Experimental Antics

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Barika was resting at home after work, she had to break up a fight at the bar using her looks, she had purple hair she tied into two pigtails and lavender feather on top of it and a D cup and an amazing butt. She always wore her belly dancing outfit even at home as it was a gift from her mother. Then she got a call on the phone and when she didn’t answer it (she assumed it was one of the love-struck customers at the bar) it went to voice mail and to her surprise it was Gabriella and the message was *Beep* “Hey Barika! I just created a new potion that feeds you infinite Honey Chocolate Pudding! Why don’t you come over and test it with me!” *Beep* Barika knew that Honey Chocolate Pudding was Gabriella’s favorite food and she couldn’t go an hour without having one cup but Barika was not as obsessed with it as Gabriella was and called in to respectfully decline Gabriella’s request.

“Hello, Gabriella?” Barika said “Barika? Barika! Hey there, how are you doing? Did you get my message?” Gabriella asked “yes, in fact, that’s what I wanted to talk about, yea, I’m sorry but I can’t come” Barika responded “What!? Why not!?” Gabriella asked obviously upset by this response “Gabriella we all know that you love Honey Chocolate Pudding, but I’m not as big of a lover as you” Barika said. “You just don’t think this potion will work!” Gabriella said sounding like she was on the brink of crying. “No, I do think it’ll work! It’s just that-” Barika said but was cut off by Gabriella “NO! You just don’t think it’ll work, fine then! Don’t come at all, WAAAAAAAAH!!!” *Beep*

Now Barika felt really bad about what just happened and knew that she seriously hurt Gabriella’s feelings but she really didn’t want eat an infinite amount of Honey Chocolate Pudding. But Barika’s guilt got the better of her and she decided to go to Gabriella’s house and test the potion anyway. When she got there the front door was unlocked and she let herself in and went to the test room where she found a half full test tube with a brown and golden liquid. Feeling a bit thirsty, Barika decided to drink what was inside the test tube but then she remembered the first rule about Gabriella’s house: don’t drink ANYTHING out of a test tube unless you ask Gabriella if it’s safe to. But it was too late she already drank it, at that time Gabriella came in wearing her attire of black overalls covering a black and white striped long sleeved t-shirt and wearing her black and white striped stockings she had her long blonde hair with her black and white bow she also had an E cup size with a nice butt to match.

“What are you doing here?” Gabriella asked in an uninviting tone of voice, “G-Gabriella! I… uh… you see…” Barika being unable to speak after drinking the potion because of a strange feeling in her stomach, she then started to clutch it “What’s wrong? Got a little indigestion?” Gabriella asked mockingly but immediately was amazed by what happened. Barika’s stomach started to expand and fill up, the same happened with Gabriella and her stomach also started to expand. Their stomachs were being filled with Honey Chocolate Pudding and they both could taste it. Gabriella loved this but Barika wasn’t as much as their stomachs started to look 5 months pregnant.

“You took the potion!? You really took the potion!?” Gabriella said happy with tears of joy in her eyes, happy that one of her best friends actually decided to help her in experimenting with a new potion that she created. “Don’t you think we might explode!?” Barika said extremely worried, “don’t worry! Victoria told me story about how she was blown up like a water balloon by Gary and she lived!” Gabriella said reassuringly. “But that was a story! Victoria could’ve made that up!” Barika stated, “But Victoria would never lie to us!” Gabriella said.

Now their breasts and butt were joining in with their 9 month pregnant looking bellies and they kept growing. Soon Gabriella’s Overalls gave away to reveal her black panties with a white skull on it, now flustered and embarrassed, Gabriella started to blush as Barika laughed. Soon their whole bodies were growing like their arms and legs. Their breasts were now easily at triple ZZZ cup as they continued to grow and their arms and legs becoming blob like but they still could move their arms to a certain degree that their growing breasts would allow them.

Soon the growing stopped and both girls were massive, they were 50 feet tall and 68 feet in length and filled to the brim with Honey Chocolate Pudding, Gabriella let out a massive belch. “This better not be permanent.” Barika said, “Don’t worry, we’ll go back to normal after a week thanks to an ingredient Gary gave to me, afterwards I’ll work out the kinks in it like not filling us up to massive blimps!” Gabriella said humorously, though Barika was not laughing at all.

After the week was up and the girls were returned to normal Barika was about to leave when Gabriella said “Thank you so much Barika! Our other friends never want to help me with my experiments and here you come willing to be blown up to a blimp of Honey Chocolate Pudding and not yell at me, it means a lot to me and here is a thank you gift of my gratitude” Barika accepted the gift and she said “You should really look into getting a test monkey!” “But I never want to hurt any animals because I’m not cruel to them like other scientists!” Gabriella retorted “fair enough” Barika said.

When Barika got home and opened it, it was a picture of them both inflated with Honey Chocolate Pudding, a test tube of the stuff, and a recipe to make more of the potion. Barika put the picture in a mantle and put in her of private happenings in her life. “You know, that was actually pretty fun, I think I might inflate myself another time, but for right now, I’m just going to rest, I’ve had a long week” and Barika collapsed onto her bed and fell asleep.

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