"You know," I said, "if you make too much noise someone is going to hear us."

He laughed wearily. "You're kidding, right?"

I shrugged before inhaling and exhaling again into him.  The low domes of his limbs were finally pulled flat against his body as it grew out in all directions, leaving him a large tan sphere a little over my height with shorts stretched across his lower hemisphere.  Each blow made him higher and wider, every fit of growth punctuated by a muffled grunt or a sharp intake of breath.  It was clear that he hadn't been inflated like this before, or had anyone be this intimate with him, for that matter.  I kept wanting to hear more of his reactions, even as his body loomed over me and his sides began to near the walls of the room.

Soon he was over three times his original height, filling much of the room and nearly touching the ceiling.  His skin was beginning to grow taut and it became harder and harder to force air into him, so I pulled away, tugging the hem of his oversized shorts back into place. "So," I said, looking up at him.  Even though it was out of view I knew his head was somewhere up there. "How was that?"

"Amazing," Luis breathed. "Do you do that often?"

Before I could reply there was a knock at the door. "Hey, are you in there?"


I glanced around the room, and my eyes fell on a tank of air and some hoses.  Hurrying over, I fumbled with them, trying to look busy just as the door opened.

"I heard you came in here with someone else," she said.  She pointed to Luis. "I'm guessing that twenty-foot human weather balloon over there is him."

"Yeah!  Yeah."  I held up a hose. "He, uh, wanted to be blown up."  Then, to him, "nice meeting you, Luis.  You can deflate on your own, right?"

"What?" Luis asked. "Oh, uh... sure, yes."

"Good, good.  Let's hang out again some time."  I put the hose down before heading over to Shania. "So, let's go."


"So..." Shania's smile was either impish or knowing.  Or both. "Looks like you helped him out."

I decided to play dumb for the time being. "I sure did."

"Yep."  She nodded, swinging her arms as she walked. "So..."

I waited for her to continue.  She didn't. "So...?"

"I guess you had fun."




She laughed. "Hey, it's fine if you're into dudes too," she said with a casual shrug. "I mean I sort of figured.  I'm not here to judge."

"Trying to be open-minded?"

"That's one way of putting it.  I know I've put my head between a few girls' legs and blown a couple thousand cubic feet of air into them.  But if he was any indication you have better luck with guys than I do.  Most of the ones who approach me want me to bounce on them or pin them against walls or something."

"There's some real perverts in this world."

"Tell me about it."

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